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How to choose a good gasoline trimmer for grass


What power to choose? The power of a gasoline trimmer for grass is considered in the same units as in cars. in horsepower (l.With.). The greatest value is 4.7 liters.With such motorcycles are designed for professional use. They easily work for a long time and easily cope with any types of grass, can even cut small branches and shrubs.

If the device is planned to be used rarely and for simple work, for example, haircuts of grass on flower beds, then an expensive powerful trimmer for grass is not needed. It is enough to purchase a model with a capacity of up to 1 liter.With. In case of larger work, such as mowing herbs in a personal plot, it is worth using a medium.power motorcycle engine of 1.2. 2 liters.With.


Which bar to choose? The rod of a trimmer for grass is part of the design that connects the engine block with the cutting element. Inside the bar is a shaft or a cable that transfers the rotation of the engine to the cutter. The rod can be made of collapsible, which allows you to conveniently store and transport a trimmer for grass. Also rods are straight and curved.

Straight rods are characteristic of professional trimmers. A durable shaft is more reliable and durable than a cable, with its help you can transmit more power, which allows you to easily cut small branches and shrubs. It’s good if the shaft shaft is forged.

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Curved rods are considered more ergonomic. Their shape provides a greater maneuverability of a trimmer for grass and allows you to process inaccessible, complex areas. It is more convenient to keep such a braid, and less effort is spent on it with its help.

We previously already considered:


The handle is designed to direct the movement of the trimmer for the grass. The convenience of work depends on its shape and material. If the device is distinguished by good ergonomics, then the person will be less tired, distracted, and the quality of the lawn haircut will increase.

Several types of handles specialized for different activities can be distinguished. So it is more convenient to process high shrubs using D or P-shaped handle. U or T-shaped handle looks like the steering wheel of a bicycle, it needs to be kept with two hands. It increases the maneuverability of the device and simplifies work with heavy, overall models. J-shaped hilt allows you to control the trimmer as an ordinary oblique.

It is also good if the trimmer has an anti.vibration system of pens.


The lawn mower can be equipped with the following types of cutting tools:

With the help of a metal disk, a trimmer for grass easily brings not only thick stems of the thistle bushes and other overgrown weeds, but is able to cut small branches of trees. Knives mow any kind of grass on lawns where there are no stones. The fishing line for the trimmer, on the contrary, is convenient to use in uneven rocky areas. Its cutting properties depend on the profile and thickness. The best qualities show cords with a star or square profile. The round shape is suitable for lawn grass. The thickness varies from 1.5 to 3 mm, the thickest fishing line for a trimmer copes well with shrubs and small branches.


Two.stroke and four.stroke engines are installed in motorcycles. Two.strokes are simple in operation and unpretentious, however, they need to use a special fuel mixture. Before each refueling, you will have to clearly measure the proportions of gasoline and special oil and mix them thoroughly. Such a composition cannot be stored for a long time, fuel should always be fresh. Other significant shortcomings are loud noise and a large number of exhaust gases.

The alternative is four.stroke engines. They differ in reliability, relatively low fuel consumption, do not require the preparation of the fuel mixture manually, they are less noisy. Their disadvantages include high cost and more complex maintenance.

In fact, here T, you will not have to choose like almost all household and semi.professional trimmers for grass with a two.stroke engine.

The rating includes the following trusted manufacturers: Husqvarna, Stihl (Stihl), Echo (ECKO), Makita, Champion (Champion) and Patriot (Patriot).

  • Husqvarna. a Swedish manufacturer that makes professional and household garden equipment. The company’s products are characterized by a low exhaust level and a special simple launch system Smart Start.
  • Swedes are powerful competition for the German brand STIHL (Stihl). The equipment of the company is of high quality and high performance. Products are focused on professional application. Another German manufacturer. Gardena (Gardena), manufactures household class products. Particular attention paying special attention to operation. From Germany and Sturm (Sturm), which produces reliable, durable, unpretentious to maintain high.quality motorcycles.
  • The comfortable and effective technique of the Japanese company ECHO (ECO) is characterized by a whole set of interesting design solutions that make the company’s products one of the leaders among benzos. Comparable to them in quality AL-KO product. Wide setting opportunities allow you to adjust the trimmer for grass for the individual characteristics of each person.
  • Like Hitachi. So Makita represent professional motorcycles that can work for a long time at large loads. The technique is characterized by low noise and high performance.
  • EFCO from Italy produces several models of powerful trimmers using modern technologies, which allows them to compete equal with any eminent brand.
  • American companies Patriot (Patriot) and Champion (Champion) specialize in the release of professional garden equipment. Patriot grass trimmers are well equipped, while they differ in affordable price. Champion lawn mowers have high performance and, due to an ergonomic structure, are convenient to operate.

Criterias of choice

When using a gasoline trimmer, one of the key roles is played by a device and technical equipment. You certainly need to take into account the ergonomic component, since not all tools are convenient to hold in your hands for a long time. When choosing the best trimmer for grass specifically for a specific user, it is worth better to understand the technical characteristics.

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ICE power

The engine power indicates the effectiveness of a gasoline trimmer for grass. Power decides with what grass the tool will cope with, how reliable it is with prolonged continuous work, what cutting elements will suit it. Powerful devices are characteristic of a large mass, so it will be difficult to use beginners.

Type of ICE

Engines can be two.stroke and four.stroke.

Two.stroke engine

Such engines are used in household and semi.professional devices, as well as in some professional models. It is easier for such engines to find the necessary parts, for this reason the cost of maintenance will be less. For two.stroke engines, the fuel mixture should first be harvested. To do this, use gasoline and oil.

