Compare Stihl and Huter chainsaws.

How the chainsaws are different

Stihl and Husqvarna, no doubt, are leaders in the production and sale of chain saws with gasoline engines. Thanks to serious competition, annually each of the companies develops many new technical solutions, introducing which it facilitates and makes it more comfortable to use its tool. For example, STIHL has such technical innovations as:

compare, stihl, huter, chainsaws
  • STIHL M-Tronic-allows you to easier to launch a chainsaw, thanks to a completely electronic ignition system. The system independently distinguishes cold launch from hot. Also, M-Tronic accurately sets the angles of the ignition ahead and regulates the amount of fuel mixture at the time of starting the chainsaw;
  • HD2 filter. This filter is made of polyethylene, which has pores smaller than a regular filter by 70 percent. It repels oil and is easily cleaned, which adds comfort when servicing a chainsaw on which it is installed;
  • Compensator. This is a special device in a carburetor that allows a chainsaw to work even with a fully contaminated air filter, and an important feature is that the saw practically does not lose power;
  • The catalyst, burns unbroken fuel, due to which the exhaust of the chainsaw contains less harmful impurities that adversely affect the human body.

If you look at the technical innovations of Husqvarna, you can also highlight several interesting systems:

  • Air Injection (air purification system) Air centrifugal system, due to which the interval of cleaning the filter element increases;
  • X-Torq /Strong> the system reduces the number of harmful exhausts and, as the manufacturer notes, the tool equipped with this system, consumes a smaller amount of fuel, compared with the mattress similar in volume of the engine;
  • Autotune, this is a system of automatic settings of optimal parameters necessary for the stable operation of the engine. Read more about how the system works, the manufacturer does not indicate.

If you take two STIHL and Husqvarna, the same in volume of the chainsaw, then they will only be similar to the fact that an internal combustion engine, tire and saw chain are installed on them. But all, even the typical elements of these chainsaws differ in size, the shape and materials of which they are made.

Thanks to the efforts of engineers, with the same volume of cylinders, the stiHL chainsaws have a greater maximum power, which will be noticeable when comparing specific models of chainsaws.

STIHL pros and cons of

Stihl chainsaws are considered one of the most reliable and for this reason, very popular among professional lumberjacks who are used to working with powerful and reliable chainsaws. The vocational class includes models: MS 461, MS 360, MS 261, MS 880, MS 270,

If you look at the statistics of sales of household chainsaws StiHL, we can conclude that they are also particularly popular. For example, the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw, since the place of sale, annually occupies top positions in the ratings of Internet portals as Yandex.Market. The most popular in the household class are models: MS 170, MS 210, MS 192, MS 211, MS 250, MS 291, MS 230, MS 260.

  • Small weight, which is 3.9 kg;
  • Power sufficient to perform work in a personal plot and not only;
  • Maintainability and availability of STIHL, a large number of well.organized services;
  • The quality of the materials from which the chainsaw houses are made.

All these advantages can be attributed to any product of a German company, but there is one main minus.

Compared to competitors (Makita, Hitachi, Champion, Oleo-Mac, Echo, EFCO, CARVER, PARTner), StiHL chainsaws have a fairly high cost of both the tools themselves and spare parts intended for their repair.

In turn, the high price of spare parts stimulates the appearance of a large number of low.quality spare parts designed to replace original and manufactured mainly in China. The installation of such spare parts is carried out in service centers that are not authorized to repair the chainsaw of STIHL, which entails a decrease in the life of the tools and adversely affects the image of the manufacturer.

Recently, Stihl began to produce the most chain chainsaw model. Stihl MS 180 at the factory, which is located in China. As company representatives explain, this is due to large volumes of products and preferential conditions for production.

Representatives of the company note that the transfer of production did not affect the quality of manufactured products, for the reason that the control of all stages of production remained at the same level. details about the Chinese Stihl chainsaws, read here.

The rating of chainsaws

To determine which chainsaw to buy for home, and which for more complex tasks, the rating presented will specially call the best nominees in the category of budget, semi.professional and professional goods. Leaders were selected by the ratio of price and quality, expert estimates, tests, recommendations of specialists in the field of forestry industry, construction. The main parameters of the viewing became:

  • Class. household, semi.professional, professional;
  • Engine. power in horsepower;
  • Chain, tire. compliance with their lengths;
  • The brake of the chain is an additional function against the return;
  • Anti.Vibration. will allow you to work long, protecting health;
  • Economy. fuel consumption;
  • Tank capacity. fuel capacity;
  • Motoresurs. the duration of continuous work;
  • Dimensions. size, weight.

