Why does the lawnmower stops on load

The lawnmower cuts out at high revs on gas

Perhaps the most common complaint associated with gasoline trimmers, sounds like this: “lawn mower stops“.

Naturally, this can also be caused by a fairly severe malfunction. lawnmower doesn’t rev, cause back. But in most cases, the situation is even simpler than it seems at first glance.

To cope with such a mishap, first, try without the help of others to understand its causes, because, having found the cause, with a mishap to fight more easily, and sometimes it even samolikviditsya.

In fact, the circumstances is when the lawnmower cuts off at high speed, there are many of these circumstances.

Another is the presence of defects in the power supply system.

Possible mower malfunctions and troubleshooting

What to do if the tool does not work as it should? Read the recommendations of the specialists.

Unable to start engine.In this case there are several possible causes:

  • “Filled” spark plug. To solve this problem, you need to use the manual and follow the instructions to start the engine with a “flooded” spark plug. You do not have the manual handy? Then do the following: set the starting system to the “RUN” position (the designation may vary depending on the model of lawnmower), with the throttle trigger necessarily pressed. Then pull the starter handle until the power unit does not start. If after a long time and many attempts the engine will not start, it is advisable to call the service center for assistance from a competent specialist.
  • The fuel tank is empty. If this is the case, everything is simple. Fill the tank with the right fuel mix (if you have a 2-stroke mower) or put oil in the crankcase and gasoline in a special tank if you work with a four-stroke tool, such as the Honda UMK 435 T UEDT.
  • The spark plug does not give a spark. Replace the old part with a new one
  • It is possible that the fuel does not come to the carburetor. Check to see if the fuel filter is dirty, it may need to be replaced. Check the fuel line, it may be loose or damaged. It may also need to be repaired or replaced.
  • Last reason is the factory settings are off and the carburetor needs adjustment. In this case, you can try to cope with such a fault of the lawnmower yourself according to the instruction manual, but it is better to contact the service.

Engine does not idle properly. The causes may be as follows:

  • Adjustment of the carburetor is required, what should be done in this case, we described in the previous paragraph.
  • The crankshaft seal may have worn out, there is only one way out: Contact Technical Service.
  • Low compression ratio. The help of a competent specialist is also required.

The engine does not accelerate well, loses power, and begins to stall with increased load.What are the possible causes in this case:

  • The air filter is contaminated. It must be cleaned or replaced with a new one.
  • Spark plug is dirty. It also needs to be cleaned or replaced. Pay attention to the gap, it may need to be adjusted.
  • Carburetor needs adjustment. For solution, see the section under “Problem Solution” in the Service Manual.1.
  • There may be a large amount of soot on the muffler. Contact the service center.
  • Low compression ratio. A service technician is also needed in this case.

The engine is emitting excessive smoke.Let’s move on to the causes of this mower malfunction:

  • The choke may be partially open. Check oil level and drain excess oil.
  • Bad fuel mixture. First of all it is necessary to empty the tank completely. Second, prepare a new fuel mixture in the correct proportions and fill the tank with it. Note that gasoline must be fresh (no more than two weeks after purchase at the gas station).
  • The air filter is clogged. Clean or replace with a new one.
  • The carburetor needs adjustment. See. Point 1.

The engine is overheating.This malfunction is caused by the following:

  • Bad fuel mixture. Refer to previous point for solution.
  • Faulty spark plug. Replace with a replacement part recommended by the manufacturer.
  • The carburetor needs adjustment. See. point 1.
  • Muffler is blocked with soot deposits. Contact the service center to solve the problem.

Manufacturers would like to warn you that before you do any of the above or inspect the tool, stop the engine and disconnect the spark plug wire.

Causes of malfunction and remedy

To most accurately determine the cause of malfunction of any brand of grass trimmer (e.g., Echo) and find out the possibility of fixing it, you need to establish at what action the device stalls. The engine may turn off both at idle and at high revolutions, when heated under load or immediately after starting, etc.д.

