Adjusting The “Chainsaw Partner 350” Carburetor Do It Yourself.

Construction and repair activities often require the use of chainsaws. The adjustment of the carburetor of the chainsaw partner 350 can be performed independently if you have certain knowledge. The need to implement this process occurs infrequently. It often appears when the engine is worn out, or there are errors in the fuel supply. It is possible to understand that it is necessary to carry out adjustment if in the process of operation the motor begins to stall without cause, there are extraneous noises.

The main reasons for the failure of the chainsaw 350:

  • Malfunctions associated with the accumulation of a large amount of oxygen or the presence of an insufficient amount of fuel.
  • Interruptions are noted if there is increased fuel consumption, leading to a large emission of exhaust gases, which are supersaturated with the fuel mixture.
  • An unexpected malfunction often appears in the presence of mechanical failures. So, in the presence of strong vibrations, a similar problem may arise, the protective cap is damaged. Vibration loosens fixed bolts.
  • Worn engine piston area. This problem can be resolved only by replacing the damaged item. Then you need to configure the node.
  • Interruptions to the carburetor partner 350 may occur when using low-quality fuel. Such a problem leads to the fact that the filter is damaged. To eliminate such a situation, it is necessary to analyze and flush the working units.

Device Features.

It is important to start running the factory device on time before starting the workflow and set it up in time.

The main components of the carburetor are:

  • Main part. It is a special tube designed for the passage of air. There is a flap with the possibility of changing the location.
  • Diffuser. This is a narrow area of ​​the tube. It is necessary to speed up the air mass flow.
  • Fuel supply channel. Fuel is stored in the float chamber. From there it goes into the jet, and then into the sprayer.
  • Camera. The shape is similar to the capacity. Maintains fuel in the right amount.

To set up and repair the saw, we will need tools. screws L, H, T, scheme.

Pull off the carburetor chainsaw partner 350 do it yourself.

Proper tuning of the carburetor chainsaw partner 350 will eliminate the occurrence of the above problems. This work begins with disassembly. Adjusting the carburetor of the chainsaw partner 350 requires knowledge of the design information of the working unit.

When disassembling elements for repairing the carburetor of the saw, the partner can use the following recommendations:

  • When shooting the elements of the saws with the hands of a Husqvarna, it is necessary to act as carefully as possible. Need to remove each item. The layout of the parts should be carried out in the sequence in which they are removed. It will help make the post-build process as fast as possible. You can disassemble the unit quickly.
  • The top cover is held with three bolts. You will need to disassemble them carefully. Under the removed cover is a foam layer. It performs the air filter option.
  • You will need to remove the filter traction in the saw. To do this, dismantle the gasoline hose.
  • For the adjustment of the carburetor chainsaw partner 350 is required to remove the tip, which is located on the cord. To do this, carefully remove the fuel hose and disconnect the carburetor. Take it off slowly.
  • After completing all of the above steps, you can start adjusting the carburetor of the chainsaw partner 350. Please note that this type of operation is considered quite time-consuming. The adjustment will be required in stages. Individual elements are small in size. It is important not to lose them during disassembly, configure.

Main features of setting chainsaw partner.

Saw partner 350 when adjusting the carburetor correctly, able to function properly and reliably. At the basic stage of adjustment, it is necessary to turn the adjustment screws to the maximum. These screws have a special designation. “L” and “H”. They wrap slowly to the required stop. Perform a clockwise operation. Then, you need to unscrew the screws in reverse order by one and a half times.

Further, adjusting the carburettor of the equipment to the partner 350 does it yourself using the following list of actions:

  1. For 10 minutes, it is necessary to warm up the Husqvarna factory engine for repair. This type of work is done at medium speeds.
  2. The screws “S”, “LA”, “T” are rotated. You can use the scheme. It must be done counterclockwise, at idle. The operation continues until the motor goes into a stable mode of operation. Please note that when performing such adjustment of the carburetor on the chainsaw, the partner chain must be in a fixed position. If, when operating at idle, you notice that the engine stalls, you need to turn the screw clockwise. When observing the mobility of the chain, unscrew the screw counterclockwise.
  3. According to the results of the activities carried out, it is necessary to diagnose the health of the 340s engine. It must be done at maximum speed and during acceleration. If, as a result of a smooth pressing of the accelerator, you find that the number of revolutions has increased to the desired value for a short period, then the engine of the device is functioning properly. The number of maximum idle speeds is checked using the “”H”” screw. It will need to rotate clockwise and against. If the maximum frequency of revolutions exceeds the revolutions of the car11500. 15000 r / min, then this symbolizes that the unit is functioning “”at full capacity and there may be difficulties in the ignition system. In the event of malfunctions in the process of rotation, it is important to stop this operation and adjust the knot in the saw of the Husqvarna. Need to adjust to obtain the desired result.