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TOP 19 Best Cheap Lawn Mowers of 2023 – Mowing on a Budget!

What’s that? You want the ultimate list of the best cheap lawnmowers for 2023?! Well, we’ve got 19 for you! It’s up to you to decide which one takes the crown – read on and see if you can pick the number one. Please note that aside from one obvious exception, I’ve regarded “cheap” mowers as any that are under 400 (at the time of writing this article). A buyer’s guide and FAQ section will follow. Beautiful lawns are achievable for all – even if you need to stick to a budget.

  • TOP 19 Best Budget-Friendly Lawn Mowers for 2023
  • American Lawn Mower Company Push Reel Lawn Mower
  • Great States 14-Inch 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower
  • BlackDecker BESTA512CM Electric Lawn Mower
  • American Lawn Mower Company Corded Electric Lawn Mower
  • GreenWorks 16-Inch Reel Lawn Mower Grass Catcher
  • Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO Electric Lawn Mower
  • BlackDecker BEMW472ES Electric Mower
  • Snapper HD 48V MAX Electric Cordless Lawnmower
  • Sun Joe MJ404E-360 Electric Lawn Mower
  • Yard Machines 132cc Push Gas Lawn Mower
  • GreenWorks 20-Inch 12 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower
  • GreenWorks 17-Inch 40V Cordless Lawn Mower
  • Fiskars 362050-1001 StaySharp Max Reel Mower
  • Craftsman M105 Gas Powered Push Lawn Mower
  • Lawn-Boy 17732 Self Propelled Lawn Mower
  • BlackDecker CM2043C Cordless Mower
  • WORX WG751 Power Share 5.0 Ah Lawn Mower
  • Greenworks PRO Cordless Lawn Mower
  • Troy-Bilt Pony 42X Riding Lawn Mower
  • Type of Mower/Power Source
  • Lawn Size
  • Grass Clippings
  • Your Physical Condition
  • Price
  • Which Company Makes Good Budget-Friendly Lawn Mowers?
  • Will a Cheap Lawn Mower Actually Work?
  • How Long Will a Cheap Lawn Mower Last?
  • Are Parts Easy to Source for Cheap Lawn Mowers?

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TOP 19 Best Budget-Friendly Lawn Mowers for 2023

American Lawn Mower Company Push Reel Lawn Mower

Let’s get chopping with one of the cheapest mowers on the market, a classic reel push mower from the American Lawn Mower Company.

It features four, 14-inch blades and two, 8.5-inch polymer composite wheels. Offering an adjustable cutting height of 0.5″-1.75″ for a clean, scissor-like cut every time, this is a quality alternative to gas or electric-powered mowers.

Ideal for smaller yards, this mower will handle all types of grass, no matter what you’re faced with.

Reward: The cheapest reel mower on the market.


If you’ve got a more manageable patch of grass to tend and you don’t mind the extra elbow grease, this is a nice, simple alternative to powered mowers.

And at this price, it’s the best budget lawnmower there is.

Great States 14-Inch 5-Blade Push Reel Lawn Mower

We’ll stay with the manual reel mowers for the time being with this version from the brand Great States.

It offers an extra blade with five sharpened edges for cutting, 8.5-inch wheels, and variable cutting heights between 0.5″-1.75″. It’s a lean, green, oil and gas-free cutting machine, with a T-style handle with cushioned grip for comfortable use.

The blades are made of high-quality, heat-treated alloy to stay sharp for longer and provide excellent performance through the season.

Reward: Technically speaking, it’s a great but cheap “zero turn” mower.


Another excellent eco-friendly reel mower that’s ideal for small plots of land.

Reel mowers are much more maneuverable than most other expensive models – so I’m claiming it’s a zero turn mower without paying over 3000.

If you want the real deal on zero-turn mowers, read our article on the best commercial zero-turn lawn mowers of 2023!

BlackDecker BESTA512CM Electric Lawn Mower

Now, this is a great little device from Black Decker – a three-in-one electric lawnmower, trimmer, and edger.

It has a 6.5 amp motor and power drive transmission to offer great performance no matter the job. Featuring an automatic feed spool, you can keep working without having to ever stop and adjust the cutting line.

A handy cord retention system prevents disconnection, while variable cutting heights offer you control around your yard. It’s the perfect tool if you have a small plot of green to take care of.

Reward: One of the most versatile gardening tools on the market.


An awesome tool to have around the house for tending and maintaining manageable plots of land with ease. So long as you’re not tackling a jungle – you should be fine.

American Lawn Mower Company Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Another entry for the American Lawn Mower Company, this time it’s their highly-rated electric, corded mower.

There are options for multiple handle heights so you can adjust it to suit your needs, while the frame itself is lightweight and easy to fold and store.

A two-in-one bag or mulch function is very useful, and a push-button start will get you going in no time.

Reward: Hands down the most popular cheap corded lawnmower out there.


  • Name to trust.
  • Large bag capacity with level indicator.
  • No tool assembly.
  • Slim frame.
  • Cord retention hook.
  • Outstanding price.
  • Quiet operation.


If you’ve got a medium-sized yard and you need a cheap lawnmower – look no further. This is an incredible value for money from the American Lawn Mower Company.

GreenWorks 16-Inch Reel Lawn Mower Grass Catcher

The first of several entries from Greenworks is this classic push reel mower that also comes with a 7-amp blower. A generous 16-inch cutting path gets the job done faster, while the two-in-one feature offers both rear bag collection or mulching.

There are four positions of height adjustment to tackle all grass types, and the 10-inch rear wheels and two-inch front wheels make it super easy to comfortably negotiate your lawn. The leaf blower has an electric start and can reach a strength of 160 mph – perfect for clearing your yard of debris.

For this price, it’s not a bad combo to have in your tool shed.

Reward: A great lawnmower and leaf blower package.


  • Easy to use.
  • Lightweight.
  • Name to trust.
  • Great value for what you get.
  • Safe and quiet operation.
  • Bagger included.


A really useful combination that would make a great gift for a first-time gardener, or someone who prefers to avoid heavy-duty power tools. You can also purchase the products separately, but at this price, you can’t go wrong with the set.

Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO Electric Lawn Mower

This 14-inch, 13-amp electric mower from Sun Joe is an inexpensive, no-frills, simple machine that is ideal for inexperienced gardeners. It’s very easy to use but still offers plenty of power to get the job done.

