Can the gearbox of angle grinders be lubricated with graphite grease?

Lawn mower gear lubrication

When is it necessary to lubricate the gearbox of a lawn mower?? When you suddenly hear a strange and annoying grinding noise while mowing or intensively fighting brushwood in your yard, it is most likely because your brushcutter’s lower gearbox does not have any lubrication. To prevent this from happening there is a routine inspection. The gearbox of a petrol grass trimmer is a particularly vulnerable unit that is exposed to dust directly above the ground or to moisture if the grass is dewy or wet after rain. That’s why you should regularly change the lubricant in the gearbox of your lawnmower if you don’t want the spline shaft to get stuck.

How to choose grass trimmer bottom gear lubricant? Due to the fact that the gearbox is constantly exposed to considerable mechanical shock and dynamic loads, the lubricants must be carefully selected according to the requirements of the particular mower. If the manufacturer indicated in the service book what oil to lubricate the gearbox, that’s good. But sometimes such “trifle” is ignored and then you have to find information on the internet or other sources on the subject by yourself.

Lawnmower gear lubricants are sometimes made by the same manufacturers that make lawnmowers, under the same brand name. Especially these are well-known, well promoted brands. But not necessarily. There are many good manufacturers of chain saws that make proper quality lubricants for their products. For example Sturm, Vityaz or Procraft. The usual requirements for such greases are their good adhesion to the surfaces, which contributes to its good adhesion to the gear wheels. And also the viscosity. Viscosity should be sufficient not to hinder the operation of the entire mechanism and at the same time not to squeeze out or seep out through the fine holes of the node. There are different lubricants with different additives, which need to be treated individually. Oils with various additives can improve the quality of lubrication and increase the life of the grass trimmer.

There are universal lubricants. Besides the greases recommended by lawnmower manufacturers, many people use ordinary Lithol-24, Shruss-4 or Azmol 158, which are easily available at retail outlets or are often already available in many motorists. You can also use graphite grease for grass trimmer gear YUKO 375. These are not expensive lubricants that meet the basic requirements for the lubricants of gasoline trimmer gears.

When to lubricate the gearbox of a lawn trimmer? Few places do you find clear recommendations from manufacturers. As it depends on many factors. How long you mow, what conditions, what temperature, what kind of grease is used, etc.д.You can completely replace the grease before the next mowing season or after 15-20 hours of operation. To do this, unscrew the gearbox, remove all the old grease and lubricate all the parts before assembly. You don’t need to lubricate the shaft of the grass trimmer. You can also simply add grease to the gearbox through the hole of the unscrewed bolt. It is located at the top of the gearbox and covers the special technological hole. Grease is injected into this hole through the narrow neck of a tube or with a medical syringe without a needle. But then the old grease left over from work, along with particles of exhausted metal, mixes with the new grease and shortens its service life.

It is worth noting that there are some models of chain saws that are equipped with gearboxes that do not need lubrication. In such gearboxes you will not find a hole for lubrication. They are designed for a full service life.

Basic lubricant characteristics for angle grinders

In angle grinders, the main component, which is exposed to the highest loads during operation, is the reduction unit, consisting of helical gears.

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The torque created by the rotor of the angle grinder is transmitted from the rotor to the working tool through a small helical gear to a large helical gear. The right gear lubricant reduces friction forces and heat temperatures considerably.

The grinder uses bearings that also require periodic lubrication. Especially the bearings in the spindle support bearings of the large helical spur gear.

A grease that not only meets the above requirements, but is also environmentally friendly is also suitable.

Lubricants for angle grinders must have certain properties and must be of the required consistency.

Angle grinder gearbox lubricant must have:

Grease for angle grinder should not have mechanical impurities, be resistant to corrosion, to hold firmly on the lubricated parts, not to melt at high temperatures, to prevent the formation of scuffing in places of contact parts and of course have water repellant properties.