If the engine stalls after the gas is turned on

Owners of gasoline mowers quite often mention that the lawnmower stalls when the gas is pressed. This failure usually occurs due to problems in the carburetor. Failure in its operation can occur due to prolonged storage, use in difficult conditions, significant overloading of the motor. The symptom of such a breakdown will be vibrating movements of the device during operation.

Note! Users familiar with automotive carburetor repair can try to repair this important grass trimmer assembly on their own, using the instruction manual. If this is not the case, the right solution is to ask for help from a service center.

Sometimes the grass trimmer stalls when you throttle because the fuel valve is clogged. It interferes with the gasoline supply. To eliminate the problem, you only need to loosen the valves. This will restore the normal fuel supply to the carburetor.

Another possible reason why the lawnmower stalls when the gas supply is contamination of the breather (check valve). This part prevents the appearance of vacuum in the gas tank. If it is clogged, no air is getting in and therefore no fuel is going to the carburettor. To fix the problem, you need to clean this element.

If the carburetor stalls at high revs

If the carburetor stalls at high RPMs, it means that at idle and small he has enough incoming fuel, and for work on high already not enough. Then check the grass trimmer if the following parts are working correctly.

  • Fuel hose. its integrity may have been compromised by cracking. In this case you need to replace the part. Or maybe you just need to tighten the clamps.
  • The filter screen between the carburetor and the gasoline mixture hose. it could be clogged. In this situation it is necessary to clean the part.
  • The valve on the gas tank lid. it could be stuck or clogged with debris. It also needs to be cleaned.
  • Carburetor. probably caused by constant vibration and misalignment. This is usually characteristic of cheap Chinese parts. To correct the problem you need to make adjustments according to the instructions. In some cases, it is enough just to loosen the tightening of the carburetor body. If the adjustment fails, it is necessary to install a new element.
  • In addition, you should check the air filter. It may need to be flushed and cleaned or replaced with a new one because it could get clogged with dirt and grass particles from tilting the machine when mowing in hard-to-reach places.

If stalled at idle

If the lawnmower cuts out when idling, this can be caused by several factors.

  • First you need to check the prepared fuel solution, if we are talking about a four-stroke trimmer, working on a gasoline-oil mixture. There is a chance that it is not made correctly. the proportions are not maintained. This causes heating of the reducer and lowering of the revolutions on the drum.
  • Another possible cause is a clogged choke, air filter, or carburetor. These parts need to be cleaned.
  • Another possible factor is a misadjustment or improperly performed adjustment of the carburetor. Re-tune the machine according to the instructions.
  • You can also observe this problem when the air damper is opened. In this situation, the lack of fuel for the grass trimmer is the fault of the air flow.

If the device does not have enough fuel, it works fine at high revolutions or when they increase, but it stops when idling. If the root of the problem is the carburetor, the lawnmower will turn off and cold start, and on hot.

If it stalls after starting

If the machine starts and shuts down immediately after starting, it indicates improper adjustment or misalignment of the device. As a result, the fuel flows irregularly into the engine, causing significant vibration and shutting down the grass trimmer. To fix the breakdown, you need to readjust the device according to the user manual.

Another likely problem is a clogged gasoline mixture valve. It must be cleaned.

To recap! If the grass trimmer starts, but immediately stops, it may also mean that the fuel to the carburetor is moving with difficulty. The problem can be eliminated by loosening the valve. this will ensure an even and free circulation of fuel in the device.

Another possible cause is a damaged fuel intake hose. Air can enter through cracks and holes in the system. To solve the problem, you need to increase the engine speed to get rid of air bubbles that have penetrated inside the device.

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If the mower stalls when the choke is opened

If the machine operates correctly at idle but stops when the choke is opened, it may be an indication of air entering the system through a crack in the fuel hose or damaged seals. To fix it and get your tool going again without bleeding air from the atmosphere, you need to replace the broken parts.

Another possible cause of the breakdown is a malfunction of the carburetor dosing system. To fix this problem, it is better to contact professionals.

