Which Miter Saw To Choose For The Home

Dewalt DW717XPS

  • Power: 1675 W;
  • Weight: 24 kg;
  • Cutting depth 45/90 °. 56/89 mm;
  • Maximum cutting width. 302 mm.

Which Miter Saw To Choose For The Home

Quality option from an American manufacturer. In terms of characteristics, the unit is similar to the previous version from Makita. speak of the high quality of the engine, it runs smoothly, does not heat up even at maximum speed and lasts for a long time.

Middle price segment

In the middle category there are tools that do not have maximum characteristics, but are able to perform most of the standard work.

Makita LS1040F

  • Power: 1650 W;
  • Weight: 17.45 kg
  • Cutting depth 45/90 °. 69/93 mm;
  • Cutting width 45/90 °. 67/135 mm.

This model is already one level higher. The Makita LS1040F miter saw is equipped with a transparent cover, reliable and convenient fixing elements. The dust collector works efficiently and keeps the work area clean.

How to choose miter dust

Which miter dust to choose depends on the purpose for which it is required. By design, there are two main types:

  • Saw with one function. A simple option that performs only one function. a miter saw. These models are very lightweight and will cost less.
  • Combined. A versatile option that combines the functions of trimming and circular. The combined models have a special sawing table. Due to the additional elements, the combined miter saw will cost more. And such a machine weighs more.

After determining with the design, you need to choose the unit according to the main characteristic. power. The performance and reliability of the tool depends on it. Experts advise taking into account the requirements for the machine:

  • For a home, a device with a power of 1.3 kW will be enough;
  • For permanent work, an option with 2.2 kW and more is required.

The miter saw design provides the ability to rotate the work surface. The standard indicator for this characteristic is a turn of 40-55 degrees. On some models, the table can be swiveled in both directions.

Additional features and security

Manufacturers are constantly trying to make miter dust more convenient and versatile. Some models may have the following additional features:

  • Adjustment of the table width. Allows you to set up the machine for working with large-sized workpiece materials.
  • Precise angle adjustment. Special fixing elements in the design that allow you to quickly adjust dust to work with the most common angles.
  • Speed ​​regulation. You can increase or decrease the speed.
  • Additional clamping devices.
  • Stands. Will help you to comfortably equip the workplace on the floor.

The miter saw safety system consists of the following elements and functions:

  • A casing that completely covers the disc when turned off;
  • Electrodynamic brake for smooth stopping of the motor when switched off;
  • Blocking of work when replacing the saw blade;
  • Breakdown protection;
  • Automatic stop of the machine in emergency situations.

Also, do not forget about safety and the master himself, who works with a miter saw. Safety goggles, gloves and heavy-duty clothing are required.

Choosing a Feed Through Miter Saw

Which cutting dust to choose with a broach can be decided only after a detailed study of the designs, characteristics and of models available on the market. The rating of the best models in different price segments will also help in this.

Hammer STL1400 / 210

  • Power: 1400 W;
  • Weight: 6.3 kg;
  • Cutting depth at an angle of 45/90 °. 30/55 mm;
  • Sawing width at an angle of 45/90 °. 83/120 mm.

A powerful enough option for its size. Suitable for working with wood and aluminum profiles. Convenient adjustment of cutting angles and stability of the machine thanks to the solid aluminum base. Has the ability to turn in both directions.

Bosch PCM 8 S

  • Power: 1200 W;
  • Weight: 11.4 kg
  • Cutting depth 45/90 °. 40/65 mm;
  • Cutting width 45/90 °. 85/120 mm.

In general, the products of the German company Bosch are more represented in the top segment, but it is the PCM 8 S model that is good for those looking for something in between. The most thought-out design is easy to use. The dimensions will allow you to easily transport dust to the place of work.

