Can an aluminum profile be sawed with endings.

Aluminum cutting at home

It is easy to cut a thin aluminum sheet, because almost any tool is suitable for this purpose. But what to do, for example, with a overall corner or an uncomfortable channel? Read more about manual tools and equipment, which is cutting aluminum profile, is described in this material. Work is complicated by a number of factors, but it is still possible to divide the workpiece evenly.

Conventionally, all methods are divided into two groups:

The first group includes the following tools:

Now it is worth studying the features of each method, advantages and disadvantages, and then draw a conclusion about the best way to cut aluminum profile.

Kryazuvka for metal

It is not always possible to use electric equipment like end saws, so you have to be content with simple tools. The first of them is a metal hacksaw. They can cut leaf material, as well as a profile of small thickness. They start cutting with the ribs, continue on the back and end on the sides.

  • The hacksaw weighs little, so the hands do not get tired;
  • simplicity of actions;
  • cheapness of the tool;
  • Work efficiency like an electrician.

Features of plasma cutting aluminum

Aluminum plasma cutting. ideal option to get high quality cutting of non.ferrous metal. At the same time, only inactive gases are used for the formation of plasma necessary for the processing of aluminum sheets and its alloys: hydrogen, argon or nitrogen.

Active gases, such as air and oxygen, are designed to form plasma for cutting black metal.

It is not recommended to use a gas mixture combining nitrogen with an argon for plasma cutting aluminum, as it is designed for cutting 50 mm highly alloyed steel.

The use of pure nitrogen gas is possible for cutting aluminum with a blank thickness up to 20 mm.

But nitrogen in combination with hydrogen will allow you to treat aluminum and its various alloys, with a thickness of 100 mm.


All cutting technologies are divided into two groups:

  • Using manual and compact electric tools.
  • Using industrial equipment (consider in the corresponding section).

The first group includes cutting the profile using tools such as:

Full automatic aluminum profile double puller(with cutting saw)

Let us dwell on the features of each method.

Kryazuvka for metal.

Not everyone has a end saw, often you have to use something less complicated. The category of simple tools includes a hacksaw for metal, it can be cut a thin aluminum profile and sheet aluminum. Work order: starting to cut from the ribs, we go to the back, we saw the side parts.

Scissors for metal.

It is also a very simple tool, it is even easier for them to work than a hacksaw: you need to mark and cut the metal along it.

  • cutting is not as slow as when using a hacksaw;
  • The tool is cheap;
  • An experienced master with good scissors can achieve a good result.
  • On the ribs, the blanks are easy to leave the marking line and cutting will go crookedly, while you can also bend the workpiece or completely ruin it;
  • To cut the aluminum profile exactly according to the marking, before starting work, you will have to care well on unnecessary scraps.


It is necessary to use the canvas designed for metal. A wood saw can also cut an aluminum profile, but the result of the work will definitely not please. It is recommended to cut the back of the back first, then saw the side sides separately.

  • It’s easier to work with an electric tool than manual;
  • Excellent cut quality is achieved: no bevels or burrs;
  • Cutting goes much faster;
  • Correctly selected canvas can be used many times;
  • This is the cheapest power tool in the group in question.

Corner grinder is a tool capable of a lot. Perfectly cuts aluminum profile. Of course, for cutting, not grinders are used, but detachment circles. You need to choose a small thickness equipment to reduce metal losses. It is important not to forget about the protection of the eyes and skin from sparks.

  • Fast cutting with excellent cut quality;
  • Corner grinder is relatively inexpensive;
  • minimum of the effort of the master;
  • The equipment for cutting aluminum serves for a long time.
  • possible burning of the workpiece;
  • It is extremely difficult for an inexperienced master to make an even incision;
  • To achieve high accuracy of cutting, the angular grinder is best fixed in a special rack, which is sold separately and is not always available in stores (if not, they can help a vice).

A circular saw.

Performs the same work as a manual saw, but in terms of power significantly surpasses it.

  • cutting along, across and at an angle;
  • the ability to start cutting the profile from any side;
  • The saw gives a signal or automatically turns off when overheating (modern saws);
  • The choice of speed mode is available.
  • Disks for work on metal are durable;
  • speed of work;
  • maneuverability;
  • Aluminum profile cutting is available at an angle of up to 45 degrees;
  • at the cost of the circular saw is close to end saws for cutting aluminum.
  • Powerful models drank bulky and heavy, which complicates the work;
  • The purchase of a saw for cutting an aluminum profile is justified only with a large amount of work;
  • .

Circular Saw.

As an example, consider the desktop sawing machine Yilmaz Ky 305. This is a machine for cutting an aluminum profile of a small section with non.weed walls. Can be used both in a small workshop and in production. In any case, the participation of the operator is required.

