Corner grinder got wet in the rain what to do. Why is it bitten by a corner grinder?

What to do with a wet technique

Quite often for repair of equipment, people who accidentally shed tea, coffee, beer or dropped into the water. And when this happens, you need to take a set of certain measures.

Spilled drink, spray rain, direct hit in a pond, skoda pet. all this can cause the premature death of your device. And, if there is no doubt about the abundant wet in danger, then a slight ingress of liquid on a smartphone or laptop can perceive as a non.essential. However, this situation can be more dangerous. We offer you a selection of tips on the right actions when moisture enters your device.

Turn off the device as soon as possible

Even if it seems to you that everything is in order, turn off. Water, as everyone knows, perfectly conducts current. So, the working device has an increase in a short circuit, after which it is cheaper to buy a new gadget. So do not hesitate. the faster you do it, the more chances your device is to survive “bathing”. And don’t try to connect the charger.

Starting repair at home, masters are faced with laying tiles in the bathroom. But you need to not only carefully and evenly put the tile, but before that cut it. Not everyone has a set of tools, among which there is a tile. Typically, the choice of tools is limited, but if there is an angular grinder among them (an angle grinding machine), then we will consider the option of using it for cutting tiles. In the article you will learn how to correctly cut the tiles with a corner grinder, which circle to cut porcelain tiles is more effective, which safety rules must be observed.

Is it possible to cut tiles with a corner grinder?

For sawing it is more efficient to use the tool intended for this. tile cutter. But if you do not want to purchase it “at a time”, then you can use an angle grinding machine. Cutting with its help will take more time, has a number of specific features that should be taken into account.

For work, a corner grinder with the most common disk diameter is suitable for you. 125 mm.

How you can not use a corner grinder

Corner grinder tool of very narrow specialization. Everyone knows about it. It is even stupid to write about how and where this tool should not be used. It is unlikely that it comes to your mind, fight a corner grinder on the barricades or cutting her sausage. Perhaps in the distant future, when, due to evolution, the boundaries between the upper limbs of people and power tools will disappear, the brain of people will swell so much that it will be very serious to consider one of the auditory holes to exit out. Then what then? I don’t know I feel bad from these thoughts, and I lose the meaning of the narrative.

Imagine another situation. You pick up an unlucky, real corner grinder, and with evil decisive steps you go to something or someone. You only need to rummage in your memory and imagine what you would like to cut off with its help. Introduced? Now the whole mail from the distant corners of your memory is sent to your imagination, and the fingers reflexively compress an imaginary plastic shape with a frantically rotating disk. You are sure that the disk of corner grinding at a revolution of 11,000 per second will cut down anything. You are blinded by the imaginary universality of the tool. But it is here that your carelessness can turn into a tragedy and sensitively distort your own fingers. Such a case can undermine your reputation as the owner of “straight hands” and faith in the omnipotence of the Bulgarians as very cutting, but safe tools for you.

Corner grinder, or natural selection tool. (slightly about security) ⁠ ⁠

On the wake of posts about grinder and other angular grinds)) I observe a lot of stories as a man with a corner grinder cut off his hand / leg \ head, the disk was chopped into the thigh \ face \ cerebral cortex, which on the corner grinding can not work with saw (circular). Let’s go.

I have serious experience with power tools and corner grinding in particular since 16. 12 years, very significant. With circular disk 7. I had 1 accident-chuvak at my facilities roughly neglected safety precautions and greatly damaged the foot. So, what I see, just reading the posts: the absolute majority of gross violations of TB! (although the instrument and equipment, yeah, are almost always to blame) let’s go through the basic rules a little (all pictures from tyrnets)

The direction of the cut. The direction of the cut should always be sparks on itself. There are several reasons, and almost everything can be seen in this very successful picture.