Design features that you need Pay attention when choosing

There are several more characteristics, having studied which it will be easier to choose the right version of the miter saw:

  • RPM speed. Some models have the ability to adjust the engine speed. This allows you to optimally configure the machine for working with materials of different hardness.
  • Cutting depth. To make the cut deeper, you need a machine with a large saw blade. In household appliances, a disc with a diameter of 20 cm is usually installed, in professional. 25 cm.
  • Disc groove width. A groove is a special place where the disc goes. The quality of the work depends on the width of the groove. If it is NOT more than 10 mm, then the cut will be of high quality, with a minimum amount of chips and sawdust.
  • Outsole quality. The stability of the miter saw depends on this structural element. Craftsmen advise you to pay attention to options with a molded sole, which is resistant and NOT damaged. It is also important that it is not too thin.
  • Broach width. The section that the saw can pass through the workpiece material. Everything is simple here: the wider the broach, the wider the workpiece can be machined on the machine. You need to choose taking into account what materials will be processed: for skirting boards, a saw with a broach of up to 100 mm is enough, if the products are larger, then the machine will be required with a greater broach.
  • Swivel saw design. There are guides to the design of the miter saw, which allow you to adjust the angle of inclination when cutting. In professional devices, the tilt angle is up to 57 °, in simpler versions. 45 °.
  • Weight. The mobility of the unit largely depends on it. The less it weighs, the easier it is to take it for field work to objects.

Knowledge of the main characteristics will allow you to select miter dust with a broach according to your requirements.

What is the difference between a professional and an amateur (household) instrument?

From the point of view of the circuit design. none. There are only a number of parameters that determine the price discrepancy:

  • Manufacturing material. Amateur models are less reliable, therefore NOT designed for intensive use, including at the limit of capabilities.
  • Sample cutting quality. All parts in professional cross-cut saws are fitted with great care and precision. But a household tool sometimes gives big errors in work.

Nevertheless, in skilled hands, an amateur saw behaves just as well as a professional one. And if you treat her carefully, she will last long enough.

Security systems

The set of protective options is different for all models. Which are the most significant when operating a miter saw?

  • Casing. It completely or partially covers the working tool?
  • Possibility of connecting a dust extraction system. Otherwise, during the operation of the saw, you will have to use protective equipment.
  • Protection against unintentional switching on. Here no comment.
  • Automatic shutdown circuit (electrodynamic brake). There are situations, especially when working with hard materials, when the disc “wedges”. Such a system will not allow the engine to fail.
  • Protection against voltage fluctuations on the line and overheating. Not available on all models.

Disk power and size

You need to start with this. It would be not entirely correct to give an unambiguous recommendation on this parameter, and not knowing how the miter saw will be used and what specific materials it is supposed to cut.

  • The more powerful the tool, the larger the disc you can work with. Consequently, and cut dimensional samples. For example, timber, log and so on.
  • With an increase in this characteristic, not only the weight increases, but also the price.
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If you choose a model by the size of the disc, then a tool with a diameter of 250 mm is quite enough for domestic use. This is confirmed by the practice of its operation. Anyone who is not satisfied with this parameter should take into account one nuance. The miter saw kit includes discs. But they are NOT eternal, and what to do if you have to acquire new ones?

Therefore, you need to focus on a working tool, which is NOT a shortage and is always on sale. Namely. discs for 250 (255, 260, 300 and 305) x 30 mm. You can’t say the same about other sizes. So it should be clarified whether Subsequently there will be problems with their acquisition.

Additional options

How much they are needed, it is up to who buys the miter saw for himself. But it is worth noting in terms of awareness.

  • Backlight. This saw allows you to work even in low light conditions. With this option, the work area will be clearly visible anyway.
  • Automatic speed control circuit. This system will be useful for those who do not have sufficient experience in cutting samples, and the most different, differing in the density of the structure. When the load on the disk changes, its rotation speed also changes slightly. And this often happens either due to uneven pressing of the tool to the workpiece, or when the material is inhomogeneous. Professionals can do without such a function successfully, and it will be extremely useful for a beginner.
  • Cutting depth stop. Good help for an inexperienced master.
  • Laser level. Significantly reduces the time for the operation, since the cutting line is clearly visible and all adjustments to the disc movement are minimized.

Which is better. a regular miter saw or a combination?

The first option. the quality (accuracy) of the cut is much higher.

The second one has a number of advantages associated with the convenience of work in a variety of positions and operating conditions. But if a miter saw is purchased for static use, that is, with a mount on a table (workbench) in a garage, shed, an extension, and the like, then all these advantages are leveled. As a rule, such models are bought for work on various objects, as a mobile tool.

Miter saw device

It is difficult to decide on the choice of the optimal model, I do not understand which part of it is being discussed when considering this or that characteristic. A typical tool diagram explains everything well.

There are many different models of miter dust on sale, which may differ slightly in design. In general, the device of all products is practically the same type.

