Which Fishing Line Suitable For Stihl 55 Trimmer

Lawn care is one of the problems that arises for owners of private suburban housing. Solving the problem allows the use of an electric braid, commonly known as a trimmer. To operate the tool is much simpler in comparison with an ordinary scythe.

The removal of grass from the site occurs due to the movement of a special fishing line. In some models, its rotation speed is about 8000 rpm. However, over time, the coil for the electric trimmer exhausts its own resource, and the fishing line becomes unusable. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically replace the cutting element.

Let’s see what a trimmer is, what types of devices are available to the consumer and how to refill the trimmer coil.

Trimmer Types

Which Fishing Line Suitable For Stihl 55 Trimmer

  1. Devices with an engine located at the base. The power of individual models reaches about 500 watts. Typically, such designs do not provide the ability to adjust the holder along the length. At the same time, the center of gravity of such electric braids is more balanced, which increases ease of use.
  2. Devices with an upper engine. their power reaches 800 watts. As a cutting element, both a coil for a trimmer and special knives can act. Possible shaft length adjustment.

In general, both types of trimmers are quite compact, easy-to-use tools that produce relatively little noise. The only drawback of electric models is the limited length of the network wire, which imposes restrictions on the free movement of the site. However, the inconvenience is solved by connecting the unit to a portable extension cord.

What is a trimmer coil?

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One of the main elements of the trimmer is a coil, which is mounted on a special nozzle. This design contains a drum where the fishing line for mowing grass is placed.

Externally, the coil for the trimmer is protected by a casing that protects the user from getting injured when the cutting thread breaks. Most often, the casing slams shut.

To open the drum and remove the fishing line, it is enough to press the special clamps, which can be done with a screwdriver. In this case, the coil for the trimmer can shoot internal equipment as a result of straightening the spring. Therefore, when handling the drum, care must be taken.

How to choose a fishing line for replacement?

The reel for the trimmer can be equipped with fishing line of various diameters, starting from 1.6 mm and ending with a cutting thread of 3.2 mm. Often, users prefer a fishing line with an average diameter of about 2 mm.

If you don’t know exactly what thickness is required for the existing trimmer model, just look into the technical data sheet of the device. Usually this parameter is specified by the manufacturer.

It is worth noting that the "string" for the section of grass is absolutely not suitable for removing thick weeds or shrubs. To avoid rupture and refueling of the coil, it is enough to use a trimmer with a nozzle in the form of a metal knife.

How to refill a fishing line?

The procedure for removing the cutting thread from the drum and its replacement is quite simple. To begin with, the coil is removed from the mount. Next, the drum cover gently opens, the remains of the old ragged fishing line are removed.

The next step is to lay the new cutting string. To determine the desired direction when winding, you need to look at the pointer that is on the drum of the device.

In conclusion, a small piece of fishing line is left, which will be used directly when mowing grass. The coil is fixed by mounting and the procedure is completed. Just turn on the trimmer and you can get to work.