Wood grinder what to choose

How to choose a grinder? Overview of all types: eccentric, vibratory, belt and more

Sanding wood is hardly a pleasant experience. Tiresome and monotonous movements, dust, constant checking of the machining surface. none of these things add to the excitement of the process, especially when large quantities of work are involved. Grinders greatly simplify life in this matter.

Each type of grinder is designed for specific tasks: where one will show unsurpassed results, the other will be helpless. For example, the eccentric grinders will not cope with the processing of inner corners, in contrast to their less advanced counterparts. vibrating models. In this article we will talk about the main types of sanding machines. Let’s explain the principle of their work, areas of application and other nuances that will help determine what kind of grinder to buy for specific carpentry needs.

Immediately tell that such options grinders, such as abrasive attachments to the drill, screwdriver or angle grinder (angle grinder), we left out of the brackets of our conversation. They are suitable for rough sanding, but will never produce a satisfactory result in fine sanding of wooden surfaces.

Sanding wood is a responsibility

The sanding process may seem like a formality, but it is not. The liability factor is extremely high here. Mistakes of sanding, imperceptible at first glance, immediately manifest themselves after the application of the finishing coating, and gross errors can easily ruin the workpiece. Scuffing of the layer of finish, burn marks, pits and scratches, such defects are very difficult to be corrected; they often make you have to scrap the workpiece altogether.

Orbital (eccentric) grinders

Design features. Orbital or eccentric sanders are by far the most universal machines for sanding and polishing wood. Working unit of the tool is a round sole to which an abrasive disc is fastened by means of Velcro. Sanding byproducts are evacuated through dust extraction ducts so that the surface remains clean, the work is well controlled, and the abrasive performance is high and durable.

Makita eccentric sander with dust collector

When mounting the grinding wheel, make sure that the holes on the abrasive match the holes on the base of the machine. Otherwise the dust extraction will be impaired.

Operating principle. Grinding and polishing is made by a combination of eccentric (orbital rotation) and rotational (turning around the axis) movements of the base plate. Movement of abrasive along this complex orbit leads to more efficient grinding and reduces the number of abrasive flaws in the shape of flats.

The eccentricity of orbital machines is on average 3 to 8 mm.

Eccentricity is the coefficient of misalignment of the sole axis with the shaft axis. It is one of the basic characteristics of grinders. It determines the nature of the abrasive movements and therefore the quality of the sanding.

Scope of application. Rough or fine sanding of large surfaces; intercoat sanding of topcoats, polishing. This is a versatile type of tool that is suitable for both industrial use and for the home.

Advantages. Grinds large surfaces lengthways and crosswise; best surface quality; reduced risk of errors (burrs, countersinks, pits); minimal noise and vibration (quietest in its class).

Disadvantages. Not suitable for internal corners. Ineffective for curved surfaces and narrow edges.

Reviews of the best orbiters for wood

The machine is perfectly balanced and lies well in the hand. Rubberized body adds grip and dampens vibration. Very comfortable to sand with one hand. Catch yourself in the thought that there is no desire to change hands during long and monotonous work. Quiet and lightweight. Excellent dust extraction system: all dust is extracted into the standard dust bag with microfilter, where it is compacted and easily extracted; for long working hours, however, a connection to a vacuum cleaner is recommended. No speed control, although it would be useful, considering its omnivorous nature (wood, metal, putty, lacquered surfaces).

Very compact eccentric sander. Amazing ratio of weight (1.3 kg) and power (240 W), and you honestly get the declared watts in the output. The tool is very handy to operate with one hand, and the weight is not the only issue. Mushroom-shaped rubberized handle provides a good grip and effectively absorbs vibrations. The lowered center of gravity adds to the convenience. The not-so-good location of the power button seems very strange against the background of well thought-out ergonomics. Also raises questions about the lack of possibility to connect a vacuum cleaner; probably it was done for the sake of maneuverability, to make it easy to work with one hand and get to hard to reach places, such as sanding furniture. The cord is pretty tough.

