which grass trimmer is better collapsible or not. What is worthy of them?

Straight or curved grass trimmer shaft

What to choose, straight or curved shaft trimmer for grass? What is a grass trimmer shaft? When shopping for a grass trimmer, you probably consider many different factors:

But have you ever asked yourself: Why do some tools have a straight shaft and others have a curved one?? Should I choose straight or curved grass trimmer shaft? And, what is a grass trimmer shaft? Let’s get this straight.

It’s not just about aesthetics. It’s not even about comfort, although this is an important factor. Whether the shaft is straight or curved affects the use and performance of the grass trimmer, right down to how heavy it will be.

Type of shaft Straight shaft Curved shaft
Drive mechanism: Plastic cableMetal cableMetal shaft Plastic rope Metal rope
Use with a metal trimmer Yes No
Best areas to trim: Open Space Overgrown Space Under trees Between beds and flowerbeds
Professional use? Yes No

A grass trimmer shaft isn’t just a place where the handle attaches. Not only allows you to cut grass in hard-to-reach places. It also serves an incredibly important role: the shaft connects the power source at the top of the grass trimmer (the engine of an electric or gasoline tool) to the grass trimmer head below.

Inside the shaft is the drive mechanism. The drive receives power from the motor and uses it to rotate the head during operation. Imagine a grass trimmer with a head that can’t rotate, and you’ll see why the shaft and the drive mechanism inside it are so important!

As mentioned earlier, the stem of a grass trimmer with a straight shaft runs in a straight line from the power source to the head. The straight shaft is often longer than on a curved trimmer. This design gives you more options when it comes to the type of drive mechanism inside the shaft.

The drive inside a straight shaft can be a cable made of plastic or steel. Because it doesn’t have to bend to accommodate a curved design, it can also be all-steel driven. a typical option for professional-grade trimmers.

straight-shaft grass trimmers have gearboxes that transmit the motor’s torque force to the head.

Engineers don’t add design features to a tool unless they have some advantage. Each of the elements mentioned above gives users the following benefits:-Better reach;- torque;-Less wear and tear;

Logically, a longer boom will make it easier to mow areas that would otherwise be difficult to reach, such as the space under an elevated patio. Not only that, they’re usually more comfortable for taller people to hold.

But, as we said at the beginning of this article, it’s not just about comfort. a grass trimmer with a straight and sturdy steel drive shaft has a stronger design than any grass trimmer with a plastic drive cable. It can use a larger diameter trimmer line, as well as additional cutter attachments to replace the head.

Finally, the power. Straight design helps create more torque, which gives you the ability to work with less vibration. Although straight-shaft grass trimmers are usually heavier and the longer shape can make them feel unbalanced, their ability to provide more power with less vibration ultimately makes them more comfortable.

Man holding replacement part of grass trimmer in his hand

Yes. In fact, metal cutters are designed to work with a straight shaft. Because the gearbox is inside the grass trimmer, the shaft and head of the grass trimmer always rotate counterclockwise. You might not realize it by looking at them, but the cutter is designed to rotate exactly counterclockwise.

Curved shaft grass trimmers are attractive because of their ergonomics. On most curved trimmers, the curve is a hook-shaped bend in the shaft just above the power head. A curved shaft is usually shorter than a straight one.

Inside the shaft is a drive rope that provides a power source connection to the grass trimmer head without a gearbox. This drive rope is made of flexible plastic (less often metal). Some drive ropes may be braided to make them more durable.

The curved shaft has the following benefits:-Better control;-Easy to carry;-Less expensive;Because the head on the grass trimmer with the curved shaft points downward, even when the user holds the grass trimmer straight ahead, it is easier to see and maneuver around objects in the yard, such as trees and flowerbeds. The grass trimmer head can be brought closer to ground level, and the bend gives the user more leverage and a better sense of balance.

Improved control is also achieved by the weight of the grass trimmer. A shorter rod is a lighter rod. The downside of the lightweight design is the limited diameter of the line, but for most gardeners this is not critical.

Another potential disadvantage of curved shaft trimmers has to do with the drive cable. The drive cable must be flexible to fit the bend of the shaft. As a result, grass trimmers with a curved shaft are less durable and less suitable for long-term use. In addition, all cable drives on them rotate clockwise. Because metal cutters are designed to rotate counterclockwise, they cannot be used with curved shaft trimmers.

