Choosing a trimmer for STIHL or Husqvarna grass. The width of the cut

Husqvarna grass trimmers or trimmers for Stihl grass. which is better

Trimmer for grass gasoline STIHL. Garden technique for caring for a small household plot. The lawn mower can easily and quickly cope with the thick grass on the site of any area. The undeniable advantage of the lawn mower is absolute freedom of movement. They are used not only for processing the territory around the house, but also in distant areas, moving over decent distances. The model range offered in the markets is constantly complemented by the products of leading world brands, so it is easier to purchase a trimmer for the STIHL Four Her every day.

STIHL FS gasoline motokos are the most powerful tools from the entire trimmers family. They can have a capacity of up to 1,500 watts, which provides the most efficient performance of work. Benzotrimmers differ in a number of parameters that affect the appearance and performance of the tool.

First of all, you need to pay attention to the engine. Gasoline trimmers for grass always have the upper location of the engine and fuel tank. Motokosa engine can be four.stroke or two.stroke.

As a rule, 4.stamped gasoline motorcycles are more modern, respectively, they give out greater power and produce less noise. By weight, dimensions and cost, such a model will be slightly more than representatives with a 2-bed engine.

A gasoline mower with a 2-step engine has a lower cost, in terms of functionality it is almost not inferior to an improved collection. The disadvantages include increased noise, and small difficulties in refueling fuel. you need to prepare a mixture in a given proportion. A larger range of gas-like engine models than with 4.

note! The greater power the trimmer for STIHL grass has, the greater the volume has a fuel tank (up to 1.5 liters). It should be remembered that an increase in the size of the fuel container also leads to an increase in the total mass of the structure.

TOP-1. Huter GGT-2900T PRO

48 reviews from resources are taken into account: Yandex.Market, all tools, ozone, DNS

The best characteristics are the most powerful trimmer for grass, overtaking the closest competitor in performance by about 15%.

Before us is a powerful gasoline trimmer for grass with a prefix Pro in a name talking about the instrument involvement in a professional segment. The parameters fully confirm this. 52 Cube unit produces almost 4 horsepower, which allows you to fight with any vegetation, even the highest. Note that Huter has exactly the same model, but without a pro in the name. It has a smaller bevel width. Here the cutting module was increased to 46 centimeters. The power of the motor for this is quite enough, as well as the speed of rotation of the knives. A rich tooling of the tool will also please. It includes everything necessary for work. Including knives and fishing line for trimmer. You don’t have to buy anything.

  • High power
  • A wide track of mowing
  • Rich equipment
  • Professional purpose
  • Loud work
  • Large weight

Thus, when choosing between 180 Stihl or Husqvarna 135, it is more reasonable and profitable to purchase Stihl 180, t. to. She has long been the most popular chainsaw in, unlike Husqvarna.

For those who live in rural areas and are not able to repair tools in service centers, the acquisition of STIHL 180 is more expedient for the reason that this chainsaw can be repaired independently.

Now we compare the 180th with the budget version of Khuskvarna, model 236.

Its power is 1.4 kW, which is already lower than that of the Stihl 180 chainsaw, and the working volume is higher than 38.2 cm³. The price is slightly lower than that of Stihl 180, but is it worth saving, while losing power and accordingly performance.

Another Khuskvarna model, with which you can compare the 180th, is Husqvarna 240.

Their price and engine power is the same, but Husqvarna loses by the weight and volume of the cylinder. Its weight is 4.7 kg, which is almost a whole kilogram more than that of STIHL 180, and the volume is 38.2 cm³.

Rules for care for the device

The operation of a modern device is not too complicated

First of all, you should pay attention to the serviceability of the chainsaw

Important! Before refueling fuel, gasoline should be mixed with butter. Many people often forget about it and face the problem

If you store it in a container for a long time, then there may be relaxation. The use of gasoline in its pure form can cause engine malfunction.

Установка катушки Stihl на косу Husqvarna

Sometimes you need to release gas of the chainsaw. To do this, turn on the single circulation. Thus, you can cool the carburetor.

The StiHL gasoline trimmer has established itself as one of the best models. Its advantages can be envied. For the device to always work properly, it is necessary to properly care for a motorcycle.

