Which Petrol Trimmer Is Better

How to choose a gasoline trimmer for a summer residence, selection criteria

Before choosing a petrol trimmer, you need to know at least briefly the basic parameters of the tool. The key when choosing a petrol trimmer will be how often you plan to use it and what areas it is intended for.

Based on this, the best gasoline trimmer for your specific area is selected according to the power and performance of each individual model.

Trimmer knife and line

The line included with the trimmer is only used for cutting grass. Several types of fishing line are distinguished by the type of pattern:

Which Petrol Trimmer Is Better
  • In the shape of an asterisk. For green decorative lawns or young grass;
  • In the shape of a square. For tall, thick-stemmed grass;
  • In the shape of a circle. A versatile look, suitable for both lawn and woody and dry grass stems, leaves.

For cutting branches, cutting shrubs, you will need a knife. There are models equipped with only a fishing line, and there are models with both a fishing line and knives.

Gasoline trimmer for giving, which one is better to choose

Gasoline mowers and trimmers are very convenient, compact and maneuverable, suitable for work in any country. They cope with grass in areas with different terrain and different sizes. Their use is especially beneficial in narrow, hard-to-reach places for the lawn mower. Plus, they are cheaper and easier to maintain than a lawn mower.

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  • Types of trimmers on a gasoline engine
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  • How to choose a gasoline trimmer for a summer residence, selection criteria
    • Engine type and power
    • Trimmer knife and line
    • Petrol trimmer handle weight and type
    • Additional accessories
    • Advantages and disadvantages of a petrol trimmer in the garden
    • Universal

      They look like professional ones, but they can also trim lawns, that is, the canvas trimmed by it will be uniform, even and beautiful.

      Additional accessories

      Before choosing a lawn trimmer, explore the full capabilities of each model. Some of them are endowed with additional useful functions. It can be a snow plow, anti-vibration system. For hand comfort, quick start of the trimmer with decompression device, which increases tool life.


      Their power is higher. 2-3 l. S., respectively, and more gasoline for a professional trimmer is consumed. Such a trimmer performs a much larger volume of work and has a knife in the configuration, that is, it cuts both grass and thin branches, bushes.

      It is also equipped with a shoulder strap and anti-vibration system. But also when working, it requires rest every 30 minutes and cleaning the cutting part of grass.

      Grass Trimmer Selection Options

      Understanding the key features of the garden tool, you can choose a model that is well suited for specific tasks and will NOT cause unexpected problems. Here are the basic options for choosing grass trimmers.

      Line diameter

      This indicator varies from 1.4 to 3.3 mm and indicates the ability of the cutting element to cut a certain thickness of the stem and branches of the shrub.

      1. For a summer cottage, 1.4-2 mm is enough, which will allow you to remove grass and maintain a neat appearance of lawns.

      2. Workers who monitor the condition of the roadside, where thick grass often grows, need to purchase 2.4-2.7 mm.

      3. For the improvement of a neglected area, a strong fishing line of 3.0-3.3 mm is needed, capable of cutting through stiff stems and bushes.


      Another indicator of productivity is the speed of the cutting element per minute.

      1. In low-power versions, this parameter is not prescribed because there they are below 7000 per minute.

      2. In more professional models, there is a take-off of 7,500-12,000 rpm.

      3. For a summer residence or a small enterprise, 6000 rpm is enough.

      4. For large volumes of work, 9000-12000 rpm is required.

      The principle of operation and the device of the grass trimmer

      Grass mirrors. This is a garden tool for cutting green vegetation with a soft stem and NOT thick dead wood. Unlike lawn mowers, the machines are lightweight and are worn by the operator on belts rather than rolling on wheels on the ground. Low weight makes it easy to transport the devices to the work site and quickly move from site to site.

      With the cutting edge of the trimmer you can:

      • Keep the grass on the lawn low;
      • Mow it between houses and along paths;
      • Remove deadwood thickets next to the roadway;
      • Cut off vegetation directly under the fence;
      • I cultivated the green shores of reservoirs.

      Trimmers are less expensive than lawn mowers, and the increased maneuverability makes them easier to use. Such a tool is bought by both residents of the private sector and utilities, as well as enterprises to take care of the existing territory.

      The process of using a garden tool is to put the body on the operator’s body using special belts. The trimmer head is brought to the grass and the button on the handle starts the engine. The torque is transmitted to the bobbin through a rigid shaft in the tube of the machine. The head contains a cutting element, which cut grass stalks at high speed.

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      To prevent impacts on solid objects and sticks flying out into the face, a protective cover is provided that covers 40% of the circle of the diameter of the tool cutting part.

