Why do I need an electric chain saw. Features of the location of the engine

Electric chain saws article

Electric chain saws are very convenient in private farms and in dachas. For use on your site there is no need to buy gasoline, which are more expensive and more difficult to maintain. Good electric models can be bought for 4-5 thousand. Of course, by their capacity they will significantly lose to gasoline counterparts (winning in price), but in most cases they will be enough.

Gasoline saws make sense when really very large volumes of work are coming, or there is no way to connect to the mains. In other cases, an electric chain saw is a great option. In this article we will figure out which one is better to choose, what characteristics should you pay special attention to.

Network or battery?

Electric chain saws are divided into two categories: network and battery. In almost any article about equipment that is produced in these categories, we advise without serious need not to buy batteries. And saws are no exception. After all, the network has only one drawback: it is necessary to use the extension cord. And where there is no way to connect to the mains, it will not work to work at all or you will have to use the generator.

The batteries are autonomous and more mobile: there is no need to pull a long extension cord, if you have to work far from the outlet, and the shutdown of light will not become a nuisance. Of course, the battery does not sit down yet. But they are more expensive (their design is identical, with one exception. the presence of batteries) and harder. And the battery life is limited by the battery capacity rarely exceeds 2-2.5 hours. However, this can be solved by a spare battery, and in any case, electric saws are not intended for very long operation.

In most cases, preference is given to network models, which is a right solution. However, if you need a battery chain saw, it can buy it, other shortcomings, except for a higher price, weight and limited work time, they do not have.

How to choose a chain electric saw

It is difficult for an ordinary user to choose the option suitable for specific operating conditions, without overpaying for excessive power or embittered brand. For this reason, it is necessary to focus on the criteria below.


The power plant can act as a power source:

  • Household network with a voltage of 220 V is the most common option. Among the advantages, one can note the almost unlimited time of work. Of course, the electric saw is not intended for prolonged continuous use, since the engine quickly overheats. However, such nutrition eliminates the need to take long breaks. It is worth noting that the tool is “afraid” of the voltage jumps, which leads to the need for a stable network. Cons are obvious: the area of ​​use of any saw model is limited to the length of the wire. This drawback is decided by the acquisition of a generator with an internal combustion engine, but this is rarely advisable, since you can save significantly by buying a chainsaw immediately.
  • Removable battery. the option is less popular due to the limited time of the tool. On average, one battery is enough for 20-30 minutes of continuous operation, which is simply not enough to carry out most targets. And the operability of the battery is highly dependent on the ambient temperature. But such a saw is more convenient in circulation due to the lack of wires, it is mobile, does not require a power grid.

Many batteries of batteries do not include a battery and a charger in the kit, so that their purchase will have to be spent separately, and the total cost of such a tool may increase by 2 times.

Tire length

This parameter corresponds to the power of the electric motor, is indicated in millimeters or inches, determines the thickness of the barrel with which the tool is able to work. With an increase in the length of the tire, the overall resistance to the rotational moment increases, as well as energy consumption, so that the passport indicates either the recommended fixed value or the range, for example, from 250 to 350 mm.

need, electric, chain, features, location, engine

In most cases, tires 25-40 cm long are installed on electric saws. Shorter ones are simply impractical, therefore they are extremely rare. For domestic use, it is considered to be optimal to size 35 cm.

If there is a question of choice between two models with different lengths of tires, but the same power, preference should be given to the one in short. Such a saw is more convenient in work and will cope with the task much faster.

The step of the chain

This parameter determines the cutting ability of the tool, affects the quality of sawing. The chain step is half the distance between the first and third rivets of the links. Electric saws are equipped with a chain with a step:

  • 0.325 “and 1/4”. a low profile chains for household operation, for example, in garden work or when repairing wood products. With prolonged loads, the chain with one of these steps is quickly stupid, but gives a clean neat cut with even edges, has a low level of vibration.
  • 0.375 ”, better known as 3/8”. the most popular and demanded step for professional and household activities. Such chains have greater vibration and performance, but they saw out inaccurately, and therefore are used for draft work and any tasks where the speed is important.

The greater the step of the chain, the more “decomposed” the edges leaves the saw, but the faster the wood trunk is performed.

