Chinese Chainsaw Works Only On Choke

Chinese Chainsaw Works Only On Choke

Hello, dear subscribers and readers of my blog! In touch Andrey Noak. We continue the topic of chainsaws. So, I have already said before about what should be checked in a chainsaw in order to know the cause of its malfunction. Today I’ll move on to more valuable directions so that you don’t look for the cause of the problem for a long time and know approximately how to solve it. A chainsaw is not the most difficult tool, but you need to properly care for it. There are different cases, sometimes the chainsaw stalls when you press the gas, sometimes in the load, and sometimes it does not work at idle. Let’s look at different situations together and try to find the right solution.

If you find that the tool does not start and stalls at all, then you do not need to rush to the service center right away, you can try to solve the problem yourself.

Checking the main chainsaw system

We consistently check each system:

  1. Fuel tank. Perhaps there is not enough fuel there or it is of poor quality.
  2. The next one to be tested is the spark plug and high-voltage wire. Please note that the clearance of the candle normally does not exceed half a millimeter.
  3. If the above items are checked and work correctly, go to the carburetor and fuel filter. If a carburetor breaks down, contact a specialist.

Stalls at idle

Sometimes the saw dies at idle, and a muffler clog is a common cause of breakage. It can be easily cleaned independently; for this, a high specialist is not needed.

In addition to cleaning, there is another option, but we treat it very carefully so as not to harm the internal parts of the device.

To adjust the carburetor, you need to find two bolts with the letters L and H. The latter needs to be turned, a little, only half a turn. He is responsible for the revolutions of the tool and, if necessary, will raise the idle speed.

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Turns off when loaded

Often powerful chainsaws stall from the load. Most likely your fuel filter is clogged and needs to be replaced. If this does not help, then you need to check the quality of the fuel mixture and prepare a new one.

The saw stops working when increasing speed

Localization of problem areas:

Filters are often clogged, especially when the chainsaw runs almost daily. The air filter can be disconnected and washed under a stream of warm water. Before inserting into place. dry thoroughly.

If, after disconnecting the fuel hose from the carburetor, no fluid flows out of it, it means it is clogged. It can be cleaned, or replaced with a new one.

With frequent use of the tool, a gasoline pump may fail. After all, every detail has its own expiration date. It should be replaced or contact a service center.

The saw turns off when turning

In a horizontal position, the fuel tube is at the bottom of the tank, but if the tool is tilted, the fuel will not be able to completely cover it. This is the reason that the chainsaw stops working when tilted, since the tube levitates in the air and the right amount of mixture does not flow to it.

Hot issues

If you notice that the chainsaw starts without problems without warming up, and stalls after warming up. And do not start it until it cools down, here, there may be several problems.

Firstly, perhaps somewhere there is a suction of a hose, stuffing box or gasket. Secondly, inspect the muffler for carbon deposits. The third reason is the cylinder-piston group (CPG), for scoring or bumps.

Sometimes carburetor tuning is required. Another important cause of the malfunction is the ignition coil. In cases where it fails, the spark is lost or becomes very weak, which is not enough to ignite the fuel mixture.

There are cases when the master is trying hard the engine, then cold, then hot, thereby pumping fuel. Here you need to pull yourself together, transfer the flap to a “hot start” and gradually turn on the tool. At the same time, we reduce the speed to an almost idle level and for 40-45 seconds it warms up.

The saw stalls after releasing the "gas"

Here you need to adjust the carburetor and check if there is a powerful air leak.

The most common cases of chainsaw breakdowns we have already seen. It only remains to eat up that your saw will last without breakdowns. But even sturdy models like Stihl and Partner can sometimes fail.

Do not rush to immediately run to the service center, first use my tips, so you can avoid big cash costs.

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