Convert 220V Power Screwdriver

Not surprisingly, almost every house or apartment has a screwdriver. Unfortunately, devices based on a wireless network source are often discharged and broken. Since buying a new battery is expensive, most owners convert their cordless screwdrivers to network ones. In the article we will tell you how to remake the device using improvised parts. We will also touch on the topic of why this type of equipment most often breaks. Read carefully!

Convert 220V Power Screwdriver

1. Why redo a cordless screwdriver to a network one?

Battery-charging equipment is periodically discharged if it is not used for a long time. This fact is a problem, because with a frequent decrease in charge in the battery, the main components deteriorate. As a result, during the first manifestations of a failure, the battery keeps charging less and less. In such a situation, the complete breakdown of the part cannot be prevented; it is better to either replace it or exchange it with a new one. By the way, the cost of the first and second options will be the same.

Tip: If the user is going to work with hard surfaces, choose devices with rotation parameters not lower than 20 Nm. This is the mechanism of Sparky BR2 10.8Li-C HD.

The second reason to redo the device. quality of work. Owners of such devices can easily confirm that the torque process is sometimes interrupted. It is annoying that the power is not the best level. again, partial discharge is to blame. The situation is saved by connecting the device to the mains power. Here are the benefits we get in the end:

  1. Charging time will be reduced and you can get to work at any time.
  2. Functioning without restrictions, confidence that the device does not sit halfway to the work done.
  3. Financial benefit: no need to change the battery periodically.

Tip: High-quality equipment is protected against damage, which is located near the nozzle. Bosch PSR 1200, Bosch GSR 12V-15 have such protection.

2. Choose a power supply for a screwdriver

The task can be accomplished in a few details. For example, a laptop charger, such a remake is considered simple and unassuming. Therefore, if an unnecessary network unit from a laptop remains at home, you can use it. The second detail. network block from the computer. This option implies a certain amount of knowledge and skills to work with a soldering iron. Another option is how to remake a screwdriver on a network one. use the necessary invertor welding. In the next section, we will describe in detail how to implement our plan in all three ways.

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Tip: Pay attention to the device settings. For effective drilling, the rpm should be at least 1300. For example, Bosch GSR 1440-LI and Makita DF347DWE machines have this characteristic.

3. The process of remaking a screwdriver

Method number 1: reconstruction based on laptop power supply

As already mentioned, this method of reconstruction is considered simple and does not require much time. Check in advance what output voltage the device is designed for. The best option would be 12-19 watts. In the next step, remove the unsuitable batteries from the screwdriver device and disassemble the device.

  1. Disconnect the entry (designed for the laptop connector) and scrape the wires.
  2. Take the contacts and simply solder them to the device.
  3. Select a location for the wire on the instrument and drill it. At the end of the steps, fold the structure and check for operability.

Method No. 2 (reconstruction based on a network unit from a computer)

For this type of reconstruction, only an AT-class network unit is suitable. Such devices have a ventilation compartment, as well as buttons on. and off The network unit is used on many computer models, so it will not be difficult to find any unnecessary detail. Next, check the output current, it should be at least 16 volts, and a power of 300. 30 watts.

  1. Disassemble the device and find the plate on which the wiring is fixed (board).
  2. Disable protection: on the board, locate the electronic component in green and attach to any other black wire.
  3. Find the design with two black, yellow and red wires (MOLEX pins). Attach or solder the extension cord to the yellow and black wiring, and attach the other part to the screwdriver terminals. Now twist the mechanism.

Method No. 3 (reconstruction based on inverter welding)

Reconstruction of a screwdriver using inverter welding involves lengthy checks and calculations on the fact of the operability of the necessary parts. The process of remaking is not complicated, it adheres to the same technology as in the previous methods. You just need to remove the old battery, and in its place attach the cord entry to the contacts. In the case of inverter welding, you will also need to install a secondary coil.

Based on the read article, we can say that this goal can be achieved by different methods. To do this, use a number of items, such as: laptop charger, computer power supply and inverter welding. However, the most successful and uncomplicated reconstruction will be based on a laptop power supply. So, not a huge detail will not make the apparatus heavier and will work for a long time. Be careful, all actions associated with electrical devices oblige to follow safety rules.

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