Change Fishing Line In Bosch Art 23 Trimmer

Change Fishing Line In Bosch Art 23 Trimmer

Each owner of a suburban area wants to see a well-groomed lawn. Trimmers and lawn mowers are used to care for the lawn, remove excess grass and brush the thickets. If lawn mowers are suitable for large areas with a flat surface and are not always convenient for working in hard-to-reach places, then trimmers will come in handy for complex terrain.

What to consider when choosing a trimmer?

Any types of trimmers have their own characteristics and disadvantages, and different models can be in different price categories. Therefore, the characteristics of the site, your personal preferences (for example, trust in a particular manufacturer), as well as financial opportunities, should play a large role in choosing a device.

When choosing a trimmer, you need to pay attention to the cutting tool that is used in the device. The important thing is that not all models have a cutting tool replacement function.

Characteristics for which you need to choose a trimmer

To choose the right trimmer, you first need to know exactly what you will do, then look at the characteristics of the device.

So, the parameters that will help you choose an excellent trimmer: power, type of cutting tool, the minimum width of the area to be mowed, the number of revolutions, the shape of the rod and the volume of the fuel tank for gas trimmers.

The quality and speed of the trimmer depends on the power and the number of revolutions. Any trimmer obeys the rule: the higher the engine power, the longer the device will last at low loads. Each type of vegetation has its own cutting tool. The minimum width of the mowed area should be from 25 cm to 45 cm. The type of the bar also depends on the terrain (a straight bar is convenient when working on a flat and large area, arcuate for difficult terrain with hard to reach areas).

Hybrid trimmers

The innovation of hybrid trimmers is in technology that allows you to choose the type of use: from an external power source or from a battery. Thus, hybrid devices combine the advantages of both electric and battery trimmers. You can mow a large area or powerful grass by connecting to a power outlet. And to finish off distant places or inaccessible corners with the help of a battery.

This technology extends the capabilities of the device. It is noteworthy that the mains plug and the battery connector are located nearby and are closed by a lid (only the view used remains open). It is noteworthy that in such devices, a big difference is not noticeable in working with the battery and in the operation from the network.

The usability of hybrid technologies is well shown by the following video:

Types of Cutting Tools

Modern trimmers are equipped with tools such as a knife and trimmer cord.

Knives can be made of plastic or metal and have a different configuration. Some trimmer models have the ability to change knives for different types of vegetation.

A special fishing line or trimmer cord is usually made of plastic (it can be nylon, polypropylene, aluminum particles can even be added). In its density, fishing line is from 1 mm to 4 mm. Differ models with fishing line its cross section: spiral, circle, star or square. Depending on the vegetation, a section is selected. So, for mowing grass, an asterisk section is more suitable, for a weed. a square. The cross section in the form of a circle is universal.

What you need to know about operating trimmers

The trimmer with a gasoline engine requires the proportions of oil and gasoline to be observed. It is important to ensure that the engine does not overheat. The gearbox needs regular lubrication.

When working with electric trimmers, you should also ensure that the engine does not overheat and avoid overloading it. Also, do not replace the fishing line with steel wire. Do not work on a rainy day or with a wet lawn.

At the end of the work, any trimmer requires complete cleaning of dirt, weeds, branches, etc. compliance with the rules of operation and storage will allow you to successfully use the device, regardless of the type of engine.

Popular models

Hammer trimmers have a particularly robust housing due to the use of a chrome-plated extension tube (this is especially important for models with a lower engine). The model, Hammer Etr 1100 is an electric trimmer with an electric drive, the engine is located in the upper part, the engine power is 1200 W at a speed of 7500 rpm. The width of the mowed area of ​​the straight bar is 35cm.

Makita trimmers are equipped with a high-power engine, most of them are heavier. For example, the Makita RBC 411 U is a petrol trimmer with 2.0 hp engine power. A direct boom with a gripping zone of 40 cm and the presence of a bicycle handlebar for greater ease of operation. The number of revolutions is 10 thousand rpm.

Bosch trimmers are most comfortable for use by older people, as they are light weight, as simple as possible to operate. At the same time, they have high performance, and also have a low level of vibration and noise. For example, consider the Bosch Art 23 Li model, which is equipped with a small electric motor and runs on battery power (10.8 W). The tool is more suitable for small areas, as has a beveled area width of 23 cm. Manufacturers have included an anti-vibration system in this model, which also affects the noise level, reducing it.

