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which, electric, trimmer, makita, grass

Trimmers for Makita grass (Makita)

Trimmers for Makita grass for many years are popular among domestic gardeners. The main advantages of the technique of this brand include durability, a large supply of torque, as well as the excellent quality of components and assemblies. Each Makita model is as simple as possible in everyday operation and independent maintenance. This makes it possible to confidently begin the operation of the equipment of this famous brand to any inexperienced gardener.

The world famous Makita Corporation was founded in 1915 in the Japanese city of Nagoy. Initially, a small enterprise focused on the production of generators. lighting equipment and electric engines. The affairs of the company immediately went up, which made it possible to expand the spheres of its activities and quickly find large customers abroad.

In 1958, Makita’s first electric handbroke entered the market. He caused a stir in broad circles of specialists, which served as one of the reasons for the further rapid development of the Japanese brand.

Today, the famous Japanese corporation successfully produces a large number of equipment intended for operation in everyday life. Not the last place in the list of brand products is occupied by its electric and gasoline braids for grass. Among domestic gardeners, they are popular thanks to ergonomics, ease of operation, as well as a high working resource. From most of their market analogues, trimmers for Makita grass are distinguished by a modest consumption of fuel and electricity, which makes it possible to use them in fairly large garden areas.

Elektokos Makita UR 3502. Description of the model

Among the advantages of this household model, a good ergonomic is distinguished, which was achieved due to the development of a trimmer for grass, taking into account the position of the operator’s hands. Trimmer for grass electric Makita UR 3502 complies with European standards of environmental friendliness and quality. He does not emit toxic emissions during operation, and has a modest energy consumption.

The standard equipment of the model includes a rubberized D-shaped handle, which can be moved over the entire height of the bar. To do this, it is enough to loosen the bolt fastening of the handle.

which, electric, trimmer, makita, grass

The parameters of the garden tool include:

  • The power of the built.in engine is 1 kW at maximum 6500 rpm;
  • width when cutting with a fishing line/knife. 35/23 cm;
  • sound exposure level. 75 dB;
  • Weight. 4.9 kg.

Trimmer for Makita grass Electric in this equipment is equipped with a durable reel with a semi.automatic fishing line. Lengthening the cutting cord in the tool is carried out without the use of additional tools.

best electric trimmers

Many owners of private houses and cottages carefully care for the personal plot. When the active growth of grass begins, then there is a need for special technology. The modern market offers a choice of lawnmands, lawnmands, electric trimmers for grass. The latter are favorably characterized by an affordable price, so they maintain sustainable demand. Electric trimmers for grass in small areas are especially effective, where it is easy to stretch the extension cord. But difficulties arise at the purchase stage. The lineup of the power tool is very diverse, so several tips from experts will be relevant and appropriate. What parameters should I pay close attention to?

  • First of all, it is necessary to decide on performance. It depends on the power and reserves of the motor. For well.groomed areas where you will have to cut growing grass, there will be enough power to 1,000 watts. It is not worth chasing high performance and for another reason. The stronger the engine, the greater the mass of the trimmer for the grass.
  • The price of the engine affects the price and ease of use. Cheap low.power models have the lower location of the electric motor. But in this design there are serious disadvantages, for example, clogging with grass and poor cooling.
  • For models with the upper location of the engine, the necessary equipment will be shoulder belts. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers complete trimmers for grass with these accessories.
  • Electric braids for the grass and the shape of the handle are different. Light devices are equipped with D-shaped holders who give maneuverability to the trimmer. And more powerful units are controlled using a bicycle rifle handle.

The best electric trimmers for the grass fell into our review. When compiling the rating, criteria were taken into account as:

Recommendations for the operation and maintenance of trimmers Makita

Each Makita lawmaker or a trimmer for grass are equipped with detailed factory operating instructions. The maintenance of electric and battery models, according to owners, is not particularly difficult, it is important to comply with basic recommendations for working with electrical engineering.

Makita lawn mowers have a more complex device, so it is extremely important for each user to study the manufacturer’s instructions in detail. over, the recommendations and maintenance rules differ significantly for models with 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. In addition, for various models of Makita gasoline trimmers, a certain class motor oil may be recommended.

