Carburetor Adjustment Stihl 290 Chainsaw

A bit about the history of Stihl

He founded the company German. Andreas Stihl. In 1926, he registered a machine-building plant under the name A. STIHL and immediately presented the first saw of his production to the public, it was an end saw with an electric motor with a power of 2.2 kW, its weight is simply shocking. 48 kg.

Carburetor Adjustment Stihl 290 Chainsaw

In 1927, the company had two employees, not counting Andreas. 1929, the company employs 20 people, Andreas invents the first gasoline-powered chain saw. It has a capacity of six horsepower, a mass of forty-six kilograms.

1931 year. Stihl enters into export contracts for its products. Thus, the first chainsaws of the company begin to be delivered to Russia, the USA and other large countries.

1932 year. Stihl receives a patent for its first chain with scraper teeth, which significantly increase the cutting speed.

1934. The company is developing and patenting the first automatic chain lubrication system.

In the forties, the company has more than two hundred employees, and its cash turnover is more than three million German marks.

In 1950 Stihl launches its first one-handed chainsaw that looks like modern models, but its weight is still too big.

Andreas does not stop there and in 1954 he presented to the public the first BLK chainsaw, which stands for gasoline. light. compact. Saw weight 11 kg.

From this moment, the company begins its rapid development. Andreas is developing a membrane carburetor, thanks to which the chainsaw can be used in various positions, not just vertically.

In 1959 the Contra saw appears. Weight 12 kg, power 6 horsepower. This saw is making a breakthrough in logging worldwide.

Further, Stihl develops and patents anti-vibration system, electronic ignition, Oilomatic saw chain.

In subsequent years, the following patented technologies appear:

  • 1971. gas lock lever;
  • 1972. QuickStop chain brake;
  • 1973. garden shears with a gasoline engine, heating system for the handle of a chainsaw;
  • 1974. the first amateur chainsaw, which was characterized by reduced power and weight;
  • 1976. single-lever engine control system (currently used in Stihl chainsaws);
  • 1977. gasoline trimmer.

By 1979, Stihl is no longer a company, but a corporation with more than 8,000 employees, and its turnover is approximately 900 million German marks. Branches appear in Australia (1971), Brazil (1973), USA (1974), Great Britain (1978) and other countries.

The modern Stihl Corporation has more than 20,000 employees, and its branches are located in almost all countries of the world. The main production facilities are located in China. In 2016, the company released the first chainsaw with an electronic carburetor control system, called the M-Tronic.

Features of the device and the principle of operation of Stihl chainsaws, patented technologies

Over its long history, Stihl has patented a large number of technologies, many of which are also used in modern chainsaws. Let’s take a closer look at the company’s patents that make working with a chainsaw easier and more convenient.

2-MIX Technology

In a conventional two-stroke engine, the fuel mixture does not burn out completely, a certain amount of fuel is thrown out of the cylinder along with the exhaust gases, which harms not only the environment, but also the human body.

2-MIX technology is based on purging the combustion chamber with clean air, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and the content of harmful substances in exhaust gases. The video from Stihl, which you can watch below, shows how the engine works with 2-MIX technology.


A catalyst is a special device that burns unburned fuel in a muffler before it enters the atmosphere. During the process, the temperature can rise to 1000 degrees, so the walls of the muffler in which the catalyst is installed are double.

Using a catalyst in a two-stroke chainsaw engine reduces the amount of harmful carbons in the exhaust by 80%.

Stihl install the catalyst only in the form of additional equipment, it is not included in the standard equipment of chainsaws.

Air filter

Special air filters from STIHL, several times increase the life of these elements, compared with conventional filters. When using a durable filter, its service interval is also increased.

The special air filter mounted on the Stihl chainsaw has the following advantages:

  1. Pre-cleaning due to centrifugal force, significantly reduces the load on the filter.
  2. Due to the larger volume of the filter, the load on it is much lower, and filtering is more efficient.
  3. A special filter does not require special care, it can be washed with water, purged, used to clean gasoline.

Intelligent engine

Intelligent engine technology is unique in its kind, even such eminent manufacturers as Husqvarna, Echo, Makita have no analogues.

The essence of the system is the electronic control of the quality and quantity of the fuel mixture. Those who have encountered chainsaws know that self-adjusting the carburetor sometimes leads to sad consequences. In an engine with an intelligent system, manual adjustment is no longer necessary.

Video: Carburetor Adjustment Stihl 290 Chainsaw

The system is able to distinguish between cold start and hot start and automatically adjust the quality of the mixture to obtain optimal engine power, reduce fuel consumption, increase its service life.

The advantages of the system are as follows:

  1. The working mixture is always in the right range, thereby reducing fuel consumption and the emission of its unburned residues.
  2. There is no need to adjust the carburetor adjusting screws, because under any changes in conditions, the system does this automatically during operation. The system is able to adjust the quality of the mixture with a decrease in atmospheric pressure, for example, when work is carried out high in the mountains. It can also compensate for the lack of air due to contamination of the air filter.
  3. Saws with an intelligent engine always develop and maintain a stable crankshaft speed at maximum speeds. Easy to start and develop momentum.
  4. The choke lever now has only one position, to start, you need to lower the lever to the lower position, and then pull the starter several times. The engine will start and after a few seconds will be ready for operation at full power.
  5. The electronic system is able to reduce speed by enriching the fuel mixture, thereby protecting the engine in an uncontrolled depletion of the fuel mixture and exceeding the maximum allowable 14000 rpm. As a rule, this occurs during depressurization of the crankcase or carburetor, suction of air into the combustion chamber through gaskets.