Ryobi has become an innovator in the trimmer market through the use of both battery and electric drive. As an example, consider the Ryobi RLT 1830 H 13. This model, like the others in the Ryobi hybrid trimmer line, works equally well when connected to a household power supply and battery. This allows you to work both near the house and in remote areas. Ergonomic design makes grass mowing easy. The model has a telescopic bar, which allows you to adjust the size to the user’s height. The trimmer has a protective block that prevents grass from getting into the person. The trimmer is equipped with a 1.3 Ah battery. Rotational speed. 8 thousand revolutions per minute.

Description and characteristics of the trimmer

The trimmer for giving, garden, park. cutting apparatus. Mow grass knives or stretched fishing line. For trimmer You can pick up threads of different thicknesses. This allows you to mow grass of any category. Only here the bushes do not take fishing line. This is where the knife helps out. It can go together with fishing line, or put on a separate apparatus for working with bushy stands.

The knife in the trimmer is serrated. The material of the blades is not only metal. There are also plastic knives. The latter cut worse, but also become duller more slowly. Metal blades require close care. It consists not only in sharpening, but also protection against corrosion.

The torque to the hero of the article is set by a powerful engine. Its power allows some craftsmen to transform trimmers, for example, into motors for inflatable boats. The robust plastic case of the mower withstands solid loads and protects the engine.

A leg is attached to the trimmer body. It is customary to make it from light alloy. Inside the legs are parts transmitting torque from the engine, for example, a shaft. Torsion is transmitted to the head of the device, and from it to the nozzle.

She is rarely alone. Most trimmers come with 2-3 attachments. There are models from the 10th. Among them is a nozzle for blowing snow. The device is attached to trimmers that can withstand low temperatures. This means that modern devices can not only mow lawns, but also clean them in the winter.

In addition to the hero of the article, a pen with a belt can be attached. They fix the trimmer in a certain position. It’s easier to adjust the height of the grass cut.

Since the hero of the article works with the motor, the main characteristic of the device is power. She points to trimmer abilities. Low-powered only works with gentle shoots of grass on a summer cottage.

In the garden, herbs are more powerful, there are weeds. An apparatus of medium power is already needed here. If it is planned to work with shrubs, take the most powerful mower. By the type of food, by the way, it is of 2 types, but more on that in the next chapter.

Types of Trimmers

The hero of the article in the classical sense is electric trimmer. It works from the network, from the battery, or combines both options. If the battery is missing, you have to purchase a portable reel. Its cord makes it possible to move away from the outlet.

After all, the house does not have to mow grass. Work is being done on a personal plot. During its refinement, you will have to monitor the location of the power cable. There is a risk of falling under the cutting elements of the trimmer.

The power of electric trimmers varies between 200-1400-watt. Up to 750 issue models for lawn mowing. Great power is needed for the garden.

The second type of trimmer is false. For him there is a separate name. lawn mowing. It runs on fuel. The rest of the device is similar to the hero of the article. Hence the middle name. gas trimmer. It can be 2 or 4-stroke, depending on the installed motor.

The first runs on a mixture of gasoline and oil. However, even with such fuel, the trimmer is able to cut bushes. This means that gasoline units are more powerful than electric ones and, accordingly, more multifunctional.

The four-stroke trimmer also has oil, but it is refueled separately from gasoline. The latter is poured into most mowers about 2 liters. The tank with them and the engine compartment can be mounted on the back of the owner of the device. Such a trimmer is called a knapsack, because the main units of the unit are suspended on straps and thrown behind, like a backpack.

Favorable differences of the lawn mowers are the lack of cable and the risks associated with it, the ability to work in any weather, power and versatility. Only the weight of the equipment is impressive, with the exception of wheeled models. They are compact and lightweight.

Devices often have to be cleaned. In addition, gas trimmers rattle and emit exhaust fumes into the atmosphere. At the same time, the price of the devices of the group is high. The cost is influenced by the ability to equip the mowers with many diverse knives and nozzles.

In the direction of the electric, deciding which trimmer to choose, are inclined due to lack of exhaust gases. This is the key to environmental friendliness. Network-powered models are also compact and lightweight. No need for refueling. The cost of electric devices is also attractive.

Trimmer Application

Next to the question how to choose a trimmer the question is how to use it. The instructions spell safety. For example, a recommendation is given to work in closed shoes and the same suit. Trimmer cutting elements actively rotate.

Not only mowed grass scatters to the sides, but also small pebbles and garbage. At speed, they can damage the legs, at the level of which they usually move. Sometimes, litter bounces higher.

Therefore, gloves and glasses are recommended. The best protection, as you know, is prevention. Before working with the hero of the article, it is advisable to remove both wire and small stones from the site, especially glass.