      Most modern trimmers have the following device:

      1. Motor (electric or gasoline)

      2. Fuel tank (in the case of an internal combustion engine)

      4. Handle for direction (1-2 pcs)

      5. Rigid shaft for transmission of rotation from the engine;

      6. Bobbin with cutting element (line or knife)

      7. Protective cover;

      8. Belt mount.

      Types of grass trimmers

      The trimmer cutting unit is removable or non-removable. Depending on this, the functionality of the models differs. But all trimmers fall into three categories.

      Mounting type

      To operate the device, it is hung on the operator’s body. One or two belts are provided for this.

      1. The use of a single belt trimmer is used for giving or beautifying a small company area.

      2. In the case of a large area, a knapsack fastening will be required, which evenly distributes the load and reduces vibration.

      Electric trimmer

      Electric trimmer. This is a hand-held mower that is powered by an electrical network. Among its indisputable advantages are:. light weight (with an electric trimmer it is easy to operate a woman or teenager). low cost (a good trimmer can be purchased for 2-5 thousand rubles). little noise during operation;. start from a button.

      Due to its low weight, the electric trimmer also has a relatively low power. They can mow the grass near the house, but if the landscape is complex with differences, then the task becomes much more complicated. In addition, some shrubs and plants are simply impossible to mow with such a device, the line is constantly torn, and the motor overheats.

      Among other things, there are other disadvantages to an electric trimmer: attachment to an outlet. This applies to most budget models. If a large area is required to mow, then several extension pieces may be required. In addition, the wires can cling to shrubs and trees. Using the electric trimmer after rain is also not recommended, as there is a high risk of short circuits.

      There are electrical models that work not only from the mains, but also from the battery. The weight of the trimmer is significantly higher, instead of the standard 1.5-3 kg, it is 4.5-5 kg, which is not always convenient. Battery powered electric models are supplied with a shoulder strap. Such trimmers cost an order of magnitude higher: 4-7 thousand rubles.

      Which trimmer is best. Gasoline or electric. Articles

      • Which trimmer is best. Petrol or electric
      • How to choose a lawn mower
      • How to choose an electric lawn mower

      The grass on the plot near the house grows quite quickly. Manual oblique mowing is not always convenient, and it takes a lot of time. But the mowing with a hand trimmer will take a few minutes. There are two types of trimmer: gasoline and electric. Each of them has a number of their pros and cons.

      Petrol trimmer

      There are several advantages to a gasoline trimmer:. mobility (you can use it anywhere, even near the house, even in the field);. high power;. refueling at any time;. high performance.

      Petrol trimmers are not much more expensive than electric trimmers, so the price cannot be any special criterion when choosing. The weight of the device depends on how large the gas tank is. There are trimmers with a tank volume: 0.5 liters, 1 liter, 1.5 liters. The more volume, the more weight of the trimmer.

      There are two types of gasoline trimmers: two-stroke and four-stroke. In the first type, gasoline diluted with special oil is poured into the tank. In the second. Oil and fuel are filled separately. At the same time, the power of the four-stroke trimmer is several times more, and the noise effect from work is less.

      If the model is provided, then in addition to the fishing line, you can also put a rotor attachment on the gasoline trimmer, which is designed for cutting small trees and large shrubs. The only drawback of gasoline models is the way they are turned on. It is required to pull a special cord-winder, which requires some physical effort.

      It is impossible to say unequivocally which model is better, gasoline or electric. It is worth remembering that for mowing grass in large and densely planted areas, it is more advisable to purchase powerful gasoline trimmers, and light electric models will also cope with mowing lawn or monotonous grass in small areas.

      Pros and cons of using a gasoline engine in trim tabs

      The advantages of a gasoline engine are weight, the key ones are the following:

      • Mobility. The tool turns out to be autonomous, you can work with it anywhere and as much as you like. The main thing. This is to have gasoline and engine oil in stock for a quick refueling.
      • Power. Even the inexpensive petrol trimmer outperforms the most powerful electric models in terms of performance. Therefore, if we are talking about regular mowing of huge areas of high weeds, then only a trimmer with a gasoline engine will cope with this.
      • Repairing a failed engine is possible and advisable. The design of a gasoline engine in trimmers is extremely simple, and it will NOT be a problem to purchase spare parts (sometimes parts even from chainsaws are suitable).
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      But the disadvantages in gasoline trimmers are also enough:

      • Weight. A gasoline engine weighs 2.3 times more than an electric one. It is difficult for a heavy lawn mower to cut neatly. Yes, and it will work continuously for only 30.45 minutes, then the operator will definitely have to take a break and allow his hands to rest (even if a shoulder strap was used).
      • Engine starting. In lawn mowers, the engine is started with a manual starter, similar to chainsaws. And if it is cool enough outside, then it is not always possible to start the trimmer the first time (especially when the candle has not changed for a long time and has NOT been cleaned of carbon deposits).
      • Maintenance. In gasoline trimmers, you have to regularly service the gearbox.Monitor the oil level, clean the carburetor, spark plugs and jet (if any). If the owner of the trimmer misses at least one of the points, then the tool will not last long.