If the tool stalls when it heats up

The lawnmower often shuts down when warm. It looks like this. the tool starts, works “jerkily” (not smoothly) and quickly stalls. This situation is caused by fuel boiling in the carburetor or the wrong choke, which should be rotary rather than disc. In the latter case, when the error is detected, the part must be replaced.

Petrol-driven ride-on lawn trimmer Starts AND stops

Why the grass trimmer gasoline does not start? Causes and their elimination

Recently, the gasoline grass trimmer has gained the status of one of the main tools in the arsenal of dacha owners. And this is not surprising, because a motorized grass trimmer allows you to quickly bring the homestead plot in order. But sometimes it happens that the grass trimmer does not start when hot or even when cold. In such situations, we have to independently determine the cause of the malfunction. Let’s find out what to do if the grass trimmer won’t start. The reasons that most often lead to such troubles will be discussed below.

Troubleshooting Strategy

How to start troubleshooting, if the grass trimmer does not start? In situations where the tool stalls immediately after start-up, it is worth inspecting the following nodes of the unit:

It is the breakdown of the above-mentioned locations that most often leads to the fact that the grass trimmer starts badly. Let’s consider how to eliminate such troubles.

Checking the fuel mixture

Suppose you do not start the trimmer for grass. In this case, the first thing to do is to check whether there is enough fuel in the tank, as well as to assess the quality of the fuel mixture. Only high-quality gasoline should be used for fueling a motorized machine. It is recommended to use fuel whose brand is not lower than Ai-95. Filling the trimmer for grass with fuel of unknown origin, bought not at the gas station, is fraught with the occurrence of frequent malfunctions of the tool. This can cause damage to the cylinder-piston system. Repair in such a case is often more expensive than the device itself.

Why the grass trimmer gasoline does not start? Can also lead to this incorrect preparation of the fuel mixture, which consists of oil and gasoline. The proportions in which these components are combined, are specified by the manufacturers in the trimmer’s manual for the grass. Prepare the fuel mixture is highly discouraged in large quantities, i.e. for the future. After all, if it is stored for a long time, the defining properties of the substance are lost. Therefore, if the grass trimmer does not start, it is worth draining the old fuel and use a freshly prepared fuel mixture.

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Diagnose the spark plug duct

What to do if the fuel mixture used is fine, but the gasoline grass trimmer still won’t start? Causes of the mechanism failure may lie in excessive moisture in the spark plug duct. To diagnose and correct the problem, you must do the following:

  • Unscrew the spark plug. Wipe it thoroughly and then dry it.
  • Drain the excess fuel in the chamber through the appropriate spark plug hole.
  • Clean the old spark plug, if there is soot on its surface. Use an ordinary nail file or nail file to do the job.
  • When installing the element in place, set the gap of 1 mm. To check the parameter, it is enough to put any coin in the gap.
  • Reassemble the function module.
  • Try to start the grass trimmer.

It is advisable to dry the spark plug passage for at least half an hour. However, under no circumstances should you resort to burning its elements. After all, the heating of the spark plug can lead to its final deterioration. What to do if the maintenance of the functional unit has been performed in accordance with the above recommendations, but the grass trimmer does not start, the spark is at the same time? In that case it is worth applying petrol to the threaded joint. It is not necessary to soak generously in fuel. It should be only slightly moistened. This is the way to secure the ignition. After all, no matter how strong the spark did not give the candle, in a completely dry chamber simply will not be something to ignite.

lawn mower stalls

Carburetor adjustment, does not start well

,Stops when accelerating. MY Skype: ork.Vitek TEL. 380979677418

Lawn mower stalls or chokes on gas

Even more information about repair and choice of tools on our website www.LookTool.come on in, we are happy to everyone.

If even in this case, the grass trimmer does not start, it is worth evaluating the quality of contact between the high-voltage wire and the spark plug. If there is no spark (if there is a reliable connection between these elements), most likely the problem is caused by a failure of the ignition unit. In this situation, you will need to turn to the services of craftsmen, who will perform the reinstallation of the node.