1) the direction of movement of the tool after loss of control, uncontrolled exit from the cut. That is, when the disk spins “on itself”, if the corner grinder bites (metal corner, sharp change of material, knot, crushed and burst the disk)-this beauty will fly forward! Not an employee. Actually, this is how it was with us, with our emergency. It flew to this “fellow” in the leg, thanks to the independent transfer of the handle (cut in the other direction) and the workpiece was recorded for compression (more on that later). Personally, I had 7 times a bit of a disk so that I lost control of the machine. And at a height, also (when you cut the stroob in the LEF and reinforces reinforcement, for example). Two corner grinds in the end into the scrap, crashed, from my injuries, I broke my elbow, while flying from the platform. Sharped, damn) By the way, for jokes, so young corner grinders with a diameter of 230 mm with a vertical cut during a snack, torn from a place upward about 15-20 90 kg of a guy. So think if you can hold it if this fool flying in the leg. Sparks fly into the eyes? Well, what did you want. Glasses do not help? Yes, I know. For example, I work with metal in a welding mask with a folding light filter. Raised and ordinary transparent plexiglass. Cheap, angry, absolutely safe. Burning pants? Jeans live for a very long time, berets. And in general in slippers and shorts of such a tool, a little arrogant to be a mistake.

2) Well, the scatter of the disk is shown in the picture very high quality, there is nothing to talk about.

3) the correct location of the workpiece. Reliable fixation and t.D. And after cutting, part of the workpiece should fall under its weight / move away from the workpiece without pinching the disk.

4) incorrect disk position. Well, EPT, well, not funny. As soon as they do not cut. If you have little experience working with an angular grinder and it is not your constant tool, only at 90 degrees to the surface. If the disk is not even, but bend the ultimately necessary for its breakdown, siiylo decreases not in your favor.

5) This is more from the category of tips, or something, will help many professionals. Under a protracted nut, put a piece of paper folded several times and feel free to tighten. The disk does not pull, does not squeeze, easily removed without a key.

6) Circular disk) Well, it only looks scary, in fact. There are precisely special, with a diameter of landing and the estimated speed of rotation. Subject to safety precautions is not more dangerous than the same dry. Turn some kind of garbage from the sawmill and I would be worried. And also important, make the side of the disk installation.

7) power. Yes. Suddenly. Select the tool taking into account the tasks. Ideal for everyday life and many mm, 1.8 kW. A very powerful thing, you can work quite confidently on top, you can hold and have time to react. With a trifle to work, we take a smaller animal. Well, 230 mm and 2.5 kW is already a highly specialized tool and you really need to be able to work with it. For example, I have 180 and 125 mm. Although I somehow bought a fool of 230 mm, after my partner threw it on a chair, they sailed. It was after that that they realized that it was better to pass twice less powerful. But, for example, tilers-trowel are needed precisely powerful corner grinders. IMHO, corner grinder more than 180 mm, for the work of purely “top-down” and errors in the technique of work do not forgive. But this is only my opinion, many gurus of welded business with her do this. But a beginner and a non.professional is better to stay away from such a thing.

8) wrong disk selection. Oh yes, this is a favorite. First we grind the profile of the disk to the cordial grill that it is a little thicker than the paper, and then we are surprised, the disc has burst. For each type of work, the equipment is equipped! There are sandpaper (sharpening), grinding (petal, felt, etc.D.), a variety of detachment. Well, you should not ignore them because of your own laziness.

9) Defense removal. Well, this is already natural selection, cheap. Darwin Prize.

10) serviceability of the electric wire. There was somehow a case, isolation was damaged. Pierced on the skin, lost control of the corner grinder, the corner grinder flew into the country of drilled things and crashed against the wall.

11) the correctness of the cut itself. Shown in the picture. Do not invent anything new, fraught with troubles.

In general, if you summarize all the TB with a corner grinder boils down to: a) the correct selection of tools and equipment, compliance with the cutting technique.B) PPE. Glasses are not so 100 % saving their eyes, a mask with a folding light filter or a plexiglass shot, more reliable. Clothing-tight (jeans at least), durable shoes, non-combustible. The perfectly-coopeum of a tarpaulin made of tarpaulin and berets made of whole leather or even a Kiraza, without fabric inserts (burn out, verified). Gloves-earnest loud. Also for a very short time, but at a price of 25 p, two or three pairs per day, no special consumption. I would not advise kraga, you don’t feel a button, with a very bare hands, the skin is leather and there is a great risk of getting burned on the workpiece.C) air circulation. Provide good ventilation, gases formed during the cut process are able to spoil health.