      In the design of the lawn mower

      Electric lawn mowers design

      Both electric and gasoline lawn mowers have the same principle of operation and a similar design, consisting of the following parts:

      • Engine (gasoline or electric)
      • Shaft (transfers rotation from the motor to the bobbin)
      • Spool (where the line or knife is placed)

      The engine in lawn mowers can be located either at the top of the rod (in all gasoline engines they do this), or directly near the bobbin (found in electric ones, this parameter is called the “upper” or “lower” engine location). The second option, that is, with the bottom placement of the motor. Not the best choice. Although it is more convenient to work with this trimmer, the engine can be easily damaged by branches or thick weeds. And even with the lower engine position, it is undesirable to work with the trimmer after rain or early in the morning (when the dew has NOT melted).

      The shaft can be of two types: flexible (power is transmitted through a cable) and rigid (power is transmitted through a revolving shaft with a gearbox). The second option is more reliable, but it is found only with the upper engine location, and trimmers of this design are somewhat more expensive.

      But the bobbin design differs significantly from manufacturer to manufacturer. They are conventionally divided directly into plastic and metal. The former are most often put in electric lawn mowers, the latter. Into powerful gasoline.

      Review of popular models

      • MAKITA EBH341U

      Installed a 4-stroke engine with a capacity of 1.44 hp. Straight rigid shaft, T-handle (convenient to operate with two hands). A very powerful model (there are no analogs with an electric motor yet), for 1 hour of work, you can put in order 10. 15 acres of overgrown area. But only a knife is included, the bobbin for the line is sold separately. Minus working with a knife. This is not a very wide coverage of the mowed strip. Price. 27 thousand rubles.


      The model belongs to the budget price category. 2-stroke engine, 2.4 HP (But in practice it turns out to be less productive than the above considered Makita). The set includes a bobbin, the option of installing knives is provided. The bar is collapsible (when disassembled, the braid fits into any trunk). Average price. 8.8 thousand rubles.

      • uleo-Mac Sparta 25

      Refers to the middle price category. Declared power. 0.8 HP, two-stroke engine. Key feature of the model. The use of forged components in the engine, from which they rarely break down. The manufacturer, by the way, gives the lawn mower a 2-year warranty. Holder. 2 handles, the rod is NOT demountable, the transmission of force through a rigid shaft. Ultra-reliable trimmer, albeit low power. Average price. 15 thousand rubles.

      • Hitachi CG22EAS

      Miniature gasoline scythe with a 0.63 hp engine. Rigid shaft, double grip handle, disc included. Due to its low weight, it is very convenient to work with it, and mowing the lawn is also good. All buyers of this model note the ultra-low consumption of gasoline, the absence of vibrations during operation. Average price. 14 thousand rubles.

      • Daewoo DABC 4 PRO

      According to many buyers. The best option in the mid-range. Motor 4-stroke 2 HP Ideally suited for hay making due to the wide coverage of the mowing strip and also due to the powerful engine. The set includes a disc, a bobbin is also available. Grip on 2 handles, transmission of force through a rigid shaft. Price. 16 thousand rubles.

      • Vitals BK 5226a

      Lawn mower of budget price segment. But, despite the low cost, the engine is here at 2.6 HP, build. Latvian, but the transfer of force is carried out through a cable and one that is installed from the factory. Not the best quality. For home. Not the best choice, but for active haymaking. A good selection among cheap options. Price. Around 8.9 thousand rubles.

      • Green Garden GGT-5600

      At one time, this lawn mower was the best-selling in the budget price segment. Power. About 4.2 HP At maximum load, power transmission via cable, 2 grips. But the main feature: the set includes a knife, a bobbin, and even a reel with fishing line. But the quality of all the accessories. Medium-low, so to speak. But the price. Decides, the average is only 7 thousand rubles.

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      Pros and cons of electric trimmers

      According to the majority, electric trimmers. The best option for caring for a personal plot, and not exceeding 5.7 hectare in area.