Consider some features of service and operation on the example of one of the top models. the Makita EM 2500U lawn mower.

Preparation for launch

  • The Makita lawn mower is equipped with a throttle button automatic blocking a system, so before starting work, it is checked by its functionality in idle mode.
  • Next, the engine starts and test the correctness of stopping the cutting tool of a gasoline trimmer for Makita grass.
  • It should be borne in mind that the cold launch of braids for grass is possible thanks to a primer pumping fuel.
  • In idle mode, when rotating the cutting headset, then you should check the correctness of the carburetor.
  • Check the condition of the protective shield, cutting tools of the gas mower makita: semi.automatic braid head is designed to mow ordinary grass; Cutting four.toothed or eight.toe knife conveniently mow shrubs, wild shoots, dry.
  • Test the functionality of the “Stop” button.
  • For comfortable operation, the Makita lawn mower is equipped with an ergonomic double shoulder belt, which should be adjusted so that the cutting plate is located strictly parallel to the ground during operation.

Oil, fuel

The fuel mixture of AI-92 gasoline and the original Makita oil for two-stroke engines in a ratio of 50: 1 are used as fuel. The lubrication of the engine is produced by the same engine oil. The fuel mixture is not recommended to use more than 4 weeks from the moment of preparation.

SHELL PLASTIC Lubrication for a two.stroke engine


  • After work, necessarily clean the trimmer for Makita grass, check the tool for integrity and serviceability, clean the air filter, test the functionality of the switch, the lock lever.
  • The state of the spark plug is checked weekly, the gap between the electrodes should be 0.6-0.7 mm.
  • Every 30 motorized hours should be poured into a consistent oil alvania 3 or an appropriate analogue in a gearbox.
  • The exhaust hole of the muffler is checked at least once a week, the plaque is cleaned.
  • The fuel system of the Makita lawn mower, carburetor is checked quarterly.
  • Sharpening of the cutting tool should only be performed on special equipment, since manual sharpening leads to the effort of the structure, the appearance of vibrations and serious malfunctions.

Elimination of malfunctions, breakdowns

  • Before performing any repair work, maintenance should always be stopped before the Makita lawn mowing engine and remove the spark plug.
  • If there are problems with a warm launch, it is necessary to clean the carburetor.
  • The insufficient performance of the trimmer for Makita grass is most likely caused by faults in several systems: filter, muffler, carburetor.
  • If the motor stops immediately after starting, check the idle settings, clean the carburetor from pollution.
  • Makita’s lawn mowing engine may not be launched due to malfunctions of the ignition, compression violations, mechanical malfunctions, due to problems in the fuel system.
  • In order to avoid breakdowns of a gas station, it is allowed to use only original elements: cutting tools, consumables and spare parts.
  • It is forbidden to use a bureau for cutting branches, young trees with a diameter of more than 3 cm.

Makita trimmers can be found by clicking on the links:


“I chose between the OLEO-MAC gas-boat and the Makita EM2500U model. Makita gave preference to the gas troops, since there are no problems with the service. I already have a Makitov peopor and a saw, they work excellent, I hope the lawn mower will not let you down ”.


“Electric trimmer for the grass Makita UR 3501 I have the second year. I am very pleased with the tool. Immediately bought an extension cord 50 m, conveniently.

Advantages: easy, easy to manage and maintenance, there is a detailed instruction. The non.weed shrub like raspberries, currants easily rolls out.

Disadvantages: after winter and large breaks, it is not immediately started. There is a small vibration. When working, you must constantly hold the button. A protective casing could make a smaller diameter, then there would be excellent access to close spaces. “.

Electric trimmer selection criteria for grass

If you have finances, it will not be difficult to buy an unit, it is more difficult to choose an inexpensive, but reliable technique. The best trimmer for grass for grass is not a model with a significant supply of power, but one that is effectively and quickly copes with the task. To achieve such results, it is necessary to decide which vegetation is planned to mow the acquired tool.