What to buy, largely depends on the purpose of the device in the future. house, cottage, garden, farming, forest or construction. In the reviews, you can find out the real facts, which for what tasks is more suitable, and what it is worth abandoning, how much the characteristics declared by the manufacturer correspond to reality. All of the above in the complex and helped determine the best chainsaws of 2021.

Watch a short video review at the Hitachi CS33EB saw. appearance, design features and technical specifications:

Hyundai x 360. 9990

Having taken as the basis the period of the operation of the piston group (300 mothers) declared by Hyundai x 360, and taking into account the alleged front of the work, you can independently calculate the operating time before the first major overhaul. And this despite the fact that the existing supply of power allows you to replace the standard 36-centimeter tire with an original 40-centimeter, without loss in the efficiency of work.

  • Reliable membrane carburetor,
  • Electronic ignition,
  • Light start,
  • Anti.vibration system,
  • Ergonomic case,
  • thoughtful execution of the brake of the quapi.

Subject to proper maintenance, such a combination of features ensures comfortable operation, the performance of a household tool for a long period.

The characteristics of the value
Weight, kg four.7
Power, l.With. / kW 2.2 /1.6
Tire length, cm 36
Tank volume, l gasoline / oil 0.31 /0.21
Development / production Korea /Korea, China
Price, 9990

View the video about what the Hyundai x 360 drank in the work. A video sequence from the camera installed on the auxiliary handle of the tool:

Daewoo Power Products Dacs 5218. 9990

Koreans, using in engines, the technology for covering some elements of the piston group with a super.resistant aluminum alloy “Nikil”, ensured that their inexpensive chainsaws were highly appreciated by professionals. And to consolidate a positive impression, in particular, the Daewoo Power Products Dacs 5218 model, implemented:

  • anti.vibration system, due to the block structure of the tool, springs and cast elastic inserts, reducing the dynamic load on the hands of the operator;
  • A full.fledged security complex. an inertial brake, a chain capture, a thoughtful protection against accidental inclusion, the possibility of instant engine stop;
  • Other ideas in demand by the user. gear emphasis, light start, convenient access (to the filter and light of the ignition), the ability to adjust the chain tension without auxiliary tool.

That, after direct acquaintance with the chainsaw, is able to influence even the opinion of the user distant from logging.

The characteristics of the value
Weight, kg 5.fifteen
Power, l.With. / kW 3.5 /2.6
Tire length, cm 45
Tank volume, l gasoline / oil 0.55 /0.31
Development / production YU. Korea / Y. Korea, China
Price, 9990

Watch a short review showing the functional features of DACS 5218:

Husqvarna 236. 10990

Paying attention to the capabilities of the famous “Swede” Husqvarna 236, you understand that within the limits of your personal plot, it simply does not exist. And the point here is not only in the 40-centimeter bus and acceptable power. Plastic systems included in the design of this chainsaw

  • increasing power built on the unique features of the removal of hot flows at the level of the piston group (X-Torq). Which, in turn, guarantees the presence of not only the economic, but also the environmental effect of the complete combustion of fuel;
  • Cleaning the incoming air flow. Which prevents the rapid pollution of the corresponding filter;
  • Walking of vibration from a working engine (LowVib), which is responsible for your comfort during long.term work,
  • STRIPE brakes (defense of the operator from damage inverted with a reverse shock of the saw part),
  • forced pumping fuel (by influencing a well.placed fuel pump),

Reliable equipment for long.term work in difficult conditions. Price category. from 14000

Husqvarna 135. 13990

Husqvarna 135 energy efficiency is due to patented air movement technology and fuel mixture in the engine. That with proper care, it allows you to count on an unlimited resource in domestic conditions. Exclusively for which this is quite easy and comfortable in the work of the saw and was developed.

Among the standard useful functions (from the anti.vibration system to anti.slip linings) the developers were involved:

  • switch with auto.return;
  • the possibility of operational extraction of an air filter;
  • Additional centrifugal cleaning of air flow.

A 40 cm long tire, sufficient power and torque (2NM) of the power unit do seasonal work in a summer cottage or personal plot safe, quite comfortable and does not require exclusive possession of repair methods.