Check filters

Another common reason for a grass trimmer not starting is a clog in the filter area. To confirm the conjecture, it is enough to dismantle the mentioned unit and try to start the machine without it. If the engine trimmer for grass started, most likely you will have to replace the air filter or at least perform a thorough purge the old. If there is heavy contamination on the surface of the filter element it is necessary to use a new mesh. When resorting to such actions, you should not leave the suction pipe without filter at all. After all, a rush in this case can lead to the need to repair the entire piston group of the unit engine.

Breather cleaning

Often the engine of brand name trimmer models stalls as a result of a clogged breather. The main task of this component is to equalize the pressure in the fuel tank. In the case of contamination of the node here a vacuum is formed, which significantly impedes the fuel supply. Eliminate the malfunction allows cleaning the breather with an ordinary sewing needle.

Diagnosing the exhaust duct

stable operation of the grass trimmer can be broken as a result of dirt build-up in the outlet channel or a clog on the muffler grid. Such a problem occurs most often during the operation of older trimmer models. The issue is solved by dismantling the anti-sparking grid and cleaning it.

How to prevent sudden breakdowns during the operation of the grass trimmer?

To ensure that the unit is always in a functional state, it is worth following a few simple rules:

The lawn mower heats up and shuts down

Modern equipment for the care of the household and utilities are both a great advantage and disadvantage. If the user does not understand how the lawnmower works, he will eventually have to face difficult repairs. It does not always make sense to go to a workshop, you need to learn on your own at least elementary problems. It helps to get the machine back in operation quickly. Often it suffices to carry out the simplest of operations to get it working again.

Frequent breakdowns of the lawnmower

It is necessary to consider the most common cases of overheating, breaking them down into categories. This list is pretty much a complete field repair guide:

  • The most tricky thing is a dirty air filter. The unit stalls, loses power and overheats very often, but this happens periodically. And often the filter is clogged with particles of grass and dust. You can take it out and clean it, but this is only a temporary measure. The more effective way is to change to a new element. For the mowing season, it is advisable to stockpile them in advance.
  • When the load is increased, temperature rejection of a contaminated spark plug can occur. The lawnmower, when warmed up, will stall, and starting will be possible after a certain amount of time has cooled down. A spark plug which is not screwed in tightly does not give a normal spark, the clearance increases and soot is added to it.
  • Overheating may be caused by improper mixing of gasoline vapors and air, an enriched mixture is obtained, releasing too much heat. Only a specialist can adjust this part, it is impossible to cope with it yourself without special knowledge. Carburetor flaps can change deflection as a result of prolonged exposure to natural vibration or a fall from a height. The chainsaw should be supported securely on wood or placed carefully on the ground. Careless storage can also cause malfunctions.
  • If a layer of heavy soot is forming on the muffler, this will answer the question of why the lawnmower is heating. Metal is excellent at dissipating excess heat, and soot is an excellent insulating material. This can even increase engine wear and noise levels, such blockages must be treated with care.
  • Low compression ratio is not the only reason for overheating. This is the most common case of why the lawnmower cuts out when trying to rev up. Compression requires an engine overhaul. It can be repaired in workshops engaged in repair work on motorcycles and scooters. They have all the necessary tools and experience.
does, lawnmower, stops, load
  • The fuel mixture is not right. Gasoline is sometimes of poor quality, with little detonation but an enormous calorific value. This is especially common when trying to refuel “aviation fuel”, something for airplane models or fueling lighters. The forums seldom give useful tips from the homemade. A burnt-out engine may have to be scrapped afterward.