The location of the electric motor

There are two options, and each of them is easily determined by a visual examination:

  • Longitudinal. the axis of the engine is directed parallel to the length of the tire. The saw is easier, their body is narrower. The pluses include maneuverability, balancing, convenience of work at the corners. Minus. decreased output power in the gearbox. In addition, at the start of the saw, it twitches to the side.
  • Transverse. engine shaft is located perpendicular to the length of the tire, while the engine itself can be installed on the left or right. The center of gravity of such models is shifted in the front part, which makes the tool convenient for vertical sawing. Such saws are wider, more reliable, do not have a starting return, almost without loss transmit power from the engine to the circuit.

There are models with a vertical location of the engine, but there are very few of them.


The larger this parameter, the higher the speed of work with a saw and the depth of the cut. Powerful models are heavier, which is why they are less convenient with angular sawing. For garden work, saws for 1.5-2 kW are suitable. Options with an electric motor for 2-2.5 kW are already related to a professional class, designed for long-term work on a solid tree. There are electric saws up to 9 kW, which are used for rolling trunks.

As already mentioned, less powerful models are easier. Weight. a criterion that must meet the tasks. In the garden, for example, it is more convenient to operate with saws weighing 3.5-5 kg, which will avoid tire of hand when sawing at the corners and at a height.

The method of stretching the chain

There are two options for a chain tension adjustment system:

  • Besucheva. installed on more expensive models. It is a barn handle located on the side, which rotates by hand. A convenient, but less reliable option, since there is a chance to accidentally knock down the settings.
  • Instrumental. It can be a screw for a screwdriver or a turnkey nut. A more reliable option, but requires the presence of an appropriate tool at hand.

Additional criteria and functions

  • Ergonomics. The shape of the case and handles, the presence of rubber anti.slip or soft inserts on the latter, which increases the convenience of work.
  • Chain brake. mandatory function. It is realized in the form of a special shield behind the front handle, by pressing the chain stops for a split second.
  • The engine thermal protection provides a power outage when overheating, which prevents breakdown.
  • Random.start lock. a safety button that blocks the setting key press.
  • Smooth start prevents the “twitching” of the tool when starting, provides the engine protection from the maximum values ​​of the starting current.
  • The inertial brake is designed to quickly stop the circuit. It is not found on every model.

The best inexpensive chain saw electric saw

The saw Huter ELS-2400 of the budget price segment is designed to carry out various household repair work and care for the garden. The model is equipped with a 2400-watt electric motor with a longitudinal location and has a 450 mm bus. Its length of 18 ”is optimal for sawing thick logs and bars. The ergonomic rear handle provides a hard grip of the tool by the operator, the accuracy of the saw increases due to the gear stop, there is protection against random start.

The maintenance of the circuit for 62 links is simplified by the automatic lubricant system, and its tension is regulated by rotating the lamb without the need to use specialized keys. For the security of the operator, when rebooting the saw, the front emphasis is provided, starting the brake, which instantly stops the movement of the chain.

Electric saw HUTER ELS-2400 requires connecting to a single-phase household network, the key located on the rear handle is responsible for its launch. At the bottom there is a special latch that prevents disconnecting the tool plug from the outlet during operation. Given that this is a fully electric tool, it is suitable for indoor work, since it does not have harmful emissions.


  • Power: 2.4 kW.
  • Power: from network 220 V.
  • Tire: length. 450 mm (18 ”), groove width. 1.3 mm.
  • Chain: number of links. 62, step. 3/8 ”, speed. 14 m/s.
  • Engine: with longitudinal location.
  • Closure tension: non.shock type.
  • Weight: 7.5 kg.

Advantages and disadvantages

The characteristics of the headset and the relatively low power prevent the electric saw from becoming a full replacement for gasoline analogues. However, even in this comparison, the power tool has a lot of significant advantages.

  • Electric saw is easy to use and does not require skills in handling a gasoline engine.
  • An electric unit is much lighter and more compact than its gasoline “counterparts”.
  • The electrical technique is low.noisy and does not emit harmful fuel combustion products into the atmosphere, which makes it possible to use in closed rooms.
  • The electric chain saw has a lower cost, both when acquiring and during operation.

It should be understood that even the best professional chain saw has disadvantages, especially in comparison with gasoline models.

  • In most household models, the engine is rigidly connected to the gearbox without an intermediate coupling. That is why the power unit is subject to overloads that occur due to a dumb circuit or when jamming the headset in the processed material.
  • The power of the electric motor directly depends on the voltage in the power supply network. This is especially true for owners of country houses and cottages, where voltage problems are not uncommon.
  • The dependence of network electric saws on the power point makes it possible to use the tool on a relatively small area limited by the length of the network cord.

