Cub Cadet LTX 1045 Riding Lawn Mower with Bagger. Cub cadet riding mower bagger

Cub Cadet LTX 1045 Riding Lawn Mower with Bagger


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Cub Cadet LTX 1045 Riding Lawn Mower with Original bagger. Perfect for cleaning the fall! 46 in Cut. Always maintained. Used for 100 hours.

The Cub Cadet LTX 1045 is one of the super tractors which are a part of the 1000 series of Cub Cadet. The series of tractors has marvelous features and it helps in smoothing the obstacles at a wide area of land. The larger area of 3 acres is facilitated using these tractors. The cutting features of tractors can’t be beat. You will not find any such model of Cub Cadet LTX 1000 series which can be beaten. Its engine quality is superior to all the previous series of tractors and other series of the different companies.

Not only the features are marvelous but the warranty claim by this company is also a fascinating feature of this series. Three to 5 year warranty is offered on all the tractors. Whether you want to get Cub Cadet LTX 1045 model or you want some other model you can enjoy the excellent features up to 5 years with a warranty claim. Within this time frame you will get free repair and loss recovery service from the company. Let’s discuss here few exciting features which are making the work easier.

All the tractors have an oil pump along with oil filter which helps in its easy maintenance. The maintenance of those pumps is difficult which do not contain spin-on filter but due to the presence of this feature in the Cub cadet ltx series, users find no difficulty. These have a deck which is easy to attach and remove and a deck washing system which removed the debris from the deck at its back. Each tractor has a different turning radius which makes it different from other series of tractors; the large radius of the tractor of this series has a turning radius of 12 inches.

Electronic instruments which are added in the manufacture of its device are all safety proof. They have Locks for brake pedals, a neutral start system and safety switches. The safety feature of any tractor plays an important role in case of an emergency. Usually these features are not interrelated with the daily working. Using these features you can maintain your task and work in a safe style without the hazard of being affected by faulty equipment. The LTX series has 11 models among which the basic model is LTX 1040. The model has a comfortable seat with deck and engine having a cylinder of 19 HP Kohler.

Each consecutive model of the series has the increasing size of the deck and they have a comfortable back seat. The models have increasing value of HP Kohler cylinder engine. The latest versions have advanced features with new engine systems and deck sizes. The controls are enhanced and facilitated with fingertip upgrades. Considering all the models and their features if you check their reviews, you will observe a high level of satisfaction in them. People appreciated these models and their working mechanism.

Quick specs: Transmission: hydrostatic Gears: infinite forward and reverse Oil capacity: 1.8 L Fuel: 12.5 L Front Tires: 15×6 Rear Tires: 20×8

The double bagger for the Ultima ZT1 42″ and 46″ mower is disappointing. The problems are so obvious it doesn’t take an expert to find them. Here are the top 10 problems with the Cub Cadet double bagger for the 42″ and 46″ Ultima Zero Turn Mower.

Is it me, or am I crazy? When designing a mower bagger system you would want to use high-quality strong plastic. Well, Cub Cadet thought the cheap flimsy plastic would do.

All the plastic pieces flop around and feel like they’re going to snap. Not only is the plastic cheap, but the main part of the plastic bagger has to be assembled with clips! I have no faith in these genius little plastic clips. I see them snapping in the future.

#3 Bagger Lock System

Thinking back to when opening the bagger, not only does the hinge stink, but the locking clips are just so stupid. Again every time I have to open it I’m concerned I’m going to break it. Can’t wait until these break too, so I can introduce the contraption to bungee cords.

#5 Fun Assembly (jk)

Putting things together with bad instructions is like building the thing without them. This bagger took around 4 hours to put together because of the confusing lack of instructions. Parts were hard to tell apart and easy to misidentify.

Again I feel like on a 500 product it should be preassembled or at LEAST have good instructions.

Overall, the bagger does work. I am worried about the long term quality of this product since it isn’t the best to start with. I just find it hard to believe that after putting so much time perfecting the mower, they would cut so many corners with the expensive bagger. I really hope that Cub Cadet will realize this and redesign it for the better soon.

UPDATE 5/2021: It Broke. But Cub Cadet made it right.

Towards the end of last mowing season (2020), one of the hood clips broke off and most of clamps that attach the bagger assembly to the metal frame also snapped off. If you remember, my #1 complaint about this bagger was the cheap plastic and it ended up being the root of my problem.

Because of this bagger’s high price tag, I contacted my local Cub Cadet dealer where it was purchased to explain that although I love the mower, I was disappointed in the low quality of the bagger. The broken parts make the bagger almost useless and in my opinion, it should last longer than 1 season.

After sending them photos of the broken parts, the dealer determined that the bagger would be covered under the limited warranty and I just needed to set up an appointment to have it repaired. The customer service at our local dealer was excellent and they worked hard to get the problem resolved quickly.

In the end, the Cub Cadet dealer replaced the damaged parts and I have already started using it for this 2021 mowing season with no problems so far (fingers crossed). On the bright side, apparently Cub Cadet recognized the problems with this bagger design as they have now released a new bagger with an updated design.

Note: If you’re looking to buy a bagger for these Cub Cadet mowers, be sure to double-check which bagger you’re purchasing to make sure you’re getting the new design. The old product is still on the shelf and should be avoided.