The accessory bits are easy to change, thanks to the Velcro strips. The Metabo FSX 200 has eight holes. It has sanded mainly furniture, but I have no problems with the dust extraction. I can not say that the machine is completely silent, but the noise level does not tire you out, even during long hours of work. It comes with a thick plastic case with smart compartments.

Powerful and inexpensive grinder. The manufacturer claims 550 watts and 13000 rpm at maximum. According to subjective sensations the real output values are much more modest. But considering the price, and it’s not bad for those who are looking for an inexpensive and powerful tool for a large amount of work, such as sanding floors, wooden walls, stairs, etc. д.

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The machine is designed for work with two hands. There are several ways to grip. The rubberized handle doesn’t save you completely, the vibration in your hands is more than enough, so it’s better to wear gloves when working with these tools. Speed regulator is provided: it looks flimsy, but in fact it is durable. It is possible to connect a vacuum cleaner, and it is better to work with it, especially at maximum speed. There is a start button lock. very convenient for sanding large areas.

Sturm OS8155R. cheap and powerful sander for unpretentious jobs. At different speeds, all characteristics manifest themselves differently: at maximum speeds, there are far more complaints about the tool than at low speeds.

This model got into our short review because of its low price, productivity and omnivorousness. Professionals certainly find it a lot to criticize, but for the household needs. it’s not a bad option. The power of the orbiter is 450 watts. Subjective experience overestimates the claimed performance, but not by much. There is a speed regulation, a start button lock, the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner. Two-handed grip. One hand to work hard, because the machine is rather strong vibrates and can start to bounce (all depends on the speed). It’s best not to get your hopes up for the standard dust canister: up to a third of the waste is past the bag. But everything is great with the vacuum cleaner. The noise level is very satisfying, as for a cheap machine. The soleplate is stiff.

How to choose?

What materials need to be sanded?

Most sanders work on the most common materials with the right type of sandpaper.

What sizes and shapes are most likely to be machined?

Sanding a large flat square is very different from finishing a small object with many curved surfaces or small corners.

Whether special surface quality levels are needed?

Some electric grinders provide the best surface quality, while others produce a rough finish.

What budget?

  • Power. Different types of grinders have different power levels. Need to consider the type and duration of work.
  • Durability. Do the grinder have special features that will extend its life? This is very important if it is to be used continuously.
  • Vibration control. Excessive exposure to vibration can be not only uncomfortable, but very dangerous. Low vibration levels mean you can work longer with more safety and comfort.
  • Dust extraction. It generates a lot of dust, which is not only dirty, but also dangerous. See if the machine comes with a dust bag and how big it is.
  • Ease of use. If the budget is limited, you will have to sacrifice a feature. Nevertheless, if you have enough money to buy the right sander, then: comfort, lots of functions, low weight, easy-to-use switches and ergonomic design are all worth it.
  • A manual belt sander is suitable for working on very large and uneven surfaces when a finish is not required.
  • Half sheet orbital sander is a cost-effective solution for creating a medium-sized polished surface.
  • Electric random orbital sander provides fast workpiece cleaning and very precise finishing.
  • The orbital type is good if you only want to do small jobs with low load and need a light tool that is easy to handle.
  • Multifunctional sanding only suitable for small jobs. Other functions of the multi-tool are available in regular intervals.

Top 10 best grinders


Well-designed speed control module for tool control and protection. High-powered motor with optimised design results in higher work efficiency. Lower increase in motor temperature at rated power compared to other models.

Grinding and polishing are important steps in surface treatment of various workpieces made of wood, metal, plastic, and other materials. The final result of these operations is a smooth, even, cleaned surface with minimal roughness. Grinder is an indispensable tool in this operation. Sanding is time-consuming, monotonous and unpleasant. The modern requirements to finishing work in repair and construction have very high standards. Painfully familiar to craftsmen sandpaper, mounted on a wooden bar, are gradually replaced by sanders. Nowadays, on the market there is a rich assortment of modern sanding machines suitable for a wide range of tasks. Including for home use. KP has prepared the top 10 best grinders 2022 available on the market.

