Alteration 12 Volt Angle Grinder

TOP 6 drawings will help to make a cutting machine from an angle grinder with your own hands without errors and unnecessary costs. Answers to frequently asked questions, recommendations.

  1. What are the switches for emergency stopping of the machine?
Alteration 12 Volt Angle Grinder

b) manual and foot.

  1. What angle grinders are suitable for creating a cutting machine?

a) pneumatic and electrical;

  1. Minimum electric motor power of an angle grinder for a cutting machine from an angle grinder:
  1. What machines can be made based on angle grinder?

a) miter, detachable;

b) grinding, milling, grinding.

  1. Where can I place an angle grinder in a cutting machine?

a) above the countertop;

b) under the countertop.

  1. The correct option is b). Footswitches are more convenient as they operate quickly.
  2. Theoretically. enough power in all three versions. In practice, apply a). electric and pneumatic models. A battery for a stationary machine is not needed. For a pneumatic drive, you will have to purchase a compressor of the appropriate capacity.
  3. 900 watts or more. Correction is done if processing of workpieces from relatively soft materials is supposed, or at high speed.
  4. Both options are correct. Powerful angle grinder is suitable for creating different machines of household and semi-professional level.
  5. Two mounting options are acceptable. Specialists prefer the top.

Angle Grinder with electric drive perform many different work operations. To lower labor costs while increasing accuracy, it is used as the basis for the machine.

"Angle Grinder". The common name for angle grinder (angle grinder). By changing the disk, this universal device is converted for cutting, performing other work operations.

How to make a cutting machine in steps with drawings: 4 reasons in favor of the project

In order not to doubt the correctness of the decision made, study the following facts:

  1. without reliable fixing, the workpieces vibrate, increasing the risk of damage to the disk;
  2. a heavy tool is difficult to manipulate with high precision, maintaining perpendicularity section;
  3. difficulties increase when processing thick products, when creating a large batch of similar parts;
  4. when both hands are occupied, the probability of injury is significantly increased.

A high-quality machine is necessary to solve these problems, improve productivity. It is created as follows algorithm:

  • specify the purpose, scope of work;
  • they study the drawings of factory analogues and homemade products, choose the appropriate option;
  • make up a set of design documentation with a list of necessary purchases;
  • Build according to the approved plan with a performance check.

TOP 6 drawings with explanations for the manufacture of a homemade metal edger

Typical circular saw It’s not difficult to create if you fix the angle grinder under the work table with a slot. It is necessary to think over a system of guides for high precision movement of workpieces.

Picture No. 1. Schematic diagram

Look at the picture number 1, what a typical edger. Here, the angle grinder is mounted on a movable hinge, which somewhat complicates the design. Such a scheme has several advantages:

  • simple and reliable fastening of the workpiece;
  • significant weight of the upper part will help to use less effort when cutting workpieces;
  • if necessary, a hand-held electric tool is dismantled for normal operations.

Such a power frame is assembled from standard steel corners pipes with a square section. durable are welded joints. But it is also permissible to create a prefabricated structure using screws and nuts.

Such a project can be used as an example for the manufacture of high-quality metal edging machine. Wheeled equipment makes moving easier heavy products.

For your information! In other racks, screw supports must be installed. With their help compensate for uneven flooring.

Look at the picture an example of a machine for processing wood. This technique is suitable for cutting large workpieces. It is necessary to choose an angle grinder of sufficient power so that it is enough to work with large diameter discs. On the back shoulder of the lever (instead of the electric motor, as in the drawing), the load is fixed. The weight and mounting location are selected in accordance with personal requirements and features of a particular design.

This machine can be redone to fix in the bottom Angle grinder. If longitudinal sawing of wood is supposed, such an engineering solution will be optimal.

Picture No. 6. Construction of a factory end saw for wood

Look at Picture No. 6. It can be used to make a set of drawings with your own hands. It is recommended to pay attention to spring which raises the work node to its original state. A rotary table with measuring devices will help to create a machine with increased tolerance requirements.

Picture № 7. Drawing of the bed

In the manufacture of this part of the machine, a thick metal. This solution increases the cost and weight, but extends the service life, increases reliability, improves attachment of attachments and accuracy of processing.

Alteration of the angle grinder into the machine in steps: 10 assembly steps, electrical diagram for the drawings

To create a machine yourself, you must select design appropriate skills and abilities. The easiest way is to assemble the machine from workpieces created according to the drawings in a specialized metalworking workshop. Otherwise, you have to master welding technology and acquire the necessary equipment.

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The following is a step-by-step self-assembly algorithm with useful comments:

  1. After the approval of the project parameters, they acquire the necessary materials, blanks, tools and replaceable nozzles. The shopping list is determined on the basis of a prepared set of design documentation. Compliance with applicable standards is not required in this case. However, all important data must be indicated, as in the examples above.
  2. Cut workpieces for power frame. The table is made of sheet steel with a thickness of at least 5 mm.
  3. A transverse shaft is welded to the pendulum arm. When creating this site, the perpendicularity of the parts is carefully controlled.
  4. For mounting Angle grinder the capture in the form of the letter "P" is suitable. In its lateral parts make a hole for the bolts. With these fasteners, the hand tool is rigidly attached to the bed. Choose a sufficiently strong part of the body angle grinder.
  5. Additional fixation is provided with a metal clamp. All of the listed mounts are stiff to increase accuracy.
  6. The bearings of the rotary assembly are pressed. Instead of typical units of factory production, steel pipes with thick walls suitable for the inner diameter are used.
  7. Assemblies assembled on the axis of two sides.
  8. By welding, a pendulum is attached to the platform. In order not to spoil the bearings, it is recommended to limit the temperature increase. A cloth soaked with water is used for cooling.
  9. Welded block with mount for angle grinder. Set in place Angle grinder protective devices, return spring.
  10. They clarify the build quality, the reliability of the fastenings, the functionality of the pendulum. Connect the machine, check the performance first at idle and then. in operating mode. The groove in the table is cut with a correspondingly wide disc.