Two sleeve bearings are used in angle grinders of all kinds: motor bearings and support bearings for the gearbox.

Selection of grease for electric motor bearings is different from the selection of grease for a gearbox bearing. It’s all about different working conditions.

Lubricants recommended by foreign tool manufacturers

Foreign manufacturers of tools, including angle grinder, recommend specially designed ointments as lubricants for grinders.

One common foreign grease is a grease marked MoS2 NLGI 2 ISOL-XBCHB 2 DIN 51825-KPF 2 K-20.

  • MoS2. indicates the filler material, in this case molybdenum;
  • NLGI2. indicates the second viscosity grade;
  • ISOL-XBCHB 2 is an ISO standard accessory;
  • DIN 51825-KPF 2 K-20. Grease made to German DIN standards;
  • The digits 51825 mean that the grease is of the K-type.

Lubricants produced with such characteristics are quite expensive. There are imported, less expensive lubricants on the Russian market.

gearbox, angle, grinders, lubricated, graphite, grease

Each tool manufacturer, be it Bosch, Makita, Hitachi, DeWALT, Metabo, RedVerg, Interskol, E256, Lepse, recommends their lubricants. It is the producer’s policy. They insist that in case of maintenance you have to use lubricants that are mentioned in the lubricant manuals. Failure to follow these recommendations will not permit warranty repairs.

Makita angle grinder gear lubricant available in tubes. Its high price is commensurate with its high quality and long service life.

Application of graphite grease

Graphite is an excellent sliding filler, making graphite grease ideal for maintenance of machines large and small.

Application range of graphite grease is large. Typically used in heavy-duty applications in oil, automotive, construction, agricultural and construction equipment. In addition to wear protection, the lubricant prevents squeaks caused by friction. In slow-running gearboxes “graphite” softens the contact of gears by absorbing the impact energy of the teeth.

At home, graphite grease is used to protect garage and door hinges, locks, etc.д. The material does not need to be replaced frequently due to its good water resistance.

  • Ball and suspension mounts
  • Knuckle bearings
  • Gears and steering racks
  • Screw joints
  • Battery terminals
  • PTO shafts on a rear-wheel drive vehicle
  • Brake caliper guides
  • Anti-squeak washers in springs and leaf springs.д.

It should be noted that graphite grease is not suitable for all vehicle units, since graphite, for instance in fine bearings, can cause premature wear.

MODENGY and EFELE advanced materials. a perfect replacement for traditional graphite greases!

Antifriction coating (dry lubricant) MODENGY 1001 based on graphite and molybdenum disulfide (MoS2). development of the modeling and engineering company. It is manufactured using unique technologies with high quality components.

MODENGY 1001 cures at room temperature and works perfectly under high loads over a wide temperature range (-180440 °C). Dry lubricant is not squeezed out of friction zones, prevents sticking of dust and abrasives, protects against frictional wear for a long time. Coverage works under high stress, radiation, and vacuum conditions.

  • Sliding friction units in vehicles: guides, hinges and joints, locks, threaded and spline connections, throttle valve
  • Gears, slideways, chains of printing and press equipment
  • Slideways in polymer processing equipment
  • Screws and slide bearings of pipe fittings
  • Transmission chains of conveyors and material handling equipment
  • In cold steel extrusions to protect against galling
  • High adhesion
  • Wide temperature operating range from.180 to 440 °C
  • Suitable for heavy loads
  • Air curing
  • Suitable for dusty environments
  • Aerosol packaging
  • Softens motion of machinery
  • Prevents dust and abrasions from coming into contact with the work surfaces

EFELE MO-749 graphite chain oil is ideal for heavy-duty applications, e.g. low-speed chains.

Thanks to graphite and special additives the oil has high load-carrying and corrosion-resistant properties, and does not leak out of friction zones under the influence of centrifugal forces.