The deck is adjustable to three cutting heights, and it comes complete with a side discharge chute to offer you a choice of mowing options.

It’s not going to turn any heads, but as a basic electric lawnmower with a hard-top collection bag, this is hard to beat.

Reward: Electric lawnmower for beginners.


  • Super easy to assemble, clean, and operate.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Large capacity collector.
  • Highly rated.
  • Very affordable.


A great little entry-level mower that’s child’s play to use. Like the Millenium Falcon, it doesn’t look like much, but it’s got it where it counts, kid.

BlackDecker BEMW472ES Electric Mower

Black Decker have another entry now with this 15-inch electric mower that is designed to be as maneuverable as possible.

How to Choose the Right Lawn Mower for The Money

It might not be quite as simple as opting for the product with the lowest price (although that does count for a lot), so here’s some advice on what you should be looking out for before adding a new toy to the cart.

Type of Mower/Power Source

“Cheap” mowers can come in all shapes and sizes. I’ve made it my mission to choose a selection of products from all kinds of jobs, so you can choose the mower that’s right for your circumstances.

So, you need to figure out what they are.

Reel Lawn Mowers

Reel lawn mowers need little maintenance. They’re very easy to set up and use, but they might take a little bit more effort to push than other mowing options.

That being said, they’re great for small patches of land, offer excellent maneuverability and cost nothing to run.

They’re also very environmentally friendly – which is a huge plus point in the age we live in.

Corded Lawn Mowers

These are a step up. They offer constant power supply and are very easy to use. They’re ideal as starter mowers, for small to medium yards where a power source is located close by.

The downsides are fairly obvious – you have to be attached via the cable. This can prove something of a problem for many users, and there is always a risk of injury from running over the mower cable.

They run much quieter than many other mowers, however, and are still very eco-friendly.

Cordless or Battery-Powered Lawn Mowers

Cordless or battery-powered mowers offer you more freedom. They’re ideal if your yard is medium to large, and you’re looking for a decent power to performance ratio.

They’re kinder to the environment than gas-powered mowers, but they can take time to charge. It’s well worth having a backup battery – but they can come almost as expensive as the tool itself.

Another advantage of battery-powered mowers is that with some manufacturers, the actual battery pack can be used in several products in that particular range.

So, if you also had a leaf blower, chainsaw, or trimmer, for example, you can interchange the battery pack and use it in those machines.

Gas-Powered Lawn Mowers

Gas-powered mowers will usually offer the most torque and as such, they are able to tackle tougher conditions over longer jobs.

However, they’re usually much more expensive and require regular maintenance. Along with ride-on mowers. They’re also the least environmentally friendly option out there.

Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers

These mowers can have a variety of power sources and they’re ideal for anyone who needs a bit of extra help with mowing the lawn or just to make the job easier in general.

Ride-On Lawn Mowers

Ride-on lawnmowers aren’t cheap – but as you can see I included one in the review as the “cheapest” I could find in this class.

They’re only suitable if you’re mowing lawns larger than an acre, so don’t even think about it if you have a small yard.

Choosing the right mower for your needs involves many factors.

But to keep it simple – so long as you choose the right size of mower for your yard, how it’s powered can be entirely up to your personal preference.

Lawn Size

I thought I should include a handy little table that will give you an idea of what kind of mower you should choose depending on your lawn size.

Of course, this is just an estimate – it’s down to you if you agree with it or not and are willing to take the advice.

If your land is a ¼ of an acre or less, you choose either a reel lawnmower or a corded electric model.

For land between ¼ of an acre and ½ an acre, go for a cordless or gas-powered mower.

Between ½ and acre and 1 acre, you choose a gas mower, or a more powerful cordless mower to ensure you’re finished without having to charge too often. An 80-volt battery is recommended, and a self-propelled machine highly advisable.

For anything over 1 acre of land, you should be considering a ride-on.

It’s also worth noting that hilly terrain and obstacles will play a part in choosing the right size of mower for your needs – so make sure you consider optimum maneuverability, too.

If you’re looking for mowers that can conquer hilly terrain, here’s our article on the best lawn mowers for hills!

Remember, that the proper lawn mowing practices can result in healthier grass.

Grass Clippings

One of the most important things you have to consider before buying a new lawnmower – cheap or otherwise – is how does it dispose of the grass clippings.

Or, more to the point – how you want to dispose of the grass clippings.

Generally, you’re going to have one of three options.

Bagging – is where the grass is collected into a bag attached to the mower. It means you get a tidy yard but you might have to regularly stop to empty the load.

Mulching – is when the grass is more finely diced inside the cutting deck before being deposited back onto the lawn in an attempt to improve its overall health.

Side-discharge – is where the grass is ejected from the side of the mower which significantly improves mowing times, but can cause a mess.

For more information on the difference between the types of grass clippings, read this or this article.

They all have their advantages and disadvantages, but when choosing a cheap lawnmower make sure it has the cutting capabilities you need.

Your Physical Condition

The size of the lawn, access to power points, terrain, and time will all come into play when choosing a new cheap lawnmower.

But perhaps one of the most important factors is your own physical condition.

Most people don’t actually enjoy mowing the lawn (unless you’re weird like me who finds it strangely therapeutic) but we humans have come up with ways to make it as easy and as painless as possible.

That being said, it can still be a real effort to do the job – especially if you’re of advancing years, or you have particularly tough terrain to manage.

Choose a suitable lawnmower that you’re going to be able to control safely and comfortably.

Mowers with rear-wheel drive that are self-propelled are good for tackling hills.


Which Company Makes Good Budget-Friendly Lawn Mowers?

All the mowers included in this article come from quality manufacturers. It would be difficult to pick just one – as many times it comes down to personal preference.

However, based on the items I reviewed and my research, I would say that in this class – it would be hard to topple Greenworks as an excellent lawn care company that offers top-draw affordable lawnmowers.

It also depends on what you are looking for. There are different types of lawn mowers and each comes with its pros and cons in different price categories.

Let me know which lawn mower you think is the best in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.

Will a Cheap Lawn Mower Actually Work?

Yes. You don’t have to spend a fortune to get this simple job done.

Having said that, you should thoroughly check the reviews and make up your own mind about which product you should try.

It’s not unheard of for things to break, or degrade over time. Go for something that is backed by a lot of good reviews and positive Комментарии и мнения владельцев from genuine users – and you won’t go too far wrong.