However, manufacturers of power tools solved the problem of energy dependence by establishing the production of autonomous battery models that allow you to use this tool quite productively in places where it is impossible to connect to a stationary energy system.

The main selection criteria

I understand the question of which model of the chain electric saw will behave better in solving certain problems, it is necessary to immediately determine where, how much and for what work the tool will be used.

Like any power tool, an electrical chain saw can have a domestic or professional purpose.

  • The professional version, as a rule, has great power and can work non.stop for a long time with very intense loads. That is why models from a professional series are best suited for regular operation. The main disadvantages of professional tools are the high cost and impressive mass.body indicators.
  • Household tool has a simpler design, the result of which is a low price of the device. Such electric saws are compact, ergonomic and have a low weight. The main disadvantage of the models of the household series is a very limited time of continuous operation.

Electric Chain Saw vs. Gas-Powered Chain Saw

In addition, when choosing a chain electric saw, you should always pay close attention to the technical characteristics of the model.

Chain saw Household chain saw Professional


Despite the wide scope of use, the main purpose of chain electric saws is wood sawing in small volumes and garden care. Based on the purpose, manufacturers are component of their models with relatively low.power power units.

need, electric, chain, features, location, engine
  • The power of chain electric saws of the household segment is in the range from 1.5 to 2 kW. This, as a rule, is enough to solve most tasks related to repair and construction work in a private house, when caring for a garden, green spaces.
  • If regular and prolonged use of electric saws in hard work is planned, it is better to focus on professional models with power in the range from 2 to 3.5 kW.

It should be noted that the high power of the tool will create a large load on the power system, which can lead to its failure, up to the burnout of the wiring and creating a fire hazardous situation.

The location of the electric motor

Electric chain saws can have a different constructive solution for the method of installing the engine. Distinguish:

  • Longitudinal location of the power unit. The engine is located along the axis of the saw headset. Such a constructive solution provides good balancing, increasing the maneuverability of the tool and reducing the load on the hands of the operator during intensive operation.
  • With the transverse location of the engine, the center of gravity is somewhat shifted from the axis, which allows the tool to work as confidently as possible in the vertical plane, but makes the process of horizontal sawing of the material complicate.

Which model of chain electric saws to choose for home and cottage? Based on the multitasking of this tool in domestic conditions, pay attention to the tool with the longitudinal location of the power unit.

Tire length

The length of the saw headset of chain electric saws varies from 25 to 60 cm. The smallest tires are installed in low.power equipment designed to care for green spaces, processing wood waste. Large saw sets are used on powerful professional equipment designed to work on logging and construction scope. Based on the foregoing, experts recommend the “golden mean”. A universal option will be a tool with a length of a saw a headset from 30 to 40 cm.

Smooth start

Necessary option for an electric chain saw. The “Smooth Start” system creates conditions under which the tool smoothly gains speed, reducing the load on the energy system and preventing the “jerking” effect, which can lead to an injury to the operator.


As noted above, the lubrication system of the chain electric saw consists of an oil pump and oil tank. When operating the engine, the pump automatically supplies the lubricant to the chain. Pay attention to the models in which the adjustment of the oil pump performance will be implemented. Only in this way, the operator can correctly adjust the correct lubrication of elements based on the viscosity of the composition.


Electric chain saw is an instrument of increased danger. To protect the operator as much as possible from injury, and the equipment from excessive wear and premature failure, manufacturers equip their models with multi.level security systems, which include:

  • The brake of the chain. Made in the form of a shield of the operator’s hand protecting the hand. When “rebound” the tool, the shield involuntarily moves, which leads to instant blocking of the circuit.
  • Protection against unintentional inclusion. Made as a second start button. Only with simultaneous pressing on two buttons, the voltage immediately arrives at the motor windings and the tool is launched. It is almost impossible to perform such an action unintentionally.
  • Overheating protection automatically stops supplying electricity to the power unit when the temperature exceeds the engine windings arising from high load. This function protects the motor from failure.

What else should you pay attention to when choosing a good model is the design of the mechanism for adjusting the tension of the chain. During operation, the circuit is heated and stretched. To prevent slipping, it must be periodically pulled up.