Picture No. 8. Connection of a magnetic starter with trip buttons and a protective thermal relay

Look at Picture No. 8. Here is a wiring diagram for the drawings, which improves the protection of the equipment from overheating. She’s useful for quick emergency shutdowns. One or more buttons to break the corresponding circuit is installed in a convenient place on the machine body. Foot operated switches are also used.

Machine strengthening and other operator protection

Reliable power frame. the basis of security. In addition, moving parts are closed, and unauthorized persons are prevented from entering the work area. In the process of processing parts, glasses, masks, mittens, and other personal protective equipment are used.

In addition to reliable machine strengthening for protect The operator serves a specific location of the angle grinder. For safety and to prevent damage to clothing, it is installed so that a sheaf of sparks during operation is directed in the opposite direction from the person.

All 5 variants of home-made machines from an angle grinder for various purposes

The drive of tools in this category is characterized by high power. High-quality angle grinder is characterized by small size, durability, resistance to high workloads. Some models have speed control. Modern Angle grinder as standard equipped with protection against overheating. Such products are a good basis for the manufacture of home-made machines for various functional purposes.

Picture No. 9. Such a home-made trimming machine is suitable for processing slabs of granite and marble

Angle grinder lathe

A standard design is applied here. Only excellent knot. a device for transmitting forces to the spindle. A gearbox is needed to adjust the speed and torque in the appropriate range.

DIY do-it-yourself milling machine for wood, other types of equipment

For your information! This device can be attached to the motor shaft after dismantling the standard gearbox.

Picture number 12. Quick problem solving

Look at the Picture No. 12 shows how you can assemble a full-fledged sawing / circular machine from improvised tools in 15-20 minutes. With its help, it is easier to ensure accurate processing of wooden blanks compared to using a hand held power tool.

3 other machines: grinding, for sharpening chains and cutting bricks

Potentially hazardous areas here are protected against spark damage by foil strips. Temporary, but inexpensive and quick decision practical task.

Picture No. 15. When equipped with a suitable disk, such equipment is used for cutting bricks, ceramic tiles, natural / artificial stone. Picture 16. A rigid attachment to a solid tabletop turns a conventional angle grinder into a convenient machine for sharpening chains.

VERY DANGEROUS! In any case, one must not forget about the purpose of the equipment. If you are doing a homemade metal cutting machine, you should consider reinforcing the structure. Processing of plastic and wooden blanks is performed with less stress.

It is still important to know: 4 nuances for choosing the right angle grinder, suitable for a sawing or circulating machine

Angle grinder produce with drive power from 340 W to 2.5 kW. To increase the torque on the working shaft, gearboxes and an increase in speed up to 10-12 thousand per minute are used. Select a model suitable for a particular type of machine. To exclude quick wear, experts suggest making a small margin and using equipment with an engine of 0.9 kW or more.

The number of handles and special devices for performing manual operations in this case do not matter. However, the following will come in handy. Components and specifications:

  • motor protection from dust;
  • smooth adjustment of turns with automatic maintenance of the set level;
  • smooth start;
  • built-in overload protection.

DIY metal and wood cutting machine from do-it-yourself angle grinder

We make a metal cutting machine using high-quality equipment: TOP 3 manufacturers of angle grinders

This list shows the brands whose technology was highly rated by ordinary users and professionals:

  • Bosch It is famous for its reliability, good thoughtfulness of small structural elements. A significant limitation is the high cost, even in the basic configuration.
  • Hitachi originally expensive. But nowadays, part of the production has been moved to China, which has reduced costs. Some models lack automatic stabilization of revolutions under load.
  • Makita. A reasonable combination of price and quality. All new high power models are equipped with effective overload protection, which extends the real life.

How to avoid 4 errors during operation, grinding / surface grinding and other machines

For the machine to carry out its the functions The following simple rules must be observed:

  • Do not increase the load beyond the planned values.
  • Use suitable interchangeable nozzles as specified by official manufacturers instructions.
  • Remove contamination in a timely manner so as not to impair the air cooling mechanism.
  • Maintain a perfect state of electrical insulation, the functionality of protective devices.

How to make a machine very accurate with high tolerance requirements and other answers to 5 frequently asked questions

The following are recommendations for the most common thematic issues:

  1. How to make a machine with high tolerance requirements?

To reduce noise and reduce vibration, dampers are not used in attachment points for angle grinders, so as not to impair accuracy. All moving units are created with the expectation of maintaining geometry over a long service life.

  1. What material is the platform made of?

Wood processing is easier than metal, so the table and many other details can be made from this material.

  1. Is it necessary to use an angle grinder of 1.5 kW or more?

The increase in power consumption is not always justified. An accurate calculation is made taking into account the required number of revolutions / torque.

  1. What parts can be spoiled by increasing the frequency of the working shaft?

Too high processing speed can damage polymer and other workpieces.

  1. Do I need to use safety glasses when processing workpieces using a machine?

For safe work, it is necessary to use personal protective equipment even when the flow of sparks is “away from you”.