Curved-shaft grass trimmers are easy to use in tight spaces. Their light weight not only makes them more convenient to carry, but also lowers their price. For many, a grass trimmer with a curved shaft may be the logical choice

The shape of a grass trimmer’s shaft changes more than just how it looks. This also affects durability, power, and even price.However, with an idea of how often you plan to use your grass trimmer and what kind of work you want to do, choosing your ideal grass trimmer can be as straight as the shaft of a grass trimmer with a straight shaft. )))How to choose a grass trimmer: a simple guideFrequently asked questions about trimmers

Choosing a cordless trimmer for grass

Well, first of all, this type of trimmers excludes the main disadvantages of electric lawn trimmers. electrical dependence and the need to use extension cords.

Buying this type of grass trimmer, you will be able to mow not too dense grass thickets, even in the absence of electricity.

It is noteworthy that such grass trimmers have the lowest vibration and noise level of all types.

Among the disadvantages of such a tool, many owners allocate low-power, a short period of use on a single charge and a long time to recharge the batteries.

All models of battery-powered scythes have a bottom-mounted motor and, in the vast majority of cases, use only a trimmer line as the cutting element. The small power of the motor allows them to treat only small areas of thin-stemmed vegetation.

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Grass trimmer working time on one battery is about 20-40 minutes, depending on intensity of use, and its recharging period can reach a day or more. Therefore, such models are suitable if the amount of work on your site is small and the frequency of grass trimmer use does not exceed one time in two or three days.

The choice of this type is justified if you plan to mow the grass not often and in minimal quantities.

lawnmowers. Choice in favor of power

Mowers are a large group of trimmers, characterized by the highest power, high performance, mobility and versatility.

According to the type of the main working unit. internal combustion engine can be distinguished:

  • two-stroke. requires the use of a special petrol-oil fuel mixture, have a high noise level, the exhaust gases contain a large amount of harmful substances;
  • four-stroke. gasoline and oil are filled separately, there is no need to prepare the mixture, less wear and tear of internal units, less noise, more economical in fuel consumption.

As a rule, the motor is located in the upper part of the tool.

But some manufacturers offer models with separate engine, located in a special bag behind the mowing crew’s back.

You can buy both straight and curved models. As we mentioned earlier, a straight shaft with a gearbox is more reliable and preferable when picking up. Usually models with such a bar are used for processing complex terrain, cutting dense thickets of thick-stemmed vegetation and even small bushes. Machines with a curved shaft are designed to work on flat landscapes.

Significant advantages

High engine power makes these grass mowers worth buying if you need to do a lot of work, such as haymaking. Also, gasoline trimmer is convenient in the provision of professional services for the care of lawns and homestead plots.

Working time with such a tool will be limited only by the volume of its fuel tank.

But experts recommend alternating continuous periods of operation with breaks to allow the engine to cool down a bit. This considerably extends the wear life of the brushcutter.

On petrol mowers, as well as on electric ones, you can find several types of handles attached to the bar. For heavier petrol models it is better to choose T-shaped ones. They mostly help to imitate the motion of a usual mower and allow to control the tool with both hands. D- and J-shaped handles are also commonly used.

Gasoline grass trimmers all-weather. You can use it on cloudy days with high humidity and fog, for cutting wet grass after rain or in the dew.

The versatility of this tool is the ability to attach different attachments to many models. Such manipulation, subject to the purchase of additional equipment, will allow you to get at your disposal not only a trimmer for the grass, but also a cultivator, and a snowplow, and a shrub cutter and much more.

Minor disadvantages

There are only a few disadvantages.

Gasoline models have more weight than electric or battery models. Therefore, it is worth taking care that the one you buy has a comfortable shoulder strap for hanging and fixing the mower at the desired level.

As already mentioned, the volume of the tank affects the time of continuous operation, but at the same time, increasing its size, lead to an increase in the total weight of the model. The presence of exhaust from the combustion of fuel makes them more harmful to the environment than electric and battery-powered counterparts, but global manufacturers are constantly working to incorporate new systems into their models to reduce this negative impact.

Gasoline trimmer for grass. most often the destiny of professionals. Haymaking, private lawn care, shrubbery and flowerbeds shaping, clearing areas of grass “dead wood”, work in public parks and gardens, and much more.

STEP Choose by engine power, design, configuration

On what engine capacity trimmer for grass depends on its power characteristics. The more powerful the tool, the easier and faster it copes with rough vegetation. A variety of cutting accessories is available for high-power trimmers. This greatly increases the functionality of the tool. So when choosing this characteristic is crucial.