The tension mechanism can be implemented by two solutions:

  • Classical. Holding screws are released, the tire moves to the desired chain tension. The screws are delayed. Disadvantage. the need to have the necessary keys at hand.
  • Beskhokycheva. This option allows you to quickly pull the chain without an additional tool.

Disk saws

Electric manual saw is used for sawing and dissolving boards made of wood, wood-bearing plates (wood-bearing plate, laminated woody plate, OSB, wood-fiber slab, wood-fiber plate), as well as plywood, floor laminate, plastic panels and metal.

For each type of material, the appropriate equipment is installed. For example, for work on wood on wood, a conventional circular saw is suitable, and a diamond disk is required on concrete.

The disk saw has a simple design consisting of an electric motor, a gearbox, a supporting plate (sole) and a cut.type cutting tool.

Units of this type are produced with a drive operating not only from the mains, but also from batteries. But you should know that an unit working on the battery is able to work effectively for no more than 10-15 minutes. Therefore, if you need to work as a tool for a longer time, you should prepare in advance the interchangeable fully charged batteries.

Basically, the disc saw is used as a hand tool, although it can be installed under the table. The device is held with the hands and conducted by the workpiece with the guide tire. Turning support stove of the tool allows you to cut the workpiece at different angles.

When choosing a disk tool, special attention should be paid to the following parameters.

  • Power. A hand tool can have a power from 800 to 2500 watts. For domestic use, you should choose an medium.power unit. up to 1200 watts. This will extend the operating time without overheating and increase its service life. For the professional sphere, of course, you need a device with a capacity of 1200 to 2500 watts, since the productivity of the tool depends on this parameter, as well as the possibility of installing a large diameter on it.
  • Number of revolutions per minute. This parameter can vary in the range from 1800 to 5200 rpm. But you should know that the low.power engine will not be able to develop the speed declared by the manufacturer, especially when sawing solid wood.
  • The depth drank. This parameter depends on the power of the unit. Low.power devices are capable of drinking a cut with only 65 mm depth. powerful units can delve into the workpiece to a depth of 130 mm. Based on this, before choosing the tool, you must clearly imagine what thickness of the workpiece you will saw it, so that in the future there are no problems with the depth of cut.

Hand disk saws include submersible saws. At first glance, a submersible tool is similar to a regular disk, but still has the following differences:

  • The saw disc is completely hidden by the protective casing and is located above the level of the sole of the device (in non.working state);
  • Before turning on the device using a special regulator, the equipment immersion depth is installed;

Due to the fact that the saw disk can be lowered using the handle, the unit is used for:

  • groove cutting anywhere in the workpiece;
  • performing cuts in any planes;
  • installation of cabinet furniture;
  • floor repair (removal of worn boards).

The main parameters that should be taken into account when choosing submersible saws are power and speed. All recommended parameters that were discussed above for circular saws are also suitable when choosing a submersible disk tool.

Disk desktop saws

Depending on the model of the unit, a turning table can be installed on it, allowing to cut the workpiece at different angles. The machine is also equipped with guides and stops. Almost all the beds of desktop units go with an attach to the table.

Miniature Rechargeable Lithium Battery Electric Chainsaw Review

Table circuits are used in small workshops to perform various auxiliary operations, for longitudinal and transverse cutting of wood and wood plates (wood-fiber slab, wood-fiber slab, laminated wood and steam plate), as well as for sawing the listed materials from an angle at an angle.

For domestic use, models with a power of 1000-1200 W are suitable, with a disc 205 mm and the ability to saw blanks with a thickness of up to 45 mm. But it is worth considering the fact that household appliances can only be used for a short time, preventing the engine overheating. If you need a circular for small production, then it is better to choose a device with a capacity of 1.5 to 2 kW. They are usually designed for prolonged use and have sufficient power for sawing solid wood.

Sharpening of the chain at home

Understand that it is required to sharpen the electric engine circuit is possible by several signs:

  • During operation, the bus “leads” to the side;
  • The speed of sawing has significantly decreased;
  • The chips have the shape of needles, and there is a lot of dust in it (sharply sharpened teeth produce a homogeneous shape of square chips).

Sharpening rules

Starting to sharpen the incisors of a chain saw, you need to have an idea of ​​their design, consisting of:

need, electric, chain, features, location, engine
  • link bases;
  • cutter shoulder blades;
  • cut depth limiter;
  • vertical blade;
  • upper blade located horizontally.

