Which Gasoline To Pour Into Patriot Lawnmower

Instructions for replacing engine oil in an UAZ Patriot engine

Having first appeared at car dealerships in the fall of 2005, the domestic SUV became a deeply modernized version of its predecessor UAZ Simbir, produced since 1997.

Which Gasoline To Pour Into Patriot Lawnmower

Oil change at UAZ Patriot

Although the exterior of the car looks quite modern, this cannot be said about the rest. Nevertheless, many Russian motorists consider this not a disadvantage, but a completely obvious advantage. The fact is that the simplicity of the design of the car makes its repair quite affordable and at the cost, and if possible, to carry out the most complex operations on their own. This can not be said about foreign cars of the latest generation, and often their owners are forced to give their cars to a car service even in case of simple malfunctions.

We should not forget about the high availability of spare parts and consumables for Patriot, as well as the relative omnivorous nature of its engines in relation to refueling liquids. However, the question of which oil is better to be poured into the UAZ Patriot engine remains relevant for many. the range of lubricants on the domestic auto chemistry market is too large.

In this article we will consider all the nuances relating to both scheduled and unscheduled replacement of engine oil in all modifications of the UAZ Patriot.

Replacement Frequency

In the service book of a domestic SUV, it is indicated that the lubricant should be replaced in the power unit with a frequency of 10 thousand kilometers (for a new car, the first replacement of engine oil in the UAZ Patriot is carried out after break-in. after 2.5 thousand kilometers).

However, the data presented are averaged and are purely advisory in nature. In fact, the time interval between lubricant changes is influenced by many diverse factors: vehicle operating features, road conditions, driving style, climatic conditions in a particular area, etc. To determine if a replacement procedure is required, it is necessary to check every 2. 3 thousand kilometers level and quality of lubricant. If it is frankly bad, you should ignore the planned dates and replace the engine oil immediately, without waiting until the engine starts to get into trouble.

Check engine oil level and condition

The procedure for checking the oil level will not cause difficulties even for inexperienced users, but not everyone knows how to determine the quality of the lubricant.

The first factors to pay attention to are the smell and color of the liquid. We take out the dipstick and smell the oil. if there is a burning smell, this indicates a problem with lubrication. We check the color as follows: drip on a clean sheet of white paper a few drops of oil from the dipstick. After 3. 5 minutes, it should be absorbed, leaving a transparent stain on the paper. If it is light. everything is in order, if it is very dark, almost black. it means that the grease is already dirty enough. If there are spots on the paper, this means that there are dirt or metal chips in the lubricating fluid, indicating that the oil needs to be changed immediately, without waiting for the conditions for routine replacement.

If the signs indicating the need for an urgent replacement, you already know, you should familiarize yourself with the factors affecting how long it is possible to operate the oil in the UAZ Patriot without replacement. If these signs are true in relation to your car, you have an additional reason to think about carrying out this procedure:

  • increased fuel consumption;
  • loss of power, responsiveness of the power unit;
  • increased consumption of engine oil;
  • the appearance of unfamiliar noise, vibration of the machine.

Features of oil selection

Most of the Patriot cars that came off the assembly line of the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant are equipped with ZMZ-409 gasoline power units. The number of cars equipped with imported 2.2-liter turbodiesels is noticeably smaller. However, both types of motors need high-quality lubrication, which determines the duration of trouble-free operation of the engine.

Since the characteristics of UAZ Patriot power units are evolutionary in nature, the same can be said about lubricating fluids, the choice of which depends on the year of manufacture of the car. So the answer to the question of what oil to pour into the UAZ Patriot engine is not so obvious.

Patriot owners love to fill Motul oil

Consider the recommended tolerances and viscosity parameters for oils for Patriot ICEs issued since 2013 (restyled modifications):

The volume of oil in the engine UAZ Patriot

Owners of ordinary cars are used to the fact that the refueling volumes of the engine lubrication system rarely exceed 4.0. 4.5 liters. But since UAZ Patriot belongs to the class of SUVs, the amount of oil poured into its power unit is absolutely predictably more important. How much oil fits in the UAZ Patriot engine depends on the modification of the power unit: 7.0 liters for the ZMZ-409 gasoline engine and 6.5 liters for the 2.2-liter turbodiesel. This is almost twice as much, so to replace it you will need to purchase two instead of one 4-liter canister, but this is the fate of the vast majority of owners of off-road vehicles.

