Which Engine Is Better For A Tiller

What are the best and most reliable tillers? What types of tillers are there. How to choose the required unit. Separation of devices by weight and size. Rating of the most popular.

Champion BC671

A tiller with replaceable cutters is a godsend for people who prefer high-quality processing. The device has a powerful engine. The width of the cutters is 85 cm. The model is the most popular in its class, since it has an acceptable cost and good quality.


Before purchasing a tiller, it is best to study the rating in order to understand which manufacturer produces the best quality products. This helps to assess the situation on the agricultural machinery sales market and to facilitate the consumer’s choice when choosing the best tiller.

Below it is proposed to consider the rating of the 10 best models of tillers, depending on the weight categories.

How is the rating compiled and which models are worthy to enter the top? When compiling such a list, it is taken into account:

Neva MB-1B-B OFS

It is considered one of the best gasoline-fueled tillers. The Neva brand itself has long been known and popular, since its cost is low, and the quality is high. over, it does not cause any problems with service.

The proposed sample has a reliable BriggsStratton RS950 motor. The weight of the device is equal to 75 kg.

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This model can be operated for a long time without fear that it will break.

Transmission is three-stage MultiAGRO, with reverse gear, which is very convenient when using. Suitable for working on soils of any severity.

The main advantages include:

  1. High quality motor.
  2. Multifunctionality.

The disadvantages include the problem of transportation.

The advantages of Chinese engines

China-made tiller motors have become popular due to their advantages. Taking into account the purpose, the complete set of the motor includes additional units (gearbox, start, etc.). They are also distinguished by their affordable price. Neva car owners note:

  • A design that meets modern requirements;
  • Reliability;
  • Parts to find quickly.

In addition, innovative equipment is used in the production of products. After purchasing a Chinese engine, you can immediately use it, no additional preparation is needed. They are suitable for any tiller, incl. And for self-made.

Which is the best engine to choose for Tiller Neva

which engine is better for a tiller

The engine for the Russian tiller Neva MB can be replaced with a different model with which the manufacturer launched it on the market. For example, a device with a power that is greater or less than the original one is suitable. Therefore, it is not surprising that gardeners are interested in which engine is suitable for a motor-cultivator.

If the engine for the MB-1 or MB-2 tiller is replaced with a foreign one, the service life of the device will increase, but the price will also increase. Therefore, before replacing, you must first study a possible alternative so that the motor will last a long time. In addition, it is important to determine in advance whether the replacement work will be done independently or you will have to contact the service station employees.

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Chainsaws have become an indispensable part of a person’s daily life. As a tool for woodworking, they are considered

Double sided plow for tiller

A double-sided tiller plow (hiller) is used to huddle various crops. It also removes weeds between the rows. Such plows can work the soil, cut furrows to plant the plants, and then fill them up, including the back of the tiller. Such devices differ only in fixed and variable working widths. The only difference between them is in the movable wings, which regulate the working width.

The plow, which has a fixed working width, works with a light tiller (up to 30 kg), the engine of which is up to 3.5 HP. They feature 12 mm stands (protect the tiller from overloading).

The most common type of hillers with a variable working width. Their only drawback is shedding the soil into the furrow after the pass. Such plows come with tillers over 30 kg, with engines of 4.0 hp. And higher.

How to make a plow to a tiller yourself

Now we will answer the frequently asked question of the owners who bought the tiller: how to make a plow for the tiller with your own hands. To make working elements, you need 3-5 mm steel. First you need to make a ploughshare (for example, a circular saw blade is suitable for it). The cutting part of the plowshares must be well sharpened and sharpened at an angle of 45 degrees.

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The next step will be making a blade. For it, you can take a pipe with a diameter of 0.5 m and a wall thickness of 5 mm. Cut out the blank for the blade with a cutter and grind the angle grinder.

Having finished making all the parts, you can start assembling the plow body. To do this, we take steel with a thickness of 2-3 mm and assemble the entire structure.

So there are several types of plows, consider some of their features, plows are single-body, reversible and rotary.

Single body plow design

The simplest design is for a single-body plow (we discussed its manufacture above). It is with such a plow that you can start making for a beginner, in addition, there are a great many drawings of such a plow.
The reversible plow has a more complex design. Such a plow has a curved blade at the top of the body, which allows you to turn the soil layer during processing, which is especially optimal for hard soil.

To manufacture such a plow will require significant effort and much more knowledge (due to a more complex drawing and more careful selection of materials). It is also necessary to strictly follow all instructions in the manufacture of such a unit.