If a push-pull gas mower is at hand, ear protection is also needed. Understanding this, manufacturers equip lawn mowers with headphones with a headband. Without them, there is an excessive load on the eardrum.

Noise can annoy other people without headphones. Therefore, it is recommended that the trimmer be removed from citizens by at least 15 meters. The mowing path is calculated so as to gradually move away from people.

Video: Change Fishing Line In Bosch Art 23 Trimmer

The trimmer itself is prepared for work by checking the main components. The gearbox must be lubricated. In a 4-act petrol apparatus, the crankcase is checked. It should have enough oil. The nuances of the procedures are described in the instructions for the trimmer.

Filling the fuel tank of the mower, open the faucet and turn on the device. He is given 2-3 minutes of idle. Use an electric trimmer immediately after turning it on. Do 2-3 strokes from right to left. They also work in Lithuania. They move forward in steps of 20-30 centimeters.

As the knives and fishing line in the hero of the article rotate counterclockwise, the mowed grass lies on the left side of the treated lawn. It is important to work out the speed and strength of the swing.

A quick trimmer can lead to winding on the blade of grass. This mode quickly wears out the mower. The ideal mode for each model is calculated by observation. Scientists call it empirical.

Thus, convenient schemes for working with heterogeneous lawns have already been clarified. So, tall grass is removed in two movements. The first is from left to right, and the second is back. First, half the greens are removed, and then the leftovers.

On a flat lawn with soft grass of medium height, they mow squarely. Cutters are held at a 30-degree angle. So the fishing line almost touches the soil. It turns the lawn mowing to zero. Changing the angle changes the residual length of the grass. Movement in a spiral from squares in a clockwise direction will lead to the center of the field.

In areas with trees and bushes, they begin by processing around them. The trim guard is almost touching the trunks. Go around them from left to right. At the same time, it is convenient to lower the head slightly.

How to choose a trimmer

In addition to the technical parameters of the trimmer, its design is important. The question is not so much in beauty as in convenience. In particular, you need to choose a handle that is comfortable for yourself. D-shaped is useful when forming hedges and garden trails.

Trimmers with a j-shaped holder do not burden the hand when cutting bushes and working in areas with lush vegetation. If all “33” duties are assigned to the mower and even at once, choose models with a t-shaped handle. With her, the operator does not get tired for many hours.

Pay attention when choosing the hero of the article and the bar. Convenient telescopic, that is, consisting of a number of sliding parts. The possibility of fixing the rod in 3-5 positions is desirable. Otherwise, the trimmer is difficult to “fit” to the growth of the gardener. Without this, even a convenient handle of the device will not save.

The question is also important how to choose a fishing line for a trimmer. In addition to nylon manufacturers began the production of threads interspersed with aluminum. Such are more effective and durable. The thickness of the line for the mower is individual. Each trimmer has one fishing line diameter. There are threads from 1.2 to 4 millimeters.

If we consider the cross section of the fishing line, twisted is ideal. This will cope even with shrubs, but is expensive. If you plan to cut only soft grass, you can save by buying a standard fishing line.

Trimmer price

The most budgetary electric trimmers working from a network. There are models for 1000 rubles. If the mower is equipped with a battery, the minimum is 2500. Gasoline lawn mowers rarely cost less than 4500 rubles.

Especially great are the requests for wheel trimmers. Among them there are cars for 40,000-60000 rubles. For private households, these are rarely taken. often, cars are purchased for public gardens, parks.

Device types

All electric trimmers can be divided into three types depending on the purpose of application:

  • models for working in small areas with thin grass,
  • devices for mowing hard grass and small weeds,
  • brush cutters for a large amount of work.

All the above trimmers have their own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, which can be found below.

Criteria for choosing an electric trimmer

In order to choose the most suitable device, it is necessary, first of all, to determine for what purposes it will be used in the future.

There are several criteria that will help you make a choice:

1. Placement of the motor.

In electric models, upper and lower engine placement is possible. Devices with lower placement are very light, used for small amounts of work. Suitable only for dry and soft grass on lawns, have a lower cost and power.

The upper location of the motor allows you to not be afraid of moisture in the engine. Such a device can work even after rain and mow mixed vegetation. Suitable for relatively large areas.

Depending on the model, power can vary from 175 watts to 1,400 watts. This factor determines the possible volume and complexity of the work, as well as the type of cutting element.

If you need to process a small area of ​​a couple of hundredths, you can safely choose trimmers with a power of up to 400 watts, which are perfect for soft grass.

Devices with a power of 500-1,000 watts are used for harsher grass and small weeds, well suited for the garden.