It is worth considering that the price of more productive equipment is always higher. When choosing, you need to weigh your needs against the amount of budget you will need to buy a mechanized grasshopper.

Let’s classify the engines into 3 groups according to their power characteristics.


For multi-purpose and semi-professional models

For professional tools, for working on large areas

Type of outboard belt

Even if the work front is not too big, working with trimmers, especially gasoline-powered, the operator experiences a sensitive physical load. Arms, shoulders, spine, and the whole body get tired from the weight of the tool, the need to control the position of the cutting surface to get a neat lawn. In areas with difficult terrain and where there are various objects, mowing grass is more difficult.

To facilitate the work of the mower, reduce the load, prevent quick fatigue, grass trimmers are equipped with suspension straps. If the weight of the tool is more than 8 kg a hanging belt is a must. The simplest belt does not distribute the load evenly on the two shoulders, so it is not always comfortable. When buying a professional trimmer for the grass, it is better to buy it with an “off-loading” kit. backpack strap.

The grass trimmer can come with one of 3 types of suspension straps:

  • Single: the most simple and inexpensive, worn on one shoulder, can ease the work of the mower, but is not designed to support a heavy tool, not adapted for intensive work for a long time.
  • Double: worn on both shoulders, compensates the load by evenly distributing it, not bad when using powerful equipment.
  • Sack with belt: even more advanced. The whole harness is very gentle on the mower, distributes the load evenly over the whole body, reduces strain on the back and vibration is not transferred to the hand.к. It is absorbed through the presence of soft elements.

Boom: straight or curved?

grass trimmers are equipped with a curved or straight boom. The first has no shaft as such, instead of a metal cable that connects the motor to the gearbox. These models are usually equipped with low-power motor, so their efficiency is not high, and therefore the potential is lower. Example of a Makita UR 3501 curved-boom grass trimmer

There is an opinion that the tool with a curved boom is more maneuverable, which is important, for example, when mowing grass near beds, between seedbeds, when working in uneven territory. But on the other side of the scale. less power, and less reliability of a flexible cord, compared to a rigid shaft.

Grass trimmers with a straight shaft are more reliable because the rigid shaft is stronger and more stable than the cable. With such a tool, you can not only mow delicate grass, using the trimmer head. By installing a steel cutting disc on the rod (not relevant for all models), the tool is used to remove dead wood, weeds with coarse stems, woody growth, to prune shrubs. The practical straight-boom grass trimmer is suitable for a wide range of applications.

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Curved and straight boom. First. is more convenient, the second one. more reliable

Bar: Collapsible or not?

The power grasshopper can be fitted with one of the two types of spray booms:

Models with a solid (one-piece) shaft are acknowledged to be the most practical. Robust shaft without additional connection nodes provides the ability to complete the grass trimmer with a high-power motor, install a steel blade to remove large weeds and perform other heavy-duty work.

The folding boom is easier to store and transport. Handle in folded condition takes up less room. However, the split shaft is not able to provide the same reliability as a solid shaft due to the design features. The boom connector is a weak point, as with any other tool.

The grass trimmer with a telescopic shaft provides conditions for adjusting the tool to the operator’s height, which is convenient if it is used by people of different builds. Telescopic handle is equipped, mainly, electric models, and their choice is quite limited.

Choice of cutting tool (line for trimmer or blade?)

A typical grass trimmer set includes a standard cutting head with a cutting line (cord). The higher the power of the tool, the more diverse the attachments that can be installed on it. The nozzles differ from each other not only by size, but also by material.

In the table data on available headset depending on engine power of grass trimmer is given.


Cord up to 2.4 mm, 2-blade and 3-blade blades

Steel blade, metallized line for trimmer up to 3-4 mm, saw blades, cultivator attachments, etc.д. (for some models)

STEP Examples of choosing the right grass trimmer for your area, type of work, etc.д.

Requirements: You already have a wheeled mower that mows the majority of the lawn. However, regular ground care around numerous flowerbeds, fruit-bearing bushes, between flowerbeds, along fences, etc., is also required.д. These “delicate” jobs are performed regularly, and more often by a woman, which also imposes its own requirements.

The solution: An electric weed trimmer with a motor up to 800 W or a cordless weed trimmer are well suited for the above-mentioned conditions. Perhaps the most convenient would be a grass trimmer with a bottom-mounted motor or, in the case of the top-mounted one, with a convenient curved boom.

