Which side to cut the mirror

Frame for a mirror made of pipes

A beautiful mirror frame doesn’t have to be made from familiar materials. In this master class, we will make an interesting, no less stylish design using the simplest polypropylene pipes.

which, side, mirror

  • plastic pipe;
  • glue gun;
  • electric saw;
  • sandpaper.

We carefully cut the plastic pipe into rings of the same thickness. If necessary, you can make notes on it. We process them using sandpaper. This is necessary in order to make them even and without various burrs.

We glue the parts together in such a way that their combination matches the shape of the mirror. We glue the parts directly to the mirror from the back side.

We leave the product to dry. After that, we boldly hang the mirror by the rings.

Mirror with lace frame

Many people think that the mirror should have a classic wooden frame. Of course, this is true if the design of the room is made in the appropriate style. Otherwise, there is always room for experimentation and unusual combinations.

  • round mirror;
  • lace doilies for the cake;
  • scissors;
  • Double-sided tape;
  • parchment;
  • spray paint.

We spread parchment on the work surface for protection. Put a lace napkin on top of it and paint with spray paint. Leave it to dry completely, not less than an hour.

We glue double-sided tape to the back of the mirror. Cut off the protruding ends carefully.

Remove the upper part of the film and glue the painted lace napkin to the mirror. We press it well to glue the entire surface.

A stylish decorative mirror with an unusual frame is ready! All that remains is to fix it on the wall. If you wish, you can make several mirrors in the same style. Together they will look like a complete composition.

Original mirror decor

We will prepare the following materials:

  • mirrors. 2 pcs.;
  • gift wrap or wallpaper;
  • pen or pencil;
  • glue;
  • scissors, utility knife, or scalpel.

We unwind the wallpaper and gift wrapping to decide what to use for decoration. Cut out small rectangles to make them easier to place on the mirror.

Cut the paper carefully to fit the mirror. In this case, a scalpel is used, but you can use scissors or a clerical knife.

Apply a few drops of glue and apply the prepared piece of paper.

We repeat the same with other paper or wallpaper. It is best that they have a different pattern. This allows you to create an interesting patchwork mirror design.

The result is a rather unusual hexagonal pattern that is great for decorating a round mirror.

If you wish, you can make a few more mirrors with a similar decor. To do this, we suggest using paper in a different color scheme.

We cut the paper to the shape of a mirror, and then glue it.

Stylish mirrors are ready! By the way, over time, you can change the decor. To do this, you just need to separate the paper and glue another one in its place.

Creative mirror decoration

To make the mirror look more original, it is not at all necessary to make an unusual frame.

  • mirror;
  • glass cutter;
  • adhesive paper;
  • spray paint in gold color;
  • metal ruler;
  • varnish;
  • Scotch;
  • protractor;
  • sandpaper;
  • marker;
  • knife;
  • gloves;
  • protective glasses.

First, we wipe the mirror and place it on a stable work surface.

We apply a protractor to the corner of the square and make serifs. We repeat the same on each of them. We put on glasses and gloves for protection. We apply a ruler and trace along the mowing line with a glass cutter.

Press lightly on a piece of the mirror to break it off. We repeat this at every angle.

Wipe the surface of the mirror with detergents and napkins.

Glue adhesive paper on the front of the mirror. We make markings on it, as shown in the photo. Using a special knife that does not leave marks on the mirror, we cut out the strips.

Gently sanding the edges of the mirror.

Apply spray paint to the surface and leave it to dry. After that we apply varnish. We remove the adhesive paper from the mirror, wipe it and install it in the most suitable room for the style.

Wire frame

In the process of work we need:

  • mirror;
  • scissors;
  • expanded polystyrene sheet;
  • pencil;
  • thick gold wires;
  • glue gun;
  • gold-colored acrylic paint;
  • nippers;
  • knife;
  • twine;
  • nail.

We put a mirror on a sheet of expanded polystyrene and draw a circle around it with a pencil. We retreat literally 2 cm and draw another circle. Carefully cut out the workpiece with a knife. We paint it gold and leave it to dry.

Using wire cutters, cut the wire into pieces of the required size. We bend each of them in half. We insert the wire on the four sides of the workpiece, after which we fill in the gaps with an equal number of rays.

Apply a thick layer of glue to the back of the mirror and glue it in the center of the gold blank. Press for a more secure fit and leave to dry.

We take a small piece of twine and make a knot.

We put a carnation through it and fix it with hot glue.

We insert a carnation into the workpiece from the back of the mirror.

A mirror with an original, unusual decor is ready! It will become an accent in every interior.

DIY mirror frame decor

Mirrors have long been a stylish element of decor in any room. Surely you paid attention to the fact that the design options of an unusual shape have a rather high cost. This is not always justified, besides, many simply cannot afford to purchase such an expensive decor. Therefore, today we propose to make original and no less attractive options with our own hands.