Cutting parameters

The cutting width is determined by the parameters of the installed blade. But the working tool itself in some models can only move in a vertical plane (up / down), in others. also in a horizontal one. That is, it becomes possible to either take the disc away from you, or pull it in. The second option is more convenient to use, since the cutting line is one and a half times longer, at least. If the miter saw is used to cut dimensional sheets, boards, plates, then you should pay attention to models with two guides.

The main criteria for choosing a miter saw

“Elitech” (software series 1625)

Power is comparable to the Makita. 1.6 kW at the same shaft speed. Disc for 255 x 30 depth and width of cuts at 900 (mm). respectively 65 and 150. The possibility of turning both along the axis and at an angle is provided.


Drive and power

Most miter dusts have a collector motor and a direct drive: the disc is mounted directly on the motor shaft. Available with toothed belt, V-belt and asynchronous motor.

The induction motor is a decent addition to the weight and price of the saw. For domestic needs, its advantages (low noise and almost eternal resource) are irrelevant.

The belt drive allows for greater penetration of the disc into the workpiece. But it leads to loss of power, complicates dust and reduces its reliability. Biting a disc on a toothed belt is likely to shear the teeth. Is it worth the vegetable garden?

With regard to power. Starting at 1500 watts, crosscutters do their job perfectly. Although for hardwoods (the same birch) or when working with a planted disk, the power fund does NOT interfere.

Broaching mechanism

It greatly expands the saw’s capabilities. Especially in combination with the cutting depth gauge. Then the saw with a 216 mm disc is able not only to make a cut up to 310 mm wide, but also to select precise grooves of the same length at a given depth. A find, not a tool!

How to choose a broached miter dust? There are no special nuances and pitfalls here. Of all the varieties, the main option is a movable console on two guide tubes. Flimsy mind? You don’t have to worry: during normal use, wedging or loosening of the console is very rare.

Support table

The table in the miter saw is rotary and is equipped with an angle ruler. Most often it is made of duralumin by casting. With what quality are the table and pendulum made into saws, with such quality (and pleasure) you will saw.

On frankly Chinese facing, the cast parts are thin, have flakes and burrs, the table in the bed turns hard, is not clearly fixed in the corners and has errors in degrees. Side stop can be curved or concave, have inaccurate pairing with the table.

The cutting table is small in size. Pressing a long and weighty workpiece to it is little joy. To facilitate the work, brackets are installed on the sides of the table as extension supports for the workpiece. In MAKITA dust, these staples have additional feet. BOSCH has prefabricated plastic table extensions. Into the dust METABO wonderful, very comfortable sliding tables. Here, whoever likes something.

How to choose the right miter dust. expert advice

Miter saws are a popular tool. Whoever has such a thing on the farm will pick up a hacksaw or a jigsaw in the most extreme case: when it is simply impossible to saw off with a miter cut. And in the midst of a renovation or construction project, after weighing the pros and cons, you decided: you have to buy! What kind of end dust to choose for home?

Each model has its own nuances of use. The small saw is easy to carry and transport, for trimming small workpieces, but not suitable for large jobs. Large effortlessly sawing a board 60×200 mm, but inconvenient in small jobs, Takes up half a trunk of a passenger car, is heavy for constant carrying and costs much more.

Additional features

Each manufacturer strives to improve its instrument. Soft start and induction braking system, dust extraction, laser marker, additional illumination of the cutting zone became the norm for trimming. Battery saws are now available.

By the way, the dust extraction is really well thought out on the saws of expensive brands. Same as lifting the guard when lowering the disc.

A smooth start is especially important for devices with a power of 1.8 and above kilowatts without it, turning on the saw is accompanied by a very unpleasant shock jerk. In addition, it can easily “knock out” a weak machine at the facility: the starting current without a soft start is several times higher than the working.

The braking system allows you to reduce waiting time when a complete stop of the disc is required before working with the next workpiece. Sometimes a very useful thing.

The laser marker greatly simplifies marking and increases the accuracy of work: there is no need to guess where the cut will be on the workpiece. It is uncomfortable to work without a laser if the red beam has already become a habit.

Disk size

When purchasing a trimmer, you need to focus on the Desired cut size. And it depends on the size of the saw blade and the possibility of broaching. The disc diameter suitable for domestic needs is 190-305 mm. Possibilities of dust with different discs are presented in the table. Dimensions are in millimeters.