Here it is necessary to take into account a small nuance. If the composition of the recommended oil for engines of different years of production in accordance with the specifications and standards may vary, there is no difference with respect to the filling volume. Whether you are the owner of an SUV, released in 2005, or your car is only a few years old, the amount of oil in the engine will be the same. But after draining the oil, you will find that only 6.0. 6.5 liters of working out turned out to be in the tank. The rest of the oil “stuck” in the oil filter and engine lubrication system. This is absolutely normal, and if you want to completely get rid of these residues, you will need to rinse the power unit with a special fluid.

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It should also be remembered that after filling and warming up the engine, usually the oil level, determined by the dipstick, drops slightly, so it may be necessary to top up in the amount of 0.5. 1.0 liters.

Replacement algorithm

As already noted above, the refueling volumes for both types of engines installed on the UAZ Patriot require filling in about 6.5. 7 liters of liquid. Since canisters with a capacity of 1 or 4 liters are offered in retail, you will need to buy two 4-liter cans. You don’t have to worry that the remaining oil will disappear: with a high degree of probability with the next measurement of its level it turns out that it has become smaller, so until the next scheduled replacement you will add the entire remainder.

UAZ Patriot will need 6-7 liters of oil

So it is very important to buy engine oil from one manufacturer and with the same temperature-viscosity parameters and tolerance values ​​- otherwise, you will probably experience the need for expensive engine repairs after several thousand kilometers.

Actually, the replacement procedure is not so complicated that it could not be performed independently, as they say, in garage conditions, without visiting a service center.

Let’s consider the procedure for changing the oil in the UAZ Patriot engine with our own hands with maximum detail. this information is useful to those who perform the procedure for the first time or after a long break.

We list the consumables and tools that will be required during the replacement process:

  • 2 cans of high-quality oil, preferably from the manufacturers recommended in this material;
  • standard funnel;
  • new oil filter;
  • key 24 (socket or cap, preferably the first type and with a ratchet);
  • special wrench for oil filter;
  • capacity is enough to drain mining (8. 10-liter);
  • rags.

Since the oil is replaced when the lubricant is very dirty, the filter must be changed at the same time. if this is not done, the meaning of the replacement will simply be lost, since the old oil filter will not be able to perform its functions with sufficient efficiency, and fresh oil will become dirty after several thousand kilometers to indecent state.

If all the materials and tools are prepared, you can proceed to the procedure itself, pre-warming the engine for 10. 15 minutes. Hot grease becomes more fluid, which will simplify and speed up the process of draining the waste.

To change the oil, place the Patriot in a pit or overpass.

So, we list the procedure that describes how to replace the oil in the UAZ Patriot engine:

  1. We provide unhindered access to the underbody from the engine compartment (place the vehicle on a flyover or viewing hole).
  2. Clamp the parking brake lever.
  3. If there is crankcase protection, dismantle it.
  4. We set a pre-prepared container for working out opposite the drain hole.
  5. We proceed to unscrew the drain plug under the pipelines. Like many other modern cars, this arrangement can cause some inconvenience, but you can get the hang of it. In the end, you should unscrew the cork with care so as not to get burned or dirty.

Used oil must drain completely

  • We wait until the oil drains completely, during this time period, you can wipe the cork from dirt with a rag (you may need a metal brush).
  • We twist the drain plug to a regular place, making sure the integrity of the rubber gasket, replace it if necessary, twist the plug without undue enthusiasm so as not to damage the thread.
  • If the mining contains a lot of contaminants, including metal, or if you plan to change the type of oil (for example, switch to semi-synthetics for synthetics), you will need to flush the engine with a special cleaning fluid on the old filter.
  • We remove the used oil filter using a special key-puller.
  • We install a new filter, pre-lubricating the seat and pouring a certain amount of lubricant into the filter itself.
  • We start pouring fresh liquid by unscrewing the filler cap and using a convenient funnel.
  • Stop filling as soon as the level on the probe approaches the M mark
  • We twist the filler plug.
  • We start the engine, let it idle for about 5 minutes.
  • We check the oil level (usually it decreases, then you need to add the right amount).
  • We mount the motor crankcase protection on a regular place.
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    As you can see, the procedure is standard, and if you have already done it on another car, there should not be any difficulties. In a day or two (or after hitting about 100 km.), You should once again check the oil level and make sure that there are no leaks of lubricant.

    Instructions for replacing engine oil in an UAZ Patriot engine

    Oil change in the engine and oil filter in the UAZ Patriot

    Like any automotive internal combustion engine, the engine on an UAZ Patriot also needs an oil change. The main criteria for changing the oil are its color and performance. Usually at the end of the life of the oil, it becomes darker and more viscous. In some cases, a dark precipitate is present in the oil. The manifestation of such properties of the oil affects its lubricating properties, its fluidity, which is especially critical in winter.

