Which Oil To Use For Husqvarna J55s Lawn Mowers

A well-kept lawn in your own summer cottage is a huge and laborious job. Modern self-propelled gas mowers are designed to make maintenance on your household easier, faster, more convenient. They are presented on the market in a huge variety of models, so there will definitely not be any problems with the choice.

The main differences between the models

A lawn mower is an ideal technique if you have a large garden that requires careful maintenance. Manually mowing all the grass is almost impossible. it is too much time and effort. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to lawn mowers gasoline self-propelled. Models of modern manufacturers differ in size, type of power plant, power, design features. All this must be taken into account, so that the selected equipment meets your real needs and easily copes with the processing of the desired territory.

Which Oil To Use For Husqvarna J55s Lawn Mowers

So, to care for a large area covered by a heterogeneous herbal composition, you will need a gasoline-powered unit, powerful and mobile. For small areas, you can choose a simple trimmer, but it is impossible to perform global work with it.

The main thing is power

When choosing gas-powered self-propelled lawn mowers, it is necessary to take into account a number of parameters. it depends on them how long and reliably the unit will be operated. Depending on the design features, the models are designed to work with large or medium-sized areas. Power is the main characteristic of any lawn mower: the higher it is, the more efficient the unit is and the more reliable and confident it will cope with thickets and young grass. Most often, modern models are equipped with a 4-stroke engine of different sizes. from 3.5 liters to 6 liters.

The Patriot PT 48 AS and Oleo-MAC G 53TK Allroad Plus models are the most powerful gasoline self-propelled lawn mowers: the rating of units with the most powerful engine includes these two devices. With an engine capacity of 6.5 liters, they are able to mow, cut and collect grass in medium and large areas of any degree of evenness. A well-thought-out design of the models allows you to configure the grass collection mode: it is collected in the grass catcher, thrown out to the side or back, and you can enable the mulching mode.

Cutting Width

This characteristic plays an important role when choosing this garden tool. over, it is even more important than power: even the most powerful trimmer with a small cutting width is ineffective. Therefore, self-propelled gas mowers should be selected based on this indicator. The rating of models with the widest working surface includes two models: Husqvarna LC 356 AWDE and J 55 S: the first model has 56 cm of the working surface, the second. 55 cm.

Cutting height

This feature is important to make lawn care comfortable. The mowing height should directly depend on the length of the lawn, so you need to take into account this is a small nuance. The following mowing petrol lawn mowers have the highest mowing height: Castel Garden XS (range from 75 to 30 cm) and Husqvarna J 55 S (range from 101 and 24 cm). And remember: the wider the range, the more adjustable the unit will be.

Which case?

A lawn mower is a tool that must be used correctly. And how to increase the term of its use? Choose the right body material! So, the Castel Garden XS model is made of galvanized steel, and most units from Husqvarna J 55 S are “dressed” in ordinary steel. It is clear that the best self-propelled gasoline mowers are made of galvanized steel: it has a high level of corrosion resistance and aesthetic appearance, while ordinary steel cannot boast of such indicators.

What is a grass catcher?

A grass catcher is an important part of any machine, making it easier to mow the lawn. If the mower is equipped with such a device, then you do not have to remove the mowed grass from the lawn after you have finished mowing. over, each manufacturer decides for himself whether it is necessary to equip lawnmowers with gasoline-driven self-propelled mowers. How to choose? If this part is present, then it is either hard or soft. Rigid is easy to use. it is easier to sprinkle grass from it, it is easier to wash, and air will pass through the holes. Soft grass catchers are placed only on powerful devices.

Weight and Drive

Choosing garden tools, we strive to ensure that it is convenient, light and ergonomic. Depends on the weight of the lawn mower, how much its operation will be up to you. For example, with the power of a lawn mower, the Patriot PT 41 BS petrol self-propelled are small in size and weigh only 23 kg. The unit confidently copes with small areas. As for the drive, most models are heavy, so they drive on wheels.

Rating of popular models: for summer cottage and not only

All lawn mowers are divided into types depending on the type of power. they are domestic, semi-professional or professional. Let’s start with the simplest models, which are suitable for use on small and medium areas without tall thick grass and bumps. As a rule, these are not very powerful and easy-to-use self-propelled gasoline mowers. The popularity rating of models for giving is approximately the following:

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  1. Viking MB 545 T. This model stands out with its bright stylish design, but above all. comfortable work. All controls are thought out so that the user is comfortable. The grass catcher is rigid, has a fill indicator, which is very convenient. you can always release it from grass in a timely manner. The height of adjustment varies in seven modes, the mulching function allows not only to mow the lawn, but also to fertilize it with cut and chopped stems.
  2. Interskol GKB-44 / 150C. This is another simple model that makes it possible to process a plot of up to 12 acres. The mulching function, a rigid grass catcher, convenient location of the controls, easy start by a manual starter are the features of this model.