KP top 10 rating

Metabo WEV 10-125 Quick (from 7978)

Metabo WEV 10-125 Quick refers to the type of angle grinders (angle grinder), in common parlance called burners. This name was given to this type of machines in the USSR because of the place of production. Bulgaria. Equipped with 125 mm cutting discs. Suitable for sanding and cutting metals, stone (concrete) and softer materials. The new powerful motor, with a power consumption of 1000 watts, provides a high torque, designed for active use both in everyday life and for professional tasks. This grinder has a number of clear positive features: automatic safety clutch, full-wave electronics with adjustment wheel, electronic overload protection, SDS quick-action nut, soft start and protection against accidental restart. Carbon brushes are switched off automatically, which prolongs the lifetime of the tool. The grinder is ergonomic. its center of gravity is well-matched. Body flaunts non-slip coating. Maximum speed. 10500 rpm.

Grinding and polishing are important steps in processing the surfaces of various kinds of workpieces made of wood, metal, plastic and other materials. The final result of these activities is a smooth, flat, clean surface, with minimal roughness. Grinding machine is an indispensable tool in these operations. Grinding. the process is laborious, monotonous, unpleasant. Today’s finishing work in renovation and construction has very high standards. Painfully familiar to craftsmen sandpaper, mounted on a wooden bar, are gradually replaced by grinding machines. Today, the market presents a wide range of modern devices for grinding, suitable to perform a wide range of tasks. Including for home use. KP has prepared the top 10 best grinders available on the market in 2022.

KP’s top 10 ranking

Metabo WEV 10-125 Quick (from 7978)

Metabo WEV 10-125 Quick belongs to the type of angle grinders (angle grinders), popularly called burnishing machines. This type of machine got its name in the USSR because of the place of production in Bulgaria. Equipped with 125 mm cutting discs. Suitable for grinding and cutting of metals, stone (concrete) and softer materials. The new powerful engine, with a power consumption of 1000 W, provides a high torque, is designed for active use both in everyday life and for professional tasks. This grinder has a number of unambiguous positive elements: automatic safety clutch, full-wave electronics with an adjustable wheel, electronic overload protection, quick-action nut SDS, soft start and protection against accidental restart. Carbon brushes are automatically switched off, prolonging tool life. The grinder is ergonomic. its center of gravity is well-matched. Body boasts non-slip coating. Maximum speed. 10500 rpm.

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Interskol PMM-32/130

The compact PMM-32/130 with a delta-like soleplate for fine grinding in corners and on relief surfaces (solid wood door paneling, for example). Access to any angle is assured by a tapered soleplate. Combination of minimum amplitude and low frequency of vibration of the platform, guarantees professional quality:

  • when removing one layer of coatings (coarse-grained consumables are required);
  • when sanding smooth edges (a fine sandpaper will be required);
  • For dry polishing of protective layers of paintwork (with a suitable soft nozzle).

Connection of the consumable with the sole is made by means of “velcro” system, that securely holds the abrasive sheet during the work. In the absence of the necessary consumables, they can be cut from sandpaper with a felt layer. For full operation of the built-in dust extraction system, it is necessary to make holes in the self-cut sheets according to the template of the sole. The main thing is not to expose this amateur tool to constant intense stress, and blow out all the holes with compressed air at the end of work.