This is a separate category of fault from overheating and should be treated separately for each unique case: The shutter is not fully open. This can be caused by a blockage or by grass particles getting inside. You have to drain the excess oil and then

  • try to clean everything. Sometimes it can be locked in one position. Then power adjustment is out of the question, everything will instantly stall.
  • Faulty spark plugs also affect this. Be sure to look at what type of candle electrode is required for the lawnmower. If it is not specified in the instruction, you need to find out what was in the factory assembly.
  • The gasoline was standing for a long time in conditions of fluctuating temperatures. At the gas station everything is in an underground gas tank. If the canister was in the garage, heated, cooled, then the process is repeated again, stratification occurs. First you need to drain the top, most volatile layer.
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It is difficult to create a single instruction, but the most common cases have been described. Often several problems are superimposed, giving a false idea of a breakdown. If you have no experience with the mechanism, it is better to contact the service center.

Kyivstar tel (068)-572-69-07 Kyivstar tel (068)-108-18-90 Vodafone tel (050)-949-32-64 Vodafone tel (095)-225-24-80 lifecell tel (093)-425-80-72

Where to repair a lawnmower?

If the owner of an electric mower does not have enough knowledge, the repair of your favorite equipment, which allows you to maintain the proper condition of the territory around the house, will help make the service centers, more about which you can learn on the sites:

It’s easy enough to find the reason why the lawnmower won’t start. grass trimmer zenith zts 1400 description. Does not start the trimmer for grass gasoline carburetor. Following our method you can identify the cause of the disgusting start of the gasoline lawnmower and remove

Why the chainsaw stalls? Causes and their elimination.

What to do if the chainsaw stalled? Many owners of chainsaws know the weakest points of their tool, but a situation may arise when the cause was not found at once.This manual will also be helpful to those who have recently purchased a chainsaw.

WARNING! If you have not found your cause in the list below, you can ask your question in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. So, the chainsaw stalled There can be many reasons, because although the saw is not a Formula 1 car, but it is a technical device. Here the main condition for successful repair will be an accurate diagnosis of the fault.Do not immediately proceed to disassemble the chainsaw, you should first check the simplest possible causes of failure. Let’s look at the approximate steps to check the possible cause of malfunction.

(This is the second edition of this article, in which I’ll try to go into as much detail as possible about all the possible causes.)

If your chainsaw won’t start, read more here:


If your chainsaw stalls for no apparent reason and you can’t identify even approximately possible malfunctions, it’s worth going through all the possible causes sequentially. Of course, there are typical, standard faults that we will talk about below, but for now we go step by step!

First of all, you have to prepare it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and by using quality components. Second, deplete the tank completely or drain the fuel mixture before prolonged downtime or preservation between seasons. Read more about fuel here:

A clogged air filter prevents the chainsaw from getting as much air as it should be able to get. That is if the carburetor which mixes air and a fuel mix has been adjusted with one quantity of the arrived air, at pollution of the air filter the quantity of air decreases, and adjustment remains the same and as a result we receive the enriched working mix.

It is not unreasonable to read it:

There may be several sub-paragraphs here, too. The first step is to unscrew the chainsaw’s spark plug and check if it got wet while trying to start. This is especially common when the chainsaw is started by inexperienced users who do not follow the sequence of starting the saw when it is cold. In this case it is necessary to dry the spark plug or screw in a new one and try again according to the instruction. The spark plug stem may be out of tune. To check this you can unscrew the spark plug and put it in the tip put it on the block and pull the starter cord a couple of times. If there is a sparkle, it means that the spark plug and other electrics are OK.

Another step to check the spark plug is to check the gap on the plug and for fouling. For the clearance, see the manufacturer’s recommendations. Generally, it is between 0.5 and 0.65 millimeters.Clean sludge from the spark plug with fine sandpaper or a wire brush. Read more about the plugs here:

4.Check the fuel filter.

As with the air filter, the situation with the fuel filter leads to a change in the composition of the working mixture. Only if the air is contaminated, the mixture becomes richer, and if the fuel mixture is contaminated, on the contrary. poorer. If there is not enough fuel in the mixture, the chainsaw engine will not run. Also, a clogged fuel filter affects the regular fuel flow to the carburetor and into the combustion chamber. This is especially noticeable when the chain saw cuts out when you apply gas.

5.Check the breather plug.

