Can Drill Concrete Drill

Which screwdriver to choose for drilling concrete?

During many construction processes, there is a need for drilling concrete. A tool that can cope with this task is a screwdriver.

Can Drill Concrete Drill

Design and specifications

Outwardly, as in mechanical action, a screwdriver resembles a drill. The difference is the low rotation speed / high moment of scrolling. In addition, fixed speed indicators are installed on screwdrivers (on drills they are regulated independently). Speed ​​control is necessary for safe and high-quality tool operation. The chuck stops moving when the screw is fully tightened. Despite the cartridge stopping, the engine is still in operation.

For a particular type of work, a specific speed / mode of operation is calculated. There is a function of reversing, tightening, unscrewing screws (as well as nuts, screws, screws, soft materials). Masters constantly use screwdrivers. In some cases (working with drywall, assembling the interior, creating a partition), the tool increases the speed and productivity of the work several times.

The scheme of the device cordless screwdriver.

Screwdrivers are designed on the same principle. The basis of the design:

  • pistol grip (for leading hand operation);
  • little weight;
  • start key that starts / regulates rotations;
  • power source. mains or battery (note that the battery is more massive and more expensive than the tool itself);
  • capacity is limited by the total weight of the tool;
  • continuous operation time. about 3 hours;
  • spare battery available (depending on model).


The list of advantages of screwdrivers:

  • autonomy (modern production involves the absence of a network cable);
  • easy drilling of concrete (and other materials);
  • a screwdriver can be used for household repairs / installation / assembly of furniture;
  • adjustable drilling speed in a screwdriver;
  • a large number of varieties for a particular type of work (impact screwdriver / cordless impact screwdriver, etc.).


Makita BHP452

Two types of drilling are available:

Feature: Battery charging is completed within 20 minutes. The amount of braking / rotation is adjusted independently, depending on the needs and goals. Built-in LED flashlight. The leader among screwdrivers in speed and ease of switching modes.

Cordless impact screwdriver. The main differences:

  • light weight;
  • high performance;
  • compactness;
  • ergonomics;
  • high torque;
  • multifunctionality (can perform some list of works);
  • autonomy.

Percussion instrument is suitable for:

  • drilling walls made of any material;
  • assembly / disassembly of building elements and structures.

As for the design of the instrument, Metabo Power has 2 speeds (soft / hard moment). LED backlight, special belt mount, reverse mode, high work intensity. Charging can be carried out both mobile and offline.

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DeWalt DCD985M2

The difference between this screwdriver is:

  • powerful impact mechanism (drilling in concrete holes 13/60 mm, in stone. 16 mm);
  • 3-speed gearbox, the speed of which is regulated by the consumer;
  • for torque mode, you can choose 1 desired combination of 22;
  • the speed block integrated in the tool gives additional control over the process;
  • LED backlight;
  • specially designed chuck to drill a variety of materials;
  • functionality (closely related to technical characteristics);
  • Compatible with fasteners to drill metal / wood / stone / concrete.

Bosch uneo

Cordless screwdriver capable of drilling masonry / making holes in concrete monolithic blocks / screwing screws. Tool Feature:

  • the ability to drill at a speed of 0.9 J;
  • weight is 1 kg;
  • battery charge speed. 3 hours;
  • makes holes in concrete in a few seconds, the charge is enough for 70 screws;
  • speed is regulated independently;
  • the cartridge can be replaced with any similar one (other brands can be used);
  • 6-sided cartridge.

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Work rules

The rules for working with concrete tools are not complicated and do not establish a clear framework. Remember about safety measures, do not expose yourself and your building to danger.

  • pre-load the gun (be sure to follow the time frames for charging, which are indicated in the instructions for purchase. If you do not follow these rules, the tool can quickly become unusable);
  • install the desired nozzle into the tool;
  • press it, moving the cartridge;
  • use reverse to replace chuck or drill;
  • try not to expose the gun to strong mechanical impact, this can ruin its quality characteristics;
  • after use, wipe, clean and place in a dry place inaccessible to children.


After you familiarize yourself with the purpose, the rules of work and the main types of this tool, you can safely start using it. Remember that strict adherence to the instructions and safety precautions will help extend the life of the tool and protect you personally. Store the implement in a special box that children cannot access.