How Long Will a Cheap Lawn Mower Last?

How much you use it, how well you clean and care for it, and whether or not it is mistreated in any way will all contribute to the life of the lawnmower.

But there’s no reason a good-quality product won’t run for several seasons (at the very least) with the right care and proper use.

If you’re concerned about a lawnmower malfunctioning in it’s prime, make yourself aware of the manufacturer’s warranty and return options.

Are Parts Easy to Source for Cheap Lawn Mowers?

Usually, yes. Especially if you opt for a familiar brand with a household name.

Should you need to replace anything on the mower, simply contact the manufacturer directly and order a replacement.

Either that or your local hardware store should be able to point you in the right direction.

Just because they’re cheaper mowers doesn’t mean they’re not backed up with parts and service options.


I hope this article and the reviews contained within have helped you choose a budget-friendly lawnmower for the upcoming season.

If I was to choose one myself, I’d go with the Greenworks Pro 80-volt cordless model. It’s a beast of a machine that will do an acre of land in one charge – and probably the best budget-friendly mower you can buy.

Let me know which model you would choose and why.

My name’s Gibson. Andy Gibson. I like to think of myself as the Bond of the backyard, that is if yard work ever became sexy. I write about everything about indoor and outdoor gardening and the dread-it-but-still-need-to-do-it chores around the yard, like cleaning out the gutter guards.

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Robotic lawn mowers are fully automatic, hands-free alternatives to traditional push mowers. They’re an excellent alternative if you’d rather do anything else than cut grass but still get the job.

Choosing the right grass for your garden can be hard, especially with all the choices we have today!We find ourselves getting lost in the world of grass, because really, who knows which grass is.

Our pick of the best lawn mowers to buy today

best, lawn, mower, 2023, everyday

The most compact mower on test. It isn’t self-propelling but it’s very easy to push. It can be stored upright brilliantly; the grass box clips to the handle. Or double-fold the handle and store the mower horizontally on a shed shelf. Either way, the mower is light enough to carry one-handed.

The kit we tested comes with two chargers and twin 18V 4.0Ah batteries, for 36V performance. The batteries are small and work across a wide range of Power For All Alliance tools, from brands including Bosch and Gardena. Sharing batteries between tools saves money and materials.

Unboxing, we applauded the paper packaging, where single-use plastic bags are the norm. Assembly took 10 minutes, with four fiddly bolts to attach the handles and a two-part grass box to clip together. It comes with two safety keys but you only need one, so there’s a spare if you lose it.

The Flymo is great for smaller gardens. At 36V we expected it to struggle in tough patches, but it was determined to rise to any challenge. It refused to stall, even on long or damp grass. It soldiered on, even when bunged up, so it’s important to notice the plastic indicator on top when the grass box is full. It sounds whiny but there’s no lack of power. And it’s nimble: you can turn easily and tackle even small patches of grass and awkward corners. Edge performance and mowing are both impressive.

Mowing ergonomics are great. There are twin hand grips and, once you’ve pressed the central safety button, you can squeeze either grip to mow. An LED in the middle indicates battery life.

There are five cutting heights, multiple handle heights and a roller for a traditional striped effect. For storage, it folds up small, fast. The vertical storage, with the grass box clipped to the handle, is genius. You can move it like a lightweight, wheely suitcase.

This Flymo is a great buy if your garden can be mowed in its 28-minute run time (approx 230m²). For a larger garden, consider a self-propelling or robotic mower to make light work of it.

Stuff Says…

Surprisingly powerful, easy to store, the perfect mower for smaller gardens.

Weight 13kg
Mowing width 38cm
Cutting height 20-60mm
Grass box 45L
Mowing area 230m²
Storage footprint 39x30cm
best, lawn, mower, 2023, everyday

Worx WG761E

This self-propelling mower is top of Worx’s new Nitro range. It has a variable speed and an unusual battery system: four 20V batteries team up to deliver 80V. They sit in a removeable BaseCamp charger and the whole, large thing clips in to the mower. No separate charger is needed, just a power cable.

The entire BaseCamp can be used, Ghostbusters-style, to power the Worx 80V backpack leaf blower. The individual 20V batteries work with PowerShare-compatible tools too. Interestingly, on test we found that the mower only works with all four batteries in place.

Assembly is minimal: just clip the mesh grass box to its wire frame. It also comes with a side discharge chute, to clip on if you’re mulching instead of gathering clippings.

The Worx is powerful and large, but easy to store. Press a button and the handle folds forwards and locks into place. Then you can securely tip the mower to wheel it around or store it vertically. The mower is heavy but you rarely need to lift it. The same button sets the handle height for mowing, from three options.

Pushing the mower, your fingers pull a black wire handle to the main handle to mow and your thumbs push an orange wire handle to engage self-propelling. You can do one or both. A control in easy reach sets the speed, from a crawl to a brisk walk that blitzes lawns fast. There’s also a button on the dash to turn on its four LED headlights. A lever on the mower body selects from seven cutting heights and there’s a safety key too.

Mowing performance was very good but not the best on test. It didn’t stall with the grass box but did stall occasionally when mulching, and lawn edges were slightly tufty. Cornering was a bit hard but its power made mowing long lengths a breeze, even over bumpy ground. Overall, it lived up to the promise of a petrol-like performance.

Stuff Says…

A good, self-propelling, cordless electric mower with a petrol-like performance.

Weight 35kg
Mowing width 51cm
Cutting height 20-80mm
Grass box 70L
Mowing area 1000m²
Storage footprint 55x45cm
best, lawn, mower, 2023, everyday


The mid-priced STIHL is designed for medium-sized lawns. It takes one battery at a time but this bundle comes with a charger and two batteries, each covering 250m², so 500m² total. Or buy the mower bare for £329 if you already have AK batteries – they work across a range of STIHL garden tools. Bigger batteries in the AK system can handle up to 400m²

The mower’s striking design has a mono handle which can be quickly folded for storage by pressing one lever. The STIHL is QuietMark certified. It has a pop-out safety key under the hood to prevent unwanted use. Tilt it sideways to use it as a power switch. There’s also an Eco button.

The mono handle is sturdy and the entire mower feels like it will last decades. It’s ergonomic and comfortable to mow one-handed. It’s easy to use and everything clicks into place. There’s a little lever to open or close the handle, with two handle height settings and no nuts to turn. A large handle on the side makes it easy to adjust between six cutting heights (20-70mm), a wide range though six options seems like overkill. You’ll probably just have a couple of favourites, like hob rings.