      The key advantages of such lawn mowers over gasoline are as follows:

      • Weight. The electric motor weighs much less, so it is much more convenient to work with such a trimmer. It is mobile, suitable for mowing narrow paths and places where a conventional lawnmower will NOT pass.
      • Maintenance. During the operation of electric trimmers approximately 1.2 times a year, it is only necessary to change the lubricant in the gearbox (if the shaft is rigid). Once every 2 years, it may be necessary to replace the brushes of the electric motor, but it is better to entrust this procedure to specialists (it will be inexpensive).
      • Economical. Electricity. A cheaper source of energy than gasoline. If the operating time of an electric lawn mower will cost 3.4 rubles, then a gasoline one. At 50.60 rubles (depending on power and load).
      • It costs less. The electric motor has a simpler design, hence the price is lower.

      And from the disadvantages it is worth highlighting:

      • Low reliability. An electric lawn mower does not tolerate critical loads (like any other tool with an electric motor).
      • Low power. For home garden maintenance, lawn mowing. A great option. But buying an electric trimmer for making hay or cleaning a garden of 15.20 acres is clearly not worth it. The situation is even worse with battery trimmers, the power of which sometimes reaches only 200.300 watts.
      • Dependence on the socket. This is true for both plug-in trimmers and those that run on battery power. The latter function in standalone mode for only 30.60 minutes (Makita produces high-capacity batteries for its trimmers, but the tool does not work with them for more than 90 minutes on a single charge).

      Review of popular models

      • STIHL FSE 7

      550 W motor, powered by 220V. The trimmer has a curved bar (such a rigid shaft cannot be used). The set includes a spool for line up to 2 mm. Cutting width. 35 cm. Handle. D-shaped. Price. 8.5 thousand rubles, but a guarantee from the manufacturer. 24 months. There are NO complaints about the reliability of the tool on thematic forums.

      • GREENWORKS G24LT30

      Cordless trimmer in a budget price category. The set includes a battery and a charger. They are purchased separately (the total cost of additional accessories. From 1500 rubles, batteries are of different capacities). Power. Up to 100 watts. Bobbin for line (0.8 to 1.6 mm). This trimmer only deals with low weeds, ideal for lawn mowing. Price. 4.6 thousand rubles (without battery and charger).

      • Daewoo DABC 1400E

      An entry-level trimmer. For those who have NOT used them before. A good option. Power. 1400 W, D-shaped holder, there is a cable in the rods. But for its parameters, the braid weighs a little. It is allowed to use a fishing line with a diameter of up to 1.6 mm, but it easily gets up and 2 mm even without boring the bobbin. The kit also includes a knife. The bar is collapsible, the only drawback. Very short power cord. Price. 5.5 thousand rubles.

      • Hyundai Z 1000

      Trimmer with 1 kW motor. Feature of the model. Curved bar, with it it is much more convenient to mow the lawn. But the scythe copes well with ordinary weeds. Line diameter. Up to 2 mm, power transmission via cable. Price. 6 thousand rubles.

      • Bosch ART 23 SL

      With its low power of 280 W, it is enough for quick mowing of small areas, flower beds. And due to the very low weight, it can even be held with one hand (there is a belt in the kit, it is simply not needed). But you can’t put knives, there is no fastening for this either. Price. 2.5 thousand rubles.

      • Stark GT 1300

      1.3 kW motor, suitable for both knife and line up to 2.4 mm. Barbell. Rigid, collapsible. The price is quite low, but the assembly and production is done in Germany, so the quality. On high. Price. 5 thousand rubles.

      • Iron Angel ETR1400

      The engine is 1 kW, but the number of revolutions when using a line reaches 6.2 thousand per minute. Copes well with tall weeds and thickets. The only caveat: it often overheats, but the temperature sensor always works well, cooling takes up to 5 minutes. The set includes a bobbin (not of the best quality) with a fishing line, and a knife. Power transmission through rigid shaft, D-shaped handle. Price. Only 4.5 thousand rubles. Probably, it is precisely due to the low cost that the model is popular.

      Which trimmer is better: electric or gasoline?

      Previously, you had to take care of your own summer cottage with the introduction of a hand braid. The tool, although reliable, is not practical, and it’s hard for them to work. The traditional braids are now replaced by trimmers, they are also lawn mowers. But if everything is extremely simple with the choice of a braid, then there are a lot of trimmer variations on the consumer market. And figure out which one is better and why without practical experience with the tool. Impossible. And which lawn mower is better: petrol or electric?