The breather valve. check valve in the gasoline tank of the saw that prevents the vacuum in the tank. If it is clogged, no air is coming in instead of the used fuel mixture and the fuel pump cannot cope with the fuel supply.

It often happens when the primer (pump for pre-pumping fuel) pumped fuel into the carburetor. the chainsaw starts. After the stock of fuel in the carburetor is used up, and, because the breather is clogged, the fuel is not delivered. the chainsaw stops.

In 50 per cent of cases, if not more, the cause of a chain saw shutting down is a wrongly tuned carburettor or a faulty one.

Lawn Mower Struggles Dies Labors While Cutting Grass POSSIBLE QUICK EASY FIX CHEAP NO TOOLS NEEDED

Read about carburetor tuning here: https://benzopilatut.How do you fix the carburetor in the right place?

What Malfunctions Can Contain a Carburetor?

  • Clogged jets, nozzles, filter, ducts. With the “quality” of home fuel the fuel filter often fails to cope with its duty of cleaning dirt, trash, impurities from gasoline. The jets get clogged and the fuel either flows insufficiently or not at all. Often the chainsaw then noticeably loses power. The carburetor needs to be disassembled and cleaned. Remember that the carburetor is made of very small and very fine parts! So before disassembling it, prepare a place beforehand!
  • Gas pedal pump needle is stuck. Wear or debris can often cause the gas pedal pump needle to “stick”. In that case the chain saw can simply not start, unstably operate or shut down for no apparent reason at any time.
  • Check valve needle not properly seated. In that case, it will flood the spark plug, the saw will be unstable or shut down under load. It’s very difficult to seat the needle in the valve seat! Often it is easier to replace the carburetor.
  • Worn or damaged rubber sleeve in the booster pump. If the poppet has a cracked or damaged during disassembly, it can cause additional air inlet. This, in turn, will lead to an increase in rpm at first, and then the chainsaw will simply stall. It is only necessary to replace the oil seal.
  • Sometimes it happens that the air starts to “suck” from under the carburetor gasket. Determining exactly where it is “sucking” is often difficult, and you may have to replace every possible packing or gasket.

7.Check hoses, seals, gaskets

One of the most common causes of a chainsaw not starting or not shutting down is air intake. A saw can suck air in many different places. Check in order:

  • Fuel hoses. Often from time or when using low-quality materials in the fuel hoses can be formed micro or not micro cracks. You can usually find it by visual inspection. It is also worth checking the hose fastening points. In the case of a loose fitting hose, this could be where the leakage is.
  • Oil Seals. Even the best seals can become leaking over time and through use. In this case, the quality of the mixture is disturbed and the saw either works unsteadily or starts and stops. How to check a chainsaw oil seal? There are only two of them, and they both fit on the crankshaft. I know of two ways to check for leaks at home: 1. Check them with pressurized air. This can be done with a compressor, preferably a stationary one, but you can also use a car. All holes must be plugged. namely the outlet on the muffler side and the inlet on the carburetor side. Unscrew the spark plug and turn on the air pressure. If there is no pressure or you just hear a hiss, this is a clear sign that the oil seals need to be replaced. 2.You can check it with a special tool. Read more at
  • Gaskets can also be the cause of air drainage. They are most commonly damaged by improperly serviced chainsaws. If you’ve recently assembled-disassembled your saw, there’s a very good chance that the air leak is the result of a damaged or improperly installed gasket.

Why the grass trimmer stops when you press the gas?