The battery has a button to see the charge level and you can see this even while the mower lid is closed. A little flap on the top of the grassbox pops up to tell you when it’s full; at which point it’s easy to remove thanks to the mono handle. The back of the grassbox opens for easy emptying, so you don’t have to just shake clippings out of the front. Alternatively, buy an optional mulching kit to scatter fine grass clippings.

Mowing results are superb and it mows to 5cm away from a brick edge. It’s quiet enough (rated 90dB) and the Eco mode automatically adapts blade speed as required, saving energy and extending battery life. It also packs down well. The mono handle folds easily, then you can tip it back on end and store it upright, with the grassbox balanced on top, 116x42x51cm (HxWxD) stored.

This is the Goldilocks of mowers: not too small, not too big, just about right. Of all the machines on test, it’s the nicest to push. We didn’t want to stop.

Stuff Says…

The mono handle, sturdy build and great performance made this our favourite.

Key specs

Weight 15.3kg
Mowing width 37cm
Grass box 40L
Mowing area 2x 250m²
Footprint 42x51cm
best, lawn, mower, 2023, everyday

Flymo EasiStore 300R Li

Small lawn and small shed? Look no further. The Flymo is by far the best mower here for storage space, with a footprint you could fit anywhere (see below). It’s generally petite, with the narrowest mowing width and smallest grassbox on test too.

Unusually it comes with two 20V batteries and you use both at once, to deliver 40V. You can charge both at once too. There’s a button on each battery to see the charge level. Beside the batteries is a removeable safety key and the Flymo comes with a spare, in case you lose it.

Assembly is a total pain. It took more than 15 minutes and four swears. The experience feels less like unboxing, more like working on a production line. You even have to put together the hard, plastic grassbox from three parts. It’s a shame it couldn’t arrive assembled and folded up.

And yet the Flymo gets top marks because you only have to assemble it once, after which the design is very impressive. Its signature move is that it’s the best on test for storage space. Fold the handle forwards by opening two clips. Then tip the whole thing backwards to stand on its backside. Finally, clip the grassbox at the top. The whole thing takes up 102x38x31cm (HxWxD) so it has the smallest footprint here. What’s more, it’s sat back on its wheels, so you can roll it like a wheelie carry-on suitcase. It will fit in even the smallest shed. As mentioned, the grassbox is all plastic. There’s a flap on it to indicate when it’s full.

It’s designed for small lawns and is subjectively a bit whiney (it’s rated 90dB). It mows well enough for small lawns, with five height settings (25-65mm) and mows up to 5cm away from a brick edge. It’s compact and not a workhorse, so it struggled to cut over-long grass short, but cut at a higher height first and it’s fine.

Best lawn mower for a small garden 2023: Compact mowers to keep your lawn in trim

best, lawn, mower, 2023, everyday

While some will always tell you that bigger is better, this isn’t always the case with lawn mowers. If you’ve got a smaller lawn or an irregularly shaped garden, a smaller mower can actually be more practical. These mowers are lighter, easier to push and often more manoeuvrable. What’s more, if you’ve got a slope or uneven ground to deal with, a smaller mower can get up and down or into corners that a bigger mower just won’t reach.

Below, we’ve picked out the best lawn mowers for smaller gardens, including conventional electrics and cordless mowers. They’re cheap, cheerful and perfect for the job.

Best lawn mower for a small garden: At a glance

  • Best budget cordless mower for small gardens: Einhell GE-CM 18/33 Li | £180
  • Best all-round mower for gardens: Bosch CityMower 18 | £279
  • Best cordless mower for small gardens: Flymo EasiStore 340R Li | £260
  • Best electric mower for small gardens: Bosch Rotak 32R | £89

How to choose the best lawn mower for your small garden

When you buy any lawn mower, one of the most important factors is the cutting width, which basically defines the size of the strip you would mow walking from one side of the garden to the other. Generally speaking, the bigger the cutting width, the bigger, heavier and more expensive the mower, which is good news if you have a smaller lawn to cut. While on a medium-sized or larger lawn you might want a 34cm to 44cm cutting width, with a smaller lawn you can get away with somewhere between 25cm and 34cm. That means your mower will be cheaper, lighter and often easier to manoeuvre.

Beyond the cutting width, you need to think about the type of mower. Rotary mowers, which use a spinning blade beneath the deck, are usually best for a small lawn, but if the lawn is flat, you can also get great results with a cylinder mower. With this, the grass is cut by a rolling cylinder formed from sharpened blades, which cuts as it rolls across the lawn. Hover mowers can also work brilliantly on small lawns. You don’t tend to get as fine a cut, but they’re easier to handle on a rough lawn or a lawn with sloping areas.

Electric, cordless or manual?

Corded electric mowers are still the cheapest option and, if your lawn is within easy reach of the front or back door, perfectly practical. You’ll probably have enough cable to work with and, if not, you can use an outdoor extension cable. Just make sure it’s certified for outdoor use, as wet gardens, rain and electricity aren’t what you’d call a great mix. While you’re at it, plug an RCD safety adaptor in between the mower and the mains or extension – cables do sometimes get cut by accident, and the results can be both painful and catastrophic.

Cordless mowers are more expensive, but the price is coming down all the time. What’s more, one of the biggest issues with a cordless mower – the usual 20- to 30-minute battery life – isn’t much of an issue with a smaller garden, as you’ll often get the lawn done before it runs out of puff. Recharge times are often down to under a couple of hours, so you can get the front lawn done in the morning, charge over lunch and hit the back lawn in the afternoon.

Manual push mowers can be great in a small garden, especially if it’s nice and flat. You don’t need to worry about charging or power sources, and a good model does a great job of the grass while being surprisingly easy to push. Where the idea falls down is if the lawn is rough or bumpy, where there’s a slope, or if you like to keep the grass long between cuts, as all these things make the job much, much harder. You really need to cut the grass regularly if you’re going to use a manual mower.

What else should you look out for?

Some kind of grass collector is always handy, as you can collect the cuttings and put them straight on the compost heap or in a green bin. If not, some mowers have a mulching option or mulch plug, where the mown grass is finely chopped during mowing and dispersed on the lawn, where it will sit and decompose, feeding nutrients back in. Without either, you’ll need to rake the grass up and dispose of it, or risk it spoiling the lawn underneath.

