Which lawn mower is better electric or cordless

How to choose a battery lawnmower

Why more and more we hear the question: how to choose a lawn mower? Imagine being able to mow your lawn at any time without making noise, spilling gasoline on your hands while refueling, or changing the oil every year. Like? Then a battery-powered lawnmower is for you.

Rechargeable mowers, get their energy from a battery. Batteries can range from 36 to 120 volts, and many lawn mowers come with a backup battery in case one runs out.

Advantages of cordless mowers over gasoline mowers

When you get rid of the internal combustion engine, mowing your lawn will be more fun.

  • Instead of deafening yourself with the roar of the engine, you can hear what’s going on around you, because cordless lawnmowers are much quieter.
  • Cordless lawn mowers don’t need gasoline, so you’ll save money because you won’t have to run to the gas station before you start mowing. As a result, these mowers cost less over their entire life cycle.
  • No petrol engine means no spark plugs, filters or oil change. Your maintenance costs are significantly reduced.
  • Say goodbye to frantic pulling on the starter motor. a cordless mower starts with the push of a button.
  • If you love the Earth, you’ll love that electric lawn mowers have no exhaust or emissions that pollute the air and blow in your face.

These devices do not have a driving motor. Their motor only turns the mowing unit and the mower has to be moved by itself. These models are ideal for medium-length lawns. They are not designed for cutting higher vegetation. But they have more battery life than self-propelled models. There are devices that work without recharging for more than an hour and a half.

4 Greenworks 2501907ua G40LM35K2X

On the fourth position is the lawnmower from greenworks. It is an inexpensive but fairly powerful device that can easily cope with medium-length grass in small areas.

The 2501907ua G40LM35K2X has a 40L grass catcher bin. It is also possible to use the work option, when the cut vegetation is simply thrown back. It also has a mulching device and an adjustable handle, so that people of different heights can use it. The body and wheels are made of plastic, so it is better to use the device on level areas, without roots and stones.

The greenworks lawnmower is suitable for cutting vegetation of different lengths and cutting heights (30 to 80 mm) can be adjusted. This makes it easy to work in areas with overgrowth and grass after rain.

Users choose this cordless mower for its light weight (14.5 kg), maneuverability, good performance, low price and easy operation.

  • Affordable price.
  • Low noise level.
  • Versatility.
  • Extended package.
  • Adjustable handle length and cutting height.
  • Mows well.

3 Stiga Collector 140 AE Kit

The Swiss brand STIGA cordless mower takes third place.

Handy, lightweight yet robust Collector 140 AE Kit is ideal for medium sized lawns. It is equipped with two innovative batteries that allow you to work for a long time without recharging. The work can be done in two modes: using the 40-liter grass catcher box and throwing the cuttings sideways or backwards.

Lawn mower has adjustable cutting height from 25 to 75 mm, folding handle, a window in the motor housing to monitor the battery level. The device perfectly copes with the vegetation on the area up to 350 square kilometers.м. The cutting width is up to 38 cm.

The housing is made of durable materials, so you don’t have to worry about bumps and scratches while mowing. Thanks to optimised air circulation, the motor is protected from overheating. Height-adjustable handle for comfortable mowing. Users can also select from 6 mowing levels that are easy to switch using the lever.

In their reviews, users note the ease of use of STIGA mowers, its compact size, maneuverability, durability, ergonomic handle, comfortable operation.

which, lawn, mower, better, electric
  • Lightweight and maneuverable.
  • Robust design.
  • Useful functions.
  • Handy handle.
  • High build quality.
  • Wide swath of mowing.
  • Overheat protection.
  • High capacity battery.

2 Makita DLM432PT2

In second place is a wheeled mower from Makita. The DLM432PT2 is a high performance model, so it’s perfect for lawns up to 550 square meters in size.м.

Manufacturer has also taken care of the width of the mowing strip, in this unit it is 43 cm. Removable 50-litre bin for grass collection. The device charges quickly, the battery level indicator on the handle. During operation, you can set the height of cut from 20 to 70 mm.

The Makita DLM432PT2 is mobile and easy to use, weighing 17.3 kg. For easy portability, it has a special handle that can be folded down when storing the unit. Comes with a battery charger and two removable batteries.