Type of cutting element

As a cutting element in electrocos. trimmers, steel knives and a flexible fishing line for a trimmer (cord) are used. Knives are used to mow thick, hard, high vegetation in even areas where there are no obstacles. The cut is even. An unit with a steel knife can mow grass in the field, trim small shrubs, young shoots of trees.

Trimmer for grass with fishing line should be taken to work on hilly areas. This nozzle is suitable for areas where trees grow or there are various buildings, for example, fences. If the fishing line for a trimmer stumbled upon any obstacle, it will simply come off, the engine and gearbox do not threaten.

A special fishing line for a trimmer with a fiberglass core is available. In the section, it is three or tetrahedral with sharp corners. She cuts the grass well and holds on for a long time. The minus of a simple fishing line is the inability to work with thick vegetation.


This parameter affects performance. Models with a power indicator up to 1 kW refer to the economy class. are more like use on the house territory. Equipment up to 1.5 kW can also be used in the summer cottage. She spins the grass of different thicknesses and lengths well. Electric trimmers for grass are very rarely produced very rarely.

The more powerful the trimmer for the grass, the higher the power of torque is higher.


The unit can have 1 or 2 handles made in a form convenient for operation:

  • D. rounded, allows you to work in complex places. You can control with one or two hands.
  • J. the operator is at the maximum distance from the cutting elements.
  • T. provides a wide scope, looks like a bicycle steering wheel.

Before buying, it will be more correct to pick up the tool in your hands to make sure of the convenience of the handle.

The trimmer for the grass should have a comfortable handle


The unit can be equipped with a straight or curved rod. In electrimmers with a curved rod, only a fishing line for a trimmer can serve as a cutting element. The line is distinguished by reliability and durability, curved. convenient to use.


There are trimmers for grass operating from the network and batteries. When choosing a model, you need to keep in mind that many network units can also work from batteries-ion batteries. They are periodically recharged. Battery trimmers for grass do not have high power. but they cope well with mowing soft vegetation. They differ in maneuverability, so they are used to remove shoots in hard.to.reach places. The owners of such sites when buying an unit should pay attention to the battery capacity, which ranges from 1.6 to 5 ampere per hour. The higher this indicator, the longer the technique will work longer without a break for recharging. The lack of such an unit is a limited working hours, therefore you can advise buying a second battery.

The plus of electric trimmers working from the network is the ability to mow grass for an unlimited time, but there should be access to the outlet nearby. The network technique is more powerful, but less maneuverable. She is prohibited by a mowing during rain.

The location of the engine

In electrhemers, the engine is installed in the lower or upper part of the device. Undergraduate units have a lower weight, so suitable for managing women. They are less. They can not mow moist grass, work after rain or on dew.

powerful models with the upper location of the motor are used to mow grass in large areas. For holding there is a shoulder belt and a pen of a special shape. Such trimmers for grass are more performance and durability. Allowing the vegetation regardless of the weather.

TOP 11 best electric trimmers according to owners

Despite a simple design, there are more than a dozen models of different modifications on the market. Having read the rating of electric trimmers, it will be easier to decide which unit to choose. The review presents a technique in which there are no wheels and a collection for mowed grass.

Huter Get-1200SL

Model with the upper location of the motor. Knife rotation speed. up to 8000 rpm. The height of the handle is regulated. There is an anti.vibration system. Corps and deck plastic. D-shaped shape of the handle. Right rod, collapsible. The kit includes a shoulder belt, knife and 2.4 mm fishing line for trimmer.

power. 1200 watts;

which, electric, trimmer, makita, grass

Speasing width. 42 cm;

The mass is 5.5 kg.

Denzel TE-1200 (96611)

In the unit, you can install a bureau/secerus. The engine is located in the upper part. The case and deck are made of plastic. Adjustable height. Handle shape-D-shaped. The rod is detachable, straight. Summary: knife, fishing line for trimmer (2 mm).

power. 1200 watts;

Speasing width. 38 cm;

The mass is 4.7 kg.