The characteristics of the value
Weight, kg four.four
Power, l.With. / kW 2.0 /1.5
Tire length, cm 40
Tank volume, l gasoline / oil 0.37 /0.25
Development / production Sweden / Europe, USA
Price, 13990

Watch the video review of the saw Husqvarna 135, with a detailed description of the design features:

EFCO 137-41-15790

The purpose of EFCO 137-41 is limited by the manufacturer by the boundaries of the owner of the owner. But due to the fact that professionals very often use an easy, productive and economical tool for systematic trimming of branches and branches of fallen forest, among compatriots there is a common opinion on the profile of this tool.

And it’s hard to argue with them. Because all owners indicate the presence:

  • anti.vibration system,
  • A perfectly balanced case,
  • inertial brakes,
  • chain capture,
  • automatic supply of oil to the rubbing elements of the saw part,
  • air flow heating to carburetor,
  • fast.removable air filter cover and lateral access to the screw that regulates the tension of the circuit.

At the same time, the exceptional quality of the implementation of the noted functions is confirmed by professionals.

The characteristics of the value
Weight, kg
Power, l.With. / kW 2.2 /1.6
Tire length, cm 35
Tank volume, l gasoline / oil 0.32 /0.22
Development / production Italy / Italy, China
Price, 15790

View a short review of the capabilities of the EFCO 137-41 saw:

Oleo-Mac 937-16-15990

Thanks to Oleo-Mac 937-16, each amateur gets the opportunity to personally evaluate the potential of a professional tool. Which is fully facilitated by a set of technological solutions involved by the manufacturer. Judge for yourself:

compare, stihl, huter, chainsaws
  • The duration of operation is ensured by an advanced piston group with forged connecting rod and crankshaft;
  • The economy of the equipment is due to electronic ignition, a system preventing icing of the carburetor cavities in winter conditions and an automatic plunger pump supplying oil per tire;
  • Ease of work and a high level of security. the merit of the ergonomic arrangement of controls, anti.vibration system, inertial brake and chain pod.

And the insignificant weight, sufficient (to perform common work in the private sector) dimensions of the cutting part and acceptable power. additionally contribute to strengthening a positive idea of ​​a qualitative tool.

The characteristics of the value
Weight, kg
Power, l.With. / kW 2.2 /1.6
Tire length, cm 41
Tank volume, l gasoline / oil 0.32 /0.22
Development / production Italy / Italy
Price, 15990

This video shows the real work of Oleo-Mac 937-16:

Echo CS-350WES-14-16210

Contrary to the widespread opinion, the ECHO CS-350WES-14 belongs to the amateur tool segment, not indicate

  • Short tire,
  • Average power indicators,
  • Slight weight,
  • containers for combustible materials, with indicators characteristic of short work.

After all, none of them is a barrier for professional operation.

While the low.profile chain (the characteristics of the consumables are indicated only on their individual packaging), which is not alternatives when configuring a household tool, it is given by its main purpose with the head. And for amateur exploitation, this is another small trifle, which is included with

  • lightweight start,
  • multi.point anti.vibration system,
  • Balanced case,
  • with a latch on the air filter lid,
  • simple and convenient management,

will do your work in the garden, in the personal plot and in the forest as comfortable as possible. Without binding to volumes and weather conditions.

The characteristics of the value
Weight, kg 3.58
Power. l.With. / kW 2.0 /1.5
Tire length, cm 35
Tank volume, l gasoline / oil 0.37 /0.23
Development / production Japan / Japan
Price, 16210

How to choose a reliable chainsaw?

High.quality chainsaws will help to prepare firewood, cut logs or cut large branches on trees.

In order for the tool to perform a wide range of tasks, it is necessary to select the device according to a clear list of criteria:

  • Power. In household devices, this indicator is not more than 2 kW. In semi-professional and professional devices, this indicator can reach 3-7 kW. The thickness of logs and branches that can cut the tool depends on the power of the device.
  • Weight. The comfort of the user’s work depends on this criterion. The harder it drank, the more difficult it is to work with it, but at the same time, professional models with impressive weight allow you to perform a wider range of tasks.
  • Work resource. On average, household chainsaws can work for no more than 40 minutes continuously. In professional devices, this indicator can reach 10 hours. The duration of the work recommended by the manufacturer is not worth it, since the device will quickly fail from this.
Category place name price
The best chainsaws for home up to 10 thousand Huter BS-52
Carver PSG-52-18
Champion 241-16
STIHL MS 180-14
Makita EA3202S-40

Such household models are characterized by a low profile of teeth, which allows you to reduce vibration during operation. At the same time, the short form of the tire significantly reduces the likelihood of a bunch of an essential with inept operation. Accordingly, the main difference between such devices is a high level of safety and reliability. The downside is that the scope is limited-40-60 minutes for the cut of logs, small beams, dry branches and the like. With such a load, the device will last a long time.