    So, in this article we will talk about changing the oil in the UAZ Patriot engine

    Tools for changing the oil in an UAZ Patriot engine

    A set of tools for changing the oil in the engine is not so significant. This is a key to remove the oil filter, a funnel for filling oil, a key of 24 to unscrew the drain plug.

    The process of replacing oil in an UAZ Patriot engine

    Oil change must be done on a hot engine while the oil is heated and has a high fluidity. In this case, the used oil will merge from the engine as efficiently as possible. When filling the oil, use the one recommended by the manufacturer. In case of changing the type of oil, it will be necessary to flush the engine with flushing oil.

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    First of all, you need to unscrew the plug from the filler hole. There is a plug under the wires and tubes in the upper part of the engine, which does no honor to the manufacturer.

    Next, unscrew the drain plug. In some cases, before unscrewing the plug, it is necessary to remove the crankcase protection, since it does not always allow access to the drain hole.

    Please note that the drain plug except for the self-sealing thread is also additionally anointed with sealant from the factory, the threaded part. When reinstalling the plug, also apply sealant to its thread.

    We lower the oil from the engine into the tank. The oil may be hot, so be careful.

    Then we unscrew the oil filter with a key. Here, frankly, it is difficult to crawl with a specialized key, so a screwdriver or a long rod can help you. This is especially true for cars with air conditioning, where the engine compartment has an even greater density of parts installed in it. We pierce the filter housing and unscrew it.

    We wait until finally everything drains a little from the engine. We replace the drain plug and screw in the oil filter. (production of Livny city 406.1012005-11)

    If we fill in the flushing, then after 5-7 minutes of operation, we again unscrew the drain plug and lower it from the engine. After flushing oil or if it has not been used, pour engine oil.

    . to the “P” mark on the probe. We twist the filler plug and start the engine. After 5 minutes, we check the oil level in the UAZ Patriot engine after replacement and add if necessary. If the protection was removed, then put it in its place.

    The procedure for changing the oil in the UAZ Patriot engine is over.

    Oil change on the UAZ Patriot SUV

    Each car needs a periodic oil change, in fact, in the same way as the UAZ Patriot. The criteria that indicate that the time has come to replace this material are as follows:

    • continuous operation of the motor, amounting to more than 10 thousand kilometers;
    • color change of the material;
    • loss of performance.

    It is important to ensure that the oil in the system is always fresh and free from dark sediment.

    How it is necessary to replace the engine oil in the engine of an UAZ Patriot car, as well as what tools and materials are needed for this, we will consider in this article. Read more about choosing engine oil for an UAZ Patriot SUV in the article on choosing oil.

    Replacement Features

    In replacing the engine oil in the engine on an UAZ Patriot SUV, it is important not only to observe the periodicity, but also to choose the material to be poured. An SUV requires 7 liters of engine oil in order to update it. Standard oil is sold in cans of 1 and 4 liters. Thus, to replace it, you will need to purchase 2 canisters of 4 liters. So, it is very important that these two canisters were of the same manufacturer and in no way heterogeneous (that is, you cannot mix two types of lubricant in the engine: synthetic and semi-synthetic). This phenomenon will negatively affect the operation of the engine and in the near future will disable it.

    We merge mining into a container

    Important! Always purchase motor lubricant for your car from only one manufacturer, so as not to be overpaid by overhauling the motor.

    Replacement is carried out at home and does not require a visit to the service station. After replacement, check the level of material in the system and top up if necessary when necessary.

    You can reduce the consumption of your Patriot! To do this, read.

    So, what is an oil change on an UAZ Patriot SUV, we will consider further.

    Replacement process

    Before the replacement process, make sure you have the right tool. To do this, you need the following material:

    • 2 cans of engine oil;
    • Funnel for pouring;
    • Wrench on “24”, with which the drain plug is unscrewed.
    • Oil filter.
    • Oil filter wrench.
    • Basin for draining mining (at least 7 liters).

    Changing the engine oil in the engine is carried out together with the filter, otherwise this process will be simply useless.

    When all the necessary material is available, the material is replaced directly. To begin with, before starting the process itself, you should warm up the engine for fifteen minutes. This is to make the oil more fluid.

    The car is installed on the inspection hole or overpass, the handbrake is squeezed out, and proceed to the dirty work:

      First, the filler plug is unscrewed, which is located under the pipelines in the upper part of the motor. This arrangement of the cork is rather inconvenient, but nothing can be done about it. Now the drain plug is unscrewed and a container for draining the drain is substituted. After mining will drain, you can take a break. If you cannot find or get to the cork, you must remove the crankcase protection.