Features of the device and operation

Now there are a lot of manufacturers and brands in the market of power tools and garden equipment-from world-famous and authoritative to young companies and brands that are just starting trade and production activities. It is not surprising that many buyers are a little lost and sometimes the choice of the necessary tool is quite difficult.

Today, perhaps, not a single summer house, the owner of a private house, an employee of a communal service or a professional landscape, is not a care for a lawn, a garden territory or a house site without using a motorcycle.

It can be safely argued that the lawn mower of the manufacturer STIHL FS is one of the most important and necessary garden tools.

  • mobility,
  • Simplicity of use,
  • the possibility of mowing vegetation in an uneven area or territory with a complex relief,
  • a large access area and the ability to mow in places and in areas with limited access,
  • Using the appropriate headset, the lawn mower will help not only get rid of herbal thickets, but also from a more rigid weeder, shrubs and even young trees.

Classification of tools

Several levels and signs of products classification should be distinguished:

  • Application area. Both manufacturers produce household and professional equipment. In some categories, high.power industrial equipment is also offered as special modifications.
  • Appointment. In this part, assortments can be divided into categories: garden, harvesting, economic and abrasive-observation tools.
  • Operating principle. Companies mainly specialize in manual equipment with engines, but Swedish designers also successfully develop machines provided by automation.

Now it is worth returning to the question of what is better. “Stihl” or “Husqvarna”? From the point of view of an ordinary home master, a significant difference in the plan of coverage of the development directions will not be. If we take target groups of household garden equipment, then both companies are represented the same in them, and in other categories like machine equipment, “Husqvarna”, for example, experiences pressure from competitors on the other hand.

First launch,

All STIHL motorcycles are distinguished by high assembly quality, so they require a minimum grinding of nodes and rotating parts, mechanisms. At the first launch, give a 5.minute time to warm up the engine.

The manufacturer recommends minimally loading the lawn mower during the first three refueling of the fuel tank, which actually is the process of running. After 5-15 complete gas stations, the braid tank for grass goes to full power.

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Operating instructions for the Lawn mower Stihl FS 56

Operating instructions for the Lawn mower Stihl FS 130

Operating instructions for the Lawn mowed Stihl FS 300, 350, 400.450

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How the chainsaws are different

Stihl and Husqvarna, no doubt, are favorites in the production and implementation of chain saws with gasoline engines. Thanks to severe competition, once a year, any of the companies develops a huge number of new technical solutions, introducing which simplifies and makes more comfortable the implementation of its own tool. For example, STIHL has such technical innovations as:

  • STIHL M-Tronic, which allows you to easier to launch a chainsaw, thanks to a hundred percent electric ignition system. The system without the help of others is distinguished by a cool start from the hot. M-Tronic also accurately sets the ignition ahead of the fuel consistency at the time of the launch of the chainsaw;
  • HD2 filter. This filter is made of a cellophane, which has pores smaller than an ordinary filter by 70 percent. It repels oil and is simply cleaned, which adds comfort when servicing a chainsaw on which it is installed;
  • compensator. This is a special device in the carburetor, which allows the chainsaw even with a completely dirty air filter, while the fundamental feature will be that the saw does not actually lose power with all this;
  • The catalyst, burns unbroken fuel, due to which the release of the chainsaw contains less harmful impurities that negatively affect the human body.

If you look at the technical innovations of Husqvarna, you can also highlight several exciting systems:

  • Air Injection (air purification system) Centrifugal air cleaning system, due to which the interval of cleaning the filter element increases;
  • X-Torq the system reduces the number of harmful exhausts and, as the manufacturer notes, equipped with this system, consumes the smallest amount of fuel, to compare with the volume of the engine with a chainsaw;
  • Autotune, this is a system of automatic options for good characteristics necessary for measured operation of the motor. Read more about how the system works, the manufacturer does not show.