For an experienced user

For operation in medium and large areas, more powerful gasoline self-propelled lawn mowers are required. The popularity rating of such models includes units with a capacity of 5-7 hp. We offer an overview of the most popular models:

  1. TORO 20331C. This technique is ideal in terms of value for money. The brand’s products are highlighted in bright red, the model is self-propelled and can operate in three modes: collecting cut stems (the grass catcher has an impressive volume of 90 l), mulching and throwing out from the side, therefore it is easily customizable in accordance with the user’s preferences. Cleaning is convenient due to the ability to connect to the garden hose body.
  2. Husqvarna W 53 CSB. This manufacturer pays close attention to reliability and functionality, so the unit is made of durable materials with high wear resistance. Accordingly, it can be exploited for a long time. The cutting height is adjustable for all wheels at once or separately, so you can always choose the best option specifically for the user’s requirements.

Professionals Choice


The products of this brand have proven their worth. Models are designed for operation in different conditions. Each series is a quality tool that allows you to make the process of caring for the site simple and convenient. The innovative Ready Start easy-start system, the Vario continuously variable drive, the practical brake / clutch of the knife. all this distinguishes the products of this brand.

In the fourth series, self-propelled lawn mowers “Viking” MB 448 TC attract attention. They are equipped with a convenient one-sided handle, making it easy and simple to operate the unit. In a short space you can mow a huge lawn. Thanks to a well-thought-out valve positioning system, low fuel consumption is ensured, and the mowed grass moves with a powerful air stream into the grass catcher. The convenient handle is not only ergonomic, but also provides more access directly to the grass catcher.

Self-propelled lawn mowers “Viking” of the 6th series are designed to work with large areas, are characterized by simple operation, high starting power and performance.


As already mentioned, gasoline lawn mowers are the most convenient and economical to operate. The American brand Craftsman offers a wide selection of quality equipment that makes gardening more convenient, faster, easier. A well-thought-out design is the guarantee that minimal harm will be done to the environment. Lawn mowers gasoline self-propelled "Craftsman" 37000 allows you to mow grass over a vast area. The case of the model is made of steel, which serves as reliable protection against shock and wear. The handle folds, so the unit takes up little space. If you turn on the mulching mode, the grass will be crushed and crumble into small particles throughout the lawn. Thanks to the Smooth Start system, an easy engine start is provided.


The Swedish brand Husqvarna always offers high-quality equipment, which makes it possible to make many works more convenient. The manufacturer pays close attention to its products, created in accordance with existing norms and standards. In the line there is a model for domestic and professional use. The models are thought out in such a way as to process plots of varying degrees of complexity. with tall grass or on steep slopes.

Husqvarna self-propelled petrol lawn mowers have always been in demand by customers due to the numerous modifications, simplicity and ease of use. Consider the most popular models of this brand:

What to choose?

Modern manufacturers are pleased with a variety of gardening equipment, offering high-quality and reliable self-propelled gas mowers. How to choose? It is worth starting from the total area of ​​the site, as well as its features. If the territory is too overgrown, then a more powerful model is required, if you constantly monitor your site, an unprofessional aggregate is enough.

So, for working in areas with tall grass, the following models are suitable:

  1. MB 6 RH. This is a self-propelled lawn mower, which has good maneuverability, has a built-in freewheel mechanism, which makes it possible to deploy the unit during operation. The height and steering wheel are adjustable, so the user has the opportunity to customize the device individually in accordance with their needs. Self-propelled lawn mowers for tall grass are ideal for mowing tall grass in meadows and lawns, roadsides, and lawn mowing.
  2. Caiman RM 60S. This model is ideal for professional use when you need to clear the area from shrubbery and weeds. High power, the rotary mower with centrifugal knives perfectly copes even with surfaces on which there are stones.

For uneven areas

Most modern sites can not boast of a flat surface, which is convenient to work with. As a result, you have to choose self-propelled gas mowers for uneven areas. Most models confidently cope with work on a sloping uneven area. The most popular mowers of this type include:

  1. Craftsman 37430. The large diameter of the wheels ensures a smooth ride on any surface. In addition, the wheels adequately respond to any irregularities in the soil. Thanks to the Smooth Start system, the engine starts easily. It has a grass catcher that is easily emptied thanks to the EZ Empty Bag system. You can set the cutting height in five standard positions.
  2. Stiga Turbo 48 S H. This model is ideally suited for work on uneven territory. Distinctive features include large wheels providing maneuverability. Dynamic speed control allows you to change the engine speed in literally one effort.
  3. Snapper. Each lawn mower of this brand allows you to process large areas due to high productivity. A powerful 4-stroke engine provides ease of use for the model.

Follow the rules

Gasoline self-propelled lawn mowers. devices that require care during operation. To use the device safely, you need to consider a number of rules:

  1. Assembly must be done carefully.
  2. Prepare fuel: experts advise using fluids recommended by the manufacturer of the equipment.
  3. Before the first start, you should carefully read the instructions.
  4. Lawn mowers should only be used for its intended purpose, so as not to harm the lawn and not lead to damage to the machine.
  5. Work with devices is carried out with the use of protective equipment: closed clothing and shoes, glasses, headphones, gloves.
  6. Maintenance and care of structures must be timely.