  • Large link chains
  • Highly stressed chain transmissions operating at low speeds
  • Slide guides operating under high loads and at low speeds
  • Protects chain drives and slideways in dusty environments
  • High load capacity
  • Friction fillers reduce wear in dusty environments
  • Good anti-wear properties
  • Prevents jumping
  • Broad operating temperature range
  • High corrosion protection properties
  • Has crash lubrication properties

Graphite grease. Very suitable for a wide range of applications. from heavy industry to passenger cars.

Strengthen the characteristics of graphite by polarization, t.е. Polarisation agents are embedded in the layered structure of graphite. This is how polarized graphite is obtained. It works in a humid environment, has better adhesion to metal surfaces and is thermally stable. It is one of the most promising solid lubricants today.

Due to its high performance properties, graphite as an additive can be used in almost any lubricant to enhance its characteristics. Yet its presence in the formulation adds little to the final cost of the product.

Makita, Bosch, Interskol or other

Every power tool contains rotating parts which are subject to increased wear due to friction. You can prevent premature breakdowns and extend the service life of your power tool by taking appropriate preventive maintenance of the rotating parts. The main wear on the angle grinder is in the gear chainrings. The harmful effects of friction can be reduced by applying lubricant to the surface of the parts. Let’s consider what kind of grease to buy for the gearbox of an angle grinder.

When the grease needs to be replaced

If the angle grinder is used intensively on a daily basis, the gearbox needs to be relubricated at least once a year. Often users do not adhere to certain dates of preventive maintenance of the tool, and routine work is carried out after the appearance of extraneous sounds during operation. This is absolutely not the right method of caring for the gearbox.

Rattling or grinding noise indicates that the gears have worn out and must be replaced soon.

Start preventive inspection of the gearbox by separating its housing from the rest of the angle grinder. Simply loosen the four retaining screws.

In the next picture you can see that there is grease in the housing, but it is concentrated on one side of the housing and it is not enough.

This occurs because the angle grinder works at high RPM. Centrifugal force causes the oil particles to move away from the axis of rotation. With prolonged operation, the gear surfaces become completely dry, and without lubrication the metal is worn out. In this case, it is enough to lubricate the gear teeth with the existing compound, then close the gearbox and work until the next preventive maintenance.

Often you can see grains of oil mixed with dust in a gearbox. During operation, the angle grinder heats up, and these particles sinter, solid particles hinder the operation of the mechanism. Change such grease.

How to grease a gearbox

Choosing a gearbox lubricant has some special features. RPM of the angle grinder is high, the oil will simply fly off the rotating parts. Thick compound should withstand a fairly high temperature and not sinter.

Ready-made grease

Manufacturers of power tools advise to use special compositions of their own production. Such recommendations give, in particular, firms “Makita” and “Bosch”.

You can buy these products, but their cost is quite high, and the expenses are not always justified. The company “Interskol” is more democratic to the type of materials used. What is the best grease? Lubricant for the gearbox of an angle grinder must meet certain requirements:

  • the viscosity of the composition does not exceed 800 Pas;
  • the temperature of separation of droplets from the main mass is not less than 120 ° C;
  • homogeneous composition without the presence of mechanical impurities;
  • Moisture resistance.

Industry produces many types of greases, including special formulations for use in gearboxes. The best results are shown by mixtures containing molybdenum disulfide as an anti-seize additive. If we talk about foreign manufacturers, “Castrol” and “Mobil” proved to be excellent.

“Mobil puts the products in tubes shaped like a syringe for ease of use.

From the domestic brands can be noted MS-1000, Limol. The use of solidol, lithol or Cyatim-221 does not give the desired result.

Homemade mixtures

If you have no grease on sale, or if you think that the price of a grease is unreasonably high, you can try to make a grease mixture by yourself. There are several formulations using different bases. One of these is the common Cyatim-221.

Add TAD-17 gear oil to a container with Tsiatim. Continuously stirring, add oil one drop at a time until the desired consistency is reached. The mixture should adhere well to the parts, not be too thick and not leak like liquid oil.