Huter BS-52

The top 10 chainsaws up to 10,000 opens the Huter BS-52 model, attracting good autonomy and a rather long tire for this segment-50 centimeters. Therefore, you can even make logs of logs for the winter. The power of the power plant is 2.2 kW, respectively, you can quickly cope with uncomplicated tasks. Another advantage is a good anti.vibration system located between the drive and the tire. For this reason, there is no significant load on the hands. Facilitates the operation and automatic lubrication of the chain. There is a toe/off to the ignition, lock. Access to an air filter is extremely simple. Judging by the reviews, this is a very convenient model, and has a long service life.

Husqvarna Versus STIHLmight be surprisedyou decide!!

Summing up

Chinese chainsaws have become direct competitors of eminent brands: Husqvarna, Oleo-Mac, Makita, EFCO, the cost of which is several times higher, and technical parameters are similar. Although Chinese models have a number of disadvantages and in some cases they require “refinement with a file”, all problems can be eliminated and used for years to use chainsaws without repairs and replacing the main nodes.

Still, saving 2-3 times costs. For example, the same Huter BS-52 costs 7-8 thousand, against 13-15 thousand for the Stihl MS 180. The difference is felt? And the production of one and other saws is only in China, the quality of the same Chinese calm in recent years has decreased significantly, and the price is only growing for them. Of course they have their advantages for which it is worth paying, but this is already the topic of a separate article.

The main thing here is to choose the right tool, which is why we compiled a rating of the best Chinese saws, which shows in detail what to choose from. You just have to decide on the budget, to understand why you need a saw and make your choice.

Rating of the most reliable and high.quality chainsaws

Basopile is a tool without which it is difficult to imagine not only the harvesting of wood on the forestry, but also the harvesting of firewood for the winter in the country, as well as putting in order the overgrown area. Today, chainsaws work on a variety of labor fronts: cheap and expensive, reliable and not very. And among them there are the best copies, as indicated by numerous user reviews.

In both household and professional tools, users value good performance, fuel efficiency, as well as ergonomics. And although the engines of the “senior” models will always exceed the Entry LEVEL line, the working conditions will level this difference, leaving quality and reliability in the dry residue.

When evaluating models, the following criteria should be taken into account:

  • Reliability: engine motor resource, frequency of breakdowns, uninterrupted operation of important nodes. clutch, stars, chain lubrication systems
  • Convenience in work: grip, weighting, the presence of mechanisms and devices that reduce vibration
  • Service service: maintainability, the presence of original or interchangeable spare parts on the market.

The price of the price is quite specific: on the one hand, a situation is possible when an inexpensive product shows excellent indicators at the indicated points. On the other hand, miracles do not have to wait: excellent results are given by the development and implementation of advanced technologies, the use of the materials perfect. And this, in turn, affects the final cost of the product. A good saw cannot cost cheap-it looks like a slogan of cunning marketers, but here it is not only a trick, but also a severe pattern of production and commodity-money relations of the modern world.

However, this does not mean that there are no good samples among an inexpensive tool. The choice of the best of the worst is even more complicated, but it is with it that hundreds of users of gasoline units face it.

It is logical that in the most common class and applicants there will be many. Models below 9,000 did not get into the review, most of which make up purebred Chinese and products produced in the Middle Kingdom.

Stihl Pro versus Homeowner Chainsaws: Differences? We clear up the confusion

Makita EA3203S-40

The younger model opens a review from a well.known manufacturer of electric and gasoline equipment from Japan. The model is characterized by a high degree of versatility. Due to its 40-centimeter bus, it can be competed not only with branches or a bar in a construction site, but also with not very thick trees 30-35 cm wide. Unfortunately, the engine power is clearly not enough to saw the entire tire width. The motor is very good in reliability, but there are claims to the body fortress. Also ambiguous is the unreasonable control unit

The most reliable tools.

