Chainsaw “Huter Bs-45”: Reviews, Specifications, Instructions, Repair.

Without improvised tools in the country or private farmstead, today can not do. It is known to every property owner within or outside the city. For harvesting logs and building, farm buildings required a saw, an ax or chainsaw. The latter is purchased more often than electric models for the reason that it is not tied to a power source. However, gasoline units differ in weight and configuration, so it is quite challenging to make a choice.
If you have not yet decided which equipment to purchase, then you need to figure out where the device will be used. The weight and power of chainsaws are designed for different applications. Manufacturers put on the market three groups of tools, each of which copes with the tasks, so it is essential to determine what work you will perform on the site with the help of chainsaws.
For small garden work suitable chainsaw of the lowest power, which belongs to the amateur class. It is designed for a periodic mode of operation, which does not exceed an hour per day. A semi-professional tool can be found on the market that will be able to help even when building a house. If you are only at the initial stage of construction, it is recommended to purchase just such a chainsaw, which may weigh about 6 kg.

Description chainsaw brand BS-45.

If you need a chainsaw, then you should pay attention to the model mentioned above. It works at the expense of the engine, whose power is 2.3 liters.

The tool is intended for domestic use, for example:

  • small construction;
  • garden care;
  • sawing wood for the fireplace.

The chainsaw has a chain brake that ensures safe operation. The manufacturer has taken care of the availability of a 45 cm tire in the kit. Among other things, the chainsaw has an anti-vibration system.


Chain pitch is equivalent to 0.325 inches. The tire length is 18 inches. The fuel tank capacity is 0.55 liters. The power of a chainsaw is 1.7 kW. Quite often, professionals are interested in engine size, in this case, this parameter is 45 cm 3.

Model Reviews.

Described in the article chainsaw “Huter”, according to consumers, has many positive features, among them should be highlighted:

  • convenience;
  • efficient cut;
  • safe work;
  • secure hold.

As for convenience, it is provided by the presence of an air filter, which is reliably protected by a special casing. The latter can be easily opened using the swivel wheel. According to home artisans, the model described in the article allows you to achieve an effective cut. Suitable chainsaw for pruning small trees and harvesting firewood.
The Huter chainsaw is often chosen by customers for the reason that it ensures safe operation. If the front stop is affected, the brake will immediately activate, and the saw chain will stop. The manufacturer has taken care of holding the tool securely in his hands. It was made possible thanks to the handle, which has a rather convenient shape. The lower part of the handle is extended, which protects the hands of the operator when the chain breaks.

The described chainsaw, according to experts, has many additional advantages, among them it is impossible not to highlight:

  • automatic chain lubrication;
  • controls that are located on the handle;
  • low weight;
  • vibration damping system;
  • reliability and ease of the tool.

Repair chainsaw.

The chainsaw, the photo of which you can find in the article, has a candle. When a tool breaks down, it is first required to inspect this particular part of the mechanism. To do this, the wire is disconnected, and the candle itself is twisted with a key. If it is covered with black soot, it may indicate the use of low-quality oil. Sometimes black soot indicates incorrect calculation of the ratio of oil and gasoline and incorrect adjustment of the carburetor. The candle is washed, cleaned of carbon with a needle or an awl, only after you can wipe the electrodes with the sandpaper.
If it is dry, the fuel mixture does not enter the cylinder. The problem, in this case, is not in the ignition system so that the candle can be installed back.
If the candle was splashed with fuel, the excess of the mixture might be explained by a violation of the rules of the start or improper adjustment of the carburetor. Spark plugs should be wiped, cut off the fuel supply and turn on the starter to remove the excess fuel. After you check the combustion chamber, you can install the candle in place and start the equipment again. Repair chainsaw Huter BS-45 can always be done independently.

Fuel supply system and repair.

If you are faced with a problem that is expressed in the fact that fuel does not fall into the cylinder, then this may occur due to contamination of the filter. To solve the problem, the fuel hose is removed, allowing you to check how the fuel flows. Filter cleaning is required if the jet is rather weak. It should be removed or replaced with a new one.
Replace the fuel filter every three months. Fuel may be absent or present in insufficient quantities. The cause is a clogged air filter. When the air ceases to flow into the carburetor, the engine is disrupted. The filter should be removed, cleaned in water, and then dried and set in place.

Cleaning the muffler.

Quite often, beginner home masters wonder why a chainsaw stalls. At low speeds, the tool can work flawlessly, but at large turns into a stall. A malfunctioning spark arrester of a silencer can lead to a malfunction. The silencer should be removed, disassembled, and cleaned of carbon with detergents. The node is dried and installed in place.