Another basis could be grease for CV joints in combination with liquid oil MS-20.

How to grease a gearbox

Adding more oil to the gearcase is not a good idea: the good stuff mixes with the used oil and the new oil loses efficiency faster. Remove old grease residues from the gearbox housing and cover when the gearbox housing is removed. Use a dry rag first, then wash off any traces with gasoline or kerosene. After the parts have dried out, new grease is applied, filling the gear housing up to 2/3 full with grease.

After reassembling the angle grinder, turn the grinder shaft by hand several times for even oil distribution. Rotation must be smooth, without jerking or seizing. After confirming that everything is normal, plug the machine in and start working. With timely preventive maintenance the tool will last a long time.

Angle grinder gear lubricant. principles of selection and application

The angle grinder, like other household and professional tools, requires regular maintenance. Efficiency and longevity are ensured by timely maintenance.

Lubricant for the angle grinder is a key component in the maintenance of the device. In order to improve performance, it is necessary to choose the right compound.

Replacement Rules

The main modular unit of the angle grinder is the gearbox. It takes the brunt of the load during operation. It consists of helical gears that transmit the torque from the rotor to the driven element. Angle grinder gearbox lubrication provides for reduction of friction force in gears. It also helps reduce the temperature that occurs during operation.

When to replace the lubricant? During operation, the lubricating coating spreads to the sides of the gear housing. After a short time it begins to dry out and lumps form. Clumps may accumulate dust and metal particles generated during operation. If, when disassembling the angle grinder, lumps are found, then you need new lubricant for the gearbox of the angle grinder.

There are situations in which parts of the angle grinder’s gearbox or rotor bearing must be replaced. In this case it is necessary to disassemble the unit. Accordingly, the lubricant layer will be removed. New material is applied in its place.

The gearbox of an angle grinder gets warm during long periods of work. Consequently, the coating used begins to heat up as well. When heated, the lubricant becomes liquid and can leak out. As a result, there is little left inside. This can be seen by inspecting the gears. There must be a thick layer of. Thus, if the volume of the lubricating coating is low, it must be replaced.

Lubricant properties

The following properties characterize the lubricating coating for gearboxes

  • Viscosity no more than 800 Pas;
  • The droplet drop temperature is at least 120°C;
  • strength not less than 120 Pa;
  • absence of mechanical impurities;
  • Resistance to corrosion;
  • high melting point;
  • Water-repellent.

It is necessary to choose a lubricant that does not contribute to the occurrence of notches in the areas of contacting parts.

When selecting a coating, bear in mind that the lubricating coating for gearbox bearing parts is different from the lubricating coating for motor bearings.

Many people are interested in the question. what to grease the gearbox of an angle grinder, so as not to damage the tool and increase its efficiency. Possible types of lubricants are:

Many tool manufacturers strongly recommend to use correct grease during maintenance in order to avoid negative consequences during operation. Tools will not be repaired under warranty if a different grease is used.

Many people may think that lubricating a gearbox with a manufacturer’s compound is quite expensive. After all, the cost of such materials is quite high. In addition, there are manufacturers that do not produce lubricants.

In this case you can buy the grease for CV joints, which is widely available on the shelves of auto shops. This material allows you to come to positive results during operation. And many people use this variant of lubrication. However, it is worth noting that this option is the worst, in comparison with the first.

If you choose solidol or lithol as a lubricant, there is a risk of leading the tool to a quick breakdown. This is because these products are not designed for use at high temperatures and high friction. So, after a while you may have problems with the tool’s operation.

Thus, the optimal lubricant for the angle grinder is the one that corresponds to the brand of the tool manufacturer.

Steps in the lubrication process

Lubrication can be carried out in specialised workshops or by yourself. When lubricating on your own, remember that the wrong lubricant for the wrong tool can cause tool breakage. The process of treating with new lubricants involves the complete removal of the old layer of grease. Parts and walls of the housing must not contain any remains of the old coating.