Tools with a power of 1,000 watts are designed not only for grass, but also for stiffer stems. If the knife is included in the package, it can be used for small bushes. Such a device is permissible to mow vegetation in large areas.

3. Cutting element.

In most cases, a special coil is installed on the electric trimmer, where the maximum power is up to 600 W, into which the fishing line for trimmers of various thicknesses (1.2-1.6 mm) is fed. The larger the diameter of the string, the more rigid the vegetation can be mowed with such a device.

Powerful braids place special knives made of plastic or metal of various shapes (disk, blade), with which you can work not only with grass, but also with harder and harder weeds. Also, coils are used to work in places where stones can be located, since in this case the use of a knife is fraught with breakage or injury.

4. Motor rod.

When choosing an electric trimmer, you should also pay attention to the bar. There are two types. straight or curved. In the first case, there is a higher cost of the device, as well as the possibility of fastening both the string and the knife. The direct boom is more reliable and durable in operation.

Curved. more convenient to use, however, as a cutting element, you can use exclusively fishing line and use it for a small amount of work. The lower cost and reliability of such a tool is also noted.

Sometimes the manufacturer can make a collapsible bar, which increases the convenience of transportation, but significantly reduces the reliability of the tool.

Handles come in two shapes: semicircular or T-shaped. The first one is much more convenient to work in small areas with hard-to-reach spots, the second, in turn, is more comfortable for mowing large areas with a flat surface.

6. Additional equipment.

When you purchase, the kit may include cutting elements (head, knives), spare fishing lines, glasses for protection, belt. This factor depends on the power of the tool, the manufacturer and various promotional offers.

The weight of such a tool depends on the purpose of the trimmer. Small models for simple work in small areas often weigh up to 2.5 kg. Accordingly, more powerful devices can weigh up to 5 kg. In this case, it is advisable to use a special belt, which will help to correctly distribute the weight and facilitate the work with the tool.

The cost of such a tool depends on many factors: manufacturer, build quality, equipment, power, etc. It should be understood that a low price does not always mean poor product quality. However, it is advisable to use cheaper models only for simple work in small areas.

You will learn more about the technical characteristics of electric trimmers, which you should pay attention to when choosing, from this video:

Browse Popular Models

Below are the most popular and high-quality models:


It has a low noise level and a weight of 1.8 kg. This device has low power (0.45 kW) and low power consumption (280 W). The motor is located below, the cutting element is a fishing line. The bar is straight, the handle is round. Designed for thin, low grass, used for cutting vegetation in hard to reach places. Designed for a territory of not more than 500 square meters. m

Cons are the lack of safety against accidental pressing and the difficulty in removing the coil. The cost is an average of about 2,500 rubles.

Power is 600 watts, it runs quite quietly. It has a direct barbell, a round handle and a lower motor arrangement. The length is adjustable from 1 to 1.2 meters, the tool is equipped with a reel with fishing line. Weight is 2.3 kg, processing width. 32 cm. This model has a special wheel that simplifies vertical mowing of vegetation.

The tool is designed to cut grass and small weeds. The cost is 2,200 rubles.

3. MAKITA UR3000.

It has a lower motor position with a rotation of 180 degrees. The cutting element is a fishing line with a semi-automatic feed. It has protection against accidental startup. Cutting width. 30 cm, braid length. 1.26 m, weight. 2.6 kg. Special glasses and shoulder strap included. Additionally, this device has a cord lock.

Suitable for working with low grass, on the territory of not more than 500 square meters. m, especially in hard to reach places.

The advantages include the quality of the product, long service life, ease of use. The disadvantage is the frequent accumulation of shorn vegetation on the protective casing. Cost. 4 150 rubles.

4. MAKITA UR3501.

The power of such a device is 1,000 watts. In this device, the top placement of the engine has a soft start function. The mowing width is 35 cm, the length of the braid is 1.55 m, which is adjustable, the bar is curved, the handle is round. The tool is equipped with a reel with fishing line. The kit also includes a shoulder strap, the weight is 4.3 kg.

The advantages include excellent quality, enhanced safety during operation and ease of use. The disadvantage of this product is the lack of fixation of the network cable. The cost of such an instrument is 5,500 rubles.

Has a power of 1,230 watts. Can be used to remove small shrubs. A smooth start and braking significantly increases the duration of operation and safety during operation, there is protection against accidental starting. The set includes two cutting elements (semi-automatic reel, knife with three blades) and two protection covers. It processes a surface 39 cm wide, has a straight bar and a round handle. The weight of the braid is 4.8 kg.

The advantages include high quality, performance, durability and increased safety during operation. The disadvantage is the high noise level when using a knife. Cost. 4 700 rubles.