  • Husqvarna 135 Mark II 1600 W;
  • STIHL MS 230 1900 W/2.5 l.With;
  • Echo CS-353ES-14 1590 W/2.16 l.With;
  • Zubble PBC-560 45DP 2400 W/3.3 l.With;
  • Makita EA3203S-40 1350 W/1.81 l.With;
  • Fubag FPS 56 2500 W;
  • Daewoo Power Products DACS 5218XT 2600 W/3.5 l.With;
  • Champion 251-18 2300 W/3.13 l.With.

1st place Best saw Price/Quality: Husqvarna 135 Mark II 1600 watts

  • chain step 3/8 inch
  • engine volume 38 cubic meters. cm
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • functions: anti.vibration, chain brake
  • Modification 9678618-36
  • Weight 4.7 kg
compare, stihl, huter, chainsaws

Good compact chainsaw for the home from the oldest manufacturer of technology for logging Husqvarna. With a power of 1.6 kW and tire length 40 cm, it is suitable for harvesting firewood, irregular rolls and sawing small trees, will allow lumber in small volumes, for example, a rough timber. Differs in reduced fuel and exhaust consumption, and investigatingly, less pollutes the atmosphere and needs more rarely maintenance. Combined ignition control switch, carburetor, throttle.

  • aluminum cover of the inertial brake;
  • combined control lever;
  • The primer will facilitate the launch;
  • centrifugal air purification;
  • Anti.vibration elements.

2nd place the best chainsaw in general: Stihl MS 230 1900 W/2.5 l.With

The legendary saw, which has proven itself on the construction site, during the cutting and opening of the decks among sculptors. Able to blame and saw on a beam/boards trees up to 65 cm thick. Suitable for work in winter due to the heating of the carburetor with warm air. Automatic inertial brake with a reverse strike for a split second stops the chain. The chain lubrication system saves up to 50% oil. For convenience, the chain tensioner is transferred to the side of the case.

  • economical chain lubrication;
  • one.legged management;
  • vibration damping system;
  • instant stopping of the chain;
  • engine heating for work in the cold.

3rd place Echo CS-353ES-14 1590 W/2.16 l.With

  • Tire length 35 cm
  • chain step 3/8 inch
  • engine volume 34 cubic meters. cm
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Functions: circuit brake
  • Weight 4 kg

Compact model for home, cottage and construction on a personal site. Suitable for beginners as the first saw thanks to the lightweight start of Easy Start and Primer. The damper for supplying warm air masses to the carburetor makes it possible to operate on frosty days. Comfortable handles with fine notch lie well in the hand even in gloves. The coating of the handles absorbs vibration emanating from the motor. Plugs of fuel and oil tanks are unscrewed without tools.

  • side tensioner of the saw headset;
  • excellent balancing;
  • Metal gears of the oil pump;
  • Cleaning air filter;
  • two.year warranty with the ability to extend to 5 years.

4th place of the bison PBC-560 45DP 2400 W/3.3 l.With

  • Tire length 45 cm
  • Chain step 0.325 inches
  • engine volume 52 cubic meters. cm
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • functions: anti.vibration, chain brake
  • Modification 95233
  • Weight 7.8 kg

Domestic development with a guarantee of 5 years is an ideal choice for subsidiary plots and people who have not previously worked with chainsaws. Equipped with light starting systems. a Japanese carburetor with a primer. and the extinguishing of vibrations. The safety of operation is guaranteed by a double chain brake, metal emphasis and the zealor. With a 45 cm bus, you can harvest slabs, a board and a beam in small quantities. The chain is lubricated only at load, the oil supply intensity depends on its value.

  • 5-year warranty;
  • inconvenient location of the ignition button;
  • durable chrome cylinder;
  • effective reduction of vibration;
  • Electronic ignition.

5th place Makita EA3203S-40 1350 W/1.81 l.With

  • Tire length 40 cm
  • chain step 3/8 inch
  • engine volume 32 cubic meters. cm
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • functions: anti.vibration, chain brake
  • Weight 4.1 kg

A reliable Japanese tool in a case with anti.suggestion plastic, which has a fast tension and replacement of a saw set. 400-gram fuel tank is enough for work for 2-3 hours, depending on the load. The intensity of the lubrication of the chain and tire is regulated by the screw to adapt the supply of lubrication to the conditions of sawing. Ergonomic handles are covered with anti.slip and anti.vibration coating. Innovative primer will facilitate the start of the engine. The chain produced in the United States for a long time holds sharpening and geometry. Peculiarities:

  • instrumental access to candle and air filter;
  • adjustable supply of lubricants;
  • three.position switch;
  • Four shock absorbers absorbing vibration.