  • Unfortunately, the situation in which the engine stops when you press the gas grass trimmer can occur in many cases. The most common “culprit” for malfunctions is the carburetor. This is the most common reason why a grass trimmer stalls. As a rule, trouble occurs when the carburetor is razregulated, which can occur after long storage, after operation in adverse conditions, heavy loads on the engine. It is not difficult to recognize the “fault” of the carburetor by the appearance of vibrating movements of the grass trimmer. If you have experience repairing a car carburetor, it makes sense to try to repair it yourself, using the user manual. Although much more reliable to give the part to repairprofessionals in the service center.
  • Another reason why the grass trimmer stalls when you give throttle could be a clog in the fuel valve, which is an obstruction to the normal flow of fuel. The problem can be easily solved by loosening the valves, after which the normal delivery of gasoline to the carburetor is possible.
  • If you encounter a similar problem, you should also pay attention to the check valve. the breather. While in the gas tank, the check valve does not allow the vacuum in the tank. If the breather plug is clogged air is not coming in, so the fuel supply is cut off.
  • It is not uncommon for a grass trimmer to shut down under heavy load without picking up speed. This happens if the cable, located in the carburetor, is loose and hangs. It also happens that an overstretched fuel intake hose under load stretches too much, it cracks and eventually bursts. If there is such a problem, it is necessary to replace this component.
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As you can see, the reasons why the grass trimmer can stall when you press the gas, many. That is why it is important to monitor the condition of your helper, to check the condition of all systems of the mechanism in time.

There are situations during construction where sheet metal needs to be cut. To cope with this problem will help such a handy tool as lever scissors, designed for shaping and straight cutting. Their characteristics are described in this article.

As a rule, conventional garden grass trimmers for grass are used in a set with a fishing line. But if you need to mow young growth of bushes or trees or very hard grass, you can’t do without a disc grass trimmer. Read about grass trimmer discs in the article.

Many novice seamstresses pay a lot of attention to the choice of a sewing machine, thread and fabric, and completely forget about scissors. But quality scissors are among the basic tools of a tailor. Our article will tell you more about them.

Cosmetic procedures at home, skin rejuvenation, getting rid of cellulite. all these things become possible thanks to the natural sponges that literally grow on the branches. What are the advantages of loofah sponges, what are the peculiarities of their use and cultivation. in this article.

Igor Andreychin: Thanks for the professional review, all very clear and accessible!! I also took myself a lawn mower Tatra Garden BCU-50, has twice passed the entire area, very happy with the choice! My advice to everyone! I want to advise everyone else to buy these tools with a warranty and of-in. Since the savings of 200-300 UAH.

lawnmower does not start when cold

When starting a cold engine, do not step on the gas. Tilt the mower so that the air filter was on top, 5-6 times press the suction button, set the lever of switching functions in the “start” position, pull the starter cord several times until the engine starts. After a few seconds of running the engine, turn off the start system.

If the lawnmower has been in operation recently and has not yet had time to cool down but doesn’t want to start. pull the throttle trigger, pull the starter cord sharply several times until the engine starts and only then release the throttle trigger. If enough time has elapsed and the lawnmower has cooled down, it is best to use the lawnmower in the same way as when it is cold. If the above methods have not helped, the lawnmower does not start, then it is worth to contact the service center.

Gardening Equipment Repair & Service.

Specialized service-center “Agrotehservice. warranty and post-warranty service of world manufacturers equipment! Attention! Information for users!

Why does the lawn mower malfunctions?

Lawn mower, having a gasoline drive. a necessary thing for owners of household plots, lawns, and when the grass trimmer at one point stops, the work of cleaning the area from grass stops. The device itself is a rather complicated mechanism, so there are many different circumstances of its failure. The operating manual is most often full of information about the problem that can arise. Know the background, why the trimmer for grass stops, it is necessary to perfectly perform the repair of the device without the help of others.

Problems with a petrol mower, related to the fact that this device does not start, are classified in a specific way by service technicians. They are highlighted by malfunctions with such nodes of the mechanism:

  • Engine, which can wear out or fail the piston and bearings, crack the crankcase;
  • Fuel system, while you clogged filter or carburetor problems;
  • Mechanical damage to the wires, tubes, hoses;
  • the ignition circuit.

To correctly find the node where the failure occurred, we must examine the circumstances in which the trimmer for grass stalls.

If the lawnmower stops when you press the gas, the following are the causes.