View a short video review revealing the features of the equipment and the device of the model PSHM-32/130:

Interskol PMM-115/300E

Claimed characteristics and low cost explain the popularity of Interskol PMM-115/300E with a rectangular soleplate. The tool copes with the alignment of external corners of gypsum plasterboard reinforced with polymer putty, and with lumber, and with single-layer paint coatings. meticulous cleaning, timely replacement of consumables and monitoring of the condition of the load elements, can even count on long-term (non-intensive) operation. After all, the main purpose of this model is quality and unhurried work with wood, it is pointed out:

  • Weight suitable for working on horizontal planes;
  • The frequency of the soleplate can be adjusted;
  • Insulated from wood dust start button.
  • Frequency of vibration adjustment
  • Dust extraction system with vacuum cleaner connection
  • Locking start button
  • Powerful safety locks
  • Elastic pad on the soleplate

View a short video overview of the Interskol PMM-115/300E tool features:

Types of sanding machines

The choice of this type of construction tools is considerably wide. There are the following types of sanders for working with wood:


This type of grinder is used for restoration work. Can be used in hard-to-reach places (e.g., for sanding parquet). Such a machine can also sand window frames and furniture corners.

High-frequency vibrations are present here. In this, it is similar to a vibratory sander. The sanding sheets are attached by Velcro. It allows to process products with curvilinear surface.

Angular models

This type of sander is the most popular choice for home use. Angle grinder is another name for the angle model. Angular grinder grind absolutely all kinds of wood products, can cut stone or metal. The power of the model and the disc diameter play a key role.

For processing a particular material has its own disk-shaped nozzle. Sanding wooden surfaces with flap discs. The angle grinder features a protective guard. It is not recommended to remove it.

This tool should be used with care, because if wood is damaged, splinters can fly around and injure soft tissue and come into contact with the body. For safe operation of the angle grinder, it is necessary to wear gloves and goggles to avoid damage. Discs that are too small for the tool’s specifications must not be used under any circumstances.

The number of revolutions can be adjusted with this device. The tool has a soft start. Disc wear and tear is reduced thanks to automatic balancing system. Often the angle grinder kit includes additional handles.


Special design feature: the grinding plane rotates around the axis. The axis also rotates. It allows you to make a fine sanding at high revolutions. Grinds curved or convex workpieces. These machines clean up wooden rounded elements: railings, columns, as well as process putty in cars. To make it easier to work on curved surfaces, it is necessary to attach additional attachments of elastic material. On the sole of the tool is attached a wheel for grinding. Dust is collected in a dust canister or vacuum cleaner bag.

Consume such units from 150 to 750 watts of power. This will depend on the model of the product. Several brands have additional functions:

Eccentric machines have a wide range of use. Can be used for fine matting of lacquered surfaces and rough removal of rust. For these models are produced:

With these extras you can bring any surface to the desired condition. The orbital type is used both for final sanding and for polishing wooden products.


In these models, the largest vibrations occur. The maximum vibration frequency is 20,000 per minute.

Professional units are equipped with speed regulators. This function offers the chance to adjust the sanding speed to a certain material. These models are unique in their kind. Power ranges from 180 to 700 watts. A “finer” sanding quality prevents material damage due to careless movements. There are two ways of attaching the abrasive paper:

Almost all vibratory sanders have holes with a dust extraction duct. On it attach the hose of the vacuum cleaner, or set the bag of the dust collector.

In addition to wood products, metal and stone products are processed with vibrating sanders. Such a machine grinds even plastic, if you put it on low speed. But this is if the machine is equipped with a vibration speed regulator. Wooden items are ground with fine sandpaper, while metal and glass items are processed with felt.

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They are used to remove old paint or rust. Brush type machines are similar to belt type machines in their application. At home, they are used to clean boards and parquet.

Brush sanders must meet the following criteria:

Here a metal brush is used as a nozzle. This enables large quantities of workpieces to be processed quickly.


These models are used for continuous sanding of large surfaces. Able to handle rough surfaces:

Rarely used for polishing work.

