Which Gasoline Is Best To Pour Into A Huter Trimmer

Which Gasoline Is Best To Pour Into A Huter Trimmer

Good semisynthetics for a reasonable price. Trimmer just whispered))

Those who have a two-stroke engine in the household are familiar with two-stroke engine oil. It is usually used for batch preparation of a gasoline mixture, i.e. gasoline must be diluted with a certain amount of oil intended for these purposes.

Typically, the manufacturer recommends pouring oil corresponding to the brand. This is not necessary at all since the manufacturer is trying to sell TCM of its Partners. Enough when specifying the fate of the oil specification and the brand is not at all important. Oil is classified according to API classification (American Petroleum Institute). Without details, it’s just that every type of oil for a particular technique carries a letter designation. In the case of two-stroke engines, this "2T".

I bought a lawn mower Huter Oil 2T semi-synthetic for two-stroke engines, 1 l.

Huter has recently launched motor vehicles on our market and it (apparently due to the low price) is very popular.

1L Huter 73/8/3/2 oil is intended for 2-stroke Huter engines. Can be used with any technique and tool: trimmers, chainsaws, snowmobiles, etc.

The oil is ideal for working with low quality gasoline, as it is equipped with high quality additives that significantly reduce deposits on the crankcase.

My neighbor has a gas trimmer from this manufacturer and has not yet complained. Although there are other budget attributes on the folding braid.

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  • Type Push Pull
  • Semi-synthetic look
  • Volume 1
  • Appointment for garden equipment

Despite the manufacturer, everything seems to be done with high quality and soundly, even on the side of the canister there is a measured gradation.

Why semisynthetics?

Here I choose by the principle of the average. If you take a mineral water, then it is thick and has a greater smokiness. Synthetics, on the contrary, has less smokiness, but here the price is different.

Length mm: 120
Width, mm: 45
Height, mm: 200

Therefore, semi-synthetics are suitable for lubrication.

If synthetics are obtained after gas processing, then semisynthetics after oil refining and from mineral water are distinguished by the presence of highly effective additives. Just what you need to lubricate the motor.

Open the oil.

There was no protective film under the lid and this immediately dropped the bar of this oil to the bottom of Chinese consumer goods.

On the canister itself, the oil dilution is 1:50, but the recommendations for the lawn mowing are in priority, and there is 1:32. Accordingly, the oil mixed one to 32.

As you can see in the photo above (I took a picture as I could, because the smoke is barely perceptible), then the smoke is not high. When the mixture is diluted 1:32 there is a small bluish exhaust. After a couple of hours of operation, a slight oily coating forms on the mower. This indicates the proper lubrication of the rubbing elements.

What is the result?

In general, the oil is not bad. Of course, it can not be compared with the same "calm" at least in the difference of the packages (the calm goes immediately with the menik).

Without a doubt, oil is superior to mineral oil and has less fumes and smokiness.