Also, look for a mower that offers you a choice of different cutting heights. The lower the height, the more grass the mower will trim away, but when you’re doing the first or last cut of the year you might find it easier to cut a little higher, as the longer, thicker grass can get pretty tough to get through.

Finally, if you like the traditional striped effect, look for a cylinder mower or a mower with a roller. This will press the grass down after mowing and give you what you’re looking for.

The best lawn mowers for smaller gardens you can buy in 2023

Bosch CityMower 18: Best all-round mower for small gardens

best, lawn, mower, 2023, everyday

Price: £209 (solo) | Buy now from AmazonBosch already makes some of the best cordless mowers around, and it’s now developed one especially for smaller gardens. With a 32cm deck, the CityMower18 is much smaller than Bosch’s mighty Universal Rotak 36-550, but also substantially lighter and cheaper. What’s more, you still get Ergoflex handles for good steering and a comfortable push, plus easy cutting-height adjustments and twin power triggers on the grips. All this makes it a very easy mower to work with, and it runs from a single 18V 4Ah battery, which charges to full in 1hr 35mins and lasts for a little over half an hour. You can either buy it complete with 18V 4Ah battery and charger or on its own if you’ve already got compatible Power For All products.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the CityMower 18 is how quiet it is. When first put to use on a flat front lawn, it was so quiet that we had to check the grass box to make sure it was actually cutting. Yet the cut itself is just as brilliant, giving great results on flat areas and even trimming close to walls and edges. The small-ish wheels and compact size mean it’s not the best mower on a rough or sloping lawn, and with a minimum cutting height of 3cm, it might not go low enough for those who love to give their lawn a military buzzcut. Yet the CityMower 18 still acquitted itself well on areas of long, wet grass that we expected to choke it up in seconds. Here you’ve got some of Bosch’s top cordless mower technology in a cheaper, smaller form factor, which makes the CityMower 18 very easy to recommend.

Key specs – Size: 103 x 36 x 121cm (HWD); Weight: 9.9kg; Height of cut: 3-6cm; Grass box capacity: 31l; Power: 18V 4Ah lithium-ion battery (charge time: 95mins); Width of cut: 32cm

Einhell GE-CM 18/33 Li: Best budget cordless mower for small gardens

best, lawn, mower, 2023, everyday

This Einhell cordless mower is a great option for small gardens. It’s light and extremely manoeuvrable, with no cable to get in the way, and a single charge lasts around 25 minutes, giving you more than enough time to trim a small to medium-sized lawn. When the supplied 4A battery runs out, it only takes 75 minutes to recharge, so you can get back to work fairly quickly, and it’s compatible with other products in Einhell’s Power X-Change range, meaning you can share your batteries around.

Although it doesn’t feel as rugged as some cordless mowers, the Einhell coped well in most conditions; only a spot of longer, tougher grass managed to clog it up. What’s more, it’s impressively quiet while it’s working, saving your ears from the usual battering – and the neighbours from cursing your name. And while it doesn’t store as neatly as the Flymo EasiStore, it still won’t take up much space in your garage or shed. If you want a good cordless mower for a smaller garden, you don’t have to pay more.

Key specs – Size: 68 x 40.5 x 36cm (HWD); Weight: 10.9kg; Height of cut: 2.5-6.5cm; Grass box capacity: 30l; Power: 18V 4.0A lithium-ion battery, charge time: 1hr 15mins; Width of cut: 33cm

Gardena HandyMower P4A: The top cordless mower for tiny gardens

Price: £164 (mower only) | Buy now from

best, lawn, mower, 2023, everyday

Is your lawn closer in size to a snooker table than a football pitch? Do you store your tools in a cupboard or outside locker rather than a garage or a shed? Well, have we got a lawnmower for you. The Gardena HandyMower P4A is roughly the size of a manual cylinder mower, the handle divides in two for easy storage, and at just 4.2kg you can easily push it around one-handed. Yet it does a fine job of cutting the grass down to size, provided you don’t give it anything too long or tough. With a choice of 30, 40 and 50mm cutting heights, you can easily keep a small lawn in shape.

Gardena claims it can cope with up to 50m2 but we’d say that’s a little optimistic; with a 22cm cutting width, that’s going to take longer than the 20 to 25 minutes the 2.5Ah battery holds out. What’s more, the mower’s safety feature, which cuts the motor when the handle is too upright or too low, also gets wearing if you’re mowing on uneven ground. Yet we can’t say enough good things about how easy this mower is to store and manoeuvre, how incredibly quiet it is or how neatly it turns grass into a fine mulch. If you don’t have much lawn to mow, this lovely little mower works a treat.

Key specs – Size: 125 x 38 x 35cm (HWD); Weight: 4.2kg; Height of cut: 2-5cm; Grass box capacity: N/A; Power: 18V 2.5A li-ion battery, charge time: 1hr; Width of cut: 22cm

Worx WG730E: A mighty compact mower for smaller lawns

Price: £210 | Buy now from Amazon

best, lawn, mower, 2023, everyday

The WG730E sidesteps most of the compromises usually associated with small, inexpensive cordless mowers. It’s well-built and easy to assemble, while the brushless motor and 20V, 4.0A battery ensure that it’s got enough power to handle tougher patches of grass. You might want to tackle the longer, wetter stuff in a couple of passes, though. It’s also very quiet by cordless mower standards, and while it doesn’t fold down as neatly as the Flymo Easistore, it won’t take up much space in your shed or garage.

The 5 Best Electric Lawn Mowers for 2023

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Leigh Matthews is a sustainability expert and long time vegan. Her work on solar policy has been published in Canada’s National Observer.

Looking for a lawn mower that doesn’t contribute to climate change, and that won’t wake up your neighbor’s sleeping baby? We rate the best emission free, electric, lawn mowers on the market today, plus tips for buying the right electric lawn mower.

Gas lawn mowers degrade air quality

Think your choice of lawn mower doesn’t matter?

According to research published by Michigan State, “mowing the average lawn in the U.S. creates as much air pollution as driving the family car on a 200-mile trip,” which has many of us looking for greener options. We rated, and tested, emission free lawn mowers and listed our top picks below

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) places restrictions on emissions from lawnmowers, but there are no emission-free gas lawn mowers. Gas mowers also become less efficient and pump out ever-greater emissions the older they get.

