Wood Chain Saw Which One To Choose

Chain tension adjustment

In the process of work, it will be necessary to “pull up” the circuit on the bus from time to time, since it starts to sag from constant voltage. Of course, more convenient is the model where the tensioning system is thought out. For example, the device of the Makita UC4020A household saw is such that the chain can be installed and adjusted without disassembly and additional tools. There is a small lever in the body panel with which you can quickly tighten the chain.

Wood Chain Saw Which One To Choose

STIHL has equipped its products with a quick chain tensioning system. To do this, it is enough to loosen the nut securing the cover and adjust the chain using the wheel

Engine power

This is one of the most fundamental characteristics. For gardening work, a tool with a power of 1000 W to 2100 W is suitable, but it is better to purchase a more Strong unit. The fact is that powerful saws respond more adequately to voltage drops in the electrical network, therefore, they will last longer. For example, the engine of the popular CHAMPION 420 model has a power of 2000 W, that is, with small voltage fluctuations (200-224 V), it will remain operational and prevent critical overheating. In addition, an indicator from 2000 W is a guarantee that in an EXTREME situation, when it is necessary to perform a large amount of work, the engine will withstand the load.

The Husqvarna 321EL saw has characteristics suitable for gardening and construction work in the country: power. 2000 W bus length. 40 cm, soft start, motor protection

Ergonomics of the unit

If the tool is used quite often, when choosing a saw, many pay attention to the location of the motor. It comes in two varieties. Longitudinal and transverse. Experts believe that it is much easier to work with a saw in which the engine is located along the tire. In addition, longitudinal units have better balancing.

Electric tool advantages

For gardening and summer cottage work, both an electric saw and its gasoline counterpart are good, but many still choose the first option. Why is he so attractive?

The power tool really has a whole list of advantages:

  • Does not require constant material costs for fuel. Petrol;
  • Easy to use and maintain;
  • During operation, makes less noise than a chainsaw;
  • Cleaning from an environmental point of view. Works without exhaust gases;
  • Allows for indoor spraying;
  • It works equally well, despite the climatic features (a gasoline analogue has problems with starting in frosty weather).

If the power source becomes out of reach, a cordless chain saw comes in handy, for example. Makita BUC122Z (price. 9000-10000 rubles). Battery and charger must be purchased separately

How to choose a good saw: what to look at before buying a unit?

Rest in the country can hardly be called passive. Either a gazebo needs to be built, then a bench must be made, then old trees from the garden must be removed by sawing them into neat blanks to create a decor. In addition to the usual hand tools for wood. Planer, chisel, hammer, jigsaw. Many owners have more serious equipment, such as a wood saw. With her help Not only the porch. You can build a whole house.

Types of electrical dust

When spraying a variety of materials is required. Plywood, wood, plastic, chipboard, metal pipes and sheets. You should purchase a circular saw. Cutting is done with a rotating saw blade, and there are specific types of blades for each material. There are two model options. Manual and fixed, attached to the bed.

A sufficiently versatile tool is a reciprocating saw, which is often used for cutting in hard-to-reach places. It is convenient for roofing and installation work. Work item. Saw, the length of which varies from 0.1 m to 0.35 m.It produces oscillatory or translational movements.

A smooth, neat, even curly cut can be made with a jigsaw. It works equally well with ceramics, wood, laminate and metal. Jigsaw file (working blade) Indispensable if you need to cut a round hole or make a curved cut.

The best saw for giving are chain aggregates, the main active element of which. A tire with a chain pulled over it. It is easy to use, compact and does not require fuel mixture preparation. Almost all gardening work can be done with its help: an old tree will fall, cut off branches and branches, spray the trunk. It is good for carpentry and construction, especially in confined spaces.

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When working with a chain saw outdoors, you must follow the safety rules. For example, you cannot use the tool in the rain. Short circuit possible

What is a chain saw for?

When performing various works on wood, the saw is practically irreplaceable. This can be sawing small logs, planks, battens, carpentry. In fact, the chain saw in its functions occupies an intermediate position between gardening and construction tools. It is unlikely that it will be possible to build a house with its help, but it is irreplaceable in sanitary and molding pruning, furniture making, firewood preparation.

Electric or petrol model

Each of the chain saw options has its own advantages and disadvantages. Obviously, a gasoline saw has a lot of autonomy since it doesn’t need a cable. And what other nuances of using THESE tools are there??

  • A chain saw is much easier to handle than a gasoline saw. The engine requires certain skills and techniques, and in the case of electric power supply, everything is much simpler.
  • An electric saw, unlike a gasoline saw, does not emit exhaust gases. This not only increases its safety but also makes it suitable for indoor work. But gasoline dust in a confined space It is better not to use.
  • Using a gasoline saw means buying fuel, which immediately increases the operating cost significantly. In addition, the starting price of gasoline dust is significantly higher than that of electric.
  • An electric chain saw is lighter than a gasoline saw and produces much less noise.