Such a tool is usually not at all heavy, and a normal single belt will suffice.

What to buy in addition to the trimmer: safety goggles or face shield, rubber-coated extension cord with copper cords (for plug-in models)

Conditions: A rough patch of about 8 acres. The soil has not been levelled and ploughed, the terrain is complex, the presence of large boulders, pits is possible. The owner does not visit often, the place is neglected, there are a lot of woody growth, dead wood and weeds with coarse stems. We need to tidy up the area and keep it in relative order, but not too regularly.

Solution: Uneven terrain with holes and boulders that preclude the use of a wheeled lawnmower. We have to trim all 8 acres with a trimmer. The most powerful (from 1400W) electric models can cope with rough weeds and overgrowth, but the area is large enough and to work with an extension cord will be problematic, and in rainy weather (we come irregularly) is even dangerous.

So, for example B you would need a gasoline grass trimmer with an engine up to 1 m.5 л.с. or even higher. It makes sense to buy a tool with a 4-stroke engine, t.The work front is large enough and the workload is heavy (but if the budget is limited, you can opt for the 2-stroke model as well). Such a model will demonstrate high performance with economical fuel consumption. In addition, you do not need to pre-mix fuel components to fill the tank of a 4-stroke engine.

To tackle a heavily overgrown terrain, you’ll need a steel blade in addition to a fishing line. Grass trimmer with split boom is not suitable for heavy use. The shaft of the tool will experience intensive loads, so do not take risks, because the boom parting place can cause a breakdown of the shaft.

For heavy equipment, you need a harness designed like a backpack. Such a device will help distribute the load and reduce the transmission of vibration from the running engine.

To hold a grass trimmer comfortably in your hands, choose a model with a U-shaped handle. With its nimble grip when removing weeds with thick stems and the ability to make sweeping movements to cover more ground, it’s quicker and easier to do the job.

What to buy in addition to the trimmer: goggles or mask, motor oil, a canister for gasoline

Type of trimmer for grass. Pick 1 of 3

After deciding on the class, decide what kind of tool you need. Each of them has its own disadvantages and advantages. There are three varieties of scythes:

Electric grass trimmer has an affordable price and eliminates the need to take care of periodic refueling of the unit. There is no need to prepare gasoline and oil mixture, the electric model is lighter than the gasoline model. But, for the most part, it is inferior to the gasoline type in terms of power. Its field of activity is limited by the length of the electric cord and it depends on the availability of electricity.

This disadvantage is removed in cordless models. They are mobile and self-contained, there is no need for electrical cords or power supplies, but there is always the need to periodically recharge the batteries. In addition, these machines have the lowest power compared to electric and gasoline counterparts.

Gasoline grass trimmers are usually the most powerful, do not depend on external power sources, and allow you to work in all weather conditions. But they are heavy, require frequent maintenance and periodic refueling, and are more expensive.

Which type of grass trimmer you choose will depend entirely on the task at hand. For example, for edging and periodic lawn mowing in front of the house it is not reasonable to purchase a powerful gasoline unit, but it will be the best option for making hay, cleaning out overgrown vegetation of suburban areas or mowing lawns in public parks and squares.

All attention to features

The next important step in choosing the right machine is to analyze the technical parameters of the models presented for purchase.

It’s as simple as that. First of all, assess the general characteristics inherent in any type of trimmer:

The power will directly depend on the ability to perform a certain amount of work with the desired load with this machine.

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Weight affects the ease of use of the tool and the duration of nonstop work by it without a break for the operator.

Estimating the mowing width will give you an idea of the model’s output, its ability to mow large areas.

The accessibility of the cutting attachments lets you know what kind of vegetation you can mow: thin-stemmed grass, hard dead wood, thick undergrowth, small brush, or something else.

The type of handle gives an idea of the ability to perform certain types of vegetation treatment.

For example, bicycle T-handles, as a rule, are installed on powerful instances of trimmers used for mowing large amounts of grass (haymaking) in vast territories, when no special accuracy of vegetation treatment is required. The same is true for a J-handle.

And, for example, D- or O-shaped handles are convenient for less powerful models used for the decorative care of lawns and flowerbeds. They allow you to perform precise and even edging or spot-cutting of shoots.