Users choose the Makita cordless lawnmower for its high power and efficiency, comfortable operation, easy operation, low weight, easy carrying and storage, and extensive equipment.

1 Karcher LMO 18-33 Battery Set (1.444-401.0)

Leader among the wheeled mowers, the lightweight and maneuverable KARCHER makes the maintenance of medium-sized lawns easy.

The device features high maneuverability and compact dimensions, so it is easy to use even in hard-to-access areas. Blade speed is 4000 rpm. After mowing, tall vegetation can be collected in a 35 liter grass container, and the fine vegetation can be distributed over the lawn with a mulching nozzle. The product is designed for grass up to 65 cm in height.

The KARCHER lawnmower is comfortable to handle, even after long periods of use, thanks to its ergonomic handle with soft grip. Equipped with a key to prevent accidental start-up for safe operation.

LMO 18-33 Battery Set (1).444-401.0) are popular with users due to their affordability, high-capacity battery, powerful motor, ergonomic handle design, extra functions and high performance.

  • Affordable price.
  • Long periods of operation without recharging.
  • Mulching function.
  • Accidental start safety device.
  • High performance.
  • Ergonomic handle design.

The special thing about these devices is that during operation, the user does not need to apply force to control the. The wheels are motorised, so the lawnmower drives itself around the lawn. Due to this, it can be used by women, teenagers and the elderly. Most self-propelled models are equipped with a powerful power unit, because the engine not only has to rotate the cutting element, but also to spin the wheels. That’s why you need an extra battery for uninterrupted mowing.

4 Greenworks 2502907 60V 46cm GD60LM46SP

At the top of the rating of self-propelled lawnmowers is a device from the company greenworks. User-friendly GD60LM46SP is ideal for a medium-sized garden.

Modern, high-power induction motor guarantees high mowing performance with minimal vibration and noise emission. Built-in battery saver system automatically adjusts engine speeds according to the load on the cutting unit. Steel deck and robust ABS plastic body ensure longevity of the device.

The GD60LM46SP combines a number of functions

  • Mulching. recycling grass clippings and dumping them on the lawn.
  • Mowed material is collected in a special 60 liter container.
  • Mowed grass is thrown to the side during operation.

Seven-position lever on the body for adjustable mowing levels. The cutting width is 46 cm, and the cutting height can be selected from 20 to 80 mm. The drive keeps all 4 wheels turning, and the built-in overload protector prevents damage to the motor if the blades encounter hard objects.

Users choose the greenworks lawnmower for its robust design, durability, high performance, powerful motor, quiet operation and safety system.

  • Powerful induction motor.
  • Robust design
  • High capacity.
  • Multifunctionality.
  • Safe start.
  • Damage protection.
  • Folding handle.

3 AL-KO 127388 Solo by 4237 Li SP

The AL-KO 127388 Solo by 4237 Li SP is our third lawn mower, and is a maneuverable, rear-drive mower that even women and teenagers can use.

Powerful motor allows you to handle quite large lawns, total area up to 700 sq. km.m and a 42 cm wide mowing width guarantees high output. Large areas of vegetation can be mowed without recharging the battery.

In addition, the device lawnmower provides for height adjustment of the cut from 30 to 80 mm, switched with a lever. There is also a 70-litre grass catcher box, and once filled, the grass can be tossed to the rear or sideways. Additional functions include a mulching nozzle.

Users choose the lawnmower for its easy operation, high performance, powerful battery, additional functions.

2 Karcher LMO 36-46 Battery (1.444-472.0)

The second place is occupied by the cordless mower from the company KARCHER. This powerful appliance enables you to care for medium-sized lawns.

Equipped with a wheel drive which is activated by a simple push of a button. This way it is easy to mow sloping terrains. The side combs allow you to mow grass growing on the edge of the lawn. Very easy to adjust the cutting height (20 to 70 mm) by switching a five-step lever.

The practical folding handle saves space for storage, and the convenient carrying handle makes it easy to transport. LMO 36-46 Battery (1.444-472.0) has a unique battery platform that shows in real time on the display the battery capacity and the time remaining before recharging. Long service life and high energy output thanks to lithium-ion batteries.

Lawn mower has a 55 liter grass catcher box with fill level indicator and a mulching mower attachment. Working width of the mowed grass is 46 cm.