Four.stroke engine

Such engines are used in good professional models. Motors produce less toxic exhausts, noise and vibration. They are reliable in difficult tasks, do not need to mix fuel. Due to the high quality, four.stroke engines are economical in the consumption of gasoline.

Recommended mowing area or continuous operation time

The time of continuous operation depends mainly on the fuel tank and the consumption of the fuel mixture. The larger the fuel tank and less fuel consumption, the more long the continuous operation of the tool.

The presence of an engine brake

Most of the benzotrimers with a capacity of more than 600 W are equipped with an engine brake. He is able to stop the motor automatically when hitting a solid obstacle to the cutting element. Tools with a slight power of such a function are not supplied.

Trimmer weight for grass

Light models are optimal for domestic use. Heavy trimmers for grass are powerful and reliable and for this reason are in demand among professionals.

Speasing width

The width of the mowing is depending on the size of the cutting element. This value indicates the effectiveness of grass processing in large territories. The greater the value for the mowing area, the more wide the territory can be processed. And vice versa. low meaning is suitable for working in hard.to.do places.

Noise level

Noise from work is a weak side of benzotrimers, especially in comparison with electrical and battery types. The more powerful the motor, the greater the noise level will be from it.

Type of bar

Red.shaped rod in trimmer. It connects the motor and cutting element. There is a shaft inside the bar. It is two types: straight and flexible. The shaft shape affects the type of bar. It is straight or curved, collapsible or non.vegetable.


This type of rod is good because it allows you to transport the tool easily. The ability to disassemble a trimmer for grass for 2 parts will bring convenience during transportation.

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It is worth giving preference in favor of a non.vegetable bar because such models are more reliable and less break. It is not so convenient to transport them, but you need to repair less often. Less details mean the possibility of damage.


The type of such a rod is comfortable for working at high speeds and mowing hard grass, bushes. The tool is more reliable and hardy in comparison with a curved bar.

which, most, reliable, high, quality


Such a type of bar, as a rule, is placed for tools with low and medium power to mow soft grass, weeds and work in the territory with hard.to.go areas.

which, most, reliable, high, quality

Type of the handle

To decide on a convenient handle, you need to pay attention to what shape the handle has a benzotrimmer.

D or P-shaped

The D-shaped handle is installed on a domestic and outfit type model. Such handles guarantee a convenient and reliable holding of the tool in the hands.

U or T-shaped

From all gasoline models, this type of handle is the most popular and common. Using a T-shaped handle, it is comfortable to make wide movements. This is suitable for work in large territories.


This type of handle is installed on trimmers for grass for household and semi.professional use. They are compact, equipped with a rubber lining against sliding, but working in large territories and mowing thick grass with such a pen may be uncomfortable.

With adjustable height

The adjustable handle allows you to adjust the tool specifically for a specific user.

Anti.vibration system of pens

Such a system is put on almost all modern models. This helps not to feel strong vibrations to the user during work, which means it does not cause fatigue.

Rotation speed of cutting tools

The faster the cutting elements rotate, the more efficiently the vegetation is cut off.

Type of cutting tools

The cutting elements have an important value. There are 3 types of cutting tools: a fishing line for a trimmer (cord), knife, disk. If there is a lot of soft grass on the site and there are no thick weeds, then the fishing line for the trimmer is best suited. And vice versa. if the grass is thick, a lot of shrubs, plants with thick stems, then a knife or disk is better.

Lines for a trimmer

A trimmer fishing line is used to work with soft and hard grass of various densities. In the shape of the section can be:

  • Round. the most universal fishing line for trimmer and is suitable for various types of work. Suitable for soft and thick grass, for weeds.
  • Square. applied in order to pruning hard stems and dryness. Suitable for hard grass, Buryanov.
  • Star. is the most gentle and suitable for working with the lawn. After the star fishing line, the grass grows evenly.

The cutting knife is used to work with thick vegetation, for hay blanks. However, their direct purpose is working with shrubs, plants with a hard stem, cutting thin branches and trees.

The advantages and disadvantages of a gasoline trimmer for grass compared to an electric trimmer

There are two varieties of trimmers: gasoline and electric. Any of them has advantages and disadvantages in relation to each other.

  • Easy to maintain and use.
  • Reliability. A gasoline trimmer for grass is able to work without a break during the day. During this period, he will not heat up and can provide the user with the ideal implementation of all goals in any conditions.
  • High performance. The power of a gasoline tool enables the user to work even in hard.to.reach places. Electric trimmers for grass are not so powerful, so not all vegetation can be mowed.
  • Unhindered movement of the device in any place. The trimmer for grass on gasoline does not depend on the outlet and wires, unlike the electrimmer.

Despite the positive aspects, there are also disadvantages of using a gasoline trimmer for grass:

  • Noise when working as a benzotrimer and strong vibration. Electric trimmers have noise below.
  • Environmental pollution. When working, a gasoline tool forms a large number of exhausts, which can not be said about the electric device.
  • Price. Benzotrimmer is more expensive, as it has increased performance, unlike the electrimmer.

Choosing between gasoline and electric trimmer, you should pay attention to the characteristics of the device. This will help choose the most suitable tool for specific needs.

When selecting a better gasoline trimmer for grass, it is worth having a clear idea for what purposes it is necessary. For the correct choice of a trimmer for the grass, you need to evaluate the site and nature of the work that will be carried out there. And thanks to the rating of the best gasoline trimmers, it will be even easier to do it.