Can I Leave Gasoline In A Chainsaw

Can I Leave Gasoline In A Chainsaw

There can be many breakdowns associated with a chainsaw, and some can be difficult to solve. If you have been working with this gas tool for a long time, you have had a problem when gasoline does not enter the carburetor or does, but it is very difficult and does not allow the chainsaw to start normally. Fortunately, specialists have long found the causes of such a breakdown and therefore we have compiled the main repair methods.

First of all, we check the banal reasons, for example, the presence of gasoline in the tank. If there is one, we check the fuel supply process from the tank through the wire. To do this, just disconnect the gas line from the carburetor and try to pump fuel. It will be correct to supply fuel through the hose in jerks, this will make sure that there are no problems with the gas tank. If the fuel is not supplied even jerkily or drips too slowly, the reasons may be as follows:

The fuel filter is clogged with dirt and dust;

The gas supply line is dirty.

Surprisingly, even the presence of a full tank can cause when no fuel arrives. Therefore, try not to fill the tank to the maximum. An overfilled fuel tank may squeeze out a pipe that connects to the carburetor.

Bad quality gasoline

Every experienced user of a chainsaw knows that the fuel in the tool tank cannot be left for long. The fact is that during prolonged storage inside the tank unnecessary processes will occur with the formation of resin and polymerization of various components. Do not leave fuel in the tank for longer than 2 weeks, and even if your tool starts up with such fuel, this can lead to the formation of soot on the parts of the CPG (rings, piston).

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Air filter

If the chainsaw does not receive gas in the carburetor, pay attention to the type of air filter. Due to its improper operation, unstable operation of the chainsaw begins, which is difficult to start up later or stalls during operation. The air is more difficult to enter the device and makes the mixture too rich. You can hardly get it, and the reason for this is the formation of dust.

It is necessary to remove the air filter carefully, because if dust is stored on it, it can crumble onto the carburetor. Clean the air filter well enough with water and detergent. Be sure to dry the filter before installation.

Why is gasoline not coming in a chainsaw?

Carburetor needle. On cheap chainsaws, a needle often sticks in the carburetor, which prevents fuel from entering. Sometimes it’s enough just to move the needle and install it correctly.

Oil seals. Chinese and even branded chainsaws may have low-quality oil seals with poor tightness. Fuel ceases to flow when it starts to squeeze out the fuel mixture through the seals. Through gaskets, gasoline leakage is quite possible.

Check breather

It is the breather that plays a significant role in the establishment of a chainsaw, you can find such a detail near the gas tank cover, or rather, in the area of ​​the air hole. The breather has a simple but important role. it prevents the fuel from flowing out and sets the correct air pressure. It is thanks to this air that fuel enters the carburetor, and a malfunction of this element is a common cause when fuel does not enter the chainsaw. The disturbed work of the breather will cause the formation of negative pressure, from which gasoline will not be able to enter the carburetor when trying to start the tool.

Checking the breather’s performance is quite simple, disconnect the gasoline pipe from the carburetor and check how the fuel flows. If gasoline flows in a small stream, everything is in order, if it does not flow at all. the breather is rather clogged with dirt. With proper execution, you can clean the part, sometimes it is easier to replace with a new one. The cleaning procedure is performed either manually or by applying a strong jet of compressed air.