Why The Tiller Lifan Is On The Tiller

Choosing an engine for the tiller Cascade
Which engine is better to put on the tiller Cascade. Characteristics of Lifan and Briggs engines. Motor and engine device.


Lifan engines help to solve many tasks of land cultivation, planting vegetables, harvesting.

why tiller Lifan on tiller

Lifan is one of the optimal engines for the Cascade

Lifan is a company from China, was established in 1992 and has proven itself well. The company is engaged in the production of not only engines, but also cars, motorcycles and other units.

In the Russian market, this brand is famous for the details for the tiller, since many land owners use this technique.

If earlier products from China raised concerns due to poor quality, now the situation has changed, which contributes to the massive distribution of the Lifan brand.

The company’s engines for Tiller have different characteristics, so each model corresponds to a specific unit. It all depends on the mounts. You can choose compatible devices either yourself or entrust this choice to specialists.

Power is usually measured in horsepower. The most popular engine has 6.5 hp, which is enough for all the work. To save money, you need to decide for what tasks the tiller will be used. The average price is about 9,000 rubles, which is considered a very inexpensive purchase when compared with other manufacturers.

The process of installing a Lifan engine on a Tiller Cascade is simple:

  1. Remove your used engine. This can be done with ordinary open-end wrenches and heads. Disconnect the cables for gas, throw off the belt that transmits torque to the gearbox.
  2. Supply a Lifan brand device. Assemble in reverse order. If the fasteners do not match, they must be redone by drilling new holes or welding metal plates.
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Since the tiller Cascade has compact dimensions, the Lifan part is well suited for this particular unit when working on personal plots and vegetable gardens.

The engines themselves are developed by Japanese engineers, and the Chinese industry has only adopted their experience. Also, the devices can be used in generators, as they are very reliable and durable.

Fuel system problems

The first step is to check the spark plugs. If they are dry, it may mean that gasoline is not getting to the engine. The main reasons will be: lack of fuel, the feed valve was closed, the hole in the tank plug is clogged, unnecessary objects get into the fuel system.

For service you should:

  • Refuel the tiller;
  • Unscrew the fuel supply valve;
  • Clean the gas tank cap;
  • Remove all gasoline from the tank, after removing the fuel cock, and wash it with clean fuel. Then purge the jets in the carburetor using the fuel pump.

Motor device

The device of the engine for the tiller Cascade is approximately the same when installing various modifications of motors. They include:

  1. Cylinder-piston system with a crank-crank mechanism.
  2. Gas distribution mechanism.
  3. Ignition, cooling, fuel supply system.
  4. Muffler.
  5. Manual start device.
  6. Additional lubrication system.

Step-by-step instructions for different models

How to properly adjust the Tiller Zip valve

What is the order of adjusting the valves on the popular zip tiller:

  • We open the flywheel.
  • Unscrew the valve cover clockwise.
  • We check the gap with a probe in the same way as described above.
  • Use a wrench to turn between the nuts and loosen them a little.
  • We close the system and test it.

How to adjust the valves on the tiller: adjusting and tuning the diesel Lifan and Neva MB-2 with an American engine

Tillery for plowing land known to many since Soviet times. This means of small-scale mechanization perfectly copes with this task, greatly simplifying the work of a person.

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If we take into account that additional attachments can be installed on this unit, then in fact all the work on the site is within his power.

In addition, the adjustment of the various components that are responsible for performance plays an important role. In particular, we are talking about adjusting the carburetor valves, the correctness of which will depend on the stability of the engine.

Unstable idle speed

– Possibly too large clearance of the gear cover. Make a gap of 0.2-0.5

Engine won’t start

– If the engine is tilted, must be placed horizontally.

– The fuel may not be supplied to the carburetor. It is necessary to disassemble and purge the fuel system with air.

– The filter may be clogged. The filter needs to be replaced or cleaned.

– The outlet in the gas cap may be clogged. Needs to be cleaned.

– Maybe it’s the candle. It is necessary to check the connection of the wires, the engine stop buttons, unscrew the spark plug and clean. Replace if necessary.

– Magneto failure possible. Replace.

Engine power dropped

It often happens that a previously serviceable tiller that has served for several years suddenly loses power.

– If the power drops after long-term storage, the tiller may have been stored with a wet carburetor and fuel system causing deposits. In this case, you can start the engine and let it work, often, after these actions, the power is restored. If you have skills, you can disassemble and clean, if there are no skills, it is better to contact the service.

– The carburetor may be clogged. Clean

– Clogged benzo hose. You need to purge.

– Possible loss of crankcase cuff operability. Remove the casing and gearbox cover, inspect the oil seal.

– Carbon deposits on the cylinder, muffler. Clean.

– Clogged air filter. Clean.

– No compression. Change piston rings, cylinder, piston.

Advantages and disadvantages of Lifan tillers

Of the shortcomings, users highlight the need for an early replacement of their own candles, and the strict observance of the rules of use and technical control. The rest of the Lifan tiller fully complies with the declared characteristics and, with proper maintenance, it works properly for a long time.

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Land cultivation with Lifan tillers

The purpose of Lifan motor-cultivators is high-quality cultivation of the land for planting, caring for seedlings and harvesting. This type of equipment is perfect for processing medium and small areas with any relief and different types of soil. Plowing the land on this unit is available to a depth of 200 mm, which allows you to dig only the fertile soil layer, leaving the deeper clay layers untouched.

Thanks to a large selection of attachments, using the Lifan tiller, you can perform any kind of home gardening, depending on the season and consumer needs. By changing the components, the motor-cultivator can be used all year round, from plowing and planting, and ending with snow removal in winter.

The standard tiller package includes:

  • Cutters.
  • Wheels d350 mm for tiller.
  • Plow.
  • Hay mower.
  • Potato digger.
  • Pump equipment.
  • Snow removal equipment, etc.

The power of the Lifan engine in the latest models makes it easy to cultivate virgin lands with difficult mixed soil. However, when working with a motor-cultivator, do not forget about the need for technical maintenance.

Stopping the engine

If the Lifan tiller suddenly stalls during operation or startup, this may be due to one of three main reasons, namely:

  • Ignition system malfunction – you need to adjust the ignition timing.
  • Malfunction in the fuel supply system – identify the cause and eliminate.
  • Compression failure – replace worn parts, adjust clearance or repair valve.