Circular Saw Manual Which Choose

Previously, only a circular saw was found at sawmills. How to choose a model of such equipment, today many private masters are already thinking. If you also decided to acquire a similar device, then it is important to consider the main characteristics, among which, for example, a power source.


manual circular saw which one to choose

Tips on how to choose a saw: professional or household

An example of using a household and professional tool

If you need a hand-held circular saw, which one to choose, you can decide by reading the recommendations below. If you use a professional model, then in 1.5 hours of continuous operation you will be able to saw as many blanks from chipboard, which will be enough to assemble 4 cabinets. If you use the usual household model, then the same work will take 2 times more time. The quality will remain at its best, but the cost of a professional tool will be 2 times higher.

Professional Model Selection: Makita 5103R

Quite often during construction work a hand-held circular saw is required. Selection tips are recommended to be read before making a purchase. The above model is a powerful saw that can be used for cutting large wooden blanks and other materials. The model is designed for active use, is characterized by high wear resistance and is characterized by a large set of functions that ensure safety during operation. How to choose a hand-held circular saw? Parameters are a decisive criterion. Below they will be discussed in more detail.

Model Specifications

One of the most important parameters is the power, which in this case is 2100 watts. The cut depth is 100 millimeters, and the rotation speed is equivalent to 3800 rpm. The size of the used circle is 270×30 millimeters, the weight of the device is 9.4 kilograms. For more convenient operation, there is a soft start function, which ensures accurate cutting. Safety is guaranteed by an instant engine stop due to an electronic brake.

The equipment is equipped with a solid and reliable cast aluminum support base. The operator will not encounter the problem of a jam in the disc, since the device has a proppant knife. Safety in the operation of such tools is paramount, in this case it is ensured by protection against accidental starting, which was made possible thanks to a fused switch.

Choosing a Household Saw: Einhell RT-CS 190/1

The ergonomic handle acts as the main features, due to which even a beginner can cope with the tool. Including also therefore it is most convenient to use a saw when solving everyday problems. The master will be able to easily replace the saw blade thanks to the key and spindle fixing. You do not have to purchase a key, as it is included in the package. It will be possible to work with the equipment at home, as it is characterized by low noise and vibration.

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This reliable and inexpensive circular saw has a dust extractor with a special adapter that connects to the vacuum cleaner. With this functionality, you can keep your workplace clean. The gears of the gearbox are made of a material of increased hardness and strength, which is characterized by wear resistance and a long service life.

The manufacturer made sure that the work was facilitated, this was also possible thanks to a practical cable clamp. Among other things, it eliminates damage and cable winding. The disk size is 190×30 millimeters, the number of teeth is 24. At an angle of 90 degrees, the operator will be able to delve into the material by 66 millimeters, as for 45 degrees, the depth of cut will be equivalent to 48 millimeters.

Recommendations for choosing a model depending on engine power

Quite often, in the process of carrying out repairs or construction work, a circular saw is necessary. Which one to choose, you decide after reading this article. The consumer should also take into account the moment that the tool can have an engine of different power. With higher motor parameters, the equipment will be able to cut material and high-density products in a short time. The operator will not have difficulty during cutting. A powerful engine is not afraid of even knots in the wood. But low-power circulars have a significant advantage, which is expressed in low weight. Thanks to this, the tool can be moved from place to place. Thus, models with a power of 2000 watts or less will weigh about 7 kilograms. If the saw is characterized by a power of 1200 watts, then the weight will be reduced to 4 kilograms. Do you need a hand-held circular saw for domestic tasks? Which one to choose? Price is an important factor when buying. For private use, models from 1000 to 1200 watts are excellently suited. If the tool is not used professionally, the power reserve will remain unclaimed. The cost of the product will depend on this parameter, the difference in price can reach 100 percent or more.

Model selection by price: Skil 5740 LA

This equipment, whose power is 700 watts, is characterized by 4300 rpm. The cost of the tool is 3,700 rubles, the landing diameter is 16 millimeters, the cut depth is 40 millimeters. If you need to make a straightforward neat cut in a tree of any breed, then you can use this model. Despite its modest characteristics, this equipment has other impressive advantages, including an ergonomic design, a comfortable handle, compactness and low weight. 2.4 kilograms. To prevent an accidental start, the tool uses the lock of the power button. The increased stability is guaranteed by a large metal support wide. There is a special compartment for storing the key.

Reviews about the model Dewalt DW366

The tool has a high level of security and ease of operation. The first feature is provided by a casing that protects the user from chips and dust. You can use this equipment not only for professional purposes, but also on a summer cottage, as well as on a construction site or in a carpentry workshop.

According to users, this good hand circular saw is universal, as it can be used to cut wood of different densities. Users especially like safety, expressed in reducing the risk of injury. The operator can change the range from 0 to 50 degrees during operation. Users emphasize that when operating the equipment, they get an excellent overview of the cutting line, as the design is ergonomic.

Battery Saw Feature Overview

If you prefer autonomy, it is best to choose a battery model, but you should be prepared for less performance. Among other things, the rotation speed will also be significantly lower than in electric circulars. Similar models perfectly cope with wood of small thickness and low density. As practice shows, the battery charge may be enough for 30-50 minutes of operation, after which the battery will need to be charged. This can cause some inconvenience, since charging sometimes lasts up to 4 hours.

Aeg BKS 18-0 cordless saw features overview

You will have to pay 10,000 rubles for the model. You can use the equipment in conditions of de-energized buildings, which most often applies to construction sites. The rotation speed is 5000 rpm, and the diameter of the circle used is 165 millimeters. The weight of the tool is small and equivalent to 3.2 kilograms. Among the features, one can distinguish the adjustment of the angle of cut and the depth of cut. The wizard will be able to quickly replace the disk. The tool is equipped with a support magnesium sole, a charge level indicator, and built-in backlight. The operator will be able to plug in a vacuum cleaner to keep the workplace clean. During operation, you can use one or two hands at once.