To give the chain of maximum cutting properties, its blades are growing at certain angles. The cutting ability of the equipment mainly depends on the front angle, angle of the upper blade and angle of sharpening.

The cutter of the cutter should be tilt back and form the rear angle. It is needed to deepen the upper blade into the material.

To form the rear angle of the end blade, the back of the scapula grows. This angle is responsible for cutting chips (lateral).

For the formation of the front angle (from 60 ° to 85 °), the end edge is responsible. It is measured relative to the lower part of the link.

To give the corner of the rear of the upper blade, its back is pulled. The angle may have a value from 50 ° to 60 °.

The angle of sharpening is measured at right angles relative to the tire.

The more important the angle of sharpening is, the more productive the tool becomes. If this angle is reduced, the vibration will significantly decrease, and the saw process will occur more smoothly.

The sharpening angle should be no more than 35 ° and at least 25 ° if the equipment is intended for sawing across the fibers. But this rule does not apply to longitudinal chains. They have an angle of sharpening equal to 10 °.

Each cutter has an emphasis that limits the depth of cutting the blade into wood.

Normally, the distance between the upper part of the scapula and the emphasis should be from 0.5 to 0.8 mm.

Sharping algorithm of the teeth of the chain

Circuits for electric and chainsaws, especially with carbide attacks, are usually hidden on a machine specially designed for these purposes. The latter has a sharpening disk and a rotary table on which the equipment is attached.

Sharpening of circuits with your own hands requires a special adaptation that helps withstand the required sharpening angles during this operation. It will also be necessary to prepare two files: one with a flat profile, and the second with round.

To sharpen the saw, follow the following actions.

  • Squeeze the aggregate tire in a vice.
  • First, the cutting edge of the teeth is edited. Put the adapt on the equipment as shown in the photo below.

Important! The restraint of the saw depth cannot be grinding without a template. Excessive deepening of the saws of the saw into the material, which will lead to an increase in the load on the unit engine, enhance vibration, deterioration of the accuracy of sawing and increase the risk of return on the risk of returns, will cause excessive norms.

Electric chain saw

The tool is equipped with an electric motor and works from the 220 V network. You do not need to buy fuel and refuel the saw. It does not emit exhaust gases, so suitable for use in closed rooms. Usually an electric saw is not as noisy as a tool working on gasoline. In most cases, it is easier and more convenient in operation: the engine does not need to be started manually.

But there are weaknesses. The electric motor is unstable to voltage drops. What does it mean? Imagine that you have stupid teeth on the chain and you saw the barrel. In this case, the load on the engine is growing. it does not cope and at a critical moment simply fails. The same happens when the voltage drops. Therefore, it is important to follow it, especially when you are outside the city. In addition, electric saw can not work in the rain and with increased humidity.

The main differences between electric saw models

The higher this parameter, the greater fluctuations in the network can withstand the tool. But, on the other hand, the weight and size of the saw will also be larger. higher. For work in the garden, a tool with an engine for 1,000 watts is suitable, for regular sawing of trees or construction in the country, a saw with a capacity of 1.5–2.5 kW is preferred. Aggregates with higher indicators are used for daily long.term work.

There are electric saws with a transverse and longitudinal location of the engine. The former is usually shorter, more compact, however, the center of gravity is displaced, which complicates management. It is easier to control saws with a longitudinal engine, and it is more convenient to wield them.

Additional functions and parts of chain electric saws

Smooth engine starts protects the network from overload. This is especially true in the city where electric equipment may not be in the best condition.

Blocking random inclusion eliminates injuries. In order for the chain to rotate, you need to unlock the power button with the thumb and only then press it.

Chain brake stops the saw. It is located on top of the tool and made in the form of a shield. If the saw discards the saw from the workpiece, you automatically press it with your hand.

Thanks to the system protection system, the saw stops working when the engine reaches a critical temperature.

Closing a chain stretch: you manually pull the handle so that the chain does not sag. It does not need a key or screwdriver.

Automatic lubrication of the chain. The oil pump works with the saw engine. There is no need to manually supplier the oil on the chain or dip the entire tire in grease.

Tundra’s electrical chain saw of random inclusion

Battery saw

Such a tool is also equipped with an electric motor, only works from the battery. These models, like all electric saws, have a small noise and lack of exhaust. But their main advantage is autonomous work. You do not depend on the outlet while the battery is charged.