If you take two Stihl and Husqvarna, monotonous in volume of the chainsaw of companies, then they will be identical to the fact that they are installed on their gasoline engine, tire and saw chain. But all, even the typical elements of these chainsaws differ in size, the shape and materials of which they are made. It should be noted that thanks to the efforts of engineers, with the same volume of cylinders, the Stihl chainsaws have a huge power, which will be noticeable when comparing certain models of chainsaws.

choosing, trimmer, stihl, husqvarna

Below you can look. In what special for sales and repair of the chainsaws expresses his worldview about the household models of Stihl and Husqvarna.

Features of using electric models

The main advantage of the electrocos is the presence of an electric engine, so for the use of a mower it only requires the presence of a nearby place of work. The presence of sockets.

details about safety precautions can be read in the instructions.

The battery of the electric model is charged for about 200 minutes, and the operating time until complete discharge is 20 minutes, provided that plastic knives are used and only 12 minutes with a string.

  • Make sure that the frequency of a trimmer frequency for grass with a tension on the network is coincided;
  • Make sure the integrity of the cable, fork and extension cord;
  • Do not touch the elements conducting the current with wet hands;
  • Use only the appropriate extension cord.

Comparison of the most running models of trimmers Stihl and Husqvarna

To choose a Swedish garden tool from Husqvarna or a trimmer for the grass of the German manufacturer STIHL, below you can compare the parameters of the models.


Light start, small weight, high.quality assembly. Low.winged engine, low fuel consumption, minimal vibration. The ability to install a bush cutter, the upper engine location. Straight bar, bicycle handle. Trammer fishing line, knife, shoulder belt.

type. portable trimmer for grass;

Speasing width. 55 cm;

engine. gasoline, two.stroke;

Power. 1 liter.With;

choosing, trimmer, stihl, husqvarna

weight. 5 kg.


Easy, comfortable and hardy tool. Optimal for mowing grass in places where other law mowers cannot cope. Low noise level, ease of control, curved bar. Fuel tank for 0.33 liters, D-shaped handle shape, fishing line for a trimmer included.

type. portable trimmer for grass;

Speasing width. 38 cm;

engine. gasoline, two.stroke;

Power. 0.90 l.With;

Weight. 4.1 kg.


High.quality materials, available spare parts necessary for comfortable work power. Divine shoulder belt, lack of vibration. High performance, upper engine location, V-shaped handle shape. Straight rod, upper engine location.

type. portable trimmer for grass;

Speasing width. 25.5 cm;

engine. gasoline, two.stroke;

Power. 2.20 l.With;

Weight. 6.3 kg.


Electric garden trimmer for grass. Attractive appearance, full assembly. Russified instructions for the assembly of the tool, the holder for the supply cable, excluding the pulling out the fork from the network. Adjustable handle, glasses for eye protection, fishing cutter.

type. portable trimmer for grass;

Speasing width. 36 cm;

engine. electric;

power. 540 watts;

Weight. 3.9 kg.

choosing, trimmer, stihl, husqvarna


Low noise, convenient in operation. Suitable for home use, there is a protective casing. protection against mechanical and thermal overload, upper engine location. Curved bar, safety coupling, D-shaped handle shape.

type. portable trimmer for grass;

Speasing width. 38 cm;

engine. electric;

power. 540 watts;

weight. 4 kg.

Что выбрать мотокосу Stihl FS 55 или Husqvarna 128R

Husqvarna 128r

Easy replacement of coil and fishing line, soft and reliable starter. Easy to use, high.quality assembly, detailed instructions. Plastic deck and case, handle with adjustable height, straight rod. Standard Outlet belt, trimmer head, 4-lobed disk for GRASS 255-4 grass.

type. portable trimmer for grass;

choosing, trimmer, stihl, husqvarna

Speasing width. 45 cm;

engine. gasoline, two.stroke;

Power. 1.10 l.With;

weight. 5 kg.

Husqvarna 143r-II

Powerful, quiet in the work of a garden trimmer for grass. Hands mounting brackets, unloading system in the kit, a large working time resource. There is the possibility of installing a bitch, a direct non.vegetable bar, a fuel tank for 0.94 l. Shoulder belt, knife, fishing line, adjustable handle.

type. portable trimmer for grass;

Speasing width. 48 cm;

engine. gasoline, two.stroke;

Power. 2 l.With;

Weight. 8 kg.