Popular with respondents due to its easy operation, robust construction, high performance, high-capacity battery, wide mowing range.

  • Reasonable price.
  • Proven manufacturer.
  • Robust assembly.
  • Easy handling.
  • Long operating time without recharging.
  • Mows vegetation well.

1 Stiga Collector 548 S AE Kit

STIGA is the leader among self-propelled lawnmowers, providing top quality care for lawns up to 350 sq. m. and up to 300 sq. m. of lawn area.м.

Two innovative 4 Ah 48 V batteries give you optimum performance. The batteries function at the same time, so the mower can be used continuously for a long time. Engine power is 1300 W, cutting height varies from 20 to 80 mm, the width of the mowed swath is 46 cm. The control lever is on the handle.

The Collector 548 S AE Kit comes with a 60-litre grass catcher box. The folding handle is ergonomically designed to be compact for storage. The Collector comes with two batteries and a power pack.

Users choose the STIGA ride-on mower because of its high build quality, solid ergonomic design, simple handling, high-capacity batteries and powerful engine.

  • Quality construction.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Folding handle.
  • High capacity batteries.
  • Easy operation.
  • High capacity output.

Gasoline mowers

they are designed for large areas. The gasoline mower is found more often, e.g., in city parks. Advantages of these lawn mowers:

Petrol-powered models feature large mowing widths. They are best for mowing large areas, such as city parks. Professional petrol-driven devices have a long service life. up to 2,5 thousand. hours.

While working with a self-propelled mower, steer it. non-self-propelled lawn mowers require effort during operation.

There are rear-drive, front-drive and four-wheel drive mowers on the market. The highest manoeuvrability is provided by the swivelling wheels.

  • heavy;
  • make a loud noise when mowing
  • emit exhaust fumes;
  • Requires periodic maintenance, constant oil changes and filter cleaning.

battery-powered mowers

Their main task is to mow lawns. Their operating time is limited by battery charge. Most battery-powered mowers are designed so that their engine is designed to run on one set of batteries. Installing a second set of batteries can damage the engine.

Advantages of cordless lawnmowers:

  • low weight;
  • absence of noise;
  • absence of exhaust fumes;
  • there is no need to use flammable liquids during operation;
  • no need to flush the carburetor;
  • most well-known models run on standard batteries.

Disadvantages of battery lawnmowers:

  • discrepancy between price and actual quality;
  • battery-powered models do not need to be used to cut the grass;
  • little time of uninterrupted operation on a single charge;
  • dependence on mains power;
  • there is a risk of grass clogging the battery.

The scope of application of cordless mower models is small. for example, it is trimming the grass in a small area. This does not mean that such models are inferior: they are simply made for completely different work than gasoline or electric models.

Cordless, electric and petrol lawn mowers are designed for different jobs. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. If the mower meets the requirements of the owner, it will work effectively and not break down. When the owner chooses the wrong mower model, however, it will fail quickly.

Power types

Corded electric mowers

Electric lawn mowers are ideal for most garden plots and the care of the lawn of the cottage, private home, a small hotel. You can mow without worrying about refilling the fuel tank or charging the battery. And they require very little time to get up and running. just plug them in and go! Models with this type of power supply provide stable power, easy to operate and maintain. They also run quieter than their gasoline counterparts. The main thing is to choose a suitable extension cord to ensure the movement of the lawnmower on the site without restrictions.

Which mower to choose??

The answer to the question of which lawnmower is better is quite simple: the one with which the future owner will be comfortable. Someone will do even manual, and someone will buy a semi-professional at once. When choosing should be guided by several criteria: who will work with this device, what area and surface of the lawn, how often the grass will be mowed. According to these parameters you can choose the type of engine and lawnmower power.

You should also decide whether you need the ability to cut the grass in conditions of high humidity. if so, it is better to take a gasoline mower. It is also better to decide on the presence of the grass catcher box and its type.

Extra features like a folding handle for compact storage and mulching capabilities are not essential, but can make a difference when choosing a. Also, experts advise to pay attention to the manufacturer, the price and the presence of a service center or its representative office in the city of purchase. Lawn mower of unknown brand, bought cheaply, can serve for many years, but may fail at the first start, and then the money spent on it will not pay for itself.

What types of lawnmowers are there?