Stavr TE-1700R

The device is equipped with a straight, collapsible rod, a network wire with a length of 0.35 m. The knife rotates at a speed of up to 10,000 rpm. Engine location. upper. Folding handle with a bicycle handle. Included: knife, fishing line for trimmer (2 mm), shoulder belt.

power. 1700 watts;

Speasing width. 42 cm;

mass. 6 kg.

Makita UR3501

The body of the model and the deck are made of plastic. The speed of rotation of the knife up to 7500 rpm. The electric engine is located in the upper part. There is a motor brake function. The length of the network cable is 0.35 m. The pen is adjustable. Handle shape-D-shaped. The rod is curved. Summary: belt on the shoulder and 2 mm fishing line for trimmer.

power. 1000 watts;

Speasing width. 35 cm;

The mass is 4.3 kg.

Bosch Easygrasscut 26 (0.600.8C1.J00)

Electric trimmer for grass with the lower engine location. Deci and case material. plastic. The knife rotates at a speed of up to 12500 rpm. Noise level. 95 dB. The bar is straight. Handle with adjustable height and d-shaped handle. The set has a fishing line for a trimmer (1.6 mm).

power. 280 watts;

Speasing width. 26 cm;

Mass. 1.9 kg.

Huter Get-1700b

The speed of rotation of the knife reaches 8000 rpm. Upper location of the electric motor. The pen is adjustable. T-shaped bicycle shape. The bar is straight. From the features: the presence of a smooth launch of the motor. The kit includes: shoulder belt, knife and 2 mm fishing line for trimmer.

power. 1700 watts;

Speasing width. 42 cm;

The mass is 5.7 kg.

Daewoo Power Products Dabc 1400E

Noise level is 96 dB. In the unit, you can install a bureau/secerus. The electric engine is located in the upper part. There is an anti.vibration system. Folding handle with adjustable height. Deco and plastic body. Handle shape-D-shaped. The bar is straight. Summary: shoulder belt, fishing line for trimmer (1.6 mm), knife.

power. 1400 watts;

Speasing width. 42 cm;

The mass is 4.7 kg.

GreenWorks 1301807 GST1246

Model with a knife rotation speed of up to 6500 rpm, an electric engine located in the upper part. It is possible to install a bush cutter/brush. Noise level is 96 dB. Deci and case material. plastic. Direct collapsible bar. Handle with adjustable height and J-shaped handle. Sets with a shoulder belt, knife and 2 mm fishing line.

power. 1200 watts;

Speasing width. 45 cm;

The mass is 4.6 kg.

Hammer ETR450

The grass trimmer is equipped with an electric engine located below. The case and deck are made of plastic. The knife rotates at a speed of up to 14000 rpm. Right bar, telescopic. Handle with adjustable height and D-shaped handle. Complex: 1.3 mm fishing line for trimmer.

power. 450 watts;

Speasing width. 25 cm;

mass. 2 kg.

Carver TR 1500S/BH

The speed of rotation of the knife up to 10,000 rpm. Can be installed by bush/secrem. The location of the electric engine is the upper. Noise reaches 96 dB. Corps and deck plastic. The bar is straight. Folding handle with adjustable height. Cycling T-shaped shape of the handle. There is a smooth start. The kit has a belt on the shoulder, knife and 2.4 mm fishing line for trimmer.

Bosch Easygrasscut 18-230 (0.600.8C1.A00)

Electric trimmer for grass with a plastic case and deck. The engine is located at the bottom. The model can work from a LI-Ion battery. The battery is charged for 84 minutes. The bar is straight. Folding handle with adjustable height. D-shaped shape of the handle. Of the features: processing the edges of the edge by pressing and turning the handle, the cutting head rotates 180 degrees, the rod collapsible. Delivery set: LEST for trimmer (1.6 mm), battery block, charger.

Huter Get-1700b

One of the most popular manufacturers from the average price segment, who knows exactly what the best trimmer for grass should look like. Model with top characteristics, high maintainability and thoughtful ergonomics.

The best electric trimmer for grass, which is not terrible even high grass. A tool with top parameters, working with both fishing line and knives, and in both cases showing the highest performance due to a wide swing track.