Husqvarna 545rx

Strong design, hard straight rod, air filtration with centrifugal, preliminary cleaning. High maneuverability, economical fuel consumption, noise level 101 dB. T-shaped (bicycle) handle, fishing line for trimmer, knife in the kit.

type. portable trimmer for grass;

Speasing width. 50 cm;

engine. gasoline, two.stroke;

Power. 2.80 l.With;

Weight. 8.4 kg.

Husqvarna 115il (967 09 88-01)

Lack of flexible shaft, direct telescopic bar. Folding handle with height adjustment, upper engine location. D-shaped shape of the handle, deck and plastic case, lithium-ion battery.

type. portable trimmer for grass;

Speasing width. 33 cm;

engine. electric;

Battery voltage. 36.5 V;

Weight. 3.45 kg.

Husqvarna 325r

Comfortable, reliable design. Simple fishing line replacement, upper engine location, fuel tank by 0.34 l. T-shaped (bicycle) handle, straight bar.

type. portable trimmer for grass;

Speasing width. 48 cm;

engine. gasoline, two.stroke;

Power. 1.13 l.With;

Weight. 5.5 kg.

What to choose a motor.coat Husqvarna 128r or Stihl FS 55

The issue of acquisition of motorcycles was, due to restrictions in finances, you have to choose from the Husqvarna 128R or STIHL FS 55, 56 (options in this price range are possible). It will be my sagging motorcycle, so that the first pancake is a lump, please help me decide. The plot of 10-15 acres of the site has a sharp slope of the height drop of about 0.7-1m with a length of about 30m. The grass is different wild, hard soil soil heavy clay in combat with poisoning, respectively, many stones of different sizes, small just the sea is difficult to work on this disk or it is impossible I don’t know that tell me. But on the other hand, a young shrub is often caught (I think to handle an ax with an old shrub). There will be a piece of the lawn truth between the trees, but it seems to me trifles compared to the above difficulties. How to be in such a situation? What is ludsher to buy? What kind of equipment is needed for the data for the operating conditions (what coil, fishing line for a trimmer will advise which cutting knife 2, 4 lop-eating or. And further. How to run a motorcycle and how to work correctly, at what revolutions and which tools in certain conditions (I just read on the forum that it is harmful to the engine on average speeds)? What oil is advised? Grate in advance for your answers!

DSV wrote: what kind of equipment is needed for the data for the work (what coil, fishing line for the trimmer will advise, what cutting knife 2, 4 lop-eating or. And further. How to run a motorcycle and how to work correctly, at what revolutions and which tools in certain conditions (I just read on the forum that it is harmful to the engine on average speeds)? What oil is advised? Grate in advance for your answers!

First, go to the repair mastmese and ask how to osbtto things with spare parts for Khusk and punch. We have in the Novoros with Echo. a solid head and 30 km in the village for 4 days will bring any spare part on Echo. So study how you are doing with the repair base. Both that mowers are good and reliable. Coil. they are all standard and not bad. I use the husckes of the husckers. Lines for a trimmer 2.4 (there will be a large consumption of this, mow young grass) 3mm. this is on dense grass but not the fact that the braid will pull such a fishing line for a trimmer. A fishing line for a trimmer should be round and whole without any bells and whistles. Back 8 or 9 lobe disk. Or Khuskvarnovsky 4-lobed with permeyki between disks. Take a lubricant for the gearbox. it is everywhere and the same.Only the firms are different. See the gearbox screw do not twist or twist. you can either lick the thread or pull it from shaking. Oil I use Khuskvarnovskoye. Maybe someone will advise the other only take the branded and not from the bar chopper. You don’t need start and go work. Only the first day of Kosi young grass and do not bother to much. Work about 15 minutes relax. then another 20 minutes. Personally, I sometimes run into equipment sometimes I immediately give soot. I did not notice any special trends in the difference. The revolutions must be more than the average to work in the interference cannot. It is better to twist a mower than a tight. And you will have a tension with a row with a triple of a thick weed. for this kosi not the entire working area of ​​the fishing line, but only a little bit. Work in the innight can work for about 5 minutes work then overheating of the braid begins. Good luck.