The machine is equipped with a mechanical press for fixing the workpiece. You can choose a fixed cutting angle (15 °, 22.5 °, 30 ° or 45 ° in both directions). You can also set any angle up to 45 ° (to the left).

  • The machine cuts larger blanks than the circular saw (up to 130×65 mm);
  • It works quickly and with high accuracy;
  • Cutting at a given angle is possible;
  • accessibility of equipment for cutting profile (300 mm disk).

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In its design, it looks like the saws described above. It differs in that it is equipped not by all.metal, but by an abrasive saw disc. This is the best saw for cutting an aluminum profile in not very large (non.thought) quantity. It has the following features:

  • cuts aluminum profile across, along, with a bevel;
  • The design allows the operator to do without much physical effort, you only need to smoothly press the handle;
  • The workpiece is firmly fixed in the clamps;
  • Cutting long profiles is possible;
  • There are models comparable in cost with similar disc saws, but their functionality is ahead.

Consider, for example, the characteristics of the Makita LF 1000 end saw. It gives a cut depth to 50 mm when cutting an aluminum profile at an angle of 45 ° and up to 68 mm when working at a right angle. The maximum width of the cut. up to 210 mm. The saw gives up to 2,700 revolutions per minute. Its power is 1,650 watts, mass. 32 kg. Spacious desktop.

Scissors for metal

An even simpler tool that is easier to work. The principle of action is elementary. the profile is marked, after which it is cut along the line.

  • Cutting occurs faster than a hacksaw;
  • cheapness of scissors;
  • A good result is possible in the presence of a quality tool and experience.
  • When passing through the ribs of the profile, leaving the marking line, damage to the workpiece or its bend is possible;
  • We’ll have to practice and ruin a few “black” blanks before it works perfectly accurately.

Electric jigsaw

It is important to make sure that the tool is fixed in the tool precisely for the metal. Of course, the canvas for the tree will also cut aluminum, only the quality of the cut will leave the best. The cutting of the profile begins with the back, then in turn they saw the side edges.

aluminum, profile, sawed
  • Electric equipment facilitates the user’s operation;
  • quality close to ideal (there will be no burrs, bevels, other defects on the product);
  • speed of work;
  • multiplicity of use (with the right choice of file);
  • Electrics cost cheaper than similar devices for cutting aluminum profiles.

Angle.grinding machine

Now it is worth studying special devices for aluminum work.

Plasma and laser machines

  • ;
  • the inability to use the house or in the garage;
  • Noise when working.

It is important that this equipment is configured by the operator specifically for aluminum work. This is due to the softness and plasticity of the metal. It is also important to choose small speeds of the milling device (from 5,000 to 9000 per minute) and first drip kerosene to the cut area. The feed is smooth, neat, so as not to damage the cutter. Advantages and disadvantages are similar to plasma cutter and laser, but the quality of the processing of the part is slightly worse.

A circular saw

An analogue of a hand saw, but more powerful. It has the following capabilities:

  • performs a longitudinal, transverse, inclined cut;
  • can be sawed from any place of the workpiece (not only from the end);
  • Modern devices prevent overheating, turning off in a timely manner or applying a signal to the operator;
  • The user can choose the speed of work based on the thickness of the workpiece.


  • The durability of the equipment is a disk for working on metal (better. in aluminum);
  • speed of work;
  • maneuverability;
  • the ability to cut at an angle up to 45 degrees;
  • The cost comparable to more suitable analogues (end saws for aluminum).
  • As a rule, the equipment is bulky and weighs a lot than complicates the work;
  • The price will seem high if the tool is bought for one.time work;
  • ).

Circular Saw

  • allows you to cut larger blanks (up to 130×65 mm);
  • compactness;
  • the possibility of angular cutting;
  • high speed and accuracy of work;
  • Availability of equipment (300 mm saw).
  • High cost (average installation costs 40-50 thousand. );
  • not compact and easy.

End (pendulum) saw

  • cut straight, along and under inclination;
  • When working, the user only needs to lower the curtain (pendulum) to the workpiece, and without much effort;
  • reliable fixation of the workpiece in the clamps;
  • the ability to work with long aluminum profiles;
  • there are models similar to disk price range, but more functional.

In confirmation of the latter approval, the Makita LF 1000 end saw was considered. Her characteristics:

Extrusion 101: Aluminum Extrusion Process Explained by ILSCO Extrusions Inc.

The maximum depth of cut. 68 (at 90 degrees.) and 50 mm (at 45 degrees.);

Such a ending will cost the user 60 thousand, but subject to constant work. Otherwise, the investment will not pay off.

