Why Mowing Lawnmowers Cannot Be Trimmed

Is it possible to mow wet grass with a trimmer

Permanently living in a private house, it is easy to follow a systematic lawn care schedule. Even in wet weather, wet grass can be mowed with a lawn mower or trimmer a day later after it dries. It is much more difficult to care for the natural grass cover in the summer cottage. Since visits fall on the weekend, mowing falls on these days. But what if the weather turned out to be rainy?

Why Mowing Lawnmowers Cannot Be Trimmed

The question is whether it is possible to mow wet grass with a trimmer or a lawn mower very often to hear from summer residents. Opinions on this matter radically differ. Some argue that it is possible, citing as an example the old adage “Mow the scythe.”. The second is categorically “No.” So where, really? Who to believe?

What trimmers can mow wet grass

To understand which trimmers can be used to mow wet grass and which are not, you should understand their device. To date, two main types of lawn mowers are available to the consumer:

  • Gasoline;
  • Electric.

trimmers, depending on the location of the engine, can be:

  • With the top location of the electric motor;
  • With the bottom location of the electric motor.

From the point of view of safety precautions, mowing grass that is wet from rain or dew can only be done with a gas trimmer or a “Lithuanian”. The use of electric lawn mowers is extremely undesirable. Especially when it comes to appliances with a lower engine, as they are in the zone of water ingress. As a result, a Short Circuit may occur.

It is not recommended to mow the grass in the rain and trimmers with the top of the motor. In case of penetration of water to the power unit can not only shorten, but also electric shock mowers.

Wet grass also cannot be mowed with electric lawn mowers. The reason is the same as with trimmers with a lower power unit. a short circuit is likely. In addition, there is a danger that, through carelessness, it is possible to accidentally cut off the power wire supplying the unit.

If there is still a need to mow grass in wet weather or in dew, then better use carburetor lawn mowers and lawn mowers. So it will be much safer for life and health.

Why you should not mow wet grass with a trimmer

There are indirect reasons why it is impossible to mow grass wet from dew or rain on a personal plot. These include:

  • Premature wear of the trimmer;
  • Damage to the lawn.

How can a lawn mow be disabled by mowing wet vegetation? Everything is very simple. It is displayed as a result of a short circuit when water enters the power compartment. In addition, even if everything is very well sealed, there is a high probability that the engine will not withstand the heavy load created on the flexible shaft of the trimmer. Yes, and the shaft itself can crank. Such loads most often arise from the sticking of wet grass on the knives and on the spindle to which they are attached.

In trimmers with a gasoline engine, mowing grass in wet weather, due to heavy loads, increases the degree of wear of the main components and assemblies. Here it is possible to note the premature failure of the piston pair, as well as other moving parts. Most often, the piston pair fails due to engine overheating. In our case, the motor will overheat from the load created by wet grass during mowing.

If you mow wet grass with a gas trimmer, to prevent the engine from overheating, let it idle for 30 seconds without loading. In this way, you remove excess heat and keep the piston pair.

About the dangers to lawn grass

Many probably noticed that if you trim the wet grass with a trimmer, then the cut is torn. Later it dries up, and the grass itself begins to turn yellow. This can happen for several reasons:

  • Wet grass is very flexible and pulls to the ground;
  • The trimmer line is either too thick, or a round line is used.

In the first case, you should wait until the vegetation dries. When drying, the grass always becomes tougher. In the second case, it is worth replacing the line with a thinner one or with a different profile. As practice shows, an even cut on wet grass can be obtained using profiled woods with a square or star section.

Those who at least once tried to mow grass in the dew or in a drizzling rain noticed that the vegetation adhering to the knife and spindle was scattered in heaps on the lawn. If you do not remove them in time, then bald spots appear on the lawn where wet grass falls. Mowed heaps begin to rot, and the lawn begins to hurt. So unsightly bald spots appear.

So, dear readers, decide for yourself whether it is possible to mow wet grass with a trimmer and lawn mower, if you still want to tidy up the lawn before the onset of cold weather.

Grass trimmer: why and how to use it correctly

Working with a trimmer is quite simple. simpler than with an ordinary scythe-Lithuanian. But everywhere there is a specificity, therefore, before mastering a new technique, you should do what many leave for later. carefully read the instructions. This is already enough to roughly understand how to use the trimmer, refuel it, figure out how to charge its battery or connect it to the mains.

