Which gasoline lawn mower is the best

Have a lawn. means spending time taking care of it. I’m not just talking about preventing pests and diseases, but also keeping it at the desired height so it doesn’t become an uncontrolled or orderly patch of garden.

To do this, it is important to get a machine that will help you make this job as comfortable as possible, such as a gasoline lawnmower. Even if you think otherwise, their maintenance is not difficult, so feel free to take a look at the best models

Best Gas Mowers (2022) — Top 5 Best

Before proceeding to a detailed review of the nominees, we should note the companies that have established themselves as the best manufacturers of gasoline lawn mowers:

Husqvarna. Industrial company from Sweden, known as the largest manufacturer of garden tools and construction equipment. Champion is an official distributor of lawn mowers for the elite NASCAR series.

Makita. A Japanese corporation manufacturing a wide range of electric and petrol power tools. Lawn mowers of this company are distinguished by quality, durability and low price.

Hammer. The beginning of activity of this German company was in the 80s of the last century. It is engaged in the production of electrical equipment and garden equipment, in which the segment of lawn mowers and trimmers stands out. Characterized by low on products, as well as good customer service under warranty.

AL-CO. A German company that was founded in 1931. Specializes in manufacturing of ventilation systems, auto parts, and high-end gardening equipment.

Champion. Young St. Petersburg company established in 2005. Focuses on the production of goods for the domestic segment, thus has a stable income and competes with foreign giants and is gradually penetrating into the global market.

which, gasoline, lawn, mower, best

Most homeowners start their lawn care with budget mowers. For small plots this approach is completely justified. Several reliable models were singled out by experts.

Makita PLM4120N

According to many parameters the Japanese Makita PLM4120N lawn mower is not inferior to the leader of our rating. Easy-to-use gasoline technology weighs only 26.8 kg, yet delivers 41 cm of swath width. The manufacturer has equipped the model with a useful function mulching, although you can collect cuttings in a soft collector of 50 liters. The possibility of adjusting the height of mowing in the range of 25-70 mm, for this lever has 5 positions.

The weak side of the machine was the small capacity of the American Briggs and Stratton engine (2.7 l). с.). Users complain about problems when mowing tall and dense grass. In addition, the mower comes without oil, so the owner first needs to do maintenance.

Huter GLM-4.0

Huter GLM-4 lawn mower is equipped with powerful power unit.0. Due to the 4-stroke gasoline engine 4 liters. с. The device makes a wide swath (46 cm), while the height of mowing is adjustable in the widest range (20-85 mm). Mowed grass goes into a rigid collector with a capacity of 60 liters, the reliability of the mower body is ensured by leaf steel. Experts note the quiet operation of the mower, it is simple and easy to use. Inferior model somewhat to the leaders of the rating in weight (33.9 kg) and reliability.

Users complain of plastic starter, the carburetor often needs to be adjusted. Finding spare parts becomes a problem. But in general the device deserves flattering words and an honorable third place.

Zubr GKB-400P

Inexpensive, but very effective model for mowing grass and lawn care is considered a rotary mower from the brand Zubr. This lawnmower has a motor power of 1 mower.80 л.с. The 4-stroke engine of the device does not require any fuel mixture preparation. Mowing width of 400 mm enables large areas to be covered in a short period of time. Also, in order to achieve optimal results when mowing grass, this model is equipped with adjustable height.

The controls are placed on the ergonomically designed handle. And in case of the loss of control, the safety system intervenes and the motor, as well as the cutting tool, stops instantly. The integrated hopper of this lawnmower has a capacity of 40 liters, so that you do not need to look for the grass catcher box. Grass ejection can be adjusted either forward or backward. Wheels of this model have bearings and larger diameter, they do not crush the grass and provide good passability.


  • control of the device is derived on the handle;
  • Motor protection system;
  • Volumetric container for collecting grass;
  • Good motor power for a budget version;
  • height adjustment is provided.

RedVerg RD-GLM411G

RedVerg petrol lawn mower is non-self-propelled, powerful enough and equipped with high performance. This model is equipped with the Ready Star quick-start system, which enables you to start the motor at any time and with no effort. The engine made by Loncin is powerful enough. 3.50 liters.с. Mowing speed in this model reaches 3000 rpm, the cutting width is 410 mm.

The device has a function to adjust the level of mowing. It is also equipped with a folding handle, for easy transportation and storage. The grass catcher box of this unit is capacious. the volume of the container is 50 liters. Equipped with noise and vibration reduction system. Lawn mower blade is made of stainless steel and resistant to mechanical damage.