Before buying, consult with the seller, indicate to him the purpose of your purchase. You will be selected the most optimal. and the right model. Product prices vary depending on the manufacturer / mechanical indicators / composition. Under the correct storage conditions / compliance with the operating rules, the tool will last several years. Pay attention to the terms of the warranty and possible repair of the warranty product.

If you do not have time to carry out construction work yourself, hire a construction team.

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Can I drill with a screwdriver?

Manufacturers offer a variety of tools. Almost everyone can choose a tool for their financial capabilities and technical requirements. A screwdriver is increasingly found in the home workshop. Therefore, questions arise, what else can be done with it. Today we understand whether it is possible to drill with a screwdriver?

Specialists do not recommend working with concrete. Such a solid material can not even take a drill with good technical characteristics. But, if your model has an impact function, then you can try to overpower thin concrete, stone or brick. As a rule, modern structures are erected from aerated concrete or silicate brick. Such surfaces can be drilled with the most ordinary model, which does not contain a shock function. The main thing is to use the right drill.

What can a screwdriver handle without problems? If you plan to work with wood, plaster, metal or plywood, then you can safely get the tool. It will help not only to tighten the screws, but also come in handy for drilling.

How to choose a tool?

To safely use the device for drilling, you should choose it correctly. What to look for? If you want him to always be ready for work, then buy a network device or a battery, but with a spare battery. The ability to drill various materials is affected by the rotational speed. For example, an indicator of 500 rpm is enough for twisting. For the drilling function, the speed must be up to 1300 revolutions. It is also important to pay attention to the torque. If it is small, then such a screwdriver is only suitable for drilling wood.

Summing up, we can say with confidence that a screwdriver can be drilled. Modern models are able to cope with almost any surface. Even with thin concrete or brick. If you are just picking up a new tool model, then listen to our tips.

Can I drill concrete with a drill?

It is no secret that the first stage in any repair is procurement, when materials are acquired and tools are prepared. Depending on the nature of the work, completely different devices may be needed, but most often it is impossible to do without a drill or screwdriver. These tools are needed for drilling or drilling in various objects of cylindrical holes, into which dowels, screws and other details will then be placed. Today, manufacturers offer a lot of tools for such purposes, which differ not only in appearance, but also in the principle of action.

Scope of impact drills

In fact, this tool is a kind of perforator, but has smaller dimensions and weight. They are designed for drilling holes in very hard materials. concrete, brick, plastic and even metal, as well as for twisting and tightening screws. Some hammer drills are equipped with special elements for grinding, mixing paint and milling.

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Choosing a quality impact drill is not difficult, but you need to build on some indicators. The first is the power of the tool, because the diameter of the hole that can be drilled depends on its value. For home repairs, tools with power from 450 to 700 watts are suitable. Impact drill transmission can be made of plastic or metal. The latter option is more expensive than plastic, but more durable.

The drilling process with an impact drill should be carried out at low speeds, and after its completion it is impossible to remove the drill using reverse drilling, since it can be damaged.

Features of the choice and use of a hammer

This tool is the most powerful compared to other drilling tools. Most often it is needed for drilling holes in hard concrete, ceilings and walls of structures. It is also indispensable when removing old plaster and tile. There are power drills and those that have a battery built in. The greater its capacity, the more the tool will work on a single charge.

The main criterion in choosing this tool is the torque indicator. The higher its value, the easier and faster the hole will be drilled in solid concrete. At the time of drilling, it is impossible to press on the hammer and change the engine modes. It is better not to use it for hollowing, because this leads to rapid wear of the mechanisms.

Using Drill Drivers

This tool is relatively compact and lightweight. It is used for twisting and unscrewing screws and screws. Typically, screwdrivers have a small capacity, which is sufficient only for drilling small diameter holes. A drill / driver can be used only for soft and loose materials. plywood, wood, chipboard, drywall and others. A large assortment of screwdrivers are available on the website

These tools can be wired and cordless. Of course, a portable drill is much more convenient, but for home use it is better to purchase a model that works from the network, since it is much cheaper.