Chainsaw Gains Speed ​​And Stalls

If the chainsaw starts up badly and stalls, there can be no question of the productivity of the simplest sawing operations. Not only budget class tools, but also quite prestigious models of leading manufacturers are subject to spontaneous failures.

chainsaw is gaining momentum and stalls

The reason for stopping the chainsaw in the midst of work may be:

  • poor quality of components and entire assemblies;
  • unskilled care;
  • the use of low-quality fuel and oil substitutes;
  • illiterate exploitation.

Remoteness from service and the high cost of the repair services provided, forcing owners of failed tools to restore their performance on their own.

This option is possible only after the expiration of the warranty. The difficulty lies in the fact that the traces of the dismantling of individual components and assemblies noticed by service specialists can be the fault of refusing to repair more complex and expensive parts for free.

Self Repair Benefits

Experts offer several search options. the reasons for a poor start of the engine or if the power unit stalls during operation. The recommendations are equally valid for household and professional chainsaws.

Owners with experience in operating chainsaw equipment use simple, time-tested intuitive troubleshooting algorithms, which allows you to quickly eliminate many failures and breakdowns directly in the process.

The success of the work is facilitated by knowledge of the design of the tool and the interaction of all its components, the presence of locksmith and repair skills and operational experience. These same capabilities allow owners to use their chainsaw equipment with high efficiency.

Self-repair provides an opportunity to significantly save material resources and reduce the time of forced downtime.

Determining the nature of the malfunction

The main part of chainsaw failures of any class is fuel equipment. For the ignition system, this figure is an order of magnitude less. Chainsaw stop due to mechanical malfunctions in the practice of domestic and professional sawing is even less common.

Electrical equipment

Malfunctions of the ignition system are determined quite simply by checking the spark plug and adjusting the clearance in the contacts. After checking the integrity of the wiring, the reasons for the failure should be sought in the operation of the electronic unit.

The absence of a spark at the contacts may be due to the breakdown of the suppression resistor located in the casing of the cuff. To check its integrity, just connect the high-voltage wire to the candle directly.

Mechanical malfunctions

A sudden stop of the chainsaw can be caused by a jamming of the piston in the cylinder or destruction of the crankshaft bearing due to oil starvation or poor quality engine oil.

In the first case, the operability of the tool, you can restore the fill in the spark plug hole a few drops of engine oil. Repairing damage to the crank mechanism provides for complete disassembly in a well-equipped workshop.

Fuel Equipment Failure

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A simple analysis of failures and malfunctions shows that most of them account for unskilled tuning of the fuel system. Upon closer examination, it turns out that the causes of the situation when the engine does not start, does not gain momentum and stalls almost the same.

In most cases, this is:

  • air leaks due to loosening of screw fasteners or destruction of the crankshaft oil seal;
  • nozzle contamination;
  • leakage of the float valve;
  • Booster pump seal wear.

Signs of characteristic failures

If the saw engine does not gain momentum and stalls, does not develop power and stalls under load, most likely there is a lack of fuel or incorrect carburetor adjustment.

The list of possible causes includes contamination of the fuel filter or air intake filter element, too rich or poor gasoline-air mixture.

Signs of engine operation on a rich mixture:

  • slow set of revolutions;
  • smoke from a silencer;
  • decrease in traction characteristics and an excessive consumption of fuel.

The chainsaw stalls when you press the gas. most likely the mixture is too lean.

A simple way to determine the quality of a mixture

The easiest and most affordable way to check the quality of the mixture is the central spark plug insulator. The brown color of any intensity indicates the correct carburetor adjustment.

The result of working on a rich mixture is the formation of black soot at the insulator, the poor mixture manifests itself as a clean insulator of white or light gray color.

If, after a normal start-up and warm-up, the fuel-fed saw periodically stalls during operation, it is recommended to eliminate the vacuum in the gas tank by cleaning the breather. The cause of unstable operation of the engine may be condensate water trapped in the carburetor’s float chamber.

Engine shutdown in operating mode

In another embodiment, if the chainsaw heats up and stalls, the troubleshooting should be found in the carburetor settings or in the high-voltage circuit of the ignition system unit.

When it overheats, the spark disappears or becomes so weak that its power is not enough to fully ignite the fuel-air mixture.

The engine also stalls hot when a malfunctioning suppression resistance, which is located in the tip of the spark plug.

Engine stalls when idle

The malfunction is manifested by unstable operation in the operating mode and stalls at idle. The reason for this phenomenon is most likely due to air leakage between the carburetor and the cylinder suction pipe. Failure is eliminated by tightening the screw fasteners.

Chainsaw engine shuts off after reaching maximum speed

The power unit stalls at high speeds due to a mismatch with the stated requirements for the performance of the electronic unit. Failure is more characteristic of budget-made Chinese chainsaws.

The reason for the refusal may be:

  • lack of fuel mixture in the float chamber due to valve sticking;
  • clogged fuel filter or breather located in the fuel tank cap.

The power unit also stalls at high speeds due to a dirty air intake filter. The same symptoms are typical for a situation when the chainsaw in the standard mode started up and died out during the warm-up phase.

Fuel system setup

Qualified carburetor adjustment allows you to bring the power unit to a combination of maximum traction parameters and economical fuel consumption.

The success of the work is facilitated by preliminary cleaning of the air intake filter, warming up the engine to operating temperature, and performing the adjustment in the sequence specified by the instruction.

The result of proper carburetor tuning is:

  • a quick set of revolutions without the “failure” characteristic of a poor mixture with a sharp gas supply;
  • lack of increased smoke from the muffler;
  • stable idle speed.

Non-standard failures

If a normally working chainsaw engine stalls when the tool is tilted to one side, open the gas tank cover and eliminate the freezing of the flexible fuel receiver.

Almost the entire range of Chinese chainsaws is more or less copied from popular models of European origin, so the structural differences are insignificant. The above recommendations can be used if the Chinese chainsaw fails.

The maintainability of Chinese chainsaw equipment has been enhanced through the unification of the repair stock and the interchangeability of many components and parts with the same model.