Mirror design ideas

Anyone can create an interesting mirror design. This requires just a little practice and the result will not be long in coming. Bring ideas to life and share your work in the comments.


Safety engineering is of great importance when cutting mirrors at home. Compliance with it will save you from possible injuries and help not to spoil the mirror during operation.

To ensure complete safety, you will need:

  • put in perfect order at the future workplace, remove all unnecessary, containers for waste and the tool required for work to arrange so that they are freely available;
  • before starting work, you need to make sure that the glass cutter and pliers are in good condition;
  • the cutting process should be started in a calm state, without excitement, all movements should be smooth, sharp should be avoided;
  • to avoid cuts, do not touch the edges of the glass with your hands without protective equipment;
  • you cannot cut the mirror on surfaces that are not suitable for this;
  • in the event that work is carried out high above the ground, it is strictly forbidden to dump the cuttings down, they must be taken with you;
  • when removing pieces of mirrors, you should be careful: if they are cracked, you need to take only one fragment at a time;
  • when moving the mirror from a room with a low temperature to a warm one, you need to give it time to warm up;
  • dust and crumbs left after cutting must be removed with a special brush, in no case must be blown away;
  • if you were wearing overalls, then before taking them off, you need to thoroughly shake off.

We must not forget about safety measures, they must be observed during work.

If suddenly it is not possible to provide the necessary conditions for the process of cutting mirrors, then it is better to postpone it for a more suitable time.

How to cut a mirror with a glass cutter at home?

  • What tools will be needed?
  • Precautions
  • Things to consider when working?
  • Step-by-step instruction

Probably not a single room is complete without mirrors. They are needed not only to look, they can be used in various design solutions for interior decoration.

If there is a need to cut a mirror, then you need to keep in mind: the material is fragile, which can cause certain difficulties. To avoid this, you can use the services of professionals. But if you are a neat person and will use the recommendations of this article, then it will be quite possible to cope on your own.

Things to consider when working?

As in every case, when cutting a mirror at home, there are some nuances that must be taken into account. Before starting work, you will need to read the advice of professionals and study the cutting technology. All this will help you better understand the process and prevent or reduce damage to the mirror.

You should know such important little things:

  • during cutting, the tool must be held perpendicular to the surface, a minimum deviation of several degrees is allowed;
  • the table for supporting the glass must be level and firm;
  • the incision is required to be made in one precise, fast and continuous movement;
  • it is highly not recommended to change the pressing force during the cutting process, only about half a centimeter before the edge of the mirror, you can weaken the force to avoid chipping;
  • glass is cut from the far edge towards you;
  • an incision is made only on the face of the mirror;
  • when using a roller glass cutter, if the cut is made with high quality, then there will be a dark mark on the mirror, if the mowing line is whitish, then most likely the glass is not completely cut;
  • when using a diamond glass cutter, the trace on the mirror will always be white;
  • when using a long ruler to prevent slipping on its edges, you can put on segments from bike tubes.

A very important addition. In no case should you deepen the poorly obtained incision, since it will not be possible to repeat it exactly, and the following actions will only lead to the fact that the mirror will be damaged and only a smaller element can be cut out of it.

What tools will be needed?

Before you start cutting the mirror with a glass cutter, you need to prepare all the tools, materials and fixtures.

  • First of all, the mirror itself.
  • The table on which the work will take place. It should be flat and smooth. And necessarily larger in area than the mirror itself.
  • Cutting agent. The highest quality cuts can be made with a diamond glass cutter, roller requires a lot of effort and skill.
  • Long and straight ruler, at least 8 mm thick.
  • Fine sanding paper. for finishing edges at the notch.
  • Rubber pliers.
  • Fabric, any fabric can be used, but linen works best.
  • Measuring tape or meter.
  • Small hammer.
  • Rags.
  • Water tank.
  • Alcohol and soda.
  • In order to make the markup, you must have writing materials (marker, chalk or pencil).
  • If you need to cut out curly parts, you will need patterns. They can be made from chipboard, plywood or plastic.

It is imperative to worry about the safety of eyes and hands, it is required to protect them from fragments that may appear during work.

In this case, you will need glasses, thick cloth gloves and a medical plaster.

Step-by-step instruction

For those who have never done the work of cutting mirrors, this will seem a rather complicated and time-consuming process. But if you do everything according to the instructions and follow the precautions, take actions calmly and without haste, then everything will work out for you.

A step-by-step guide to help you get it right.