On the other hand, there are disadvantages: the battery increases the weight of the saw and takes time for charging. However, the last problem is solved by the spare battery.

Electric chain saw: design, principle of operation, rating of the best models

Electric chain saw. a tool that is very needed on the farm, especially when living in a private house. It helps in construction, cleaning the territory, solves many other problems. We’ll talk in more detail about how to choose a good chain power saw, which will serve its owner for a long time.

The design of the chain electric saw consists of the following elements:

  • Tire is a metal or polymer plate along which the chain moves a chain with sharpened teeth connected to it, which directly cuts the processed materials.
  • Drive asterisk. a metal part that transfers the energy of an electric motor to a circuit.
  • Clutch clutch. a mechanism that provides contact of the electric motor and drive asterisk.

The length of the tire and the drive star on each model of the saw are calculated. Therefore, in no case can you install an incomplete tire. Many mistakenly believe that this will lead to a higher saw speed. However, in practice, this causes an overload of the electric motor and clutch, and subsequently, the breakdown of these nodes.

The principle of operation of the electric saw is very simple: the engine rotates due to electric energy, transfers its energy to the asterisk, and that transfers it to the chain.


By the type of nutrition, they are:

The first type is powered by a household electrical network. The device is connected to it using a cord. This has both advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, the duration of the tool is not limited by the battery charge. On the other hand, he can only work where electricity is carried out or where the generator is installed.

Another minus of this type of power tools is the limitation of the movements of the one who works with it is the length of the cord. The problem can be solved by increasing the wire or by connecting the extension cord. However, this is still not very convenient.

Battery power pipes operate at the expense of the built.in battery. It also has both pros and cons of. The main advantage of instruments of this type is a high degree of autonomy. They can be taken with you anywhere. They also allow you to freely move around the workspace, not being tied to a power source. However, the battery is able to work without recharging only 2-3 hours. In addition, it significantly weights the weight of an electric saw, which makes work with it less comfortable.

need, electric, chain, features, location, engine

Which saw to choose, they decide depending on the prevailing working conditions. If you work mainly at home, they prefer network. If you need to often move from place to place, leave far from settlements, then because of its autonomy the battery device is more suitable.

Depending on the location of the engine, the saw is divided into two varieties:

The transverse engine, as the name implies, is located across the case. This greatly simplifies the design, since the drive star and the clutch system in this case are attached directly to the shaft of the motor. No additional nodes are required.

This makes the mechanism much more reliable, and also allows you to install a more powerful engine (a simple design can withstand serious loads). However, this also has a drawback. the engine cover appears in the side of the tool, reduces the convenience of working with it, significantly reduces its maneuverability.

In longitudinal electric spike, the engine is located along the engine. Thanks to this, their size is much smaller than that of transverse. In addition, the maneuverability and convenience of handling the power tool increases. However, such a design requires a special gear component between the engine, an asterisk and the clutch node.

The need for it is due to the fact that it is simply impossible to install an asterisk parallel to the chain and the bus in this case. Such a gear node complicates the structure and makes it less reliable, and also does not allow you to install a powerful electric motor on the device (it may simply not withstand the load created by such a motor).

How is a chain electric saw

For housekeeping, plug of trees and caring for the adjacent territory to the farm will need an appropriate tool. The electric chain saw to cope with the tasks at a moment does not require special maintenance, it is quite mobile. The main principle of action is the transformation of electric current into mechanical energy, due to which the circuit rotates. The main nodes in the electric saw:

  • Electric motor located in the case.
  • Tires guide to maintain the cutting element on the spot.
  • The chain is sawing.
  • Oil pump for cooling and lubricating the chain.

Manual models of chain saws of the first models were admitted in a bulky case, thanks to a gasoline engine located in the aggregate case. They required frequent maintenance, t.to. The engine worked at maximum loads without concomitant cooling. Mobile chain electric saws allowed to avoid problems with nutrition, smoke exhaust gases, which allows you to work with an impenetrable space.

Carock of oil tank

Oil of the filling hole is in the case, closed with a cork. The average capacity of about 150 ml, which allows for dependence on speed, work at least 2 hours. When working with an electric saw, the level of oil in the system should be controlled, otherwise it is possible to ruin the engine and the cutting element.