  • If the cutting of an aluminum profile is carried out irregularly, a manual tool is enough. hacksaws, corner grinders and even scissors.
  • With constant work, it makes sense to purchase a portable saw, preferably end, since it is multifunctional. Investments will pay off after 2-3 months.
  • For the work of an enterprise engaged in serial production of metal profiles, plasma cutters or laser installations will be required.

In short, this is all you need to know about the cutting of aluminum profiles. If you have something to supplement, share knowledge in the discussion to this article.


The use of end saws in this area can be seen much more often. All that is needed in order to cut them when using them is to choose a good quality canvas. I can’t tell anything about this yet, but those who are engaged in sharp aluminum in the family of their work emphasize the importance of the quality of the disk. For example, the creator of the ASTServiceCenter channel immediately felt the difference between the cheap ATAKA drive and expensive from SMT, which he told in his video.

Screen video from the YouTube channel AstServiscenter

I’ll stop at the end while I stop

Since I will widely use structural aluminum in the production of devices and I will have to cut it all the time, I think that I will get cheap cutting (for which I have already responsible) precisely for these purposes. Of course I will order a good record. while the choice fell on SMT

The cutting ordered Bosch. For the money it is quite cheap, but according to the reviews quite accurate. The cost of about 12 thousand (taking into account discounts can cost less than 11)

Given the accuracy for me more important than the coating, I ordered without a broach. Such saws are both cheaper and more precise.

It will be interesting to hear the opinion and recommendations of masters who widely “use” the aluminum profile in this way. Installers of various aluminum structures will probably have a lot of information about this. I would be grateful for Комментарии и мнения владельцев and tips.

Angle.grinding machine

Corner grinder is a universal assistant who works well in aluminum. It is only important not to confuse the cut.out circle with grinding, choose a small thickness equipment to minimize the loss of material and protect your hands with your face from sparks.Advantages:

  • speed of work;
  • worthy of the quality of the cut;
  • relative cheapness of equipment;
  • minimum user movements;
  • The durability of equipment that allows you to cut metal profiles many times.


  • the ability to burn metal in the cutting area;
  • Without skills, it is unlikely that it will be possible to cut smoothly;
  • To increase the accuracy of the work, the corner grinder should be squeezed into a rack, which does not come complete with the tool and is rare in stores (the problem is solved if there is a vice).

Now it is worth studying special devices for aluminum work.

Plasma and laser machines

The best way in terms of quality and speed, but not suitable for home conditions. Plasmoresis and laser machine are considered professional equipment and are found at metallurgical enterprises. If there is an installation and cutting of an aluminum profile nearby on it, it is possible to use this.Advantages:

  • Profile cutting takes a couple of minutes;
  • The user only sets up the equipment, the rest does the machine;
  • Reza quality is the best of all ways.

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Why is it dangerous to cut aluminum with a corner grinder

Cut aluminum is not only difficult, but also not safe! Especially when using high.power corner grinders. Due to the viscosity of aluminum, the disk will get stuck, and the tool will try to break out of the hands.

aluminum, profile, sawed

And this will not happen immediately, but only when the cut reaches a certain depth. And this may be a surprise to an inexperienced tool user. And indeed, with a disk linening in the metal, it will not be easy to cut.

A small story about how to cut an aluminum tank. And what came of it

One of my friends, once they fitted the work, it was necessary to cut the angular grinder of the aluminum tank. “Field business,” he thought to drink aluminum, there is nothing easier!

But his joy quickly disappeared when he got down to business.

The disk constantly stuck, stuck in this metal. Corner grinder strove to jump out of her hands. Sawing one torment, things went very slowly. Different abusive thoughts did not get out of my head. )))

So what to do? I took up the work, I would do it! So several hours of difficult work passed. The old man came to the rescue.

aluminum, profile, sawed

Seeing the torment, he began to try to give advice, but the tips sometimes accepted hard, especially when the nerves are already at the limit. After all, work, which seemed simple at first, was already pretty exhausted. Therefore, the first reaction to advice is the desire to send to hell.

Nevertheless, the advice was given and in the end, as his friend said, he followed him. What was his surprise when after that the matter went much more fun.

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How to cut (sharpen) tile at an angle of 45 degrees?

Everyone calls this action differently: washed, pointed, cut, burrs, Kremlin corner. There is only one meaning.

For high.quality cutting of the end part of the tile at an angle of 45 degrees, you will need an electric cutting of tiles (cutting machine) or, in extreme cases, a grinding machine (tip) with a disk on the tile.

The easiest way. This is a mill

The crusher is more difficult to achieve a quality result, but, in principle, this is also possible. This is the easiest way to focus the angle of tile for 45 degrees with your own hands at home.