Vladislav, 48 years old:

“Hello. I bought a trimmer for Makita grass 1.5 years ago. I stopped on an electric model. I have no special areas, but everything should be in the openwork in front of the house and yard. The trimmer for the grass is very light, the grass mows perfectly, though the motor heats up quickly, you have to stop and wait until it cools down. The start button is tight. I use only a fishing line for a trimmer, there is no need for knives. Not very convenient clamp for the cord, the cord itself is short.””

Anton, 26 years old:

“I have the third season of the lawn mower at work. When I bought, I decided. only Makita and only gasoline. Everything mows, both branches and grass, though knives are not very high quality, but I have already changed them. It also works regularly with the fishing line. The shoulder belt is no good, I also seized. The gearbox warms up strongly, everything was getting better when it changed the oil.””

Yuri, 42 years old:

“The lawn mower is excellent, I bought a month ago, still in work, I have already performed three mowers for 6 acres. The handles are comfortable, I liked the mowing with a knife more. I am satisfied with the purchase.””

Which company to choose?

The top of the most reliable tools includes models of famous firms. The following manufacturers of garden equipment have established themselves well in the market.

which, electric, trimmer, makita, grass

Trimmer for grass is better to buy from a well.known manufacturer


The Japanese company offers customers powerful professional electric trimmers for grass with an engine located on top. The equipment is equipped with protection against random launch. A thick fishing line for a trimmer is used as equipment.


The German company produces products that stand out the best technological solutions. cute appearance, assembly quality.


Not the last place in the ranking of inexpensive electric trimmers is occupied by this domestic company. Multi.level control is carried out in the production, the model range is periodically updated. Electric tools are in demand due to reliability, increased resource. The features of garden equipment include responsible assembly and power.


Many choose the technique of this particular company. High.quality equipment is produced under this brand. Bosch trimmers are distinguished by ergonomic design, the presence of a telescopic bar and the ability to change the angle of inclination.


Concern with headquarters in Europe and USA. Garden technique connects high performance, pretty design, weak level of vibration.

How to choose an electric trimmer for grass for mowing grass?

Before buying an electric trimmer for grass, you should get acquainted with its features. This will help make the right choice and not make a mistake with the purchase.

Cutting element

In trimmers there is a head with a coil, a fishing line for a trimmer is wound on it. The thickness of the latter can fluctuate from 1.2 mm up to 2.5 mm. Fat fishing line for a trimmer is able to cut large and thick vegetation. With a knife, you can easily remove thin shoots of trees and small shrubs, but not all models in the kit are there.

Direct or curved bar: which is better?

Straight bar is more durable. Electrimmers equipped with this type have increased power, therefore they cope well with high loads. They are reliable in operation. The durability of this design is explained by the fact that rotation to the reel with a fishing line is carried out by transmission through a steel shaft.

Equipment with a curved bar, you can mow vegetation in inclined and uneven areas. In such devices, torque is transmitted from the engine to the cutting nozzle through the steel cable. They have less power. They are mainly used in even areas.

Rods are made from different materials. In expensive trimmers, they are metal, in budget instruments. plastic.

The location of the engine

The functionality of cheap technology depends on what engine location is in it. The trimmer for the grass in which the motor is in the lower part does not have a high power. They cannot mow moist vegetation. But the tool with this location is more convenient and balanced in work. Such a technique costs a few tens less.

The design with the upper location is found on powerful trimmers. This tool easily mowns thick grass. They are allowed to work on the site after rain and on dew.


When choosing the best electric trimmer for grass for grass, an economy class, you need to pay attention to this indicator. Simple household models have a power up to 500 watts. They can remove small weeds, trim the grass in a small area.

Medium.power tools up to 1000 watts cope well with thick weeds. They process large lawns.

The most running 1 kW models. They are considered universal. Designed to remove vegetation of any density and height. Such trimmers for grass can work both with fishing line and knife.

Type of power

To connect a network trimmer for grass, you need a 220 in 220 in. Since the tool is equipped with a short wire, you will have to use the extension cord. When mowing grass, such a technique does not throw harmful substances into the environment. Unlike the batteries, you can work without a break.