As for electric mowers, these are tankless and instead rely on a cord or battery. Corded mowers have no mowing time restriction as they draw energy from your main electricity hookup. For battery models, battery time means how long you can use an electric mower before having to charge the battery again.

Most battery-powered lawn mowers are powered by lithium-ion batteries, which are just bigger versions of the lithium batteries in our laptops and cellphones. You can store a lot of energy in a lithium battery compared to older types of batteries, which is why electric lawn mowers are now possible and, indeed, comparable in power to a gas-powered lawnmower.

Unfortunately, lithium batteries are expensive and deteriorate over several years, with their capacity decreasing as the cells in the battery die off. It’s a good idea, therefore, to have a spare battery and to replace the battery every few years to ensure good performance.

Avoid second hand electric lawn mowers

Beware second-hand electric mowers with older batteries; the mower itself may be sold cheap compared to a new model, but the included battery or batteries may be next to useless and cost more than the mower to replace.

The best electric lawn mowers

Curious about how we rate products? Click here to view our methodology, which at its core, is about voting with our dollars to fight climate change.

Ego LM2102SP and LM2142SP [Staff Tested]

Highlights: 56V, Cordless, huge storage bag, headlights for evening mowing. Both models fold up easily for storage, have weather-resistant construction, and have a 21-inch deck size, with 3-in-1 mulching, bagging, side discharge options. Can buy with or without battery and charger.

  • Same torque as a gas powered mower
  • Huge collector bag
  • Pin drop quiet while mowing
  • Easy to store
  • Can mow the lawn at night

The EGO 2102SP is a 21 in. 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Walk Behind Self Propelled Mower that includes a 7.5 Ah battery and charger, and offers 60 minutes of cutting time and a 60 minute charge time.

With more than 6,000 5-star reviews at Home Depot online and a reputation elsewhere for high performance and usability, the Ego is a top pick for an electric lawn mower that can easily handle larger lawns.

You can also buy the 2102SP model without battery or charger for 450 (View Price on Ace Hardware).

This mower delivers the same high torque as gas-powered mowers without the air pollution and noise, and at a lower price! If your lawn area is half an acre or more, this monster of a mower might be your new best friend. It even boasts headlights, so you can do a spot of evening mowing should you wish.

One big plus for the Ego is that huge collector bag, which means you can mow a large area of lawn without having to stop to empty the bag. The downside here, of course, is that the machine becomes quite heavy by the end of your run. Happily, this model doesn’t seem to lose traction at the front when the bag is nearing capacity, unlike some other models.

The LM2142SP (View Price on Amazon) is a 2 x 5 Ah battery model that is very similar to the LM2102SP 7.5 Ah model. The 2142SP offers a bit more flexibility in handle height, however, with 6 handlebar positions available rather than just 3. This makes it the better option if you’re a bit taller or shorter than average.

One other major difference between these two Ego mowers is that the 7.5 Ah model has a polymer composite cutting deck, while the 5 Ah model has a steel cutting deck. Both seem to perform extremely well across all kinds of grass, but the steel is, arguably, the more sustainable material.

The rear wheels on the 2 x 5 Ah model are also an inch bigger in diameter (10 inches vs. 9 inches), which may help with maneuverability in some situations and be better for sloping lawns. The 7.5 Ah model also weighs a dash more at 78.8 lbs compared to 75 lbs or the 2 x 5 Ah model.

The major difference between the two, though, is simply the run time. The 7.5 Ah gives you around 60 minutes of run time before you’ll need to charge the battery. And, of course, while you’re charging the battery, you don’t have a spare to use as a backup. With the dual battery model, you can use one 5 Ah battery for 45 minutes while charging the other battery, then switch them out to carry on mowing without having to take a break. This way, you could pretty much mow all day and, thanks to the LED headlights, all night if you wanted!

Both of these Egos have one easy-to-use shifter style handle that adjusts the height of all four wheels at the same time, which is much more convenient than having to adjust each one individually. Both models fold up easily for storage, and both have weather-resistant construction and a 21-inch deck size, with 3-in-1 mulching, bagging, side discharge options.

The Egos also offer independent self-propulsion, meaning you can turn off the mowing function but still use self-propulsion to move the mower easily from one spot to another, such as over surfaces that could damage the blades if they were moving.

Finally, both the Egos have a 5-year limited warranty and, if you buy from Home Depot, a 90-day return window in case you’re not happy with your new mower.

Oh, and the Ego Power 56 Volt battery/batteries are shipped separately and are compatible with all Ego Power products. This means you can save on the cost of the mower by buying the tool only, if you already have an Ego battery and charger. Or, consider this an investment in the future of your tool collection if you’ll also be replacing any snow blowers, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws or so forth in the next little while.

One other reason Ego make my list of eco-friendly lawn mowers is their adoption of green power sources for their research and development facilities and industrial park. In 2004, the company installed a 7,500 square foot Green Roof system on their RD facility, with savings of around 1.5 gallons of gas per square foot each year. The roof of their Green Power Industrial Park also features a 2-megawatt photovoltaic power station.

This ‘Blue Roof’ generates, year-on-year, the equivalent power from burning 755 tons of coal. This cuts sulfur dioxide emissions by 50 tons and carbon dioxide emissions by 1677 tons annually.

In addition, the Ego Green Power Industrial Park utilizes ground-source heating, air-conditioning and water-storage technologies. They estimate that their ground source heating system alone saves 1 million kWh of electricity annually, the equivalent of 378 tons of coal. It also cuts sulfur dioxide emissions by around 25 tons and carbon dioxide emissions by 839 tons each year.

Ego hasn’t been in business quite as long as Black Decker, but they’re an innovative company with global reach. Established in 1993, they have long been invested in cordless electric technology and are now one of the world’s largest manufacturers of tools.

Our experience after one year of using the Ego electric lawn mower

After a year of hands-on use, here’s what a member of our team, Taylor, has to say about his experience with the Ego mower:

I’m not the type of person who really enjoys and looks forward to mowing their yard, unlike many of my neighbors; it’s a chore that needs to get done just like any of the others that are part of owning a home. With that being said, the Ego mower is hands-down my favorite mower that I’ve used to date.

The best electric lawn mowers to buy in 2023, according to reviews

Mowing the lawn is a seasonal ritual that can’t be avoided, but it can be easier with an electric lawn mower.

