At What Degree To Sharpen A Chainsaw

Today we will check the compatibility of smart cards between modern receivers.

We have a receiver Tricolor TV GS B210 and E212.
Insert the card into the GS E212 receiver.
The card slot is located on the front panel, insert the card with the chip up.
GS E212 shows normal, and the card in it now is from the top exchange receiver GS B210.

At What Degree To Sharpen A Chainsaw

Press the ID button.
ID equipment receiver sees card 64052.

Now insert the card into the upper GS B210 receiver.
The card slot is located on the left side panel, here we insert the card with the chip down.
We connect the receiver to the TV, we connect the power.
Loading, inform channel shows us.
We also press the ID button, and the receiver sees this card.

We conclude that all new cards are compatible with each other.
Now try to put a dual-set card in the GS B210 receiver.
We see that the receiver did not identify this card, these cards are not compatible.

Now we insert the native one, the receiver wrote that the smart card was inserted and he saw it.

It turns out that double sets of cards can only be installed in double sets.
And the new receivers are compatible with each other B210, B211, E212, U510, 501.
Now let’s try to install the 8307 card (8307, 8308, 8305 are the same) in the GS B210 receiver.
Our receiver did not see the smart card.
It turns out smart cards from older models are not suitable for this receiver.

Smart card 6301, this device also does not see.
Let’s try to install a card from the E212 device in B210.
Our device saw a smart card.
Which once again proves that they are compatible with each other in single sets.Watch the video below:

How to insert a smart card in openbox x 800ci

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Video: At What Degree To Sharpen A Chainsaw

After downloading the conditional access module and smart card, you can Openbox openbox sx4 base h. Smart; 3472 693. That is, to view them you must have a special card. Drive insert into us. I bought a NTV card at the 36th degree and started inserting it into mine. Insert the smart card into the humax va4s receiver. He drove a friend, he inserted a card into the openbok. 2007 Openbox x 800 x810 x820c. How to insert a tricolor card correctly. Smart enigma x5. 987. Satellite receiver openbox x820 c. Instructions on how to add biss keys to the tuner openbox f300 n. Omicom sky star 4 dvb s2 pc1 card for sale. Insert a smart card into the receiver or into the access module; check the status of smart cards. This refers to a simple smart car slot. Openbox x800 menu code 1117 application menu. How to find a function in openbox x820c. Dvb cards skystar twinhan acorp prof, etc. Only the leading receiver in which the smart card 04060 is installed. In another receiver, openbox x 540 p.

Posted: 10 Aug


Tech support

Error Codes

1. No access to view. Error 2

Reasons: the receiver cannot read the smart card. Solution: Turn off the power to the receiver, remove the smart card for 1 minute (remember in which position the card was), insert the receiver back on.

2. No access to view. Error 3.13

Reason: Coded channel. You must leave the receiver for decoding for eight hours. Solution: turn off the receiver for 30-60 seconds. turn it back on. If the receiver has not worked for a long time, it is advisable to repeat the decoding instructions. The image will appear within 8 hours (link article retry activation commands tricolor ways)

3. No access to view. TV / Radio channel not broadcasting Tricolor TV. Error 4

Reason: The TV / Radio channel is broadcast in an unsupported encoding (channel of another satellite television provider Solution: It is best to reset to factory settings and re-find channels related to Tricolor. For more details, see the Reset to factory settings page (HERE LINK).

4. The smart card is not detected by the receiver. Make sure the smart card is installed correctly Error 5

Cause: Invalid smart card or smart card inserted incorrectly. Solution: Check if the smart card is inserted correctly (smart card link how to insert)

5. No access to view Error 7

Reasons: Smart card does not belong to the operator.

6: No access to view. Please make sure that registration is completed or the subscription with the selected TV / radio channel is paid and active Error 9

Reason: There are no subscription classes in the receiver’s solution. Solution: Most likely you have a new receiver. Leave it on for 8 hours. Make sure registration is complete. Go to the official website of tricolor tv enter your ID number in the empty field. If the receiver is not registered. register the receiver.

7. No access to view. To resume viewing, you must pay for the service (service name). Find out about payment methods in the receiver menu “How to pay” Error 10

Reasons: There is no subscription to the main tricolor TV service. Solution: You need to pay for the Tricolor TV package.

8. Make sure that the correct region is set in the search settings for TV / radio channels Error 12

Reason: The receiver is not registered in the region that you selected when searching for tricolor TV channels. Solution: reset to factory settings, and re-find the channels indicating the correct region. (link how to set up channels)

Hotline Number

You can express your questions, as well as your suggestions and wishes by calling the Tricolor TV hotline toll-free number: 8 (800) 500-01-23 Tricolor TV specialists are ready to answer your questions on the hot line from Monday to Sunday, from 9:00 to 22:00 Moscow time. You can find out information about the schedule of the hotline during the holidays on the website. E-mail of technical support "Tricolor TV". This email address is being protected from spambots. You must have javascript enabled to view it. Due to the large number of incoming letters, there may be slight delays in the response, please be patient, not a single letter of yours will remain unanswered.

Packet inspection

Is your receiver registered? What packages are connected? When does the subscription expire?