Getting started with safety

Of the protective devices, glasses and gloves recommended by the instructions do not interfere, but the most important is the protection of the legs. A cutting tool, especially when mowed with a gas trimmer with metal knives, rotating at high speeds, picks up debris, pebbles and scraps of vegetation that fly apart at such a speed that they can cause injury to humans. Therefore, it is advisable to work in trousers and closed shoes or boots.

What will happen if you don’t protect your legs?

As for ear protection, a tangible need for this arises only for the “loudest” benzotrimmer. based on a two-stroke engine. They are usually equipped with special headphones with a headband necessary to reduce sound pressure on the eardrum.

Preparing the trimmer for work

Preparation of the trimmer for work begins with a check of the condition of all parts and assembly according to the instructions. At the same time, you need to make sure that there is lubricant in the gearbox, and that there is enough oil in the crankcase of the four-stroke gasoline trimmer. The fuel, depending on the type of engine, two- or four-stroke, is a mixture of gasoline with special oil in a ratio of 40-50: 1 or, accordingly, pure gasoline. After the fuel tank is full, it remains only to open the faucet and you can try to start the trimmer, not forgetting that before mowing it is necessary that it runs at idle for 2-3 minutes.

With an electric cordless tool, everything is simple. after checking for grease, just insert a charged battery into the appropriate socket so that it is ready for use. If the tool is powered by the mains, then an extension cord will be required to the intended place for cutting. The wire must be placed outside the range of the possible action of the trimmer knives.

The site should be maximally free of foreign objects: glass, stones, wire, snags, etc. The presence of people closer than 15 meters is also undesirable. Depending on the capabilities of the particular trimmer and the intended work, you need to choose the appropriate cutting nozzle. You can use a mowing head with fishing line for grass, metal knives for weeds or harvesting hay, or a saw for shrubs. Mowing should be planned in such a way as to advance, moving away from buildings and people.

How to mow with a trimmer

The trimmer should “lie” well in the hand. Many people prefer a rather light tool that can be used “on weight”. Otherwise, it should be well balanced, on a convenient belt or knapsack suspension, since it is impossible to mow correctly with a trimmer without this. A tool with a bicycle handle is very convenient, when mowing it is easy to hold the mowing head at about a constant height, and the tip of the cutting tool at the right distance from the ground. In order for the fishing line to last longer, it is undesirable to bring it close to fences, borders, brickwork and other hard objects. In addition, do not touch the ground head unnecessarily.

How to choose a trimmer for a summer residence? Which is better: gasoline or electric? Find out here.

General principles of grass trimmer

As a rule, the cutting tool rotates counterclockwise, so you can work with a trimmer in the same way as an oblique casting, doing 1-2 strokes from right to left with a gradual advance of 15-30 cm. Then the mowed grass remains on the treated surface on the left. Since the line cuts best with the tip, the sweep speed and grapple are selected empirically. With quick wiring, the cut occurs along the entire length of the cutting tool, in which case the motor is overloaded too much, and the grass is often wound around the head.

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Flat lawn

If the site is large and even, and the grass is quite soft, it is more convenient to mow along imaginary squares, mentally breaking the entire area into them. After preliminary mowing the grass around the perimeter of the first, continue to work along the tapering square spiral clockwise until the site is completely mowed. Then proceed to the next square. With this method, mowed grass always remains on the treated surface on the left side. In order to mow vegetation at the very root, it is necessary to keep the cutting plane at an angle of 30 °, with the tip of the fishing line almost touching the ground.

Of course, it is better to mow even lawns with a lawnmower-cart, which allows you to make a more even cut and collects the mowed grass in a special grass catcher. This lawn mower is described in this article.

High grass

In this case, it is more convenient to mow in both directions. The first pass is from left to right, cutting the tops of the grass, and then, lowering the tool to the desired level, the lower part is cut off by reverse movement. Mowed grass also remains on the treated surface on the left side. If the thickets of weeds are too high, then in order to reduce the likelihood of winding grass on the drum, you have to mow several times from top to bottom, but this is fraught with increased consumption of fishing line.

Slope processing

The slope is also treated according to the principle of “mowed grass to the left”, choosing the direction so that its top is on the right. When they reach the end of the site, they return to the starting point, rise higher by the width of the swing and mow the next strip.

Trees and bushes

In the area where there are many similar obstacles, the trimmer is simply irreplaceable, since mowing the grass with an ordinary scythe is not enough scope, and the lawn mower is too large. The fishing line is best for this. Before you begin to process the site, you need to cut each tree or bush from all sides. In order not to damage them, you need to hold the trimmer with a protective cover almost close to them, slightly tilting the head to the ground and going around from left to right.