“Battle of brands” Husqvarna, Makita, Stihl. Whose lawn mower is better

Modern garden technique market In Ukraine, it is already so wide that it is even capable of Introduces confusion consumer when it comes to buying a particular unit of equipment. Today there are many brands and brands from both long.established manufacturers, such as Stihl, Viking, and very young, just starting to fight for the market.

Today we decided to demonstrate to you a comparison of the three most popular Motokos brands: Stihl, Husqvarna, Makita. The choice in the direction of Motokos was made not by chance, Motokos are especially popular among summer residents and gardeners in both the spring, summer and autumn season for mowing fresh or already dry grass. over, a more popular tool in the arsenal of the gardener simply cannot be found.

We can safely say that a motorcycle. This is one of the most important and necessary garden tools. All its advantages on the face are mobility, ease of use, the possibility of mowing vegetation on an uneven area or territory with a complex relief, a large access area and the ability to mow in places and in areas with limited access, in addition, using the appropriate headset, the lawn mower will help not only get rid of from herbal thickets, but also from a tougher weeded overgrown, shrubs and even young trees.

Well, we already realized that the lawn mower is the desired tool, there are no questions here, but how to choose the appropriate apparatus not sophisticated in technical subtleties among the huge market offers of well.known and not very manufacturers. Which lawn mower will be better, more reliable and more productive? We will help you figure it out!

For a more subject analysis, we propose to get acquainted with the working characteristics of the motorcycle in the form of a comparison table:

Parametihl FS555MAKITA EM2500UHUSQVARNA 128R
Engine Gasoline 2-t Gasoline 2-t Gasoline 2-t
Power 1.0 l.With. (750 W) 1.0 l.With. (730 W) 1.1 l.With. (800 W)
Max. Working speed 8300 rpm 8800 rpm 8000 rpm
The volume of the fuel tank 0.33 liters 0.4 liters 0.4 liters
Noise level 95 dB (a) 93 dB (a) 98 dB (a)
Vibration level (left/right) no data 5.5/6.8 m/s² 3.5/3.1 m/s²
The weight 5.0 kg 4.5 kg 5.0 kg
Guarantee 12 months 36 months 24 months

Data three motorcycles were not chosen randomly. All of them belong to the same class in their price segment and are suitable for work in small areas of land. over, as you have already been able to notice from the table, they all have almost the same characteristics in power, ergonomics and the choice of the cutting element: a fishing line for a trimmer or a knife. Each of the models has a quick starting system and is additionally equipped with a special belt system on the operator’s back, which allows reducing the load on hand during operation. Despite all the similarities, here you can still highlight the leader. The tabular values ​​shows that it is the Stihl FS55 lawn mower leading among the three rivals.

Firstly, STIHL FS55 braid has the most optimal value of the maximum working speed of rotation of the cutting headset, which means this tool will cope with the task faster, for example, with a span of dense thickets of hard weeds.

Secondly, FS55 is more maneuverable and mobile due to the proper distribution of weight along the bar, the best ergonomics and the most rational attachment system on the back (even despite the fact that FS55 on the half kilograms is heavier than the brackets 128R and Makita EM2500U), to work as a tool is much easier. especially if there is a long.term spitting session.

Thirdly, STIHL FS55 It will be more convenient due to a smaller level of vibrations during operation, and this is important for the operator, as it directly determines the effectiveness of work. The lowest value of all is achieved by equipping motorcycles with an effective anti.vibration system (special elements are built into the handle, which provide vibration darling). Therefore, working with the tool does not cause significant discomfort, even during a long mowing session.

So, as they say, “all cards are disclosed”, and the choice remains for you!

Interesting fact! Electric chain saw OREGON CS 1500. This is the only model in the global market with a self.setting chain and a non.cloth stretch of the chain.

You can get more information from the video below:

Electrician or gasoline. which is better? We are sure that this is not an unambiguous question, which you can answer only by weighing all the pros and cons for some particular area, for example gardening. This is what we will do today!

Calendar spring is no longer around the corner. The sun appears more and more often, gradually removing the remaining layer of snow and ice from the ground. If you are a gardener, then it’s time to put on gloves, and picking up a rake to clean your garden.