Disc diameter cutting depth Kerf width Cutting width with broach
190 42-49 80-85 210-305
216 (210) 55-67 95-120 220-310
255 (254) 70-93 120-160 280-430
305 100-111 170-200 310-363
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Dust with a 190 mm disc can hardly be called universal. The limit of possibilities for it is a bar of 40×40 mm and a board of 30×120 mm, and even then for two opposite cuts. Even if you took dust with a horizontal disc broach, you will still NOT be able to cut a standard “fifty” board. Saws with 305 mm discs are justified for a significant amount of work with large workpieces, for example, when building a house. In most cases, they are large.

So to the question “what kind of miter dust to choose for the house?”, We answer: with a disc of 216-255 mm. The cutting depth above 60 mm is sufficient for most cutting work in everyday life, the width without broaching depends on how much the side stop is moved to the middle of the table in a particular model.


The undisputed leaders in the miter dust segment are MAKITA, DEWALT, METABO and BOSCH. Which end dust to choose from THESE brands will depend on the specific model and its analogues. In any case, you will NOT have to regret the choice. The frustration of spending money disappears when this tool starts working. Especially if you have experience using budget options from other manufacturers.

If the saw is bought for business, and not “to be”, it is better to pay for quality and reliability. By the way, good manufacturers complete their saws with really good blades, which cannot be said about cheap models.

Criteria for choosing an electric miter saw

To choose the right miter dust, you need to follow a few rules. The first rule implies the operating conditions of the tool and its intended purpose. For home use, a saw is suitable, which has a basic package. For frequent use or more professional use, it is advisable to buy a device that has advanced functionality. The model equipped with an additional work table on the head for carving is also quite convenient.

The next thing you need to pay attention to, the type of selected disk. Further on this will be discussed in more detail, but now we need to focus on the main points. Pay attention to the thickness and diameter of the gaze circle. These characteristics will depend on the depth of the cut and the effect on the processing object. An excellent option for buying is a device, which has a 20 cm disc.For professional equipment, this figure should be 25 cm.

The safety of working with the saw is important. In this case, you need to find out if the equipment has protective covers, which, as already mentioned above, are lowered during operation, allowing you to protect the operator from injury, whether there are protection systems against inadvertent starting.

It is necessary to dwell on such an indicator as weight and dimensions. For stationary dust, this does not matter, but if the equipment is portable, then this factor has a significant impact on ease of use. Therefore, the unit must NOT be very heavy. In addition, you need to check the ease of use of the saw, and its parts must have an easy move. The cutting head plays an important role in this aspect, because a tight stroke will tire the machine operator. The tool must be simple and easy to use, especially when significant volumes of work are planned.

Miter saw functionality

When picking up end dust, you first need to carefully examine it. The parts must be precisely fixed, there should not be any gaps between them. It is necessary to pay attention to the accuracy of fastening the parts at different positions of the device. The presence of setting scales is useful, they will make the work process easier, making it possible to choose the exact cutting angle. Great importance should be given to the number of revolutions: the higher this indicator, the cleaner the spray is. For this tool, the optimal indicator is considered to be 4500-5500 rpm.

An important element will be the rapid braking of the saw, which makes it possible, if necessary, or the appearance of an emergency, to instantly stop the working process. The system is needed Not only with fast braking, but also with a smooth stop so that the equipment does NOT deteriorate.

This also applies to the quick start of the device. The device must have a protection that protects dust from accidental activation. It is useful to have protection against overheating and overvoltage. We must NOT forget that some miter saws have cut depth stops, it makes it possible to produce parts of a given thickness.

You need to decide on the purpose of the selected tool. There are two main constructs:

  • Stationary;
  • Portable.

For a stationary structure, certain preparatory work is required, consisting in installing a platform for a miter saw. In this case, it is still necessary to pay attention to which hand the operator is using in the machine. For the right-handed part of the equipment on the left must exceed the right one by 3 times. As for lefties, the situation is the opposite.

If you need to use the miter saw in different areas, then you need to choose a portable view. These devices may be lightweight, about 12 kg, but this will NOT affect their direct function in any way. In this case, you need to pay attention to the engine of the device.