This type of sander has a heavy bottom platform and heavy weight. Along the platform, sandpaper can be transported effortlessly. All the operator has to do is smoothly move the machine across the surface. There may be unnecessary indentations if the operator brakes the machine in one place. Power ranges from 500 to 3,000 watts. 70 to 600 meters per minute is the belt speed of the machine.

Step and step speed controller for professional models. Additional handles are included for working in different conditions. There are two ways to dispose of dust on these models. It is collected in a dust bag or taken to a construction vacuum cleaner.

To prevent damage to materials, the belt sander can be operated together with a special frame. To fix the machine in a static position is helped by an additional stand, which acts as a vise. Thus, the LFM is mounted upside down. This position allows you to sharpen cutting tools.

The belt sander has two varieties:

The first type serves as a file.

The second does the surface treatment with a brush and not a sandpaper.

The bristles of the brush are of different types: they are classified from soft wool to hard iron.

Which model is better to choose?

To decide which machine to choose, you must determine how often it will be used in the household. If you plan to use it constantly, it is better to choose a professional model instead of a domestic one. They are more powerful than conventional ones and are made of the highest quality materials. Perhaps their only disadvantage will be the high price.

Get a budget household tool if you plan to use it infrequently. It is safe to operate these machines for about 20 hours a month. It is not recommended to work with them more than 3 hours a day to avoid breakage. Such a device has weak power. A pause of 15 minutes should be made so that the cheap machine does not overheat. However, these models have a low cost and light weight.

What kind of sanders are suitable for grinders

The first sandpaper, which is used for processing materials in grinders, was made from shark skin. Such mentions are recorded in Chinese manuscripts in the 13th century. Since then, the emery has undergone many upgrades. The first modern version of sandpaper looked like this: sand together with broken glass was glued to the paper. The modern abrasive was invented by Briton John Walkay in 1833. Later, he patented a whole series of this paper.

In a modern form, abrasive powder is attached to paper or cloth. For the formation of the abrasive layer is used:

Grit is the main characteristic of abrasive paper.

A system of labels and certifications emerged. The finest sandpaper is the “M” series, and the coarsest is the “H” series.

How to use a wood sander

The rules of operation are described in detail in the machine data sheet. Each tool has its own characteristics, so before you work, you need to study everything carefully.

  • In order not to traumatize the eardrum, it is necessary to use headphones that absorb noise when working;
  • If the machine has a damaged power cable or mechanical damage, it can not start working;
  • Do not work near flammable or combustible materials when working on metal parts;
  • To protect against dust, you need to use construction glasses made of glass that does not break;
  • To protect your respiratory organs from dust, you must wear a respirator;
  • Wear construction gloves to protect your hands from injury.

How to choose

Here is a rating of the top 10 best LShMs, which we have compiled based on customer reviews on the Internet. The list includes both the best inexpensive models for home and country houses, and professional tools.

Patriot BS 810

This model is a powerful enough LSM for home use. It can be used to remove paintwork that has fallen into disrepair, to remove rust, to treat a door leaf or other flat surface. Ergonomic housing design reduces fatigue and provides a comfortable environment for the operator. Possibility to regulate the angular velocity of the leading roller allows to work with any material.

Purpose and principle of operation of belt grinders

The LShM is widely used not only in industrial production, machine shops, carpenter’s workshops, but also in home workshops.

Principle of operation

On the leading roller is transmitted torque from the drive motor, it comes into motion a ring abrasive belt. The depth of grinding and surface roughness depends on the size of abrasive particles in the sandpaper. The finer the fraction, the less rough the machined surface will be.

How to choose

Here is the top 10 best LSM, which we compiled based on customer reviews on the Internet. The list includes both the best inexpensive models for home and cottage, and professional tools.

Patriot BS 810

The model is quite powerful LShM for home working. It can be used to remove deteriorated paintwork, remove rust, or treat a door leaf or other flat surface. Ergonomic housing design reduces fatigue and provides a comfortable environment for the operator. The ability to adjust the angular velocity of the drive roller makes it possible to work with any material.