6. HUTER GET-1500SL.

Belongs to the most powerful braids (1,500 watts), it has protection against accidental starting and a casing for safe operation, as well as the top location of the motor, which is equipped with holes to prevent overheating. The kit includes a reel, knife and belt. The width of the treated surface is 35-42 cm, depending on the cutting element. The handle has a special coating that prevents slipping.

Such a tool is used in large areas, it copes well with small bushes. The disadvantage is the lack of information in the instructions.

In today’s market there are many electric braids of various capacities and price categories. In order to make the right choice, it is necessary to clearly define the purpose of using such a device, as well as to study all the advantages and disadvantages of this type of braids.

Important parameters

  • Power. the higher the indicator, the better the performance of the trimmer installation and the greater the size of the area that can be processed without refueling.
  • Engine type. in most cases, gas trimmers are equipped with two-stroke power units. A mixture of oil and gasoline is used as fuel for engine operation. A trimmer with a two-stroke engine is more affordable, has less weight. Models with a four-stroke unit are more environmentally friendly and easy to maintain, the design of the lawn mowers provides two separate tanks for gasoline and oil.
  • Rod type. the mowing unit can be equipped with a straight or curved rod. In direct boom models, the motor is connected to the trimmer head through a rotating shaft. In devices with a curved rod, the connection is made using a steel cable. The direct drive trimmer is more reliable in terms of mechanical strength.
  • Ergonomics of the handle. the trimmer handles can have a T-, J- or D-shape. J- or D-shaped handles increase the maneuverability of the lawn mowing when mowing, the bicycle handle creates convenience during long-term work.
  • Cutting mechanism. a steel or plastic knife, fishing line, steel disk are used as a cutting headset in models of garden gas trimmers. The line is ideal for mowing green soft grass, knives and discs can be used as brush cutters. Ideally, the trimmer should support the installation of all types of headsets.

The best petrol trimmer to give

gas trimmer ECHO SRM can be used to care for green lawns both in a small summer cottage and in large areas with uneven terrain. The mowing equipment is equipped with a two-shoulder belt and a bicycle handle, which ensures a high level of comfort when working with a gasoline unit. The trimmer design provides an additional pump that provides fuel to the carburetor, a translucent tank allows you to monitor the level of the fuel mixture.

Best powerful gas trimmer

Gas trimmer model EBH253U from the Japanese manufacturer is designed for processing large areas. The lawn mowing cutting system is represented by a steel four-serrated knife and fishing line. The lawn mower is equipped with a membrane carburetor, a fuel pump and a powerful engine that emits a minimum amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Best ergonomic gas trimmer

One of the best models in the company’s line of landscape gardening equipment Hammer. lawn mowing MTK31 It has high performance, good traction and powerful torque. The advantages of the model include a well-thought-out ergonomic design, which provides comfort when working with a gas trimmer. Release of fishing line during mowing can be organized both in mechanical and semi-automatic mode.

Best compact gas trimmer

Compact and high-performance lawn mowers Daewoo Power Products DABC 320 will provide a well-groomed appearance of a personal or country site. The trimmer is equipped with a push-pull power unit located in the upper part of the device, a rigid steel shaft, resistant to shock loads, a convenient handle and a cutting mechanism, represented by a knife made of high-strength steel and fishing line. The design of the portable lawn mower is maximally thought out, additional comfort when working with the device is achieved through the use of key dampers in the mount and the use of an anti-vibration system.

Best All-Purpose Petrol Trimmer

Gas Lawn Mowing DDE GBS430R. The universal assistant to the summer resident in a matter of care of a personal plot. The tool can easily cope with both the mowing of young green shoots, and with hard thick thickets. The shoulder strap included in the delivery provides an even distribution of the load on the body of the operator. The lawn mowing bar is equipped with a handle that has the shape of a bicycle rudder, this configuration provides natural and comfortable movements when working with the tool.

Best rotary petrol trimmer

lawn mowing Husqvarna 128R equipped with a rotary mowing system with manual adjustment of mowing height. The trimmer bar has a comfortable working length, and an optimized gearbox, mounted at an angle of 30 °, provides increased torque. The motorized device is ideal for processing a small garden.

Best performance gas trimmer

lawn mowing PATRIOT PT 3555 ES equipped with an advanced powerful motor, due to which high tool productivity is ensured. A carburetor with an air damper in tandem with automatic fuel pumping and an electronic ignition system allows you to quickly start the power unit without preheating. The cutting headset of the gas lawn mowers is represented by a trimmer head with a semi-automatic feed of fishing line and a cutting disc.