Chainsaw Oil Adjustment Screw

chainsaw oil adjustment screw

During the long-term operation of the chainsaw, some of its elements and components may become unusable. One of the most vulnerable components is the oil pump. In this regard, many owners of saws have a question about how to repair the oil supply on a chainsaw.

The task of the oil pump is to supply lubricant to the chain. this is necessary for its smooth movement along the guide rail. When the oil pump fails, the lubrication of the chain deteriorates, and therefore the efficiency of the chainsaw decreases. In some cases, this leads to an open circuit. To prevent negative moments, it is necessary to start repairing the oil supply in a timely manner. How to do it?

The principle of operation and the design of the pump

Oil pumps can be made of metal and plastic. They are also divided into two types, which differ in their design:

The pump is driven by the movement of the drive sprocket. During the movement of the chain, oil is supplied to a special channel located on the guide rail. At idle (when the drive sprocket does not rotate), the pump does not provide lubrication. this is done to save.

The speed and volume of lubricant supply to the chain directly depends on the number of revolutions of the sprocket. In some models of chainsaws, a manual adjustment system is provided with a special screw located on the device’s body. On expensive saw models, the oil supply is automatically adjusted during operation.

Main problems with oil supply

When working a chainsaw, there can be two types of problems with the supply of lubricant to the chain:

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  • Inadequate oil flow that can be caused for various reasons. If measures are not taken in time, the quality of work will noticeably deteriorate, and the chain itself may even become worthless.
  • Excessive amount of oil. In this case, after prolonged use, pools of grease may accumulate under the saw. This not only affects the consumption of oil, which will have to be constantly added, but also negatively affects the environment.

Both of these problems must be fixed as soon as possible after they are discovered. This will extend the life of the saw and reduce the consumption of lubricating fluid.


If the oil is supplied to the chain in excessive quantities, not only during the operation of the saw, but also at idle, manual adjustment should be made (if the pump design provides such an opportunity). This is done with a screw, which is located on the housing near the guide rail, usually from the bottom or side. By tightening the screw, the oil supply is reduced, by loosening. vice versa. If the adjustment does not help, it is necessary to check the serviceability of the pump, as well as inspect the tire. perhaps at the place of its connection with the housing, a gap has formed through which oil flows past the chain.

A lack of oil can be caused by several reasons, each of which has its own solution:

  • Faulty oil pump. As a rule, it consists in unsuitable laying. In order to replace it, it is necessary to carefully disassemble the pump so as not to damage its moving parts. Next, a new gasket is installed, after which the pump is assembled and installed in place.
  • Damage to the oil pipe. In the event that the pump gasket is in good condition, or its replacement has not led to a result, the tightness of the hose should be checked. If it is faulty, you need to replace it. Otherwise, it will not be superfluous to clean it and fix it with sealant.

If the reason is not the failure of the pump, it is necessary to inspect all conductive holes and channels for clogging, and if necessary, clean them of foreign objects. This can be done with a jet of compressed air.

Do not want to bother with a chainsaw, but need to adjust the flow of oil? Contact our specialists for help diagnosing and repairing the chainsaw, and if necessary, carry out repairs and adjust the lubrication level. Your saw will be like new!