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Why is a band saw better than a jigsaw, circular saw or chain saw?

  • The design of the band saw on wood is such that all the power of the motor goes to sawing. Resistance and friction are absent. Therefore, its productivity is 30% higher than that of other cutting equipment.
  • The saw band is durable. It is less likely to blunt and break than a chain or disk.
  • Cutting and trimming after the work of the band saw on wood is not needed. It saves time and money.
  • Band saws are equipped with asynchronous motors. They drive the belt drive. This is the most established and most reliable design.
  • Band saw on wood is better than a jigsaw. She is not capable of "wobble" and deviation from the cut line.
  • A wood band saw is one of the safest tools. The workpiece does not need to be held by hands. It is enough to direct it on the stop. If the chain saw can break, then the band saw is fixed very securely.

The benefits of a wood band saw are understandable. Now consider what criteria are important when choosing a band saw.


The power of the band saw determines the class of equipment: household, semi-professional and professional. The higher the power, the better the performance. But it should be noted that a high power engine consumes a lot of electricity.
In order not to make a mistake with the power, determine the amount of planned work. Based on them, you can choose a band saw from the following classes:
Small band saws. for domestic use. Power is from 350 W to 1 kW. They work from a regular 220V network. They are often desktop (portable). You can screw it onto a table or workbench. Low noise. With the help of such saws, blanks are cut or furniture is made with their own hands. Low power band saw is compact, economical. But hard wood (oak, hornbeam, walnut) is not cut.
Semi-professional Band saws are designed for small enterprises and workshops. Designed for long-term use. They are larger in size, withstand high loads. Sawing hard rocks. They process overall workpieces. Their power ranges from 1 kW to 3 kW. Performance is the most optimal. At maximum reaches 10 m3 per shift. This version of the saw can be used at home.
Professional band saws are installed at industrial enterprises. Basically, they require a three-phase 380W electrical network. They can cut thick and long bars. They are “tough” with a tree of any hardness, even frozen logs.

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In band saws, an important indicator is the depth of cut. It shows how thick the part will cut the tool. This parameter for different band saws can be from 8 to 50 cm. It depends directly on engine power. It is clear that household saws are not sawed as deeply as professional ones.
There is also a parameter cut width. Its value affects the maximum allowable width of the cutting board. For band saws for private use, the cut width is from 190 to 300-400 mm. Professional band saws can cut a half-meter board and even a workpiece with a width of 610 mm.

Saw blade: material, dimensions and teeth
The key to choosing a band saw. proper selection of saw blade.

  • Material. The best band saw blade. from carbon steel. It undergoes heat treatment and becomes very hard and hardy. In this regard, it is worth paying attention to American band saws. They are considered the best in production.
  • Length and width. The cut parameters depend on them. The longer and wider, the more overall workpieces can be cut. And the greater the speed of work. But for homework, especially for curly and oblique cuts, it is better to choose the average length parameters.
  • Saw teeth. Their quality and sharpening should be perfect. After all, they affect the smoothness of the cut. The more teeth the band saw has, the smoother the cut. An important nuance when choosing is the step of the tooth. For a band saw to work well, the number of teeth should be a multiple of three. There is an alternate alignment of the teeth: right, left, straight. The best option is 210 teeth with ¾ ”pitch or 180 teeth with 7/8 pitch.

If the band saw has non-multiple 3-tooth teeth, then cuts may occur.

Saw Blade Speed

For woodworking saws, a gearbox for speeds can be installed. The choice of speeds is better than a band saw with a single speed. Several speeds allow high-quality cuts of wood of different hardness. The softer the tree, the higher the cutting speed is set. Basically, this function is installed on semi-professional and professional band saws.


To increase comfort when working with a band saw, many manufacturers install additional options. Their presence slightly increases the price of the tool. But in return you get convenience and comfort. Various additional features are a priority when deciding which band saw is best. These include:

Wood Band Saw Which is Better
  • Fast stretch function. Saves time and effort. No additional tools required.
  • The presence of a millimeter scale. Increases the accuracy of cut.
  • The number of stops. A few stops makes it possible to process workpieces much more accurately.
  • Tilt and rotate the table. Very important for oblique (45 degrees) and curly cuts.
  • Highlighting the work area. Conveniently. No need to install additional lighting.