Necessary safety precautions

Before using a corner grinder, you should strictly learn all safety requirements. It is not fundamentally in which direction the dust and sparks will fly, when the rules for working with a corner grinder are not learned and the necessary precautions are not observed, which implies the possibility of serious injuries.

The necessary measures for the prevention of injuries during operation is angular grinding:

The presence of a non.hazardous place of work

Before working with a corner grinding for metal, it is necessary to devote time to prepare the workspace. The selected place must be cleaned of garbage elements, remove any combustible materials or flammable substances, check the absence of open electrical wiring.

For work, you will also need the presence of high.quality natural lighting or the installation of artificial.

The workflow with a machine is allowed only in a dry environment. It is necessary to exclude any use of the tool in the rain or in buildings subjected to water.

Important! Working with a corner grinder, the presence of worn decorations (chains, key fobs, etc. should be excluded. items) capable of being protected (wound) machine mechanism.

Before working with a corner grinder, you should take care of the presence of fire extinguishing means at hand. It can be either a fire extinguisher of any class, or a container with water, sand, etc.D.

Application of individual protective equipment

All equipment must be thoroughly fixed, fastened and tied to prevent the machine from getting into the working part of the machine.

Special danger from a flying sheaf of sparks. Therefore, it is important to protect vision and open areas of the body, using glasses, masks, mittens, special shoes. To protect hearing, it is recommended to insert Berush or the use of construction headphones. In working with “dusty” materials, a respirator will come in handy. Special construction shoes will not allow damage to the legs from the fall of metal parts.

Using a working tool

Before starting work, it is important to verify the equipment for the lack of mechanical damage that can harm the current.

If You See This Bug One Day, Don’t Squish It!

It is necessary to correctly install a protective casing in order to prevent sparks on the face and body, and reliably fix it.

Be sure to check the handle on the gearbox for integrity (the presence of damage and cracks) in order to prevent its breakdown during cutting.

Is it possible to work with a corner grinder in the rain?

Easy to keep the corner grinding grinder is one of the main reasons why electric tools fail especially in the cutting tools. for example, corner grind. Dirt accumulates and boils on the casing of a corner grinder.

How to cut a corner grinding of safety precautions properly?

The depth of the cut should be increased gradually, do not try to cut everything in one call. In no case do not remove the protective casing! After completing the work, wait for the disc stop. Do not throw a “corner grinder” with a rotating disk. Do not grab the equipment immediately after it stops, so as not to burn yourself.

The disk should rotate clockwise. The reason for just such a disk rotation is safety precautions. It should be noted when working with a corner grinder (corner grinder) everything works in the complex. The disk rotates clockwise, sparks fly on you, so you need appropriate, overalls.

Connection of water to a corner grinder for wet cut

Good day! Yesterday I needed to cut the concrete floor to change the place of drain in the bathroom, drank 2 parallel grooves with a length of only 50-60 centimeters, then I could not have dust so that it was simply not visible on the knees. I decided to figure it out with this issue, it was necessary to cut it further, and again, the dust is not at all hunting at all. I found only 2 options on the internet from or from the bottle to water or buy the finished. And then I caught my eye to connect the mixer- there is a thread on both sides, it is also a reinforced- ideal option!I was bought in a store: a 30cm hose for connecting the mixer- 75 minimum size crane 1/2 inch on one side external, on the other internal thread. (for regulation and overlapping

water pressure) clamps.3 pcs (2. 32×54 fasteners to the handle, 1×32 for attaching the hose) a piece of 1/2 pipe 10cm with a length (found at home) place where in a protective casing the hole drilled, and cut the thread m 10 step 1mm can be seen in the photo

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I collected a similar design, only the dropper hose in the handle of the garden sprayer, and we hug it to the handle. one finger on the power button, the other on the water supply lever. The pressure pumped up the sprayer tank and you can work. I sawed many walls so (including the founter II 16 cm thick, on both sides), splashes in the dviglo does not suck, everything flows down the protective casing. A little fell into the bearing, then I had to change it. Corner grinder China 2 kW. The scheme is quite working, you just need to observe great care than on dry. At the same time, it is much safer for the building itself than to crumble a heavy chipper, and more accurately.