Lubrication steps on the angle machine gearbox:

  • Disassemble the angle grinder;
  • wash with kerosene or a solution of kerosene and gasoline the sides and cavities of the reducer;
  • dry the washed parts;
  • stir in new lubricant;
  • Coat the bearings and cavities;
  • assemble the tool.

During application, the question arises: how much grease is required? Adding too much lubricant will cause excess to leak out during operation. With a small content, the operation of the gearbox will be difficult and lead to rapid failure. Consequently, such a volume of material is placed in the housing that the gear teeth are hidden under the surface of the applied layer. Approximate coverage of angle grinder gearboxes is less than ½ the volume of a whole gearbox.

Checking the accuracy of application

Lubrication of the angle grinder, namely its abundance, is checked in idle mode during a test run for a short period of time. After starting, the gearbox starts to warm up. If, when the gearbox is warmed up, some of the grease leaks out, it is necessary to disassemble the tool again and remove the excess.

If you notice signs of rattling or noise after a short period of idling, increase the amount of applied grease.

Getting quality grease with your own hands

If you want to use a good lubricant composition gear angle grinder, and there is no possibility to buy it, then you should make it yourself on the basis of grease for C.V. joints. Do not forget that the material to be used must have good adhesion.

The compound must adhere firmly to the rubbing elements. Compound for CV joints is characterized by high adhesion and ability to work at high temperature loads.

Grass trimmer gear lubricant: selection criteria

During the operation of gasoline grass trimmer gear begins to emit grinding noises, which are a sign of lack of lubrication, or loss of its properties.

Of course, the owner may not attach special importance to extraneous noises, but ignoring them will lead to jamming of the gears and, as a consequence, the upcoming expensive repair.

Therefore, to avoid prerequisites to the appearance of grinding, it is necessary to comply with the lubrication schedule trimmer gearbox for grass, recommended by the manufacturer.

How to properly remove old grease from an angle grinder

Old grease is always removed completely regardless of its color. There must be no traces of old grease on the parts, and in the body cavities particles of destroyed parts.

To remove old grease you can use different flushing liquids, used by motorists to wash the engine and its parts. Design of electric motor for lawnmower. At home, it is recommended to use kerosene or a solution of kerosene and gasoline.

All parts and their cavities must be carefully washed and dried.

Feedback from users about lubricants

Experts advise to use only original materials, the characteristics of which meet the requirements of the manufacturer. If they are not available, you should clarify what to lubricate the gear reducer of the grass trimmer.

Experienced users do not recommend using solidol, as this material is not suitable for temperature and speed characteristics of the unit, as well as its consistency.

Also the given material has no antiwear properties.

The working temperature range of the solidol. from minus 40 to 65 degrees, but even at these parameters in the process of heating density of the material increases, and the grease itself becomes coarse. In case of emergency you could use “Lithol-24” to treat the tool.

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What grease to choose

There are several ways to reduce frictional effects on the cooperating elements of the angle grinder gearbox. The choice of what to lubricate the knots of friction is made from these options:

  • Use of expensive special greases for gearboxes from well-known brands;
  • the use of universal compositions suitable for all power tools;
  • Greasing the gearbox with lithol or solidol;
  • Using a self-made lubricant.

Application of special materials is the optimal solution. When choosing grease for the gearbox, it is recommended to give preference to compositions produced under the same brand as the angle grinder itself. For example, if the machine brand AEG, then the lubricant should buy the same brand.

When using specialized products service life of the angle grinder is greatly increased, since the manufacturer takes into account all the features and nuances of using their own equipment. The disadvantage of using brand materials is their high cost, which can affect the family budget.

Most cutters use budget brands or Chinese-made tools. No specialized lubricants for such cars have been developed by the manufacturer and are unlikely to ever appear. However, even such equipment requires maintenance. What to do in such a case?