These cordless mowers use battery power to propel and cut, making light work out of a laborious task. They also are a greener choice when it comes to yard work and can save you money on fuel.

But choosing which electric lawn mower to buy can seem overwhelming based on the number of options available.

To help you decide, this roundup has the most recommended electric lawn mowers on the market, including models from Greenworks and EGO.

  • EGO Power LM2135SP 21″ Select Cut Lawn Mower: “When cut at normal lengths, it was like a hot knife through butter, mulching grass so fine it seamlessly was incorporated back into the lawn,” CNN Underscored says.
  • Worx WG779 Power Share 14″ Cordless Walk Behind Mower:“The Worx Power Share Battery Walk-Behind Mower has a 14-inch cutting deck that can cut up to 0.12 acres per charge, making it an ideal choice for smaller yards,” The Spruce says.
  • Greenworks 40V 20″ Cordless Push Mower:“You’ll enjoy a dual battery port that automatically switches to your backup when you’re running low on juice, along with mulching and bagging capabilities,” Forbes says.
  • Ryobi 40V 21″ Walk Behind Dual-Blade Self-Propelled Mower: “If you have other battery-powered Ryobi tools, this push mower uses the same 40V battery to make it easier to integrate into your workshop or tool shed,” ZDNet says.
  • Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO 14″ 13 Amp Electric Lawn Mower: “An adjustable cutting height from just over 1 inch to 2¼ inches makes it well suited to low-growing, warm-season grasses, such as Bermuda, zoysia, or centipede,” Bob Vila says.


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How to properly mow a lawn

Mowing a lawn often includes other maintenance aspects like perimeter cleaning with a string trimmer and clearing clippings or debris with a leaf blower which we cover on those respective articles Below we’ll stick to strictly mowing tips.


The “stripe” pattern clearly visible on most sporting fields comes from the fact that mowers push the grass over slightly while they trim and alternating directions when mowing will create contrast in the way those ‘rows’ of clipped grass reflect sunlight.

Generally, the back-and-forth stripe pattern is also the most efficient way for you to mow at home. If you start by mowing around the perimeter a few times, you’ll have some “headland” room to turn around at the end of each long row without fussing about grass you might miss when you turn.

Cutting in a concentric spiral pattern from the outside perimeter is also viable if you’re looking to minimize the stripe effect; Some also find the right-angle corners easier than 180° turns.

(If you really want to get fancy, reel mowers or powered mowers with a roller attachment push the grass flat enough to create the contrast needed for the intricate patterns you sometimes see on ball diamond outfields. David Mellor, groundskeeper for Fenway Park, even wrote a book on the subject.)

The best practice is to rotate your mowing pattern 90 degrees (start at a right angle to your previous pattern) every few mowings to keep grass from being pushed down too much in one direction.

Types of grass

There are basically two “regions” of grass-growing in the United States: “warm-season” grasses in the South, “cool-season” grasses in the North, and a narrow “transitional zone” where it’s common to cross-seed types from both regions.

Seed producers like Pennington and Scotts have lots of great info about the different varieties you might have in your yard. It’s a good idea to get to talk with a lawn-care professional in your area who can help you understand the quirks of growing locally (especially weeds and disease).

The biggest difference between these regions and the varieties you’ll find there is in the timing of peak growth: warm-season grasses grow the most during the summer, then go dormant and turn brown during the cooler winter months; cool-season grasses grow the most in spring, slow down when it gets hot, then have another growth spurt in the fall before winter dormancy.

Grass height and mowing frequency

When you’re deciding how tall you want your grass, the most important thing to remember is that if your grass is too short, it can’t absorb sunlight. Photosynthesis doesn’t happen without leaf area, and all of the other qualities of good turf are dependent on that energy. Basically, longer is better for the health of the grass.

This is especially important in non-growing seasons: the grass will be stressed and needs plenty of leaf and root area (with stored energy from the growing season) to continue thriving. Mow when the air is cool and avoid mowing right before hot weather is in the forecast.

Some warm-climate species, like Bermudagrass, are cut as low as a half-inch on sporting fields. This requires daily mowing in quick-growth seasons, though. (And plenty of water to keep it healthy.) See our in-depth review we did on garden hoses too.

There’s another benefit to keeping lawn grass on the longer side. While the grass is soaking up all the sunlight with lush, long leaves, it’s keeping that sunlight away from any weeds that might be trying to start underneath.

As a rule of thumb, never remove more than a third of the leaf area in one mowing. So if you’re mowing down to two inches, mow again before the grass hits three inches. Pennington provides a handy chart of mowing height for common grass types.

Mulching grass vs. bagging

best, lawn, mower, 2023, everyday

In very sandy soil mulching can cause some problems since there aren’t as many organisms to consume clippings, but in most cases mulching regular clippings back into the turf is highly recommended by grass experts and municipalities alike.

Earthworms, fungi, and other primary consumers in your lawn’s ecosystem thrive on the clippings and turn the mulch back into available nitrogen for your lawn. (So it’s not just easier than disposing of bags: it means less fertilizer!)

So long as you aren’t trimming off more than an inch of grass, and you aren’t mowing when it’s wet, the clippings should easily scatter down to soil level and form a helpful layer of worm-food. You can even mulch the leaves that fall off your trees!

All of the mowers we tested are mulch-ready except for the Sun Joe 401E, which requires an optional attachment to safely funnel the clippings (and any debris you may accidentally find in your grass) to the side. The other powered mowers will require a quick conversion from bag-mode with an included plug or a moveable flap.

Because bagging is occasionally beneficial (if you have to wait for your lawn to dry in the spring and the grass gets really long, for example) we also tested the bagging features of all the powered mowers. (Manual-power reel mowers aren’t very good at cutting tall grass, but you can get leaf-catcher attachments if you really don’t want to mulch.)

Mowing wet grass

While it’s good to mow when the air is cool, avoid mowing grass that is wet from watering or rainfall. When fibers in the leaves get wet they get tougher, so the cut takes more work and can leave a ragged edge on the leaf. It requires you to sharpen your blades more frequently, too.

Plus, if you’re mulching your clippings, wet mulch all over your lawn is just as bad as it sounds — clumpy and prone to get musty. If you don’t have a way to dispose of them within a few days, having bags of wet mulch sitting in your garage is even worse.

Mowing wet grass is just a bad idea. A little dew in the morning generally won’t slow you down much, but if the grass is soaked it’s best to wait for the sun to come out.