Lawn mowers are not just the cart with blades, wheels and motor that has become popular thanks to foreign movies. They also include manual lawnmowers, direct descendants of real lawnmowers, only now equipped with an engine: these are grass trimmers and brushcutters. They look similar, so they are often confused: a boom with a shoulder strap, an engine, a cutting mechanism, and a handle for operating.

which, lawn, mower, better, electric

Lawn trimmers

Grass trimmers differ from trimmers with less power, lighter construction, a handle for driving direction and a fishing line as a cutting element. They are suitable for cutting grass, weeds and are especially good where a regular mower cannot pass. Trimmers and brushcutters have a cutting height that can be adjusted by the user by lifting and lowering the cutting attachment.

Petrol-engine brushcutters

Outwardly similar to trimmers for grass, brushcuts have differences: instead of a handle they have a handlebar, similar to a bicycle, more often a gasoline engine, the power is also greater, and the line for trimmer is replaced by metal knives. However, on some models these can be replaced with a trimmer line if necessary.

What brushcutters are used for? They can effortlessly cut not only grass, but also the powerful stems of garden plants: burdock, burdock, nettlese and others. Sometimes they’re also used to shape bushes and small trees, cutting thin, protruding branches. the handy “handlebar” and boom length make it easy to lift and trim the desired area. Gasoline-engine brushcutters are noisier but more powerful.


Actually, the classic and most dimensional type of lawnmowers in the form of carts with or without a motor. Their advantages include a large area of cultivated surface, an even cut of grass in height, and they do not need to be carried around to cut the grass on the whole plot. Good for a level lawn without stones and unnecessary trees and shrubs. Therefore, it is recommended to have both an ordinary lawnmower and a grass trimmer or brush cutter for mowing the grass around trees, shrubs and decorative elements of the plot.

Gasoline and electric: comparison criteria

In this article, we will dwell in more detail on the classic lawn mowers, in particular, we will consider what type is better in one case or another, and how to choose your ideal option for a cottage or private home. Lawn mowers can be petrol or electric. The latter are also divided into two types: mains and cordless.

Power and noise level

Electric models are less powerful because they cannot be equipped with a high-powered motor. Network models are limited to 220W current consumption, and cordless models will quickly run down when using higher power. Usually enough battery power for about half an hour of work.

The small capacity of electric models is one of their pluses: a stone caught under the blades will shut down the motor of the device, and then you will only have to turn it off (just in case), get the stone and continue to work.

With gasoline models this Focus will not work: models with 6-7 horsepower and above can continue to work, trying to grind the nuisance, resulting in the blades will warp or break. This is not a bogeyman and not a reason to forget about gasoline models, rather the advice to remove stones from the site. they can beautifully cover the bed and not to worry about the safety of lawn mowers.

Another plus in favor of a less powerful electric motor. quiet operation. Yes, they make noise, but not as much as the internal combustion engine in gasoline models. The most powerful lawnmowers often come with headphones to protect your ears from the loud roar of the engine.


models with a gasoline engine are in the lead: with long operating times and high power they can mow even large areas quickly and accurately. Their horse. spacious lawns, especially this advantage will be noticeable if the grass has not been mowed for a while in the dacha. The fuel tank capacity is calculated so that it will be enough before the engine overheats. After that, you should send the mower to cool down and only then continue working.

Electric models do not have such performance, and therefore a large area will be more difficult to handle. There are several reasons for this:

  • low engine power;
  • Limited cable length or limited battery life;
  • Every 15-30 minutes the motor heats up and needs to be cooled down for work to continue.

A 20 m cord requires a good quality extension lead for larger areas, and dragging a long cord around is not the most pleasant way to go. This applies to country and home plots with a large lawn area. For an ordinary lawn in front of the house, an electric model with a cord or battery will be quite enough, so do not write it off.

The conclusion: for a large area is better to buy a model with a gasoline engine, and for a small or medium-sized is enough less powerful electric lawn mower.


Both types of mowers have their disadvantages: petrol models with a combustion engine emit exhaust fumes during operation, while the electric motor cannot be switched on in rain or in conditions of high humidity, such as when there is dew on the grass or in the fog.

cases with an extended cable deserve a separate mention: firstly, using a household extension cord in wet weather is a bad idea in itself, and secondly, there is a risk that the long wire can get under the blades and at best cause a short circuit, at worst. a serious electric shock. Rubber boots are recommended for safety when working with an electric lawnmower.