    Sludge in development

  • Next, remove the oil filter. For more information on how to do this and what options for its extraction are available, see the article on replacing the filter.
  • After mining completely drains into the tank, you can proceed to the next step. installing the filter and screwing the plug.
  • Engine cleaning is recommended in exceptional cases, when mining contains many small particles, or the type of material is changed (for example, synthetic to semi-synthetic).

  • Before tightening the plug, make sure there is a sealing gum on it. Otherwise, it is recommended to replace the plug and lubricate the threaded connection with sealant before installation.
  • By installing the plug and filter, you can begin to fill in new material. For this, a special funnel is used for the convenience of performing actions.
  • The lubricant must be poured into the engine of the SUV until the level on the dipstick reaches the maximum mark.
  • Now you should screw in the filler plug and start the car for several minutes to drive the material through the system.
  • After this, you should check the level, which will necessarily decrease and add to the mark.
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    The filler plug is screwed again and the crankcase protection is installed in its place (if it was removed).

    Location of the dipstick for checking the level in the engine

    On this replacement in the engine on an SUV is considered complete. Now you should periodically monitor the oil level in the system and add when it is reduced.

    If the level of material in the system drops too quickly, then most likely the cause of the oil leak lies in the failure of the seals and seals.

    At this stage, the replacement process is considered complete, but do not forget to carry out such activities every 10 thousand kilometers.

    Do you still think that diagnosing a car is difficult?

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    How often does your Patriot break?

    Sometimes something breaks down, over the little things 54%, 5272 votes

    5272 votes. 54% of all votes

    Everything is fine, only TO 18%, 1766 votes

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    1766 votes. 18% of all votes

    Every weekend I spend in the service 14%, 1413 votes

    1413 votes 14%

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    The car lives in the garage 14%, 1396 votes

    1396 votes 14%

    1396 votes. 14% of all votes

    UAZ 3151 | Changing engine oil and oil filter

    According to the manufacturer’s recommendation, the engine oil and oil filter should be replaced after 15 thousand kilometers or 1 year of operation (whichever comes first). The volume of oil poured into the engine is 3.5 liters.

    In severe operating conditions in a large city or in a dusty area, change the oil and filter every 10 thousand km.

    You will need: engine oil, an oil filter, a clean rag, a container for drained oil with a capacity of about 5 l, a “17” key, a special key for unscrewing the oil filter.

    Drain the oil after driving until the engine has cooled. If the engine is cold, run and warm it to operating temperature.

    Fill with oil of the same grade as the oil that was in the engine. If you nevertheless decide to change the brand of oil, flush the lubrication system with flushing oil or oil of the brand that will be used. To do this, after draining the old oil, fill in the new oil to the bottom mark on the oil level indicator (dipstick). Start the engine and let it idle for 10 minutes. Drain the oil and only then change the oil filter. Now you can add new oil to the required level (top mark on the dipstick).

    Do not drain used oil to the ground.

    1. Position the vehicle on the inspection ditch or lift.

    2. Open the hood and screw out the oil filler cap. Remove the engine mudguard (see "Removing and installing the engine mudguard").

    3. Clean the oil drain plug on the engine oil sump with a metal brush and then with a rag. Loosen the oil drain plug.

    4. Unscrew the oil drain plug completely, having previously substituted the container for the drained oil, and drain the oil. For convenience, you can use a funnel or neck cut off from a plastic bottle.

    Be careful: drained engine oil is hot.

    5. Wrap the plug.

    6. Use a special key to remove the oil filter and remove it.

    Use a special key to unscrew the oil filter. If there is no such key or similar puller, break through the filter housing with a screwdriver and, using it as a lever, unscrew the filter. Punch the filter as close to the bottom as possible so as not to damage the fitting. You can also use a doubled strip of coarse sandpaper, wrapping it in a filter and dropping it with your hands.

    7. Fill the new filter with clean engine oil for approximately 2/3 of the volume.

    It is required to fill the oil with the filter so that when the engine is first started after changing the oil, the oil channels are filled faster and the valve drive parts work as soon as possible under conditions of oil starvation.

    8. and lubricate the O-ring with clean engine oil if it has not been treated with grease or talcum powder.

    9. Screw the filter into place by hand 3/4 of a turn from the moment of contact of the ring and the flange of the cylinder block.

    10. Unscrew the screw plug of the oil filler neck and fill with clean oil (see “Checking the level and adding oil to the engine lubrication system”). Replace the oil filler cap.

    11. Start the engine and let it idle for several minutes (the warning lamp for the emergency drop in oil pressure should go out after 2-3 seconds after starting the engine).

    12. While the engine is running, check for oil leaking from the drain plug.

    13. and the oil filter. Stop the engine, check the oil level, if necessary, bring it to normal (see “Checking the level and adding oil to the engine lubrication system”), tighten the drain plug and filter.