Mower maintenance

Mowers are tools and tools need to be taken care of if you want them to keep doing a job well. Storage in a clean, dry place should be a given, but there are a few specific tasks that you’ll have to get used to if you want a mower that will keep your lawn looking its best:


All cutting edges require routine sharpening, even mower blades. Plan on sharpening at least once a season if you don’t want to bruise or tear your grass. Checking the blades for uneven wear and other problems is Smart, but checking the grass to see how well you’re cutting is the surest way to determine the condition of your mower blades.

Sharpening more than once a season should only be necessary if you’re cutting heavier material like a lot of twigs (or the bane of every mower, hidden gravel/sand leftover from winter snow piles.)

Fiskars claims that the steel and tight-tolerance design used in their reel mower will cut cleanly for the life of the mower, but they still sell a sharpening kit and it works like all the other reel-mower sharpening kits. An abrasive compound wears away high spots and leaves a keen edge when you spread it on the blades and run the reel backward against the stationary cutting bar. (If dismounting drive chains or spinning mower reels with a hand drill aren’t your idea of fun, you can usually find a local handyman or landscaper who will do the job for you.)

Powered mower blades have edges more like axes and you can sharpen them in nearly the same way. A vise or other clamp to hold the blade steady and a carbide scraper or good steel file are all you really need to bring the edge back to a chisel-shaped apex that will be able to slice paper and keep your lawn looking crisp and green.

Winterizing gas mowers and oil changes

If your lawn is covered in snow (or simply not growing) for more than a month every year, there are storage tasks you’ll need to remember for gas engines. Old gasoline can go stale or dry out and create a layer of varnish inside your engine. You need to either add a stabilizer to your mower’s gas tank and fill it before storage (pretty easy, but the mower will be heavy) or get all of the gas out of the system.

Like your car, a mower’s four-cycle gasoline engine uses oil for lubrication, but unlike your car, it doesn’t run the oil through a filter to clean out debris. Nearly everyone will recommend annual oil changes before storage as part of a winter routine.

Spark plugs in a mower should last for a long time, but you should check them annually or as directed in your owner’s manual. People fool themselves into replacing electrical components arbitrarily if mowers won’t start, but it’s well worth learning how to spot signs of failure as a part of annual maintenance.

Gas vs. electric vs. manual mowers

best, lawn, mower, 2023, everyday

All the mowers we tested will cut well enough once the blades hit the grass. The biggest differences come down to how much effort is required from a homeowner to get there and cover ground efficiently.

Manual reel mowers

These are the greenest of mowers, powered by whatever you’ve had for breakfast. They’re relatively simple tools that do one job: they cut grass quietly and efficiently for as long as you can push them. Beyond the sustainability and simplicity, they’re lighter and easier to store: no cord, no gas, no worries. If you like the idea of augmenting your lawn-mowing cardio with a bit more resistance, you should consider a reel mower.

The biggest weakness to the reel mower is that it’s not effective with thick or tall grass. This is a tool that will make you regret every time you forget to mow by making you work much harder. Have a lot of overgrown weeds? You’ll want to look elsewhere.

Electric mowers

If your lawn is big enough that just thinking about pushing a reel mower is exhausting, an electric-powered mower is one way to ease your burden without the weight, noise, smell, and maintenance concerns of a gasoline engine.

Even compared to the Fiskars Max, the electric mowers we tested were light and easy to maneuver. They’re still louder than the manual mowers, since there’s a 14-inch or 20-inch steel blade swinging around under the deck. However, your neighbors and family will still have less reason to complain about your Saturday-morning routine.

There’s not nearly as much to maintain on an electric mower as on a gasoline-powered mower, but keeping the deck clean and inspecting the cord for wear are still important tasks you’ll need to perform.

Managing the cord on an electric mower is similar to the annoyances of working with a household vacuum cleaner but on a larger scale. Running over the cord with the mower is, obviously, something you must never do. You also don’t want to trip on it, drop it in a pool, accidentally unplug it or plug it into a socket that can’t provide the 12 Amps of AC power needed by these engines.

Gas-powered self-propelled mowers

The bigger your lawn, the more you’ll appreciate the self-propelled mower: these machines are designed to help you cover a lot of ground quickly by pulling themselves along at up to four MPH. So, all you really need to do is steer.

The gas mowers we tested have engines that provide around five horsepower to get through thick or long grass. (These are very similar to the engines you’ll find on a small Go-Kart.) Naturally, having all of that internal combustion power at your fingertips also brings noise and smells that other kinds of mowers won’t have.

While your time mowing will be much easier, the biggest drawback to gas-powered mowers is in maintenance. Like a gas-powered car, these mowers need fuel, oil changes, and air filter and spark-plug checkups. Maintaining a small engine is very simple: you can do a mower oil change in minutes and even teach your kids how to do it. However, it’s not for everyone. Naturally, there are mechanics who will do all of these services for you, for a fee.

The bottom line

Mowing your own lawn is one of those rites of passage for do-it-yourself home ownership. Like other jobs you do around your house, it will save you money compared to professional care, but it may take you more time and involve more cursing than you expected. We hope one of these mowers will help make your weekly lawn chores more enjoyable and less frustrating.

If you’ve got a smaller lawn and you’re excited about the idea of a brisk walk back and forth across it every Saturday morning, the Fiskars is probably an ideal machine for you. Smooth, quiet and precise, like the scissors the company is famous for, the Staysharp Max reel mower can help you keep your lawn looking its best without the noise and complications powered mowers bring.

If you’ve got a few weeds that are invading your lawn or if you anticipate dealing with overgrowth after a wet spring, a powered mower will mean less straining — not to mention the time it’ll save. The Greenworks 22502 has a 20-inch cutting blade that lessen the number of rows you’ll need to walk. Plus, it’ll make quick work of just about any foliage found in an urban lawn-care setting. It’s ready to go for bagging out of the box, too.

And if you’ve got a lawn bigger than ¼ acre or if you think you’ll appreciate the one-switch conversion between mulching and bagging, the Honda HRR216K9VKA cuts a wide swath quickly and efficiently through leaves, twigs and tall weeds. A self-propelled machine takes a bit more maintenance than an electric, but annual oil changes might seem a small price to pay compared to the headache of dancing around a cord on a larger lawn.

Whether bagging or mulching, the Honda keeps up with your needs. It’s solid and simple to make the most of your mowing time.