What to look for when buying a chain saw

The choice of any tool is determined primarily by the expected conditions of its operation. The price of electric chain saws varies from 2 to 25 thousand rubles, but the real range of quality is not so wide. The cheapest options from an unknown manufacturer, moreover, purchased from hands or on the market, often turn out to be literally disposable. On the other hand, there is no point in overpaying exorbitantly for a professional option, the potential of which will never be needed. The main differences between household and professional saws come down to durability and the ultimate in continuous operation. Usually, a household chain saw is sufficient if you plan to use it for 3-4 hours a day without pain. At the same time, the duration of continuous operation for most instruments of this class is several minutes. In order to understand how to choose a saw, you need to consider the following points.

  • Motor position

This part can be located transversely or longitudinally. The second option is much better, since it allows you to operate tools in different planes, which gives you more freedom of activity, such a saw is universal. Models with a similar location are usually more expensive, but the price difference is small, and the resulting advantage is worth it.

  • Engine power

It should be noted that the higher this indicator, the larger the dimensions, weight and price will be. Therefore, if a tool is needed in order to sometimes saw off a piece of board in the country, it is probably not worth chasing this indicator. However, the power must necessarily be Not only sufficient, but also have a margin in order to avoid motor overloads. The higher this margin, the greater fluctuations in the network the tool is able to withstand without damage. This is useful to keep in mind when choosing a saw for a summer cottage.

  • The maximum current falls on the moment of switching on, so it is better to choose models with a soft start. They a priori have a greater margin of safety and service life.
  • A chain saw is dangerous and can easily be injured. Therefore, it is necessary to protect yourself and your loved ones from possible troubles. An accidental activation lock system is a must for this tool.
  • Chainsaw designers are trying to solve the problem of overheating, and one of these solutions was a special thermal relay that turns off the power when the engine reaches a critical temperature.
  • Another nuance that poses an increased danger to those working with a chain saw. The moment the saw touches the working surface. The resistance of the material produces the so-called “kickback”, which can lead to unpredictable consequences. Therefore, on good models there is such a device as a chain brake. Having slipped from the kickback, the hand presses on the small shield located below, and the movement of the chain stops.
  • When choosing a saw, it is important Pay attention to the presence of a chain tensioning system. It should consist of a lamb. Large nut securing the tire. In order to tighten the chain, the lamb is loosened, after which the tire can be moved.
  • The best saws are equipped with an automatic lubrication system consisting of a pump that turns on at the same time as the engine. With the help of a pump, oil exits the tank through the holes and is evenly distributed over the cutting surface.
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.a story about the advantages and disadvantages of a saw Device and tips for choosing a chain saw for wood

Saw Indispensable in a country house. Since the manual version of this tool requires considerable effort from its owner, the advent of automatic chain saws was received with enthusiasm. The energy source for work can be gasoline or electricity, with the latter option being more popular among non-professionals. Therefore, the question of how to choose the right chain saw is of great importance.

Chainsaw classification

Depending on why you need a chainsaw, there are several types.

Suitable for summer cottages. The power of such a tool. 1-1.7 kW. The performance is low, but these saws are also designed to perform work on the site: cut down a tree, trim branches, prepare firewood for a bathhouse or wood for building a barn.

They are also called semi-professional. The tool can withstand long and frequent, up to daily, loads. Option for those who live in a private house. Such a saw will help in construction, cleaning the site from trees, preparing firewood for the winter. Instrument power. 2-3 kW.

Professional felling chainsaws

These tools are designed for professional logging (felling) work. The dust power reaches 6 kW. The units are designed for many hours of daily loads. These are large and heavy devices, capable of dusting the forest for half a day without interruption. They are used by employees of specialized organizations; such tools are not needed on the farm.

How the chain saw does its job?

As for the components, it is an electric motor, a DRIVING bar, a chain with a cutting teeth installed on this bar, there is also an oil pump and a container from which oil comes to lubricate the cutting chain.

In addition to the handle, which simplifies the work with the device, there are two buttons, one of which is designed to turn on the device, and the second. To block work.

Best Inexpensive Electric Chainsaws for Home

Although the name of this brand refers to kilts and single malt whiskey, in fact, there is not much Scotch here. The manufacturing company itself is based in Wisconsin (well, at least there are echoes of the word “whiskey” in this), and the Swedish Husqvarna has owned the trademark since the bankruptcy of the company (previously owned by Black Decker for more than 20 years). But this is not the end of the international compote. The McCulloch-branded saw line was created by Taiwanese Jenn Feng Industrial Co., Ltd.

Actually, this is understandable for the price. For that kind of money, expect “not a yellow “assembly can only be an optimist. Nevertheless, the saw came out decent, and there were NO problems with reliability. At the same time, her weight is more than a comforte for long-term work. Without bar and chain, the saw only pulls 3.5 kg. Standard tire. 35-centimeter, so the light weight is just right here. These saws are usually bought for garden maintenance, small quantities of firewood, and not for felling on an industrial scale. But quite hard work is also quite “on the shoulder.” 1.8kW motor pulls well.

The chain tensioner is readily available, although it will require a tool. This is not to say that this is a clear drawback. Better a simple and reliable “tool” tensioner than a problematic “manual” one. The standard chain itself is not bad in quality, and it is not difficult to replace it. Pitch and width are the most common.