The body of this lawnmower is made of durable metal and is not exposed to external damage. As for riding comfort, the rear wheels of this model have a larger diameter and it contributes to improved maneuverability, as well as passability in areas with slopes. tread on the wheels does not spoil the lawn and does not leave significant traces. Four wheels included with the mower.


  • quick start system;
  • powerful 3.50L motor.с.;
  • speed up to 3000 rpm;
  • The volume of the grass catcher box is 50 liters;
  • noise and vibration reduction system.

DDE LM 46-60

With a large lawn area (up to 2,000 sq. The DDE LM 46-60 gasoline mower is capable of effortlessly mowing lawns. High power of the machine is achieved by powerful (4 l. с.) of the motor and a wide swath (46 cm). Large 60-litre soft grass catcher box enables long periods of non-stop operation. The model has a mulching function, in which case the shredded grass can be thrown to the side or back. Thanks to the central regulation (5 positions) the cutting height can be chosen within the range of 25-75 mm. Handle can be easily adjusted to the height of the operator.

Fuel Tips for Gasoline Lawn Mowers and Snow Blowers | Toro

To get into the top three rating of the model failed due to the high weight (33 kg), poor quality of assembly. This is evidenced by the reviews of domestic users.

Gasoline-powered products

What to choose a gasoline lawnmower, if all of them are reliable, have maneuverability and long service. The weight of the machine, the noise level (over 90 dB), the purchase of fuel and lubricants and regular maintenance are important when choosing. The more powerful the engine, the higher the noise level, so it is necessary to wear headphones while working. The high engine power is not always a good thing.

which, gasoline, lawn, mower, best

On sites with difficult landscapes, a stone or bone hidden by a dog in the grass, any foreign solid object can get under the cutting element. Then the engine can stall, and a high power lawn mower can have a breakdown if the engine does not stall. It will rotate the cutting tools, which are already jammed. Then the blades will distort, the shaft will be deformed and the bushings will collapse. you will need to do an expensive overhaul. It is recommended to purchase 6-7 horsepower equipment for medium-sized areas.

The best gasoline lawn mowers include the following models:

  • Swedish Husqvarna LC 356 AWD is a self-propelled machine with 4-wheel drive that provides better traction on slopes and slippery wet surfaces. The body of the model is made of steel, the product is equipped with adjustable cutting height, side discharge of grass from a soft grass catcher box having the volume of 68 liters, also mulching. Product is heavy. up to 39.5 kg. Recommended for mowing grass on large lawns with bumps and slopes. Price. 60 ths.
  • Caiman Ferro 52CV. self-propelled model with a common mowing system: collection, side discharge, mulching. Variator speed has 7 steps. The motor can withstand an intensive load without reducing productivity when working on large plots. up to 30 acres. Manufactured by Ferro series according to innovative technical solutions with high quality materials. Price. in the range of 40 thousand.

Rating of the best petrol lawn mowers of the year 2022

Husqvarna LC 153S. the best gasoline lawn mower of the year 2022.

Husqvarna LC 153S wins the ranking of the best. Husqvarna lawn mowers have always been revered as the best models, in 2022 without exception. In addition, the cost of them, compared to previous years, has decreased slightly. The brief characteristics of the model are as follows: the type. gasoline mower, engine power (4 tacts). 2,3 kW, cutting width. 53 cm, cutting height. 32-95 cm, the recommended area of mowing. 1500 m2, the grass. grass catcher box, weight. 371620 kg, engine. Briggs and Stratton. The perfect specs for the perfect lawnmower.

A variety of advanced, but very expensive models are considered wheeled models of gasoline lawnmowers. They are equipped with a classic motor that makes the cutting blades rotate. But in order to move them around, the owner will need to push them by hand. This reduces fuel consumption, simplifies the wheelbase, and simplifies the way you use. The experts have chosen the best models in this category, where the price corresponds to the quality and functionality.

Makita PLM4120N

According to many of the parameters stated by the Japanese manufacturer, the Makita gasoline lawnmower was on the list of leaders in the review. With a fairly wide swath of 41 cm, it doesn’t weigh much. 26.8 kg. American-made engine power produces up to 2.7 horsepower. In addition to the grass catcher box of 50 liters, it has a mulching option, after which the vegetation is shredded and scattered over the area as a fertilizer. There are 5 cutting heights for operation. from 2.5 to 7 cm.