Oil enters the tire by pumping with a special pump. Most modern models are equipped with an intensive lubricant system, which regulates the oil supply, depending on the loads on the canvas.

Electric motor

The main function of the electric motor is the creation of rotational movements that are transmitted to the canvas. The transfer of effort is a direct drive or a conical gearbox for work at increased speeds. The latest models are equipped with a centrifugal type adhesion system, which automatically stops the engine on critical loads. Reliable and durable instrument service is achieved due to the presence of a lubrication system for moving parts.

Chain and tire

The chain performs the cut of materials, subjected to constant loads. Equipped with cutting edges, is located to the guide tire. Due to the larger circuit width, a constant oil approach, jamming is excluded.

The principle of operation of the electric saw

The operation of the electric saw is carried out in accordance with the maximum loads specified in the technical documentation. Chain saws when using, have some features. The process begins with the connection of the tool to the household network 220 V, pressing the button. The engine is set in motion, transfers rotating power to the chain mechanism through the gearbox or transmission.

The chain fixed on the tire allows you to saw the canvases. The lubrication of the chain occurs due to the oil pump located in the housing. In modern electric saws, the force is controlled, depending on this, the right amount of oil to the canvas is supplied.

TOP-10 of the best chain electric saw-leaders of the modern market

If you need to choose a high.quality electric saw, but you do not have time to study its characteristics, then we offer you our rating of the most reliable models, the use of which will bring you exclusively. The following electric saws included our review:

  • The 10th place is occupied by Makita BUC122RFE-it is an electrical compact saw designed to perform various landscape work, garden care and small construction. The electrical circuit of this model is as simple as possible, which allows you to quickly repair it with your own hands;
  • At the 9th place is the Husqvarna 436 LI saw-this semi-professional model has a slight weight and is equipped with an effective system for extinguishing vibrations. Among the minuses, the excessive cost of the saw should be highlighted;
  • The 8th place is occupied by the Al-ko EKS 2400/40 saw-this is a professional model that is used for longitudinal and transverse sawing of wood, as well as a single cutting of trees;
  • At the 7th place is the saw Huter Els-2400. The model in this modification successfully copes with the sawing of large bars and cutting small trees;
  • 6th place we occupy an electric makita UC3530A-this is one of the best models in a semi-professional class. Among the pluses of the saw, good balancing and excellent build quality are distinguished;
  • In the 5th place, the Makita UC4010A model is located-this saw is equipped with a smooth launch system, ergonomic rubberized handles and a non-clockwork mechanism;
  • At the 4th place is the Patriot ESP 1816 saw-one of the cheapest and high-quality saws in the category of semi-professional tools. Among the advantages, the presence of a high.quality automatic lubrication of the chain should be highlighted;
  • The three leaders are opened by the MTD ECS 18/35 saw. the pluses of this model include the presence of a metal gear, which significantly extends the life of the tool;
  • The 2nd place is occupied by the Makita UC4041A model-this saw has high-quality assembly and high power, which allows you to use it to solve almost any household problems. It is on the basis of this saw that all kinds of home.made units are often created;
  • The leader of our ranking was the electric Bosch Ake 40 S saw. this is certainly the best model in the class of semi.professional saws. It is perfectly balanced, has a function of smooth launch and non.clock replacement of the chain.

Our rating did not include Ukrainian electricians, as well as production. Their quality is still noticeably inferior to imported analogues, but the cost of domestic equipment is an order of magnitude below all these models.

How to use electric saw. recommendations for beginners

Proper operation and carpet care is the most important factors on which the life of the tool you have chosen depends. A number of factors and a number of factors, adhering to which you can work with equipment, without worrying for its breakdown, will be able to help in this. The basic rules for using the saw include:

  • regularly sharpen the saw chain. this will create a minimum load on the tool motor. Chinese electric saws suffer from working with a blunt chain-because of this, their engines are almost instantly overheated;
  • Correctly store the electric saw. this issue will be especially relevant for batteries, which should be saved only in warm and dry rooms;
  • In no case do not use the saw for strong voltage drops on the network. some models of equipment are not equipped with a protective relay, which will lead to instant overheating and failure of the saw engine. Especially often, all the same Chinese saws suffer from tension changes;
  • Work with a saw only in a dry room away from water sources and moisture.

Compliance with all these recommendations will help you avoid a sudden repair of your equipment and unnecessary financial costs.