Adjusting The “Trimmer Patriot 555” Carburetor.

The trimmer Petrol Patriot RT 3355 is designed for trimming and mowing low-growing grass on lawns, streets, around trees, along roadsides, on lawns and garden plots. The unit is successfully used on both flat and relief, uneven areas. The manufacturer has improved the model taking into account convenient transportation and easy use: the bar is made detachable, quickly assembled and disassembled. The comfort of operation adds a wide shoulder strap with adjustable length. A quick start is simplified by primer.

Model Description Patriot PT 3355.

  • Universal unit: the use of fishing line allows you to work on mowing lawns and flowerbeds, changing to a cutting knife allows you to cut dry wood, weeds with a hard or elastic stem, trimming shrubs.
  • Comfortable control and operation. Use in the design of innovative vibration protection, selection of the optimal balance of the tool.
  • Handle and shoulder strap ergonomic technology.
  • Primer makes it easier to start, removes the load from the starter.
  • Maintenance available and convenient. If necessary, a quick repair and troubleshooting in the ignition and in the filtration compartment.
  • Engine power 1.8 hp allows you to productively perform continuous operation for 4-4.5 hours.
  • Engine displacement 033 liters.
  • A sharp knife with a diameter of 230 mm. Knife rotation speed 8000 rpm
  • Strong reliable fishing line with a diameter of 2.4 mm.
  • Grip width 460 mm.
  • Handle bicycle type.
  • Net 6.6 kg.
  • Gross 8.6 kg.
  • Overall dimensions 95 x 36 x 23 cm.

Preparation and pouring the fuel mixture to the trimmer Patriot RT 3355.

  • Mixture preparation for two-stroke engine is made only from original Patriot oils and AI 92 high-octane gasoline.
  • For cooking use a special canister from the trim set. The markup is adapted for gasoline and oil specific model 3355.
  • Gasoline is poured to the mark for gasoline liquid.
  • The corresponding brand of patriot oil for a two-stroke engine is poured into it.
  • With a few shakes, the mixture is brought to a uniform state.
  • Preparation of the mixture in a conventional gasoline canister is performed with an exposure of gasoline / oil proportions of 32: 1.
  • Preparing the fuel mixture directly in the trimmer tank is not recommended.
  • It is recommended to prepare a portion of the mixture for one, maximum two refills.
  • Fill the mixture with the engine off, away from sources of open fire.

Steps for starting the trimmer petrol Patriot RT 3355.

  • Freshly prepared mixture is poured into the tank.
  • It is translated up, in the “cold” position, the air flap lever.
  • Ignition on the control knob is set to “on”.
  • 5–7 primer button presses are made to fill the carburetor with the mixture.
  • The trimmer is placed on a stable surface at a safe distance from objects and people. Avoid contact of the trim head or cutting knife with the ground.
  • The gas trigger on the control knob is pressed and locked in this position.
  • One hand holds the trimmer, and the other hand pulls the starter knob to “gear”. At this point, the handle jerks sharply before the engine starts.

The engine is started with a preliminary pulling of the cord. It is not worth making sharp jerks of a loose cord or pulling the cord because of the high probability of starter failure.

  • Set the choke lever to the middle position.
  • The starter handle must be pulled several times before starting the engine.
  • To warm up the engine for 5-10 seconds. Move the choke lever down. Press the gas trigger to unlock.
  • Gently pressing the gas trigger, bring the engine to maximum speed. Start working.
  • Make mowing, firmly holding the trimmer for ergonomic handles.
  • For a warm engine, the above operations are performed without pressing the primer. In this case, the air damper is placed in the lower position.

The trimmer is equipped with a semi-automatic line feeding system. When working at maximum speed, strike the ground with a pressure head, so that the length of the line increases by 2.5 cm.