It was so scary to cut the walls like a wet one to me, so for vertical cut, I turned off the water.The bearing is also replaced)))

If everything will work out successfully, we will hope for this, then please sign it about the sensations when you have fucked electric shock)))

and I have already finished sobsno))) I had to cut the floor that I did.To the great chagrin of all the curious, the current never hit))) I didn’t cut the ceiling- so that the water fell into the corner grinder)))

10 Amazing & Useful Angle Grinder Disc !!!

A deadly tool.Especially when you work on your head.He was personally witness. Empage shock, muscles are reduced and a working corner grinder falls on a person cutting everything in his path. Fortunately, there was but, there was an ambulance, an operation and a hospital in full.Water diamond discs on a corner grinding of water. the top of idiocy, the physics of the process here in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев has already been described correctly. It is better to swallow dust or work with a more correct tool-concrete-cutting, there the water supply is somehow made differently and, apparently, does not suck it into the motor.

In this situation, if the disk does not cripple with fragments, then he will definitely take it off! This and many other turbines pull the air to cool the anchor, into those holes near the handle. When sawing with water, water dust is also drawn there. In short, he will shock you very soon.

Without options, according to all estimates, the third will be decisive.

A lot of Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Chiyal is not all. But the corner grinder is collected for left.handed chtoli Spray should be. IMHO)

I propose a complaint to the manufacturer to send that they did not collect the tool correctly)))

Ahahaha) I turned the gearbox on Metabo. This is spelled out in the instructions and they say the guarantee does not fly away) look at the instructions. And I like the idea of ​​supplying water. I will also take it into service. I only recommend tightness or stockings from dust from getting. Since this is inside everything cokes.

About tights of the vaure, and on the expense of turning the gearbox already depends on the model and the manufacturer, it is not always provided and can be limited only by 90 degrees in the law-left from the original.

corner, grinder, rain

I agree. Someone has 2 positions through 180. Someone has 3 (more precisely 4 after 90, but it makes no sense to direct the pulley towards the operator). The old ones do not rotate at all (there was no rotation there, but it was possible to turn the pen for 180, though it is already goodbye to a guarantee) left the topic. We lower the desire to raise the ChSV by the fact that I know everything, I only recommend turning over the direction to ourselves. True, this will save (at least all the chances of suffering) your life.

I thought for a long time, I read the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, but I still did not understand why this would be needed more safer?!Pure logic: in the position from themselves from themselves, the wet dirt/dry dust flies into my strip, do not burn my clothes, do not clog my breath and eyes, and in the end they do not score ventilation holes of corner grind.Then we look, when the disk is snack, if this suddenly happens angular grinding make up, that is, it is much easier to hold up in the hand and keep it in the hand, than if it breaks down from the fingers.(when sparks are to yourself) Now the most filthy is the destruction of the abrasive disk we look where the fragments will fly, again to the side of ourselves.

Well if a powerful corner grinder bites well, then it will be lucky if the disk is spaced (the protection saves and the rikoshta from the walls will usually stick, I had it several times with a saw of cable trays through the ass in places) If the disk does not have time to break away from the planks then Corner grinder makes a jerk of such a force that the tool knocks out of the hands. Everyone is afraid of sparks and dust. In principle, it is logical. No one is pleased with this. But if it bites. Then she will fly into you. If the sparks are directed at you. Then when bite, she jumps forward and hold it easier. Since most likely you will raise her or she will jump out. I conveyed my father from this by shown Internet videos and pictures what happens if you work not right. Now the circular disc is not dressed either. With obscenities, I immediately went to turn the gearbox. And we do not give an instrument to those who return the pen on the wrong side. (IMHO I would not have given any instrument at all, Dad is kind)))

I am already a scientist at the expense of it is also a scientist)))) I killed my 1 corner grinder so familiar to me- there was a stopper, but he had a disc of the disk, he saw the traces of the hammer on the vein and as a result, the internal fastening of the Stooppel pupil was vomited that the hole appeared in the gearbox.- now I don’t give))))

Introductory part. The course of the young fighter

corner grinder, it is an angel. Grinding machine (angular grinder). Brief information for those who first hold this wayward tool in their hands. Corner grinder device (angular grinder)

The spindle button-stop (spindle rotation is blocked on the tool off when replacing abrasive disks)

Lever. Rubberized as in the photo. Corner grinder in the work gives tangible vibrations.