Next, it is necessary to get acquainted with the specific parameters peculiar to a certain type of trimmers. When selecting a battery brushcutter for example, make a comparison of the cell characteristics: battery type (Li-lon, NiCd or NiMh), voltage and charging time. This is important to know because this will determine how long you can work continuously with the machine and the length of time you have to take to recharge the batteries.

When buying a gasoline trimmer for grass, pay attention to the engine stroke and the capacity of its gas tank. Each of the motor types has its own advantages and disadvantages, which should also be taken into account when choosing one or another model. And the fuel tank capacity gives you an idea of how long you can work from one fill-up to the next.

Husqvarna 128R

Lightweight Swedish-made trimmer for grass, perfect for small landowners. With 800 watts of power and weighing just 5 kg, it lets you operate it efficiently even for women and seniors. Features modest fuel consumption and decent RPM (up to 8000). The engine is a two-stroke and the cutting system is based on a trimmer line and knife, which increases efficiency.

Powerful enough for mowing lawns, grassy growth and small shrubs. Working width of grass trimmer is 45 cm. For comfortable operation, the adjustable handle and long handle allow you to keep the cutting part parallel to the ground. Quick start is possible because of the fuel-splitting pump.


Universal gasoline grass trimmer for dacha. Equipped with straight bar and two-handled handle for easy mowing. Handles are rubber coated for a secure grip: no need to worry about the grass trimmer slipping out of your hands. Easy to operate, thanks to built-in controls in the handle. Height adjustment is possible with a screw.

Lawn mower very good for lawn mowing and trimming. And in combination with the appropriate cutting tool, it is also effective for mowing fallen grass, reeds and nettles. Reliable, comes complete with cutting line and metal blade. The two-stroke engine is practical and easy to operate. The tank holds 0.33 liters of fuel mixture. 750 Watts power is enough for home use. Relatively light weight of 5.1 kg.

Main features

Quality gasoline grass trimmer with a good basic set: the set includes a line for the trimmer to cut the grass and a knife to remove more “serious” growth from the site.

The machine is equipped with a powerful motor power of 730 watts, which makes it easy to remove unwanted weeds and weeds on the site. In this device, the fuel tank is made transparent. so it is easier to keep track of how much gasoline is left, so there will be no surprises associated with the fact that the fuel suddenly runs out and cannot complete the work started.

the grass trimmer has a comfortable shoulder strap, which will additionally reduce the load on the back and arms, although this particular device itself does not weigh much. only 4.5 kg. In addition, the device is equipped with a special system to reduce vibration, so not only a strong man, but also a woman can handle it.

Main features

This machine belongs to the semi-professional devices: it is powerful (1.9 hp), equipped with a reverse start system that does not cause kickback. As a tool in Echo SRM-350ES it is used a line for grass trimmer or a knife, which is convenient for clearing an area from high and dense grass: weeds, dead wood, weeds.

Grass trimmer is economical: with the volume of gas tank 0.84 liters, you can work continuously for several hours.

The unit is quite heavy at 6.7 kg, but it comes with a three-point harness, which will make operation easier by distributing the load and reducing its load on the lumbar and shoulder area.

Echo SRM-350ES is quite maneuverable, so it will be easy to work with him on sites that do not have a flat surface. This is a good device that will be a reliable assistant in the country side.


Another gasoline model in our rating. This is a powerful grass trimmer that can handle any thickness of grass. Recommended for use especially in remote areas, where no electricity is available and long mowing is required. This model is not tied to the mains and does not require charging the battery, making it easy to work. It will be best to additionally buy headphones when working with this trimmer, since it is quite noisy. It is large, so it is not convenient to transport and it is not suitable for seniors or people who can not carry heavy things long enough.


Convenient electric trimmer for the grass, which can cope even with old grass. It is lightweight, so it is quite convenient to mow grass in hard-to-reach places. The main disadvantage of this model is its short handle, which can make it uncomfortable for tall people.


The lightest grass trimmer in this ranking from Huter weighing only 2.6 kg. GET-600 helps you quickly clean up even large areas without effort. With a small motor power, the number of blade rotations reaches 11000 per minute and the cutting width is 32 mm. The height of the device is adjustable, the handle is D-shaped.


This model combines affordability and efficiency. Motor power is 1000 watts, the location of the top. The peculiarity of this model is the Trimmer Plus system, which provides the ability to install attachments. The construction consists of a bent rod and a D-shaped handle, and the weight of the device is 5 kg.