  • A previously prepared canvas is laid on the working surface.
  • The next step is to clean the surface of the mirror with a soda solution and then wipe it with alcohol. If you ignore this step, grease or dust particles may prevent you from making an even cut. This is especially true for roller tools.
  • Next, you should apply the markup. It is necessary to check that it is in close proximity to the cut line of the cut (that is, it is located at a distance of 2 mm from the desired point).
  • Make the cut using the tips listed above.
  • Now is the most crucial step. It must be done very carefully and correctly. Place the mirror so that the incision is over the edge of the table. Then, with one hand, the glass is pressed against the table surface, and with the other you need to make a slight downward movement to break it off. If suddenly this did not happen, then you need to lightly tap with a hammer on the mowing line of the notch from the back side, from the far edge to the near.
  • If the part to be cut is too small to break off by hand, you can use pliers or special grooves on the glass cutter.
  • At the final stage, you need to go along the edges of the cut with fine sandpaper.

Novice carvers first need to practice on small elements, and then proceed to the main task.

How to cut a mirror correctly, see the video.

Preparatory work for cutting the mirror

Before talking about how to cut a mirror according to all the rules, you need to make preliminary preparations for this work. It includes:

  • Preparation of materials and tools.
  • Mirror surface preparation.

Cutting the mirror with a glass cutter: a. diamond; b. roller.

The surface of the mirror should be well cleaned with a soda solution and a rag. It is necessary to carefully remove dust, dirt and all kinds of greasy stains from its surface. Before you start cutting the mirror, you need to leave it for several hours in the room where the work will be done for adaptation. Make sure that there are no extraneous scratches and cracks on its surface. Mirror. the material is very fragile, so you need to handle it carefully, using a quality tool.

To complete the work, you should prepare materials and tools:

  • Mirror.
  • Glass cutter.
  • Soda solution, rag, container.
  • Metal ruler.
  • Roulette.
  • Marking pencil.
  • Hammer.
  • Soft cloth.
  • Pliers with rubber gaskets.
  • Kerosene.
  • Flat table.
  • Sandpaper.

Glass cutter is a specialized tool designed for cutting mirrors and glass.

Breaking a mirror: a. with your hands; b. glass cutter; in. a cog; d. pliers.

It consists of a metal holder with a cutter and a handle with special grooves to facilitate breaking off the cut piece of the mirror. Depending on the type of cutter, this tool can be diamond or roller. The cutting part of a roller glass cutter consists of a wheel made of durable hard alloy, while for a diamond tool it is a piece of technical diamond. A glass cutter with a diamond cutter should be considered more expensive and durable.

It is important to observe safety precautions in this type of work. In order to avoid being damaged by shrapnel, the eyes should be protected with special goggles, and the hands with gloves. Work should be done carefully, without haste.

Detailed instructions: how to properly cut a mirror with a glass cutter

Types of glass cutters: roller and diamond.

The main stages of work on cutting a mirror with a glass cutter

Now you should consider detailed instructions on how to properly cut a mirror with a glass cutter. First of all, the mirror is placed on a soft cloth that covers a flat and stable table surface. The work is carried out from the front side. First, the mowing line of the cut is marked, using a ruler, tape measure, marking pencil.

Dremel Tools & Accessories : About Dremel Glass Cutting Tools

Cutting a mirror with a moving ruler.

During the entire cutting process, a long ruler is applied to the applied marks, and it is imperative to indent from the mowing line by 2 mm for a roller glass cutter and 4 mm for a diamond cutter. This is due to the displacement of the mowing line of the cut during operation by an amount equal to the distance between the side surface of the tool holder and its cutting edge.

During operation, the glass cutter is firmly pressed against the surface of the mirror and the ruler. The cutting edge of the tool must be exactly perpendicular to the cut line. Carefully, without hurrying, with a uniform movement in the direction “towards you” and with the same effort carry out the line of the cut.

\ The cutting movement can be carried out only once and without stopping. The force of pressure on the tool is slightly reduced approximately 5 mm to the edge of the mirror in order to avoid unwanted chipping and jumping off of the tool from its surface. The specialist is able to determine by ear the correctness of the cutting. by the characteristic slight crackle. It should be noted right away that when using a roller glass cutter, more force will be required than when using a diamond tool.

How to cut a large mirror without breaking it

Double-plate vacuum suction cup is used for carrying mirrors and glasses.

The appearance of an unpleasant squeak or an uneven cut line during operation means: either the glass cutter used is defective, or the pressure is applied too hard. The cutting element of the tool can be immersed in kerosene for a short time if the notch mark is not visible during use. If you cut the mirror correctly, then a thin, even line of transparent color should remain on its surface.

Now comes the second crucial part of the work: the separation of the cut element. To do this, the mirror must be put on the edge of the table and, holding it with one hand, with the other sharply press on the cut fragment, which should separate from its main part. If this does not happen, usually with a large thickness of the mirror, then you can use a small hammer and gently knock it on the mowing line of the cut, then repeat the process of separating the fragment. In some cases, rubber-padded pliers are used to remove cut-off shards of a thin mirror. The trimmed sharp edge can be sanded or abraded with an emery wheel.

Thus, having selected a high-quality glass cutter and observing detailed cutting instructions, showing patience and accuracy, you can cut the mirror yourself, if necessary, without involving specialists in this work.

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