  • Stylish appearance;
  • Reliable manufacturer;
  • Mulching;
  • Ergonomics;
  • Small size;
  • Quick startup.

The strong points of Makita are the sturdy housing, the Japanese quality, the ergonomic design, the availability of useful features. Users appreciate the fast start-up, low noise level, and the ability to buy appliances from the company’s online store at a low price. The weakness is considered a weak engine, which is supplied by the manufacturer without oil. And that means it needs maintenance before it can be used for the first time.

Husqvarna LC 140

Garden tool is characterized by great features, ease of assembly and operation. It can be used not only in the garden, but also on lawns, park areas, various lawns. The motor produces up to 1800 watts of power, which is equivalent to 2.4 horsepower. On the back of the body there is a 50 l container for collecting the mowed material, made of soft but robust cloth. It is possible to change the height of cutting from 2.5 to 7.5 cm in 10 positions, the width is invariably 40 cm. The body is made of steel, despite this the weight is 24.5 kg. There is a 0 capacity tank for refueling.8 л.

  • Easy start;
  • Easy maintenance;
  • A well-known manufacturer;
  • 10 mowing positions to choose from;
  • Reliable manufacturer.

The reviews say that this mower can handle an area of about 12 acres. Bridge and Stratton engine is easy to start, gives a good power output, coping with vegetation up to 40 cm in height. The weak point is that there is no grass mulching. Some buyers in the negative qualities indicated a large uncomfortable box.

Champion LM5127BS

Russian brand has developed a manual lawnmower, which has a small size and good maneuverability. Working width up to 50 cm, 2.1 l engine.с. They do a good job with the function of rotating blades. The LM 51 operates in two modes: mulching and side discharge. Plants are shredded very well, quickly processed into fertilizer.

The mowing height is adjusted by the five-range switches, which are located on each wheel. Handle with anti-vibration pads reduces physical stress and makes it possible to operate the equipment on difficult terrain. The handle folds up, making it easy to transport in the trunk of the car or store in outbuildings.

Dacha owners and cottage owners note very easy engine start-up: pensioners, women and teenagers can cope with this task. The architecture of the mower is stable, making it easy to work on uneven terrain.


The DDE LM 51 refutes the opinion that a powerful and productive mower must be big. Inside there is a 3000 watt or 4 horsepower motor, which is enough for processing 2000 square meters. The body is made of quality steel, which ensures a long life. Height of mowing can be controlled in the range 3-7.5 cm, width. 51 cm. Filling capacity of 1 litre tank. No grass catcher, but there is a side ejector for mulched vegetation. The weight of the construction is 26 kg, the wheels are made of plastic.

which, gasoline, lawn, mower, best
  • Compactness;
  • Powerful motor;
  • A wide range of work modes;
  • Steel casing;
  • Quick start;
  • Lightweight running.

For a plot of 12 acres, the DDE LM 51 is perfect. Small, not bulky product is valued for several reasons. quick start of the motor, good passability, reliable housing. The minus is that the wheels are made of plastic, and after mowing the grass is scattered on the area, requiring additional cleaning of the territory.

Huter GLM-4.0G

German company developed a high grass mower with powerful engine. No grass catcher bag, effective side discharge and a 4 liter motor.с. Small dimensions of the equipment make the model relevant to country householders and homeowners who do not like to mow the lawn often. The four-stroke power unit has an overhead cylinder arrangement for easy maintenance.

Does not weigh more than 24 kg, making it easy to carry by hand. The control is placed on the handle, the fittings are reliable and convenient. Beginner landscaper gets the hang of it.

Users like the design of the model: working width is larger than the body size. It enables high quality vegetation along fences and curbs. Works well in virgin and fallow land, but can’t cut through tough brush.

The main advantage of an electric lawn mower is its environmental friendliness. In addition, this equipment has a quiet power unit and easy maintenance. The disadvantage is that you have to constantly tangle in the wires, looking for access to a powerful network. It is not uncommon for the cable to get tangled not only under your feet, but also under the wheels and cutting elements. Accordingly, you have to be more careful. The alternative is a cordless self-propelled lawnmowers, but they cost more, all other things being equal.