However, when observing safety standards, both versions of lawn mowers are convenient and safe. By the way, manufacturers equip their models with protection against cable pulling and protection against overload and engine overheating: the mower simply turns off, allowing to continue the work only after the cooling of the motor.

Electric models are absolute leaders in maneuverability and lightness. Small motor and dimensions allow teenagers, women, the elderly to work with them with ease, so they are popular among retired homeowners.

Gasoline models are heavier and more clumsy, especially for high-powered mowers. As a compromise, you can choose a model with a medium engine capacity: such a unit will be easier, but it allows you to work on enough large area.

Cordless mower. the golden mean between electric models, depending on the wire, and gasoline models, emitting exhaust. The best cordless lawn mowers are quiet, have a large mowing width and height, and are suitable even for uneven areas with tall grass.

The 2022 cordless lawnmower review is based on the popularity of the models and reviews on Yandex.Market and AllTools.manual.

How to choose a battery lawnmower?

The fact that the mower isn’t self-propelled doesn’t mean it’s difficult to use. Case in point: 16″ Ryobi One Plus mower. It’s extremely compact for its power and weighs only 17 kg.

The ONE uses standard 18-volt Ryobi batteries. These are the same lithium-ion power packs that the company uses in its popular line of home power tools. The mower comes with a battery and charger in case you don’t have one handy.

The only disadvantage of this model is a small mowing width. Nevertheless, for owners of private houses with a small plot. up to 6 acres. this lawnmower is ideal.

The advantages of battery-powered lawnmowers

As you probably know, now there are many kinds of cordless tools: screwdrivers, grinders, saws and much, much more. And in gardening equipment, there are examples of devices that run on a rechargeable battery.

Of course, from other types of lawnmowers, such models, in the first place, differ exactly by the power source. And if we take into account that modern cordless models are close to electric models in terms of performance, then the first advantage follows. independence from the mains.

Yes, indeed, if you compare the two, the first clearly wins, as there is no chance of running over the cable, it will not get tangled, will not get caught in bushes and branches, and most importantly. There are no technical limitations. But why, you might ask, have cordless models not yet superseded electric models?? We answer: the network equipment is more affordable, and with all the advantages of such a device, the battery is enough for a maximum of 40-45 minutes of work, after which it should be changed to a full or charged. And an electric one will last as long as you need it to, no matter how long you need it to last.

When working with a cordless mower, you have to take breaks one way or another. Time to fully charge the lithium-ion battery, which is now used in most models, is about one hour. That is, you work and then take an hour break. Bottom line, you’re further rested, which is much safer than a continuous haircut. And you lose practically nothing.

But if you really want to work with such equipment for a long time during the day, we recommend buying a removable replacement battery.

Gasoline lawnmowers, for example, also have no cables. They are more powerful and last longer on fuel. that’s where the battery is the weakest, you might say. Here we come to the next important plus. safety.

Everyone knows that gasoline vapors are explosive, and he himself is flammable, so when working with motor technology requires extra vigilance. Cordless model in the handling excludes the risk of such troubles.

So, this type of garden equipment has already shown itself on the listed advantages, but that’s not all. Perhaps its main advantage is that it is easy to operate.

Not in the sense that such a lawnmower is easier to arrange, or it is easier to manage. And there’s no need to worry about filling up the fuel tank and oil sump, no need to calculate the path you need to take to make sure there’s enough cord length and no need to worry about running over it.

Also to the advantages can be attributed the maneuverability of this type of equipment. If an electric lawnmower can’t reach areas near beds, along house walls or the edge of the lawn, a cordless mower can easily. You should agree that this is very convenient.

The only thing that worries the user of such a tool is the battery charge level. The same applies to transportation and storage. Gasoline models need to be prepared first. to drain the gasoline and oil, because it is not safe to transport equipment with a full tank. If we talk about storage, then the gasoline mower still spreads quite a specific smell, while the cordless can safely “wait out” the cold times and in the storage room, next to which people are constantly present.

So we can say that it is a very useful invention. Buying it, you get the power of electric and practicality of gasoline equipment, along with greater safety and functionality, surpassing their “relatives” by several times.