Chainsaw disassembly.

Any equipment from time to time requires repair, which is accompanied by disassembly of equipment. If we are talking about the described chainsaw, then first we need to remove the handle, which is attached to the body with three rubber shock absorbers. To do this, remove the plastic plugs, and then using a screwdriver, you need to squeeze the upper shock absorber and the one that is closer to the rear handle.
At the next stage, you can begin to remove the top cover of the case, to do this, unscrew the four screws. The starter is removed, problems with this should arise. Then you can extract the internal cavity. The flywheel is twisted with effort, therefore for its removal, the head with a metal knob is necessary.
As soon as the piston in the cylinder is locked, you can loosen the flywheel nut. Before disassembling the clutch is recommended to dismantle the drive sprocket. To do this, remove the lock washer and remove the asterisk, as well as the needle bearing. To remove the carburetor, you need a head for 8 and an extension cord. But first, the ignition wire and the throttle rod are disconnected. The assembly of the Huter BS-45 chainsaw is done in reverse order.

Instructions for use chainsaw.

The capacity of the oil tank of the described chainsaw model is 0.2 l. However, this information is not the only one that the consumer must know to properly operate the device. It is important to familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s instructions. From it, you can learn about security requirements. For example, the use of the machine is prohibited in areas with flammable and explosive substances. Conditions of exposure to splashes and drops are also not suitable for the operation of chainsaws, as well as open areas with precipitation.
If you notice any hardware malfunction during operation, the use of the tool must be stopped. These cases include body cracks, chain slippage, tire deformation, fuel leakage, and noises. It is important to ensure good illumination of the work area. The product should not be overloaded. It should be used strictly for its intended purpose. The workplace must be kept clean. Before turning on the chainsaw, it is worth checking whether you have forgotten to remove screwdrivers, keys, and other tools from the working area.

Recommended Fuel Mix.

Reviews of Huter BS-45 chainsaw should help you make the right choice. But in operation should be guided by the recommendations of the manufacturer. From them, you can learn that it is necessary to use the tool with a properly prepared fuel mixture. The oil must be of high quality and designed for air-cooled two-stroke engines. It is forbidden to use oil for water-cooled engines. The oil must be certified according to API classification (JASO). Otherwise, the operation of the equipment may lead to engine operation with a low level of lubrication.
The manufacturer recommends using unleaded high-quality gasoline AI-92. When preparing the fuel mixture, you must use the volume ratio of gasoline and oil, which is specified by the manufacturer. If you have not seen the information on the packaging of the oil, you should use a ratio of 40 to 1 (gasoline/oil). A mixing is recommended to use a measuring tank with graduations. Mixing ingredients in the fuel tank is prohibited.

Filling the fuel tank.

The Huter BS-45 chainsaw, the instruction manual of which is supplied, must be operated with the fuel mixture poured into the tank according to the technology. The product should be positioned horizontally, turning the tank lid up. You must first turn off the engine and make sure that there are no sources of open fire nearby. The mixture should be prepared in such a volume that it was enough for only one filling. Fuel should not be left in the equipment tank.

Recommendations for work.

A log may clamp the chain if the sawing of wood is carried out incorrectly. To eliminate such a development of events, it is important to determine how you will cut wood. You can start the process from the top, for this is done propylon a quarter of the diameter of the log. When sawing is not worth the effort, saw under its weight will allow the process of sawing. If the chain is clamped, the engine should be stopped, and the position of the log should be changed.


Reviews of chainsaw Huter BS-45 often help consumers make the right choice in the direction of this model. If you have already become the owner of such equipment, you should be more familiar with the features of maintenance. It is important to ensure that the lubrication holes remain clean. They should not be lumps of dirt, foreign objects, and oil clots.
Lubrication holes should be checked regularly and cleaned if necessary. With the help of a grease gun, the operator will have to lubricate the driven tire star. Such manipulation should be carried out before the start of sawing. To regulate the amount of oil that is supplied to the circuit, use the pump regulator. To increase or decrease the amount of oil, the bolt must be turned to one side or the other.


Quite often, consumers purchase a hand saw for sharpening chainsaw chains. Its cost may be different, but the most common models have a price ranging from 800 to 2000 rubles. When choosing such devices, it is important to pay attention to the number of revolutions per minute. In the case of the model DIOLD MZ-0.13, this parameter is 2500. Its power is 130 watts.