Many manufacturers produce models of trimmers receiving food from the battery. But most often they do not differ in high power, designed to perform a small volume of work. in those places where it is inconvenient to stretch the extension cord. There are models on sale, which include two batteries, which is much more convenient. When one sits down, it is replaced by the second and continue to work.

An electric trimmer can work for a long time without interruptions

Bosch Easygrasscut 18-26 (0.600.8C1.C00)

The rating includes the best garden trimmer for grass from Bosh, which perfectly copes with all the tasks. A powerful motor and high.quality fishing line for a trimmer with a diameter of 1 helps him in this.6 mm. When using the device, you will not feel discomfort and fatigue in your hands, which is an achievement of a detailed design and a convenient D-shaped handle, which can be folded for more compact storage.

The device implemented the function of processing the edges. This means that you can easily trim the lawn or remove excess vegetation from the path. The design is supplemented by a semi.automatic line of fishing line and a powerful battery for 2.5 ah. The latter not only provides a decent level of autonomy, but also quickly charges. The maximum maximum width reaches 260 mm, and a special casing provides a high level of protection against damage. Due to it, the device will not break from random blows to the ground and will serve in your family for many years.

  • A hardy battery with a capacity of 2.5 Ah;
  • Light design;
  • The system of semi.automatic fishing line is implemented;
  • There is a function of processing the edges;
  • High charging speed;
  • Good protective casing;
  • Pleasant materials to the touch;
  • Comfortably lies in the hand.

GreenWorks 1301507 G-MAX 40V GD40BC

For those who are looking for a high.quality and reliable battery trimmer for grass, we offer to pay attention to GreenWorks 1301507, which can be used with both blades and fishing line. With the heart of the model, Digipro’s browned engine was characterized by a high level of reliability and good performance. Thanks to it, the cutting element develops speed of 6500 rpm, which allows you to effectively cope even with large thickets of weeds. Also, its pluses include a low noise level and an almost complete absence of vibrations. Pleasantly surprising the maximum width of mowing, reaching 350 mm.

The model is equipped with a cutting disk, fastener and shoulder belt. The latter helps to reduce the load on the hands during use, which allows you to achieve maximum comfort. The ergonomic handle is made in an unusual but convenient form factor, and additional protective elements positively affect safety. But not without flaws. the battery and charger will have to buy separately.

  • Reliable brilliant engine;
  • Mowing width 350 mm;
  • Folding handle;
  • There is a shoulder belt;
  • As a cutting element, you can use both a fishing line for a trimmer and a knife;
  • Can be adjusted in height;
  • Protection against accidental inclusion;
  • With the help of the blade, you can cut a small shrub;
  • Enough mobile.

Trammers for Makita grass. reviews

I read the reviews here, I thought that I hurried with the purchase. Took for 6 tons.R. Before the collapse of the ruble in November 2014 for the Promotion. In practice, all fears were not confirmed. It starts very easily, it does not stall high speeds, the cat from May almost every weekend is 15-20 acres. Enough just one tank. Power is more than enough. There are no special complaints to the fishing line. Not super fashionable with a curly profile, but did not break and mowed well. The main jamb. This is an unsuccessful design of the gearbox body. Between him and Babina for the fishing line, a groove forms in which high grass is wound, especially if mowed not at maximum speeds. You can adopt, but it would be better if this groove was not. PS: two years have passed since the purchase. The second summer worked. no problems appeared. As started, and starts without problems. In winter it is stored on an unheated balcony. The only thing you already want more powerful than the unit! ))) Appetite comes during meals. ) And I would not have refused the folding staff. it is more convenient to transport in the car. I will supplement the review in 2020. 5 seasons worked. The flight is normal! It works like a watch. Only a protective casing it’s time to change. The fishing line was obscured.

