Change Oil In The Lawn Mower AL-KO

Lawn mower AL-KO Silver 520 BR Premium is a professional mower for mowing lawns on any surface, with a total area of ​​up to 25-30 acres. The lawn mower is equipped with a professional four-stroke US engine BriggsStratton, with impressive power and excellent performance, to work in heavy load conditions. This motor has a huge service life of up to 2,500 hours of MTBF, and the S2® start-up warranty states that the engine will start with no more than two jerks of a kick starter. The Briggs Stratton engine is equipped with an effective silencer, which makes the noise level at work minimal, and a professional paper air filter provides high-quality filtration of air mass from dust and other small inclusions. The long neckline makes it easier to fill in the oil, and the AL-KO branded kit for changing the oil will even allow the child to change the oil in the lawn mower.

The AL-KO Silver 520 BR Premium lawn mower has multi-mode 4 in 1 functions: rear ejection, collection in the collection box, mulching and side ejection. Switching between mowing modes is done without tools. It is enough to insert a special mulch plug that comes in the package with the grass collection box to activate the mulching mode (chopping the mowed to dust, to fertilize the lawn). It is enough to insert the side discharge port under the raised side outlet cap (the socket is included in the delivery set) to activate the side discharge mode.

The AL-KO Silver 520 BR Premium is equipped with wheels with different diameters. The rear wheels have a much larger diameter relative to the front, to facilitate movement on uneven surfaces, as well as to simplify the turn of the mower. All wheels are mounted through ball bearings, which significantly increases the service life of the product and ensures smooth running. The tread wheel is made in the form of special petals that do not allow damaging the lawn during operation and guaranteeing good grip.

The height of the mowing is regulated by one lever on the seven grid, which greatly facilitates the preparation for the required mode of operation.

The body of the mower is made of alloy steel, painted by electrostatic spraying, such a body is not susceptible to corrosion and will last for many years. The AL-KO Silver 520 BR Premium lawn mower is equipped with a large professional bunker (70 l.) For collecting grass, equipped with a filling indicator, and due to the two-blade special aerodynamic shape and deep deck, the full collection of the grass collector is provided without loss of grass. The lawn mower AL-KO Silver 520 BR Premium is distinguished by the highest quality of the Austrian assembly and is supplied with a three-year company warranty throughout the Russian Federation. Today it is the best choice for mowing large and medium-sized lawns with a full mode of functions.

Benefits of the AL-KO Silver 520 BR Premium lawn mower:

-Austrian assembly.

-Three years warranty.

-System 4 in 1.

-Large rear wheels.

-American Briggs Engine Stratton®.

-Big power.

-Great resource.

-Paper air filter.

-Electronic ignition system Magnetron® (easy start).

-Muffler provides reduced noise.


-Rear drive.

-Adjusting the engine speed from the operator panel.

-Great torque.

-Large polypropylene grass catcher.

-Grass catcher filling indicator.

-Steel case.


-Side ejection.

-The mode of the garden vacuum cleaner.

-Central cutting height adjustment of seven positions.

-Folding handle.

-Balanced center of gravity.

-Special wheel tread.