Makita ELM3720

The Makita ELM3720, which has excellent performance for its price, completes the top 10 lawn mowers. It is important to note that this model is not a new generation, and it has managed to “sag” in price, but has not lost its relevance, because we are not talking about smartphones, where the date of line updates is important. The device is suitable for serving 500 squares without much load. At the same time, the experts of the famous brand for the production of garden equipment paid a lot of attention to the reliability and durability of the engine, the power of which is 1400 watts. This power is transferred to the double-blade steel blade via a belt drive. You can understand from the description that the processing width of this machine reaches 37 centimeters.

  • sturdy plastic container;
  • affordable cost;
  • good paddle blade
  • 40-liter grass chalk;
  • cutting height adjustment.

Makita ELM3320

Considering inexpensive, but good electric lawnmowers, I would like to pay attention to the model Makita ELM3320, the cutting width of which is 37 centimeters. Quite a large swath of land, up to 400 square meters, can be mowed quickly and effectively. It will not be superfluous to note the presence of a durable plastic deck, made of ABS-plastic. For obvious reasons, the technique is lightweight with a fairly powerful 1200W unit. Cutting height is adjustable in three levels ranging from 20 to 55 millimeters. grass cuttings are collected in the grass catcher box, which has a capacity of 30 liters.

AL-KO 112856 Classic 3.82 SE

Another good electric lawnmower that has high power compared to competitors. 1400 watts. The AL-KO 112856 Classic is powered by the rotor system. Mowing height can be adjusted from 20 to 60 millimeters. The lawn mower can mow lawns up to 500 square meters. This line uses a classic mowed grass ejection system: the grass falls into a solid bag. Excellent overheat protection system is implemented. Users are pleased that the wheels do not protrude beyond the body trimmer line. Users speak positively about ease of operation and maneuverability.

Makita DLM432CT2

In our subjective opinion, the undisputed leader among cordless mowers is the Makita DLM432CT2, attracting not only by its good technical characteristics, but also by its objective price. Grass catcher bag capacity of 50 liters, which is enough to serve a large area. The list of merits of this technique include a simple central height adjustment, as well as a double charger. The self-propelled middle class model has quality and reliable materials, long working period, ease of maintenance.

Bosch ARM 37

In our opinion, the best electric lawn mower of 2022 is the Bosch ARM 37, which is perfect for mowing large lawns in the yard. The design includes a high-quality motor, with which it is easy to solve the tasks. An important plus, however, is the compact size of the equipment, as well as its weight. Accordingly, the engineers have been able to significantly reduce the weight on the operator’s back. The height adjustment and the large grass catcher box with a capacity of 40 liters can be attributed to the advantages. Users speak positively about the ability to fold the handle for easy storage of the invention.

Top 10 petrol lawn mowers. Reviews and rating in 2021-2022

The rating of petrol mowers has been created to reduce the time needed to make a purchasing decision. The article consists of detailed descriptions of devices that users like so much that they recommend their purchase to other consumers. Here we have collected the best petrol lawnmowers according to user reviews.

Makita PLM4628N petrol lawnmower

The Makita PLM4628N petrol lawnmower is a machine that must meet the expectations of discerning customers. The body is made of steel. It is powder-coated for better resistance to mechanical impact. The wheels have a diameter of 28 cm on ball bearings and have a smooth ride and allow you to comfortably manage the device. The handle is covered with a special material that guarantees a better grip.

Model weight 31.2 kg, basket volume 60 liters, working width 46 cm. The petrol lawnmower is equipped with high quality engines with overhead valves and high torque of 6,8 Nm. The gasoline lawnmower is characterized by its quiet operation and relatively low fuel consumption. It has different operating modes: mowing in the basket, rear discharge, chopping and side discharge.

Users assure, and this is confirmed by the gasoline lawnmower test, that the operation is simple. It has a 7-step cutting height adjustment scale, so you can adjust it depending on the effect you want to achieve. The equipment is equipped with a basket fill indicator.

Gasoline mower without a drive NAK LP40-79-PL-SB

Gasoline mower NAC LP40-79-PL-SB has a four-stroke engine with a working volume of 79,9 cm3. It is reliable and not very noisy. The power of the device is 1300 W and the maximum torque is 3,5 Nm. This machine has two mowing functions: basket discharge and rear discharge.

Body is not susceptible to mechanical damage, because it is made of durable plastic. Mowing width of the technique is 40 cm, and the height is adjustable from 20 to 60 mm. The grass catcher box that comes with the mower is made of a grid and has a 45-litre capacity.

According to customers, the mower is easy to store and transport, thanks to its compact size. Most of them also noticed that this petrol hand lawnmower does not burn a lot of fuel when working, so there is no need to fill up the tank more often. Its advantage is also the well profiled handle.