  • portable trimmer for grass
  • gasoline engine, 39 cm?, 2.5 l.With.
  • Included: shoulder belt
  • Anti.vibration system
  • Weight: 7.9 kg
  • 1 liter tank

In power is very good, and practically does not vibrate in work. And it would still be a little to reduce the weight of the equipment and it would be absolutely perfect. I also liked the fact that there are no problems with the assembly, you can get it out of the box and quickly prepare the lawn mower for work.

My right hand hurts, so I would like the weight of motorcycles to be below. Due to what this can be done, I don’t know, but if in the next series it would be possible, then this would be a significant achievement.

The lawn mower at a price absolutely justifies itself, since it is hardly possible to find any analogues cheaper and with exactly the same operational characteristics. It is really comfortable and should be in every house. I am very glad that I made such a successful purchase.

  • Trimer type for grass: portable
  • electric motor power 450 watts
  • Speasing width 30 cm
  • Cutting element of a trimmer for grass: Fishing line for trimmer, 1.65 mm
  • Star design: curved
  • Hand-shaped shape: D-shaped
  • shoulder belt / folding handle
  • Wheel: no wheels
  • Weight 2.6 kg

We bought this unit and rejoiced like children and mows and looks cool and easy. The neighbor seeing our indescribable joy under the cover of the night, he sketched the model number and bought himself the same. For a whole year, they rejoiced together, then alternately draining their lawn, but not for a long time, having worked for a year (possibly with a tail) from the beginning of a braid for the grass broke down with a neighbor, his grass was humane, and then with us. With the obvious cheapness of the repair, replacing brushes, they asked 500 for diagnostics and 3600 for the replacement of the engine. It seems that I gave 5 thousand for everything, but new, but here it is like this. We are now sad with a neighbor and roaring benzocouses from the champion.

  • Trimer type for grass: portable
  • ICE power 1.1 l.With.
  • four.stroke engine
  • Cutting element of a trimmer for grass: knife
  • Barrow structure: straight
  • Wheel: no wheels

The kit has a three.lobed knife and a coil with a fishing line (the description on Yandex is indicated incorrectly). Convenient system. unloading and bicycle handle, together with a slight weight. in two hours with small breaks, he was practically not tired of dragging. A simple mechanism for changing the head to the knife and back, the main thing is to understand the first time (I had to smoke instructions). Muffled moderately, mowed without headphones. The sound is not annoying, the exhaust is practically not felt.

It is necessary to adapt to a straight shaft, it is difficult to get into some places on the site. The lawn mower is most likely intended for mowing in large even areas, where you only need to drive it right and left. There was no oil in the kit, only a measured container. Used a car 5W-30 from the garage.

My first lawn mower, so there is nothing to compare with. Before that, mowed electrimmers. There was a need for autonomous work and now I bought a makit. Assembly China, but manufactured and assembled very high quality. Assembly and preparation for work according to the instructions, everything is simple and clear. After the bay of the oil and gasoline made 7 strokes of the pump and the engine wound up the third time. Gave him to work for half an hour on idle, changed the oil and to work.

  • portable trimmer for grass
  • Electric engine from the network cable
  • Speasing width: 40 cm
  • Included: Trammer fishing line
  • Anti.vibration system
  • Weight: 4.9 kg
  • Curved rod

The powerful cuts the lawn well, but it does not cope with the thickets of nettles, after 3 minutes of work it is very heated.

There is no belt, it is not included, it was not sold in the store. I had to wise. The simplicity of use and durability was assumed. However, frightening it for two years, I can say the following carcass of fishing line after mowing 15 acres, the coils are made of soft plastic, as a result the coil lid is weakening and at one time it flies away. Parts of the coil of small in the grass is practically not possible. Those purchase of a new one.

The product is not convenient to use, the replacement of the fishing line is difficult and requires effort. I do not recommend buying. Now I use the STIHL mitch with a steel knife for weeds and a lawn coil, and there is no more hemorrhoids with Makita

  • portable trimmer for grass
  • Electric engine from the battery (36 iv / 5 A h)
  • Speasing width: 35 cm
  • Included: a fishing line for a trimmer, a knife, shoulder belt
  • Weight: 4.5 kg
  • Direct bar
  • noise level 92 dB