Protective casing. To remove it strictly prohibited!

Air channels. Try not to overlap them with your palms so as not to overheat the corner grinder.

Abrasive disk. In this case, grinding.

Do you know why the corner grinder is called a corner grinder?

The own “Corner Grinding” name appeared in the 70s of the last century, when the first representatives of this type of tools released in Bulgaria entered the USSR. Called “Fortune”.

Elprom-Lovech Bulgarian Plant, now Sparky, was the first to produce this type of power tool in the SEV, having bought AEG license in 1966 in 1966.

one.2. Acts with corner grinder. What can be twisted and change

Some models have a constructive ability to change

one.2.2. The position of the protective casing

Very conveniently done by the Japanese (kawasaki). In a couple of seconds you can rearrange without a key.

The Click system also looks interesting, but I personally did not have to use it.


If you found in the garage, received in production, borrowed from a neighbor or some other b/u corner grinder without a protective casing, refuse to work or organize its presence. Never work without a protective casing!

one.2.3. Adjustment of the number of revolutions

Excellent angles are found on sale. Grinding machines with a speed regulator. I use it myself and strongly recommend. Unsuitable here and economic considerations. The consumption of abrasive circles will be 2-3 times lower.

If your corner grinder itself does not know how to adjust the momentum, then look for an adjustable autotransformer (Latra), many use homemade. Through this device, you can defeat the frantic turns of the corner grinding and even turn it into a polishing machine.

We de.energize the tool (you can banally be pulled out of the outlet)

Press the spindle stop (see. The device of the corner grinder is higher)

Unscrew the lock nut with a special key

This is not the most convenient option on your angular grinder by default. When it is tired of twisting the key, purchase a modernized nut with a spring.loaded base that clamps the disk. Chinese junk, pay once for the quality of AEG, Bosch or Makita.

Types of abrasive circles and nozzles for corner grinders. Which we use in work circles

The name here speaks for itself and the purpose of the disk is intuitively clear. If you saw at least once, you will not confuse. Circles of this type are potentially most dangerous for the operator.

To cut off exactly you have to look into the cut plane with a risk to get a fragment in the forehead, if the cut.out circle falls into fragments. Below will be a photo of excellent adaptations that allows you to level this annoying drawback. Grinding circles

Designed for grinding surfaces. Welders use it to clean the weld from slag. Visually looks like a very thick detachment disc, but naturally not. We’ll talk separately about marking separately. Rittle Circle of petal (petal)

Has a characteristic ribbed surface.

It does a great job with pendric work and grinding of flat and end surfaces.

Not abrasive circles, but I would like to mention these indispensable things when processing hard-to-reach surfaces, for example, the inside and angles of the P-shaped profile.

It is extremely desirable to work with roller nozzles on grinds with a speed control regulator, as a superhumine angular velocity in this case is not needed and only interferes. gives strong vibration and knocks out the tool from the hands.

The rapidly-intended abrasive material is fixed on a special base of the grinder using Velcro and serves to eliminate small defects.

2.2. In size

Look into the instructions for the angular grinder and read which disks you need to purchase. The size. The outer diameter of the disk depends on the size of the angular grinder for which it is intended and can be:

corner, grinder, rain

115 mm. The most portable option. It is usually acquired for grinding work, TK cut depth with a new cutting disk does not exceed 30 mm. In this case, the disk in the work wears out and its diameter will be even smaller.

125 mm. Popular and most common option for the range of work-dacha. A successful combination of compactness and power with a low weight angular grinder. On sale a wide range of circles and nozzles for this size.

180mm, therefore, an angular grinder designed for an abrasive circle with a diameter of 150mm is referred to highly specialized and not the most practical for the widespread use of power tools.