How to choose the right miter dust

The question of how to choose the right miter dust is quite difficult, since today there are a huge number of models for various purposes, and they all have different characteristics. Choose an electric model or a manual one? Choose dust for metal or wood carving? No matter how wrong you buy? These and many other questions require a clear answer, but in any case, the choice is always up to the consumer.

Choosing a miter saw blade

There are no big differences in the circles used, but I must say in Some: the type of cutting tooth and the diameter, landing and outer. When choosing a diameter, there are NO big problems, because in this case the Landing place has a section of 2.5 or 3 centimeters, while the second indicator can be 21, 25, 30.5 centimeters.

Separately, you need to consider the issue of the teeth of the intent circle. The quality of cutting depends on their size. Larger teeth will cut roughly while smaller ones will cut smoother. In addition, using wheels with large cutting elements, you will not be able to cut laminated, varnished or painted objects. For THESE purposes it is necessary to use a circle with small teeth. Also these blades are suitable for cutting aluminum.

When you plan to work with thick material or for significant volumes of work, the discs must have thin slots. By their purpose, they are close to the so-called temperature compensators, they make it possible to maintain the element in a normal state when the circle is heated. Another advantage of this type is noiselessness during operation.

Where to start choosing a miter saw?

The miter saw device is the most common and does NOT represent something supernatural:

  • Rounded plane;
  • Swing frame
  • Metal base.

On the back there is a swivel mechanism, which is responsible for the mobility of the structure in a vertical state. The motor, gearbox and disk are fixed to the upper lug of the rack for operation.

Naturally, different models have their own specifics in structure. over, this applies to the protective casing, which, taking into account the design, can be opened by pressing the control lever or lowered when the saw blade is raised. Some beds have a spring mechanism that lifts the device when it is released.

Answering the popular question of which miter dust to choose, professional or amateur, it should be noted that they are created for the same purpose. The only difference is that each structure is made of a different material that affects the performance of the saw.

So, an amateur miter saw has less durability than a professional one. In addition, all the elements in this dust are not very closely matched to each other than in the case of a professional model. The amateur type of tool is NOT designed for daily and long-term work, but the second type of tool does an excellent job with this. that’s all the difference.

When choosing, you need to pay attention to the engine, if the purchase of electrical equipment is considered, we will talk about this a little later. A small electric motor will quickly heat up, which complicates the operation of the device. But the price of THESE dust is lower, which explains their popularity. But the high cost of equipment, if it is of good quality, will pay for itself very quickly.

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Hand tool

Hand saws have a rather narrow specialization. It is suitable for short-term work, if you need to quickly spray, but this saw will not work to dissolve the boards. You can use it to align the end, cut the material in half, make the end of the cut of the material at the desired slope.

This does not mean that these tools should be avoided. If a hand saw was originally bought for small work, as an auxiliary tool, this is exactly what you need. Its price is much less, but it is not necessary to count on voluminous work.

At the same time, another advantage of this design can be called the ability to use it Not only for working with wood, but also with other materials, for example, with soft types of metals, plastic, etc.

The saw device is quite complex and has two main components.

  • The bed with which the rotary table is located. They are constantly walking together and cannot be. A guide is located on the bed, which makes it possible to secure the part. The table can be rotated within 90 degrees by the installed guide. This makes it possible to ensure cutting of the part, while, rather than moving it.
  • Head for carving. It is located on the table, and during its turn it changes its position simultaneously with it. On the bed, on the side of the table, there is a scale, which is quite convenient, since you can combine the required value with the scale on the table, this will make it possible to carve at a given degree.

In addition, the cutting part of the head can be tilted left and right, which makes it possible to set the cutting angle. Some models have a feed mechanism. These devices have great functionality and make it possible to work with large parts, in contrast to simple options.

Manufacturer’s choice

The most popular manufacturers are the following brands for the production of side saws:

  • Bosch.
  • “Corvette”.
  • Makita.
  • Dewalt.
  • Hitachi.
  • Metabo.

These saws have a small cutting width. To remedy this, certain models are equipped with a traction function. In THESE designs, the block is on the rods, the number of which is usually two. This is the design of the Makita LS 0714.

Some hand tool manufacturers offer their customers an extended table and basic equipment. That is fraught with the need to equip the device with auxiliary supports, which are required to work with large parts. Folding stands are available in the LF 1000 from the same company. This device makes it possible to greatly facilitate the work.