Specialists and service craftsmen recommend to buy any budget non-branded compound, designed specifically for gearboxes. You can also use the grease used for CV joints in cars with front wheel drive, operated under considerable loads. It can be easily purchased at any auto shop. This is significantly worse than using brand-name materials. This is due to the fact that the specifics of the friction knots of the two different mechanisms are not taken into account.

The worst solution is to use lithol or solidol, since both are not designed for the lubrication of friction units heated to high temperatures. Some owners of bolt cutters use only these compounds, so their machines can’t last as long as the manufacturer’s stated service life. In the pursuit of profit here and now, they do not consider the future costs of buying a new tool or replacing expensive parts.

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Checking the accuracy of application

Lubrication of the angle grinder, namely its abundance, is checked in idle mode during a test run for a short period of time. Gearbox starts to get warm after startup. If part of the lubricant flows out when the gearbox is warmed up, disassemble the tool again and remove the excess.

If as a result of a short period of work at idle speed there are signs of noise or rattling, then the volume of the applied layer should be increased.

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Ready-made greases

As a rule, the manufacturer requires customers to use only products of their brand for lubrication of gearboxes of angle grinder. And this is quite understandable. All lubricants are rigorously tested directly at the company’s plant. Manufacturer chooses the composition and manufacturing technology in order to obtain a product that will prolong the maximum service life of parts. Lubricants from tool manufacturers also have a disadvantage. a high price.

Instead of oils directly from the manufacturer, you can use quality alternatives. Please carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions to the angle grinder to familiarise yourself with the properties required. Several popular alternative brands of lubricants: Haskey, Castrol, Liqui Moly, as well as domestic offer “Nanotech.

The device, whose warranty has not expired, it is better to lubricate it with a branded product. Otherwise, if the angle grinder breaks down, you can get a denial of repair at the expense of the seller.

Self-Made Grease

If desired, you can make your own grease for angle grinder. This requires a plastic grease, such as CYATIM-221, oil (I-20 will do), as well as a suitable metal container for mixing and burner.

The manufacturing process is generally simple, but it is very difficult to obtain a homogeneous product. In the plastic grease with constant mixing and slow heating oil is added. In a successful case there should be a stable connection of the two components.

The quality of the final composition in any case will be low, and it should not be used for prolonged work.

Why do I need to lubricate the gear of angle grinder?

During operation, the internal parts of the angle grinder experience considerable friction, which causes wear and tear. Smaller metal particles are scraped off, dust is blown into the gearbox, which causes increased wear and overheating as it accumulates. Gearbox lubrication is primarily intended to reduce the coefficient of friction. Also improves heat dissipation and binds particles. In addition, lubrication increases metal resistance to corrosion. Over time, depending on the frequency of use of the angle grinder grease loses its properties, and due to the large accumulation of solids can on the contrary increase the wear rate of rubbing pairs.

Tool manufacturers indicate in technical documentation how often you need to overhaul the mechanism. However, the above terms are quite subjective, because it all depends on how often the angle grinder is used and how dusty the air in the room where you have to work device.

Readymade Greases

As a rule, the manufacturer requires customers to use only their brand of products to lubricate the gears of the angle grinder. And this is quite understandable. All lubricants are rigorously tested in the company’s own workshops. The manufacturer chooses the composition and manufacturing technology to get a product that will maximize the service life of parts. Lubricants from tool manufacturers also have a disadvantage. a high price.

High-quality alternatives can be used instead of oils directly from the manufacturer. In this case, you should carefully read the required properties, which are described by the manufacturer in the instructions to the angle grinder. Several popular alternative brands of lubricating compositions: Haskey, Castrol, Liqui Moly, as well as domestic offer “Nanotech”.

The device, the warranty has not expired, it is better to lubricate it with a branded product. Otherwise, if the angle grinder breaks down, you can get a denial of repair at the expense of the seller.