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What’s the purpose for buying the best lawn roller for the money? We all know that if there’s one thing Americans are proud of, it’s their lawns. Having a big, beautiful lawn full of healthy grass is one of the most important parts of being a homeowner, and to maintain such a lawn, you need some tools to do it.

Everyone knows about the importance of mowing, edging, and fertilizing your grass. But there’s one tool that is often overlooked–a lawn roller often also referred to as a lawn leveler.

Having one might be more important than you think. A lawn roller is a tool that can mean the difference between an average lawn and the best yard in the neighborhood. In this guide, we will show you the best lawn roller for your money, as well as give some information about how lawn rollers work.

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Is a lawn roller for you?

Lawn rollers are used professionally on golf courses, baseball fields, and cricket pitches. You don’t necessarily want a lawn that is like a putting green or an infield, do you? Unless you have an ornamental lawn, it’s unlikely you need a large sized roller filled all the way up. Rollers of that nature will compact the soil and grass completely, which isn’t usually desirable for a residential yard.

However, smaller sized lawn rollers can be beneficial for anyone, especially if you have a large yard. They can be used to assist growing new grass, and they can also be useful by creating aesthetically pleasing lines in the grass. They’re how major league ballparks get those awesome lines and designs in the grass.

If you have a small yard, or one that is naturally hilly and changes elevations often, a lawn roller may not be for you. However, if you’re looking to maintain your yard, flatten it out in places, aid the regrowth of some grass, or get those cool lawn lines for yourself, a lawn roller will be a fantastic purchase.

Different lawn roller sizes

As we mentioned above, the largest lawn rollers out there might not be necessary for most residential homeowners. If you’ve ever been golfing, you know how compact a putting green is–not exactly what you want for your yard, is it? Consumer lawn rollers can be as big as 60 inches wide–or even wider. Unless you have a huge yard, you probably won’t need one that big. Most residential users should stick to lawn rollers that are around 24-36 inches.

Steel Lawn Rollers or Poly Lawn Rollers

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Usually you can purchase a steel lawn roller or polyethylene also known as a poly lawn roller. Both the steel lawn rollers and the poly lawn rollers work very similarly, however both types of rollers have several key differences. Steel rollers are much more sturdy and are going to be better for a wide variety of tasks–seeding, flattening, designs, and more. The downside of steel rollers are that they are much heavier and thus harder to move around, and they also will rust if not properly cared for.

best, lawn, roller, money, comparisons

Poly rollers are more likely to be useful for most residential owners. Poly lawn rollers are lighter, can last for a long time with minimal care, and are perfectly capable of handling medium to large residential yards and the tasks that most homeowners would require from lawn roller aerator.

If you’re looking for a more heavy-duty lawn roller for huge lawns, you should probably look into purchasing a steel lawn roller. But to be honest, for most, a poly lawn roller is likely the better option.

Water or sand?

In order to give your roller the weight it needs to compact your lawn, you need to put something in it. That “something” is almost always water or sand. Water is cheaper and easier to put in your roller, but it cannot be left inside the roller between uses. This means every time you use it, you’ll have to fill up your lawn roller and then empty it when finished. If you fail to empty the water, it could mean a damaged lawn roller.

Sand is more expensive and much more tedious to add to your roller, but it has the added benefit of being a permanent addition–you never have to empty it. This is convenient, but keep in mind that your lawn roller will remain really heavy forever, which makes moving it around more difficult.

When to use a lawn roller

The best time to use a lawn roller is when the grass and soil is damp, but not waterlogged. So you should either use the roller right after a short rain shower or after using your sprinkler. If the soil is too dry, the roller won’t be effective. If the soil is too wet, it can “seal” your lawn, preventing air circulation in the roots, which can ultimately kill the grass.

Lawn rollers can be used for a variety of tasks. They can be used before or after seeding, to flatten the ground and then subsequently push those seeds into the soil. It can also be very beneficial to use your lawn roller after sodding–it will help the roots take hold in their new soil.

You can use it before you mow the lawn to ensure you get an even, accurately cut yard. Then, you can use it after you mow to create a smooth, manicured look. Using a lawn roller after winter is also a common practice, as yards can often get bumpy during the neglect of winter.

Lawn Roller Comparisons

Ohio Steel 60T Pro Steel 24” x 60”

We figured we would start with the big guns–this lawn roller from Ohio Steel. Ohio Steel Lawn Rollers are about some of the biggest steel lawn rollers you’ll find on the consumer market, and it’s great for those with huge lawns to maintain. Most residential owners won’t have a need for something this big. It has an 1150 pound capacity, which will flatten even the toughest grass. Without water, it still weighs a hefty 225 pounds. The Ohio Steel Lawn Roller also has a tethered drain plug, which comes in handy with keeping track of such a vital part of the lawn equipment. Your lawn roller will be rendered useless if the water doesn’t stay in!

What we like about the Ohio Steel Lawn Rollers:

OHIO STEEL INDUSTRIES Heavy-Duty Steel Lawn Roller

best, lawn, roller, money, comparisons

This Heavy-Duty Steel Lawn Roller gives your lawn a smooth, even appearance

This Heavy-Duty Lawn Roller gives your lawn a smooth, professionally groomed appearance by packing uneven ground caused by mole damage or frost heaving. Roller features an expansion drain plug for a tight seal. Can be filled with sand or water.

  • Durable: Powder-coat finish
  • Non-Damaging: Rounded edges won’t tear turf when turning
  • Weight: 82 to 181 lb. empty, 400 to 1,150 lb with water: depending on model

NOTE: Item No. 147736 and 167793 are shipped by motor freight. Charges to be determined when order is placed.

Item ships standard freight by a semi truck due to size and weight. Charges will be determined when order is placed.

Lawn use Edit

Lawn rollers are designed to even out or firm up the lawn surface, especially in climates where heaving causes the lawn to be lumpy. Heaving may result when the ground freezes and thaws many times over winter. Where this occurs, gardeners are advised to give the lawn a light rolling with a lawn roller in the spring. [3] Clay or wet soils should not be rolled as they become compacted. [3]

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