On the bed, which has excellent stability, there is a moving part. This explains the location of the round section on the bed, which is needed to select the required angle. You need to pay attention to the material of manufacture of the bed. The most reliable is aluminum or magnesium alloy. The installation of beds made of the above materials makes it possible to provide the element with strength, as well as excellent mobility due to its low weight. Take the GCM10 from Bosch as an example, as it weighs 15 kilograms.

The saws of the Corvette company differ significantly from their direct competitors. The device of this equipment includes a longitudinal broach, for an accurate direction of the cut there is a laser pointer. In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, the spray increased in the Corvette company, this value is equal to 43 cm.

Certain DeWALT brands carry XPS systems, which are similar in purpose to the previous brand’s laser pointer. The system makes it possible to project a shadow from a circle. This shadow also plays the role of lighting, which is convenient during work and helps to make the spray as accurately as possible.

Some dust models do not have the ability to tilt the cutting edge, or this ability is limited to an angle of 45 degrees. A way out was found by the manufacturers of Hitachi, which produce miter saws with the ability to turn the cutting part by 15-30 degrees (depending on the model). In addition, the weight of THESE dust is not more than 30 kilograms.

Metabo engineers strive not to lag behind their competitors, therefore their activities are also aimed at simplifying the work during the operation of the saw. So, the saws of this company have the ability to rotate and tilt the cutting wheel. These devices are some kind of circular saws where the fixing devices are located in the workplace.

A set of additional functions, such as a laser pointer, keyless disc replacement, backlighting, soft start, adjusting the depth of cut, maintaining constant speed during loading, and so on, certainly make the operator’s work much more comfortable, but as a result, significantly affect the cost of equipment. Ease of operation, convenience and compactness, and most importantly. an affordable price. these are the main advantages of a household miter saw.

Crown CT15134-165

The powerful 1.3 kW device is completed with a disc nozzle with a diameter of 165 mm. It makes 5000 revolutions within a minute, but when turned on, it starts smoothly and does NOT twitch in the user’s hands. The model also allows you to adjust the speed, it is possible to connect a vacuum cleaner. The device is equipped with a guide rail for easier and more convenient work.

The Crown CT15134-165 hand saw is not cheap. about 15,000 rubles

Status CP90U

The universal saw has a power of only 0.6 kW, but runs at 5500 rpm. The disc diameter is 89 mm, the tool is suitable for both cutting wood and metal processing to a depth of 3 mm. The model is equipped with a laser sight and a parallel focus, they improve the quality of work and help to maintain clear lines.

You can buy Status hand dust for 6300 rubles

Dewalt DWE560

The lightweight hand saw with a weight of 3.7 kg is suitable for cutting solid wood, planks, chipboard and plywood. The power of the device is 1.35 kW, the tool is supplied with a 184 mm disc.

When using a saw, you can adjust the angle of inclination of the nozzle and the depth of cut, and this is done without a key. The device is comfortable for hands, precise and accurate, with a low noise level. about 88 dB.


Ryobi RWSL 1801M

The cordless hand saw comes with a 150 m blade and makes a neat cut in wood. 45 mm for a straight angle and 32 mm for an acute angle. Equipped with protection against accidental start, the model provides a spindle lock. The handle in the saw is rubberized, so it is convenient to hold it.

You can buy a Ryobi circular saw for 5500 rubles

Top 10 best hand-held circular saws for quality and reliability

When choosing a circular saw for your home, you can study an overview of the most reliable models. The user ratings include tools with a reasonable price, but good quality characteristics.

Overload protection

The circular saw can overheat during operation. Built-in protection system will shut down the tool automatically if its temperature reaches the limit values.

Smooth start

If the circular saw is started immediately at full speed, it will lead to an unpleasant jerk of the device in the hands. In addition, the engine is then subject to wear faster. Soft start is responsible for the tool being put into operation and accelerating gradually. The function increases the convenience of use and prolongs the life of the saw.

Rating of inexpensive circular hand saws

Black Decker CS10004

The high-quality and easy-to-use circular saw is suitable for processing wood of any hardness. The device weighs only 3.6 kg, is powered by a household network and has a power of 1.4 kW. The wide disc nozzle can dust Not only vertically, but also at an adjustable angle up to 45 ° C.

Black Decker is inexpensive. 3900 rubles