  • A more common option. this failure of the carburetor adjustment, which appears when there are significant loads on the drive after long periods of inactivity of the mechanism or otherwise when using it in harsh conditions.
  • The clogging of the fuel valve, which gets rid of its loosening, and as a result, gasoline begins to flow normally through the system.
  • Loose and hanging cable in the carburetor. Stretching of the fuel hose even to the point of bursting under considerable strain also occurs.
  • The breather valve is clogged and there is no fuel in the tank.

When stepping on the throttle

If the lawnmower stops when you press the throttle, it could be due to.

  • The most common variant is carburetor adjustment failure. which occurs when there are heavy loads on the actuator, after an extended period of inactivity or when the machine is used in harsh conditions.
  • Fuel valve clogging. The most common repair is the slackening of the cable, which can be corrected by loosening it so that the petrol normally flows through the system.
  • Loose and hanging cable in the carburettor. Also can arise stretching of the fuel hose up to and including the throttle trigger, caused by high loads.
  • Breather plugging (check valve), resulting in no fuel entering the tank.

If the problem is related to the carburetor unit, you can recognize it by the appearance of lawnmower vibrations. When the hose breaks or the cable is stretched. replace these components.

The lawnmower stops at high rpm on gas

Perhaps the most common complaint associated with gasoline trimmers is: “the lawnmower shuts down”.

does, lawnmower, stops, load

Of course, the cause of this can also be quite a serious malfunction. However, most often the case is much simpler than it seems at first glance.

To cope with such a problem, first of all, try to independently deal with its causes, because, having found out the cause, it is much easier to deal with the problem, and sometimes it even self-liquidates.

In fact, the reasons, this, when the lawnmower stalls at high revolutions, there are quite a few.

Another one is the presence of faults in the power system.

In this case, the lawnmower will stall at idle speed. Misalignment or improperly adjusted carburetor can lead to problems with the power system.

Vibrations that occur while the mower is running can lead to misalignment.

Incorrect adjustment of the lawnmower, however, can be corrected by simply adjusting it according to the requirements specified in the instruction manual.

In addition, sometimes gasoline grass trimmers can shut down because the valve located in the gas tank lid is simply clogged or stuck.

To find out, try using the mower by loosening the gas tank cap.

How To Fix a Lawn Mower That Quits, Dies or Stalls After 2 Minutes

If the machine works properly in this mode, clean the valve.

over, the lawnmower may shut down due to poor fuel flow to the carburetor

Then why does the machine start, you may ask?

The reason for this is that at first the fuel flows into the carburettor a little at a time and there is enough fuel to operate at a higher output.

However, then it is produced and at high revolutions the engine begins to stall.

As for the carburetor, the problem may also be that its housing is too tight.

If your lawnmower cuts out at high engine speeds when running on gas, there may also be a leakage of air in the engine.

There may be a gap where air can escape while the engine is heating.

does, lawnmower, stops, load

Among other things, do not forget to check the fuel intake hose. The problem may be that it is weakly held or cracked at all.

How to avoid mower breakdowns?

The only way to avoid situations when the gasoline grass trimmer spontaneously stalls is to properly maintain the machine, as we told you in this article.

Perform all routine work in a timely manner, and during the inspection and testing of the grass trimmer be as meticulous as possible, this will allow you to detect a problem before it begins to affect the operation of the machine.

Remember. all gasoline motors that are installed on brushcutters are designed so that they cannot stop working without a serious reason, so after even a single spontaneous engine stop, conduct a complete diagnosis.

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Gasoline grasshopper does not start cold

It is not recommended to press the gas when starting a cold engine. Tilting the brush so that the air filter is on top, press the fuel intake button 5-6 times, set the function lever to the “start” position, pull the starter cord several times to start the engine. After the engine has been running for a few seconds, turn off the starter.

Gasoline does not start hot

If the hedge trimmer has been running recently and has not yet cooled down, but does not want to start, press the gas trigger, pull the starter cord sharply several times until the engine starts, and only then release the gas trigger. If much time has passed and the brush has cooled down, start it up as if it were cold. If the above methods did not help, the cleaner does not start, then you should contact the service center.

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