The process of grinding and grinding Faor in the video below.

First of all, you should have a good disk with diamond tiles.

Place the tile along the edge (perpendicular to the workpiece) and polish its back (clay) at an angle of 45 degrees.

If this turns out to be a little uneven, you can again go through large uneven burrs of the disk, and to get a cleaner and more smooth edge, you can use this (below) grinding nozzle with sandpaper or a “turtle” diamond.

Grinding circles on Velcro are erased. New ones are removed and attached. The base of the Velcro itself is wound on the thread of the coffee grinder. Diamond nozzles have a much longer service life, but they are also many times more expensive. If you constantly lay the tile, it makes sense to take its diamond turtles. If you make the first and last repairs in your life, it is quite possible to do with the help of sandpaper.

When working with such a thing, you need a grinding machine with an adjustable speed (at least speed!), Otherwise the edge of the tile will melt and burn, not burst.

You can buy wonderful “shells” here!

Electric cutting of tiles

Electric cut for tiles, or, as it is also called, tile. Wet cutting. He has a water cooling disk, and this very water extinguishes all possible dust. The cutter for the tile is cut along one clear fixed path and minimizes such a human factor as handshake and so on.

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The cutter for tiles has two working positions. Flat section and cut at an angle of 45 ° (in fact, you can install any angle from 0 to 45 °, but this often does not make sense).

Light methods of flat cutting of a metal leaf with a corner grinder

Corner grinding machines (corner grinding) or, as they are popularly called. corner grinders, are the most common power tool in both home workshops and industrial production. Thanks to the use of this power tool, you can process the surface of solid materials in a short period of time (polishing, grinding).

Often corner grinder is used to cut a variety of products made of metal. It is worth noting that, despite the simplicity of the work associated with this power tool, not every user is able to make an even cut on sheet metal using a corner grinder. At the same time, there are a large number of light methods of flat cutting of metal sheets with a corner grinder.

Plasma or laser cutting machine

Plasmoresis refers to professional equipment. Metal processing with plasma. modern method of work. This technology provides high quality and accuracy of the aluminum cutting line.

There are compact “garage” versions of plasma cutters that have a relatively acceptable price of NGSDO

Among the disadvantages of the laser cutting machine, they highlight:

  • the inability to use outside industrial sites;
  • a significant price of equipment reaching seven.digit amounts;
  • high noise during operation.
  • the most achievable level of quality of the cut line;
  • speed of work reaching several minutes;
  • The duties of a specialist are limited to setting up the machine, and all functions are installed by the installation.

On yourself or from yourself

The most common question that torments many owners of a corner grinding of a grinding is “how to cut a corner grinder correctly so that the disk spins from itself or on itself?””. There are many opinions, and everyone proves their own point of view. But the correct answer is one: “You can cut both from yourself and yourself”. Obvious evidence of this is the presence of holes under the handle on both sides of the device. In general, it all depends on individual preferences, to whom it is convenient, he cuts so. However, each method has certain nuances, they should be taken into account.


Many owners of corner grinder do not like and can not even cut from themselves. The bottom line is that this method rarely forgives errors. Any inaccuracy or cutting curve leads to a clip of disk and its rupture. I want to say that I have a friend who is used to cutting on myself, and taking my corner grinding in his hands ditched two discs and gone shouting. This is a person who has been working with a corner grinder for about 10 years. There is also a myth that when you cut it from yourself, when the disk is jammed, the corner grinder will fly away into the stomach. I want to say that if it is normally not holding it in my hands, then it can even fly out of the workshop. The advantage of metal cutting from yourself is that sparks fly from corner grinding and may be better to see the product. In addition, with a disk rupture, it will fly away from you.

To myself

Metal cutting at a speed of disk allows you to work with a corner grinder, sorry for the expression, with a slight negligence. But you pay for such convenience sparks flying into the eyes and on your feet. If the protective casing is set incorrectly, then the risk of burning pants increases exponentially. In addition, the product is visible much worse, and when a rupture, the disk can fly under your feet. When cutting metal in this way, I recommend holding the angular grinder so that in the case of jamming and rupture of the disk, the latter cannot get in the leg or other part of the body.

Mosaic pruning 45 degrees

How to see (cut, cut) a mosaic at an angle of 45 degrees using a grinder?

You can find out about all mosaic washing options at 45 degrees in this article.

Detailed information about manual tools and equipment used for cutting aluminum profiles is described in this material.

The thin aluminum sheet is easy to cut, because almost any tool is suitable for this. How about, for example, the angle of size or an awkward channel? This material describes in more detail manual tools and equipment used to cut aluminum profiles. The work is complicated by a number of factors, but you can still evenly divide the workpiece evenly.