“Stihl” Chainsaw: Oil Supply To The Chain.

The Stihl chainsaw is becoming increasingly popular. There are reasons for this. First of all, it is worth noting the ease of use of this device. Its ease allows you to manipulate the saw in the most difficult and difficult work with wood. It, of course, can not affect performance. Stihl has earned the trust of many customers around the world and has proven its quality and reliability.

Oil supply system.

In Stihl chainsaw, oil supply to the chain is performed by a special system. The patented OILOMATIC® system, found on various models of STIHL chainsaws, is an exclusive feature. Such an incredible addition can not be found in all models from other manufacturers.
For this reason, more and more people are choosing Stihl saws. What is this system? It is a specially designed groove designed to direct oil to critical wear zones. This excellent lubricating function gives the customer an extended chain life with a reduced tendency to stretch.
Further development of the OILOMATIC® system is an oil reservoir near the OILOMATIC® channel. These tanks are filled with oil when the drive links pass the inlet of the guide beam and are emptied by the centrifugal force acting on the nose of the rod. It provides more oil for distribution along the chain, groove and rails. The system protects the saw from premature wear. Put, it directs the oil to where it is needed. The system is available on all chains of the STIHL saw.
Clients can sometimes report such a problem as they do not lubricate the chain on a Stihl chainsaw. This phenomenon is rare. Compared to conventional saws without a system without Ematic, STIHL controls the consumption of chain lubrication. A special system reduces consumption by up to 50%, depending on the type of wood and the cutting device used. This system includes STIHL Ematic or Ematic S, STIHL Oilomatic.
Anyone wishing to learn in detail about the German-made chainsaw, we offer an overview and characteristics of the Stihl 180.
Each model is equipped with a saw chain and oil pump with the variable flow or with reduced flow. Virtually every drop of chain lubricant is delivered at exactly the right place. This system reduces friction and wears and therefore prolongs the life of the cutting device. Oil channels (funnel-shaped) in the saw chain connect the oil directly to the rivets and steps of the cutting teeth. Several recesses in which chain oil can be collected are also stamped at both ends of the drive links. It allows you to better distribute the oil over the sliding surfaces of the guide rods.

Possible problems.

  • STIHL Rollomatic ES (STIHL EmaticSuper). This model consists of a stable and especially rigid rod with a nose that can be replaced completely. Therefore, it is ideal for the most challenging tasks. Elliptically shaped, angular holes for oil increase the flow rate of chain oil, provide optimal lubrication and long service life of guide tires.
  • Very often, problems with the oil supply may be due to improper filling. It is essential to adhere to the instructions and requirements of the manufacturer to avoid problems. To do this, use oil STIHL with two cycles. They are high-quality, conventional petroleum-based engine oils designed to provide the highest levels of engine performance.

Oil protects modern high-performance two-stroke engines with air cooling. The environmental acceptability of chainsaws and power tools has also been greatly improved with BioPlus Lubricating Oil (BlueAngel winner). It is a toxic oil that is not only biodegradable but also environmentally friendly.
The 2-cycle STIHL oils are designed for the high temperatures and working conditions of today’s innovative and technically advanced engines. All STIHL 2-cycle oils contain a fuel stabilizer for longer shelf life. STIHL recommends a 50: 1 mix of high quality 89 octanes unleaded gasoline. The same ratio of mixture components should be used during breakage.