6th place Fubag FPS 56 2500 watts

  • Tire length 45 cm
  • Chain step 0.325 inches
  • engine volume 56 cubic meters. cm
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • functions: anti.vibration, chain brake
  • Modification 38707
  • Weight 6.6 kg

The rating of inexpensive chainsaws included models:

  • Huter BS-45M 2300 W;
  • Champion 125T-10 700 W/0.95 l.With;
  • Patriot PT 5220 Imperial 2500 W/3.4 l.With;
  • Carver Hobby HSG 152-18 1900 W/2.6 l.With.

Tool for rare and careful operation with a limited budget. Needs careful maintenance, often in repair. Inexpensive chainsaws are used usually three to five seasons depending on the activity of operation.

1st place Huter BS-45M 2300 W

  • Tire length 40 cm
  • chain step 3/8 inch
  • engine volume 45 cubic meters. cm
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • functions: anti.vibration, chain brake
  • Modification 70/6/4
  • Weight 7 kg

The rating of budget models is opened by German development with a powerful engine placed in a compact building. His traction force will be enough to bite logs up to 65 cm thick. Unlike analogues, a single.cylinder engine needs an oil bosinzin mixture in a ratio of 1 to 40. The star assumes part of the load, facilitating the operation of the engine. For uniform wear of the tire, it is rotated through the same time intervals. Air filter cover is fixed with lamb.

  • reliable grip;
  • random launch blocking;
  • The zeeper will protect the operator in the event of a rupture of the saw headset;
  • complex, as a beginner, tire installation;
  • The end tensioner of the chain.

2 place Champion 125T-10 700 W/0.95 l.With

  • Tire length 25 cm
  • chain step 3/8 inch
  • The engine volume is 25.4 cubic meters. cm
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Functions: circuit brake
  • Weight 3.2 kg

Very small and light chainsaw for household and country needs. Engine power and revolutions are designed for the processing of wood of any density and structure. The length of the bus is selected so that it is convenient to hold the chainsaw above the head while ennoble the garden. High-quality metal and heat treatment for a long time retain the geometry of the saw-like headset. The blocker will prevent unintentional launch of the chain. The saw is also perfect for trips to nature with the family, it will not take up much space in the trunk. With its help, you can easily saw firewood from a foller, make a Roman candle and much more. This tank is 230 grams of fuel mixture.

They also praise the saw when arranging a rafter system of a cottage or a country house.

3 place Patriot PT 5220 Imperial 2500 W/3.4 l.With

  • Tire length 50 cm
  • Chain step 0.325 inches
  • engine volume 52 cubic meters. cm
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • functions: anti.vibration, chain brake
  • Modification 220105575

A powerful saw with a two.stroke engine with an enlarged motor. It is launched from slight effort thanks to the Easy Start system. Lids of inertial brakes and starter poured out of a magnesium alloy. The anti.vibration system reduces the load on the hands, prolonging the work session. The security of the operator is increased by the chain capture, an inertial brake, a fuse from a random start and a shield. Filter and candle are served without tools. Peculiarities:

  • lightweight launch of the motor;
  • multi.level operator protection;
  • automatic oil supply;
  • side tension of the chain;
  • Nimble access to candle and air filter.

4th place Carver Hobby HSG 152-18 1900 W/2.6 l.With

  • Tire length 45 cm
  • Chain step 0.325 inches
  • engine volume 52 cubic meters. cm
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Functions: Anti.Vibration
  • Modification 01.004.00041
  • Weight 5.06 kg

A tool with a long tire for periodic cutting logs with a diameter of up to 75 cm. Owners advise doing this more often with an eye on the price. Equipped with advanced security mechanisms: engine brake in the case of a reverse impact, launching lock. Rubbed handles provide a reliable grip with frozen hands and prevent the transfer of vibrations from the motor to the operator. Fuel pump facilitates the engine starting.

  • long tire for sawing large trees;
  • instrumental chain tension;
  • work at low temperatures;
  • Complex in the back of the cover.

For the garden and sawing firewood for barbecue, the cheapest chainsaw is enough. The harvesting of firewood, lumber, construction, regular sawing and manufacture of garden sculptures requires a powerful tool from an eminent manufacturer.