Honda HRG 466 SKEP gasoline lawnmower

Honda HRG 466 SKEP gasoline lawnmower is a technique that many consumers choose, as evidenced by the good reviews that can be read about it on the Internet. Gasoline rotary mower is equipped with a durable metal housing. The handle is well profiled, so that it is easy to work.

Mowing width is 46 cm, so it is suitable for larger lawns (recommended area up to 1000 m2). Gasoline mower is equipped with a 55 liter basket. It uses the MicroCut system, so the grass is cut several times with the top and bottom blade and the cutting element under the body.

Users agree that the Honda HRG 466 SKEP is a good gasoline mower that works efficiently. It has a large container, so you don’t have to interrupt work too often to empty it. Safety is ensured by the Blade-Brake lock that allows you to quickly stop the cutting blade.

Murray 46cm Briggs Stratton 450E EQ400 petrol mower

If you’re looking for a new mower and you’re wondering which BS gasoline lawn mower is right for you, and you’re tired of interfering with cables, consider buying the Murray EQ400 gasoline model from Briggs Stratton. It is equipped with a 2.3 litre internal combustion engine.с., so it is very efficient. No cable is an added advantage, making the model easy to operate.

The engine has exhaust gas aftertreatment built in. You can also adjust the desired cutting height at six different heights, from 28 to 92 millimetres. The working width of the mower is 46 cm, so you can mow a given lawn quickly and accurately.

This petrol lawnmower has a 60-litre capacity garbage can that enables long mowing terms without emptying the bin frequently. Good for small to medium-sized lawns. It also has an ergonomically formed handle with three levels of height adjustment. The mower can be folded to save space.

Stiga Combi 48 SQ ST 170 petrol mower

The Stiga Combi 48 SQ ST 170 petrol mower has a cutting width of 46 cm. It was equipped with a 166 cm3, 2.6 kW, 2900 rpm engine. It also has a 60-litre grass catcher box with filling indicator.

Stiga gasoline lawnmower with high revolutions is multifunctional, as it allows you to use 4 mowing functions. Mower with rear discharge, side discharge, collection and mulching function. Users especially praise the last function, because it allows you to shred the cuttings and scatter them on the surface of the lawn, and then acts as a natural fertilizer. Included mulching insert and side deflector.

The lawn can also be cut at one of 6 heights within the range of 22 to 80 mm. Comfort is not forgotten, the manufacturer has also equipped the mower with an ergonomic folding handle with soft grip material.

The following are petrol lawnmowers without a self-propelled machine. Despite the considerably lower price, the above models are characterized by high reliability, so they will serve you more than one season.

Husqvarna LC 140 9676367-01 gasoline mower

Relatively inexpensive mower for smaller private lawns. The machine is compact, easy to operate and efficient.

Technical features

  • Grass catcher box capacity is 50 liters.
  • Cutting height adjustable between 25 and 75 mm. To find the best position, there are 10 adjustment steps.
  • Mowing width. 40 cm.


  • Large-diameter rear wheels make it easy to cross difficult terrain.
  • Combination grass catcher box that combines durability and low weight.
  • Cutting deck of the steel, which prevents breakage by collision with solid obstacles.
  • Easy engine start.
  • BriggsStratton engine offers high power.
  • Low noise level.


  • Lack of hose connection.
  • The grass catcher box gets clogged in no time when mowing high vegetation.
  • Uncomfortable folding.

Makita PLM 4626N gasoline lawnmower

When you want a lawn mower that’s tough enough, easy to handle and inexpensive, we recommend Makita. Affordable price and no extra features. what more do you need for your summer cottage job?

Technical features

  • 7 levels of cutting height adjustment.
  • Combined grass catcher box holds up to 60 liters of debris.
  • Mowing width. 46 cm.
  • Adjustable cutting height between 25 75 mm.


  • Low noise.
  • Low weight.
  • Steel body for strength and durability.
  • Low harmful emissions.
  • Easy to get parts for repair.
  • Lots of Makita service centers.

Technical features

  • Mowing width of 46 cm.
  • The model is designed for a site up to 1100 m 2.
  • Grass container capacity. 65 liters.


  • There is a window on the grass catcher box so the operator can check the level.
  • Wheels on bearings increase maneuverability.
  • The main handle is folding, which positively affects the mobility of the mower.
  • Low price.