Carburetor Adjustment Chainsaws Champion 137

Champion 137 chainsaw is well suited for use in the garden and on the house. Among the many advantages of a garden tool, the excellent quality of its components and factory assembly, a fairly high working resource, and also relatively low fuel consumption stand out. With proper and timely maintenance, the Champion 137 chainsaw shows high speed and good quality sawing wood, leaving a smooth, neat cut line. This allows you to use the model not only for gardening, but also for construction work.

Chainsaw Champion 137. device model

The Champion chainsaw in the 137th modification stands out with a good supply of traction and torque. The basis of a gardening tool kit consists of a 2-stroke gasoline 1-cylinder engine with a forged piston that has an increased stroke range, as well as a chromed cylinder with a volume of 37.2 cm3. To quickly start the engine in the device of the model provides a manual starter and durable grip. The fuel tank, with a capacity of 310 ml, has a wide neck for the possibility of cleaning the tank from small debris.

The Champion 137 chainsaw is equipped with an enlarged carburetor of the Japanese brand Walbro with metal jets and an improved float that allows you to precisely control the amount of fuel supplied to the motor. For simplified start-up of the integrated cold ICE, the model is equipped with a transparent plastic pump for pumping fuel into the cylinder.

Champion manufacturer included in the basic equipment of the 137th model a modified anti-vibration system, consisting of 6 metal springs. While the engine is running at the maximum permissible speed, the springs take over the vibrations of the crankshaft. Due to this, vibration on the handles of the model is practically not felt.

carburetor adjustment chainsaw champion 137

The Champion saw blade set includes a metal bar and chain. For independent chain tensioning by the operator, the manufacturer included a side sprocket in the configuration of the garden tool. The chain is lubricated fully automatically with an oil pump. To add the oil required for the operation of the headset, a separate tank with a capacity of 210 ml is included in the device of the chainsaw.

To protect internal parts from dust, sawdust and shock, Champion equipped the 137th model with a durable case made of reinforced plastic. Some of its parts can be removed, which allows you to perform independent repairs and quickly replace consumable parts.

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In the rear part of the saw body, the manufacturer provides all the necessary controls for operation. This allows the operator to adjust the operation of the garden tool directly during the sawing of wood without the need to turn off the engine of the chainsaw.

Characteristics of the Champion 137 chainsaw

Thanks to the powerful and hardy full-time engine, the Champion chainsaw in the 137th modification received solid factory parameters.

They include:

  • the power of the gas engine is 1.4 kW / 2 l. from.;
  • rotation speed of the crankshaft at idle / maximum rpm. 3000/13000 rpm;
  • the tire length recommended by the manufacturer is 35–40 cm;
  • the step of the chain used for cutting is 3/8 ";
  • ready-to-use weight. 4.5 kg.

The Champion chain saw is equipped with a modified silencer, which reduces the level of noise affecting the operator. When operating at maximum engine speed, this model parameter is 100 dB.

Carburetor Adjustment Chainsaw Champion 137

Setting up a factory carburetor Champion chainsaw is necessary in several cases.

Their list includes:

  • wear or defect in the engine’s CPG;
  • a sharp increase in vibration of the motor;
  • arbitrary engine shutdown;
  • increased fuel consumption and increased volumes of exhaust gases;
  • carb blockage.

The instructions for using the model will tell you how to independently configure a malfunctioning saw carburetor. The correct course of action, in any case, should look like this:

  1. First, on a chainsaw with a cold engine, all the adjusting screws in its device will need to be returned to its original position. It is indicated in the garden tool manual;
  2. Then you need to start the saw motor and wait until it warms up;
  3. Next, you will need to start turning the screw L in different directions until the optimum low engine speeds are found. Immediately after this, the bolt L must be turned a quarter of a turn in the opposite direction;
  4. According to the same principle, it is necessary to carry out adjustment with screw H, which will allow you to find and set the highest possible engine speeds. To more accurately determine the speed of rotation of the motor at acceptable speeds, a tachometer will need to be connected to it. Then you need to start slowly turning screw H. As soon as the revolutions on the tachometer and in the instruction manual for the Champion saw match, the screw must be released;
  5. If after setting, when the saw is idling, the chain rotates on the tire, it means that you need to turn the bolt T in different directions one by one until the chain stops.

After completing the adjustment of the carburetor of the saw with your own hands, you need to check the operation of the fuel unit. If the chainsaw is steadily gaining momentum, its engine is running stably, and the chain does not rotate along the tire at idle of the engine, which means that the adjustment was performed correctly.