“Patriot” Chainsaws

In recent years, Patriot chainsaws are top-rated among the population of our country. All this is thanks to a good price-to-quality ratio. Chainsaws are not whimsical in operation; the build quality is good. Spare parts are not expensive and freely available. Patriot saws are considered an excellent option for the suburban area, and the model range includes more than a dozen models. As part of the article, we consider the most popular tools.

Producing country.

Patriot’s homeland is America. Today, most chainsaws make in China. It is due to the appreciation of the dollar, before the jump, all saws were produced only in the USA. Now, chainsaws are made only in China and Russia. Yes, in Russia also collect saws.
For the first time, Patriot chainsaws appeared in 1999, when there were only two models on the market. Now the list has significantly expanded. In the article, we will focus only on the best tools that have gained good popularity among buyers.

Design features.

Patriot chainsaws do not have such rich equipment, such as saws Stihl or Husqvarna. Still, it’s just a “good Chinese” put on the conveyor.

However, saws have a number of serious advantages in comparison with their competitors from the Middle Kingdom:

  • on the piston of all saws, without exception, two oil wiper, compression rings are installed;
  • chrome cylinder surface;
  • the connecting rod and piston group (SHPG) are made of forged steel.

These 3 points give Patriot chainsaws a reliable engine that significantly increases tool life.
It is worth noting the unification of the Patriot chainsaws. Many users have noted excellent parts interchangeability. From tires and chains to carburetors and engine components.

Service support.

Service centers are well developed, especially in large cities. Repair chainsaw warranty case performs without unnecessary delays.

Carburetor adjustment.

The setting of the carburetor on the Patriot chainsaw is made at the factory using special devices and instruments, and is not required after the purchase. It is needed only in case of instrument breakage.
Adjustment of the carburetor is made by rotating three screws: quality, quantity and idling. The ideal setting condition is the maximum engine power with minimum fuel consumption.
Do not forget, the prerequisite for adjustment is a clean air filter and a warm engine.

Patriot lineup, review of the most popular chainsaws.

The Patriot model range consists of household chainsaws. They are not intended for daily, long-term operation. The patriot positions some tools in the line as professional and semi-professional, so, remember, in the model range, there is neither one nor the other. None of them can withstand a large load, because they are not meant for it. If you need a professional tool, it’s better to turn your attention to saws like the Stihl 880 or Husqvarna 365.
Consider each of them in more detail.

  • Chainsaw Patriot PT 4518

Saw household segment. On sale meets under two names: Patriot PT 4518, Patriot PT 4518 Imperial. These are identical chainsaws, and there are no differences in them. The appearance of several names associated with the marketing moves of the company.
Of the advantages worth noting powerful engine 2.1 kW. The working volume of which is 45 sm3. To start a volumetric engine, engineers have provided an easy start system. EasyStart. It significantly reduces the force during startup, due to the additional spring in the starter.
Of the disadvantages. is weight. Without refuelling and saw headset, the weight of the instrument is 6.5 kg. It is a lot for the home class.

  • Semi professional chainsaw Patriot PT 5220

The word semi-professional does not mean that you can use it for 8 hours a day and seven days a week. It only means that the chainsaw is powerful, and from time to time, it can safely cut trees of large diameter. than 40-45 cm.
A 2.5 kW (3.4 hp) engine with a volume of 52 sm3. As well as the 4518 has an EasyStart system included for easy start up. The manufacturer claims that this system reduces the load during startup by 60%. Time has shown, with all its might, the engine has a reduced resource and high fuel consumption.
As standard, the chainsaw is equipped with a 20-inch headset. Chain quality, for a long time, keeps sharpening.
The weak side is weight. 9 kg without fuel, oil and headsets! For a long time, you will not work with such a weight, and your hands will get tired quickly.

  • Chainsaw Patriot PT 3816

The Patriot 3816 is considered a household class chainsaw, which is great for performing simple tasks:

  • firewood storage in non-professional volumes
  • sawing boards
  • pruning of twigs and small trees

For felling large volumes of tools is not suitable, but if you want, it is quite possible to tumble down a tree with a diameter of up to 1 meter.
Their important characteristics worth noting the engine volume of 38 cubic meters. see, 2 hp (1500 W.) and a 40 cm long tire. A tire and an OREGON chain are immediately supplied with the chainsaw.
In addition to these three whale sales, there are even less popular Patriot chainsaws that need attention.

  • Patriot PT 554 PRO

A 50 cm long tire and a 2.5 kW motor power allow it to be used effectively for household needs. Suitable for harvesting firewood, split branches, not big trees and other small works. One of the serious drawbacks. heavy, weighs 5.1 kg. Appetite, moderate for such engine power.

  • Patriot PT 555

Of the benefits. engine power three horsepower. Weight. 7 kg. The chainsaw is powerful. You can cut large trees, it is positioned by the manufacturer as a professional, although it is not. Engine parts are not designed for continuous operation. The chainsaw is suitable for those who need something massive from time to time.
For light work, Patriot PT 555 is not suitable because of its large weight.

  • Patriot PT 2512

Chainsaw for tourists. The body designed so that it can be held even with one hand. The length of the tire is only 30 cm. Engine power. 1.3 hp And weight. 2.9 kg. To adjust the tension of the chain does not require additional tools.

Garden Home range.

In 1999, when the Patriot chainsaws appeared on the Russian market, they were sold under the Garden Home brand, since the manufacturer could not be under its brand. Garden Home Company has become a kind of guide for the Patriot to the Russian market. In 2013, Patriot got the opportunity to sell tools under its brand, after which the phrase Garden Home completely disappeared from the name of chainsaws.
Often we get questions from our visitors, who are asked to explain the difference between Garden Home chainsaws and Patriot. The answer is nothing! All this does for marketing and legal reasons.

Summing up.

The choice of chainsaws Patriot is huge; the main differences are in engine power, the total weight of the saw and the size of the tire. From these parameters depends on the nature of the tool. Choose for yourself an option with an emphasis on the criteria you need and then get only positive emotions from exploitation.