It is convenient to trim the flower beds, lawns and paths along the edges with a trimmer with a lower engine, since its cutting plane can be set vertically. For an even greater effect on the cutting line, it is useful to dig a groove of about 4×4 cm. Then the line will cut the grass below ground level without touching its surface. The result is a very clean, flawless vertical haircut.

Wet weather

If there is a need to trim with a trimmer in any weather, then it should definitely be gasoline, since it tolerates wet weather well. Although, according to the instructions, work in the rain or on wet grass by some manufacturers of such gasoline equipment is also prohibited. When choosing a trimmer, it is also worth paying attention to.

The electric motor is the most vulnerable place for moisture in battery trimmers. Accordingly, if it is located on top, then there is less chance of moisture getting there from the grass, but in rainy weather they can’t work either.

The most sensitive to moisture trimmers powered by the mains.

Typically, water gets from wet grass to the extension cords, where an electric arc can occur that could ignite the insulating plastic or cause a short circuit. Such a defect is “fixed” by buying a new extension cord or replacing the plug, but moisture entering the engine or control circuit leads to irreversible damage to the trimmer. In addition, working with such an instrument in the rain is simply dangerous, since there is a high probability of electric shock.

Storage and care of the trimmer

Particularly careful care requires petrol trimmers. In addition to cleaning and lubricating cutting and rubbing surfaces from plant sap and dirt, you must also take care of the engine. The air filter is most likely to clog him. The frequency of cleaning is approximately 10 hours. In addition, the fins of the engine cooling radiator are sometimes contaminated, which is why it quickly overheats, and this can lead to jamming. How to clean the radiator and air filter is described in the instructions for a particular gas trimmer.

Before leaving the trimmer for long-term storage at the end of the season, drain all fuel from it, then start the engine and wait for it to stop. This ensures a complete lack of fuel in the tank and carburetor. After the motor cools down, you need to unscrew the candle, pour 30-40 ml of two-stroke oil into the cylinder, slowly crank the crankshaft with the starter cable so that it spreads over all the cavities inside the engine, then tighten the candle. After this, you need to disassemble the rod, if it is disassembled, cover with a preservative lubricant all metal parts that may rust and then store the trimmer in a place protected from moisture.

After the end of work, it is necessary to wipe and curl the wires and extension cords with electric trimmers, and with batteries, put the battery on charge, since it is not recommended to store the trimmer even for a very short time with a discharged battery. this leads to a quick failure. After this, the head should be removed, since the protective cover and the inside of the drum itself will have to be cleaned. If this is not done, the grass juice may dry on them and cause the bobbin with the mechanism that fixes the fishing line to stop functioning normally the next time it starts.

Preparing electric trimmers for long-term storage is much easier. The main thing is to protect them from moisture from getting inside the control circuit and the engine, as well as from rust on unprotected metal elements using preservative grease. Be sure to charge the battery before storage, then your spring trimmer will be as good as new.

How to mow the lawn (mow grass)

How to professionally mow the lawn. A well-kept lawn decorates any home. A simple and cheap way to keep a lawn beautiful and healthy is to use a lawn mower. In addition to keeping your lawn in good condition, the lawnmower also needs to be maintained in good condition so that it is effective when mowing the lawn.


1. Make sure the mower is set to the correct mowing height. Different types of grass require different mowing heights. Determine the type of grass on your lawn before setting the mowing height on the lawn mower.

2. Keep the mower in good condition. Even if you don’t use a lawn mower, it’s important to keep it in good condition throughout the year. Just like in a car, you must be sure that all the nodes of your lawn mower are working correctly, before starting to mow the lawn. If the knives of the lawn mower are not ground, this can damage your lawn, leaving part of the grass mowed and susceptible to disease. Rule grass mow.

3. Try to mow the lawn when the street is not too hot. It is better to mow when there is morning dew on the grass. High temperatures can be very dangerous and this should always be taken into account.

4. Check for debris on the lawn. Before mowing the lawn, it is important to check if there is debris in the grass, any debris can damage the lawn mower. It is necessary to make two passes along the edge of the lawn. Do not forget to block the aisles.

5. We must try to mow the same area each time in the opposite direction. If this is not done, the lawn may be severely worn or damaged in some places.

6. Cut the grass around the flower beds, trees and in all places where the lawn mower is not trimmed to the same height as the lawn mower (the trimmer can also be called a lawn mowing, lawn mowing, brush cutter or electric cutting). Grass mow. When mowing with a trimmer, one must be careful not to damage the bark of trees and not to cling the ground with a trimmer.