180 mm. Copes with relatively thick metal structures and pipes of large diameter.

230mm. For household needs, it is rarely required, but aptly. Not suitable for finishing work. Very convenient for processing large arrays of stone: cuts concrete beams, stone, brick. Differs with an impressive cut depth of up to 70 mm and the ability to clean the surface of a large area. The average weight of such Bulgarians about 5 kg imposes obvious physical restrictions.

The thickness of the cutting disk from 1 to 3.2 mm. It is difficult to give unequivocal recommendations for choice, here everyone decides on their own based on standing tasks and personal preferences.

The thinner the cut.out disk is the easier to saw, but faster than the wear of the working surface (more often you need to put a new disk) and for some reason on the forums often write that the probability of destruction during disk skew (the worst), but according to my observations, the thin disk is more flexible and more flexible and more flexible and more flexible and more flexible and more flexible and more flexible and more flexible disc and more flexible and more flexible disk “plays” due to reinforcement.

The smaller the diameter, the higher the working turning of the corner grinder. For example, the angular grinder 150 and 125 differ not only in the size of the protective casing, but also with gear numbers of gear pairs. The use of a disproportionate disk, for example, from 150 for an angular grinder of 125mm is strictly prohibited!

2.3. On the processed material On metal or concrete

The inscription (“Steel”. a disk of steel, “concrete”. concrete). In our case, the inscription is duplicated in Russian and English. Color (blue. according to steel, green. in concrete), sometimes a graphic image of the material is found.

Never use saw wheels for wood to work on a corner grinder! recently, this far from the most successful idea could be realized only by individual craftsmen who fired homemade spacers for installation on a corner grinding of a disc from a circular saw.

Today you can find on sale metal cutting circles for wood work, which are constructively suitable for your tool in the landing inner diameter, which creates the illusion “The manufacturer knew what” did “, but not a single resuscitation doctor will agree with this.

People get the most terrible injuries when using a corner grinder in a chainsaw mode. When it hits the bitch, a blade of disk occurs, an angular grinder in a split second is pulled out of the hands with a flight along an unpredictable trajectory. Here is a similar case, only the role of the bitch was performed by a nail.

My comrade decided to cut the already installed panels of the wood.fiber slab, which arched from dampness. Premmed disklarpy disk on an angular grinder.

The first two panels drank normally, on the third panel came a tiny clove (finish) corner grind. Result. A knee torn in the trash and disability at 20 years old.

Quote from the Price-Altai

Important! Saw a tree only benzo, electric, circular saw or hand hacksaw. In this case, refuse the universality of the corner grinding in favor of your own safety!

Welding requirements during rain

Firstly, welding equipment should be reliably protected from direct rain streams. Also, you need to cook under tents or canopies so that moisture does not fall into the place of welding work.

The body and hands of the welder during welding in the rain should be reliably protected by special clothes. Such workwear does not get wet, which is very important. The same applies to the welder shoes, it should be durable, reliable, and most importantly, waterproof boots.

The welding machine must be grounded. In general, during the rain it is better to give preference not arc welding, but plasma. It is plasma welding that is ideal for work during bad weather. There is nothing to be afraid of in this case, including an electric shock.

In addition, it is important to know that a large amount of moisture in the air during the rain negatively affects the quality of the resulting connection. Welding seams that were cooked during the rain will have a large number of different defects, and about their strength and reliability, we cannot talk about.

Safety precautions during welding in bad weather

In order to avoid problems when welding during rain, it is not recommended to deviate from the following rules:

  • Welding equipment should be completely regular. This is especially true for cables and wires. They should be in a whole insulating shell, not torn and without twists.
  • The presence of special clothes at the welder, which would protect him from the rain.
  • Be sure to provide protection for welding equipment from direct rain flows. It is also important to protect the welding machine from large temperature fluctuations.

In most cases, it is better to generally abandon the idea of ​​welding in the rain. No welding is worth the loss of health. Always remember this and observe safety precautions when welding. In any case, we hope that these tips that were given in this article will help you protect yourself during welding in bad weather.