The system works by means of an electromagnetic valve and a microprocessor; it receives power from a pair of terminals mounted on the flywheel. When working under load, the proportion of air-fuel mixture is adjusted every five seconds.

It is interesting: in just one second, the valve opens and closes about 30 times.

The first smart chainsaw is the STIHL MS 280.

Decompression valve

A powerful engine with high compression, in order to crank the starter when it starts, you need to make a lot of effort. Also, with high compression, there is an excessive load on the starter cord, therefore, its service life is significantly reduced.

The solution to the problem was the installation of a decompression valve, designed to lower the pressure in the cylinder, until the engine starts. The principle of the system is as follows, before starting the engine, the valve is opened. At the time of starting, after the first flash, as a result of a sharp increase in pressure in the cylinder, the valve closes automatically. information about the decompressor, in the video below, tells the specialist service center for maintenance of gasoline powered tools. Having looked at it, you can find out in more detail what the system is intended for, its common malfunctions and remedies.

Carburetor heating system

The operation of the chainsaw at negative air temperatures can cause carburetor icing, which will make further use of the tool impossible. The solution was an automatic carburetor heating system.

The system consists of a heating element and a thermal switch. It is powered by a current generator installed in the flywheel area. When the carburetor temperature drops to 10 degrees, the thermal relay is activated and power is supplied to the heating element.

The system is useful for professionals who have to work for a long time at low temperatures. For example, these are employees of oil companies involved in cutting logs for oil pipelines.

Electric handle heating system

In winter, snow sticks to the chainsaw handle, compressing, forms a slippery crust, which can cause an accident. The heating system allows you to prevent the appearance of ice and make the chainsaw control safer. STIHL saws with handle heating system have the letter “W” in the model designation.

Popular Stihl chainsaw models

The most famous and popular Stihl chainsaw is the MS 180. This is a simple, relatively cheap chainsaw that is not intended for professional use.

Since its inception, this model has gone through several restylings, as a result of which its appearance has been improved. It has an improved modification on which to install the following systems:

  1. The system of the facilitated start compensating engine resistance at the time of start.
  2. Chain tension system without the use of additional tools.
  3. Improved tank caps that guarantee the elimination of self-unwinding and leakage.

Superior Stihl 180 is marked with the letter "C".

If everything is clear with the most popular household chainsaw company Stihl, then with a saw for professionals everything is much more complicated. As a saw for felling, Stihl offers a wide range of chainsaws, which includes more than ten models of different power and configuration.

Consumers have the opportunity to choose the saw that is best suited to solve a particular problem, so all professional Stihl models are popular. In addition, Stihl constantly discontinues obsolete models, replacing them with modern ones. All models for professional use that are commercially available today are presented in the photo.

Best Stihl professional chainsaw

The best chainsaw, this means the most modern, equipped with a maximum number of "buns" to facilitate its operation. Today, this is the Stihl MS 362 chainsaw (C-M VW). 6 horsepower engine (3.5kW). Weight is about 6 kg. The following patented Stihl designs are installed on the saw:

  • intelligent engine and carburetor heating system;
  • HD2 filter;
  • decompression valve;
  • centrifugal air purification system;
  • adjustable oil supply for the chain;
  • handle electric heating;
  • STIHL ElastoStart;
  • special nuts of fastening of the tire;
  • compensator;
  • anti-vibration system;
  • combined lever with one position.

MS 362 is a light and powerful saw for professionals, which is distinguished by a large engine resource, the quality of the plastic elements of the case, and the maximum number of systems that facilitate its everyday use.

Which Stihl chainsaw to choose for home

In the forums about chainsaws and their repair, you can often come across the question of which Stihl chainsaw to choose for the home. Such questions are often asked by those who are not familiar with Stihl and its chain saw separation policy.

All Stihl chainsaws are purposefully designed for specific purposes and fall into four categories:

  1. Saws for home and site maintenance (household).
  2. Chainsaws for agriculture (semi-professional).
  3. Saws for forestry (professional).
  4. Special saws, which in turn are divided into four subcategories.

Based on this information, it can be concluded that all saws that are designed for home and maintenance of the site can be used by lay people and ordinary users.

In order to ensure that buyers when buying a chainsaw can easily determine which category this or that model belongs to, the rear handles of chainsaws are made in three color options.

  1. The first option, a completely black handle, only Stihl household models have.
  2. The second option, the upper half is black, the lower is yellow, these are semi-professional models.
  3. The third option, a completely white handle, is a professional saw.

If you are not an experienced user, but you know that you need a saw only for pruning tree branches, then you need to pay attention to special saw models, or rather, high-cutters and saws for tree care, which are simple, easy and safe to use.

Stihl four stroke chainsaw, is there any?

In conclusion of the article, I want to answer the question of users “Does Stihl have four-stroke chainsaws?”

Answer: There are no four-stroke chainsaws today, but they will probably appear in the near future, since there are developments in this area.

At the moment, Calm has only a lawn mowing machine on which a four-stroke valve engine is installed.

Such an engine, like a two-stroke engine, runs on a mixture of gasoline and oil. Its advantages:

  • low exhaust emissions. Fuel in such an engine burns out almost completely, the engine meets stringent European toxicity standards, Euro 2;
  • there is no need to maintain the oil system, as in conventional four-stroke engines, since the engine consumes the finished fuel mixture;
  • low weight due to the lack of an oil pump, sump, oil tank, which are necessarily installed on conventional engines;
  • low noise compared to a two-stroke engine;
  • increased torque.

Stihl Corporation has a rich history, thanks to which the quality of its products is considered almost standard. Own laboratory, a large staff of employees and production located in different parts of the globe, all this guarantees the quality of products and after-sales service. You can learn more about specific Stihl chain saw models by reading the chainsaw reviews on our website.