Device and technical characteristics

The “insides” of the saw are similar to the device of a chainsaw. Rotation from the electric drive is transmitted to the chain element using a bevel gearbox or sprocket. The chain closed by a ring during operation moves along the bus. At the same time, its speed can reach thirteen meters per second. The length of the tire varies from thirty to forty centimeters. When choosing a unit, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Power. This indicator determines the weight of the equipment, which varies from four to seven kilograms. The cost of the saw also depends on the power. When choosing a device, it is necessary to take into account the expected loads and leave some margin. Plus, the powerful saw won’t be too sensitive to power surges.
  • Ergonomics. The unit’s electric drive can be located across or along the bus. The tool with longitudinal placement is much more convenient to work with. In addition, such a unit has much better balancing. Also, when choosing, you should pay attention to saws with a soft start system. These tools are much more durable and stronger.
  • Fast chain tensioning system. With regular use of the tool, the chain starts to sag strongly. The humidity of work must be tightened. For this purpose, the device must be disassembled and adjusted using special tools. However, this activity takes a lot of time and is not very convenient. After that, some models have a built-in online tensioning system. To tension the chain, you don’t even need to remove the case and look for the necessary devices. Loosened the “wing” (nut), the tire moves easily in one direction or another.
  • Lubrication. Some modern models automatically supply oil to the chain. This saves mixture.
  • Brake. It is better to choose a tool at which the cutting element automatically stops when “hitting back”.
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The tool does not require an outlet, extension cord, or battery charging. If we consider comparable models of electric and gasoline saws, then the latter will cope with work faster. The fact is that the electric motor consumes energy from the network, and the gasoline one generates it itself. Therefore, with equal characteristics (for example, 2000 W), the chainsaw will be more powerful.

However, such devices are more expensive to maintain: you need not only oil for the chain, but also fuel. Another disadvantage is the high noise level. But there are small chainsaws for summer residents, which work NOT louder than electric analogs.

Electric chain saw

The tool is equipped with an electric motor and operates from a 220 V network. You do not need to buy fuel and fill up dust. It does not emit exhaust gases and is therefore suitable for indoor use. Saw normally Not as noisy as a gasoline powered tool. In most cases it is lighter and more convenient to operate: the engine does not need to be started manually.

But there are also weaknesses. The electric motor is unstable to voltage surges. What does it mean? Let’s say you have blunt teeth on your chain and you are sawing a trunk. This increases the load on the engine. He does not cope and at a critical moment simply fails. The same happens with a voltage drop. Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on him, especially when you are out of town. In addition, the saw must not be used in rain or high humidity.

Chain oil. What brand to choose for a new wood saw.

Oil Reduces friction in the chain joints and in the point of contact with the bar. On most household models, its flow rate is set at the factory and is NOT adjustable. During sawing, a small part of it flies off the tips of the teeth, and the rest is absorbed by the chips.

SAE 30 oils are used to refill the reservoir at high air temperatures. SAE 10 is recommended for low and when sawing pine, spruce and trees with a high resin content. They produce chain oils both on petroleum base and on the basis of processed vegetable oils that are harmless to soil.

Powerful chain saw Texas I-03-229. Handles. Does their shape affect the ease of cutting?

The tool poses an increased danger to the user, therefore, for complete control, the worker must practice the desired posture with a stable position and perform the correct grip.

The right hand holds the rear handle, which is an extension of the body. It always has a closed D-shape, protecting the brush, with the power key located. The trigger is made long for better control even with gloves. The shape is most often anatomical, taking into account the features of the palm. Regardless of the position of the saw bar: vertical, when sawing a log; horizontal or at an angle of 25-45 ° for dusting when felling trees, the position of the hand on the rear handle does not change.

Front. Why do you need a U-shape and a round profile?

It is located above the electric motor in front of the tire and, in addition to helping with the usual actions of the worker, serves to transport the tool. The left hand is NOT longitudinally, as in the right, but perpendicular to the movement of the chain, with the thumb surrounding the handle. This position is maintained when making straight cuts. With angular upper and lower felling cuts, the brush is shifted downward, intercepting along the handle. Therefore, it has a round cross-section without ebbs and a non-slip coating throughout the entire stretch.

Firewood chain saw Foresta FS-2840DS. Most powerful chain saw. Why do you need a soft start.

Since collector motors are installed on the tool, and not having a starting winding, they immediately go to the maximum speed mode. At the moment of start, the starting current increases by 2-4 times from the nominal and the voltage indicator in the network can fall from 220 to 180 volts and below, which will affect the operation of other connected electrical appliances. With the soft start function, the saw motor spins up to rated speed within 3- 5 seconds. Reduces wear and deformation of transmission units and rubbing parts, and does not load the network.

This electronic module is installed on a model with a power of more than 2 kW, and it is such a tool that is chosen for construction sites and warehouses for crosscutting Khlystov in logging areas. Since the saw is powered there from autonomous sources, without this function, a gas generator even with a maximum power of 5 kVA would have stalled at the starting jump.

Electric motor. What parameters to pay attention to.