7. It is necessary to alternate the direction of mowing along and across, up and down, in different cross directions of the lawn. But we must remember that you can only mow the lawn mower by pushing it forward and in no case can you pull the lawn mower towards you. This may not be safe.

Tips (mow grass)

Try to maintain constant revolutions and speed of the mower with the throttle. This will ensure a smoother haircut, extend engine life and reduce fuel consumption.

After you trim the grass out of the reach of the mower with a trimmer, put on the Kromkorez nozzle on the trimmer and cut off all the edges of the flower beds and paths, and also remove the grass growing from cracks in the paths.

Do not exceed speed when operating the mower. At a high pushing speed, the lawnmowers may not have time to react and run into a stump, wire or stone in the grass.

Check that the mowing height of the grass on the lawn mower is set to the recommended type of grass on your lawn.

Mowing the lawn is possible only when it dries. If your lawn is wet after rain or watering, then the lawnmower may become clogged with wet grass or soil. In addition, moving the mower on a wet lawn can cause soil compaction and lawn diseases. This can ruin the entire lawn.


When mowing with a trimmer, you should always wear safety glasses, since stones, glass, nails and other debris in the grass can fly out from under the working knife.

If there is any malfunction in the knife of the lawn mower, first of all, it must be drowned out and the cap removed from the candle, and then the malfunction should be eliminated.

Ensure that children, animals, helpers, and rotozei are kept at a safe distance from mowing mowers or lawn mowers while mowing. Their knives can injure passersby if they are too close. One of the main rules in the grass is to mow.

Do not refuel the mower or trimmer while the engine is still hot. There have been cases of fire and explosion, which led to injuries or injuries. Always allow the mower to cool.

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How to mow grass (how to use a trimmer)

Big grass. this is a disaster in summer, and not just homework, how to use a trimmer. If your yard or plot is heavily overgrown with grass, you may be scared by this, but this article will help how to mow grass easier and less annoyingly.


1. Prepare your trimmer for work. If you have a gas trimmer, check if there is fuel in the tank. If you have an electric trimmer, plug the plug into the mains and check if there is enough extension cord to the farthest corners of the area to be mowed. If you have a battery trimmer. check if the battery is charged.

2. Hold the trimmer as close to the ground as possible to find a better position before you even move.

3. Turn on the trimmer (press the gas button) and start mowing, moving the trimmer evenly from side to side and making a small step forward, thereby cutting grass and moving forward. How to mow grass.

4. If there are stones in the path of the trimmer, this greatly accelerates the wear of the trimmer line, which will require more frequent replacement of the line. How to use a trimmer.

5. If you notice that the grass has become smaller and cut poorly when you mow it, then the fishing line has worn out, it has become shorter and it needs to be released more from the trimmer head.

6. Stop for a few minutes if there is even a slight fatigue. Although mowing with a trimmer is not the hardest job, but if you work hard, your back and arms will hurt for several days. If you have back problems, wear a brace so that mowing with a trimmer is not difficult.

7. Do not try to trim the grass to the ground with a trimmer. If you mow the grass like this, the trimmer head will become clogged with soil, there will be a large consumption of fishing line, and the lawn, yard or plot will look very not beautiful. It is necessary to mow so that the stubble has a height of about 5 cm, and the surface is as flat as possible. Then you can turn off the trimmer and finish the job.

Tips for mowing grass

Warnings on how to use the trimmer

You will need things

Pants. Preferably sturdy work jeans without holes. You can mow the grass anywhere, so if your legs cannot be protected, soon you will feel how several thousand ants crawl over your legs and bite you. Sometimes the weed can scratch to the blood or strongly to quit, thrown back by a trimmer on the mowing. Gloves are fingerless, leather, it does not matter. If you mow grass without gloves, then by the end of mowing you will not be able to move even your little finger without pain. The weight of the grass through the trimmer puts pressure on the hands and scratches and scuffs will appear on the hands if they were not in protective gloves. Safety glasses. you cannot mow with your eyes closed, because small pieces of grass fly into your face. One good eye contact will convince you that safety glasses are a must. This refers to one of the main rules on how to use the trimmer. Have enough drinking water on hand. Even if you think it won’t be hot, think again. You need how to mow the grass with a vibrating trimmer for quite some time. Have a spare fishing line or a trimmed trimmer head to replace if it runs out. If you have an electric trimmer, you must have an extra extension cord. If you have a gas trimmer, you must have a supply of fuel. Rake to rake grass or weeds. A hat if you work in the sun. High boots (trousers are best tucked into boots). If you plan to work at dusk or later, make sure you have an insect spray and a lantern.