Have you purchased the new bagger? If so, head down to the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and let me know what your thoughts!

Cub Cadet Fast Attach Double Bagger 42"/46

This item is currently on backorder but you can still purchase it now and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

The FastAttach system is easy to install, use and operate, making grass collection and yard maintenance a breeze.

  • Fits Cub Cadet XT1 and XT2 Enduro Series Lawn Tractors with 42 in. and 46 in. cutting decks, 2015 and after.
  • FastAttach Connection System offers versatility and the convenience of fast and easy connection of attachments. No tools required when connecting FastAttach products.
  • Refer to the Parts list label under the rider hood for original equipment parts.
  • Contents include two bags, chute, hood, mounting brackets and hardware.
  • Factory tested and approved to provide the perfect fit, strength, durability and performance.
  • Superior bagging performance with a 6.5 bushel capacity.
  • Sight window lets you know when bags are full. Top hinged hood allows bags to be emptied without pivoting seat forward.
  • The easy-to-empty bags are made of heavy duty material and feature an integrated handle and a thermoform bottom.
  • The discharge chute is made of flex tubing and provides a clear visual of grass flow.
  • Bagging grass clippings creates a crisp appearance and leaves behind a well-manicured lawn.
  • For detailed installation instructions, please refer to your operator's manual.

Riding Mower Bagger for 42 in. and 46 in. Decks


cadet, 1045, riding, lawn, mower


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Bagging helps to foster lawn growth by preventing thatch from building up. Using a bagger helps control lawn disease naturally, encourages new grass growth, and acts as a natural crab grass and weed control. It can help increase curb appeal of your lawn. When you bag your grass clippings, you create a crisp appearance and a highly manicured professional finish, with defined striping, no grass clumps left behind, and grass less likely to spread to vegetable gardens or flower beds. Bagging your clippings is a huge time saver. It’s faster than raking and you won’t have to mow as often as mulching.

Fits most Troy-Bilt and Cub Cadet, Yard Machines, Bolens, Huskee and Craftsman riding mowers with a 42- or 46-inch Cutting Deck (2010. )

  • Flex tubing to prevent clogging
  • Integrated top-hinged hood, for easier removal of bags
  • Sight window lets you know when the bags are full

The Best Baggers for Mowers to Keep Your Grass Clippings Contained

Add one of these baggers to your riding mower for a neat and pristine lawn.


cadet, 1045, riding, lawn, mower


Unlike push mowers, riding mowers don’t typically include a bagging system for grass clippings, so it can be difficult to achieve the clean, minimal look you might want. Luckily, one of these baggers will solve that problem, and allow you to conveniently gather and dispose of unwanted clippings. These baggers attach to the mower deck using a discharge chute, which then directs the clippings into a series of containers mounted to the rear of the mower. Most attach relatively easily as well — just make sure the one you buy is compatible with your mower's make and model.

Read on for recommendations on the best baggers for mowers on the market, plus everything you need to consider before shopping.

Looking for more tools and machines to help maintain your lawn? Check out our stories on the best lawn dethatchers, the best self-propelled lawn mowers, and the best cordless outdoor power tools.

Best Baggers for Mowers


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MTD Genuine Parts 10-Bushel Triple Bagger


cadet, 1045, riding, lawn, mower


TerraKing Original Lawn Tractor Leaf Bag

The most important factor to consider when choosing a bagger is whether or not it will fit your mower. Luckily, this is pretty simple to accomplish, as all baggers clearly state the makes, models, and deck sizes that they’re compatible with. If you really want to ensure that your bagger will fit correctly, try to purchase one that’s designed specifically for your mower, though it isn't always possible to do so.

You should also think about the overall capacity of the bagger. The larger the capacity, the fewer times you’ll have to empty out the containers per mowing session, saving a lot of time and effort. If you have a large yard, you might want to choose a bagger with a 10-bushel capacity; with a smaller lawn, a more cost-effective 3.25-bushel option will likely suffice.

Related, if all you need to tackle is leaves, you may want to choose a leaf bag instead. These will provide a much higher capacity than hard plastic grass clipping baggers, although they still require an existing bagger mechanism to mount.

Will A Craftsman Bagger Fit A Cub Cadet?

A Cub Cadet riding lawn mower makes grass cutting quicker, especially with a bagger attached to it. But will any bagger attachment, like a Craftsman bagger, fit into a Cub Cadet mower? We have done the research and found the answer.

Before you buy a Craftsman bagger, you should know the Cub Cadet's serial number and manufacturing date. The number determines the compatibility of the lawn mower with the bagger. Cub Cadet mowers come in different models and sizes.

The bagger offers convenience in clipping collection in less time than manual raking. We will let you in on bagger problems and how to solve them. With that said, let's dive in!

Craftsman Bagger



cadet, 1045, riding, lawn, mower


Baggers come in different sizes and styles to fit walk-behind and riding mowers. Some have significant capacities that can fit clippings from a large grassy area.


cadet, 1045, riding, lawn, mower


A Craftsman bagger comes in single to three bags. These bags are attached to different types of mowers with sizes from 30 inches to 54 inches.

Its 42-inch or 46-inch double bagger is compatible with a lap bar zero-turn bagger. Its triple bagger, however, fits any 50-inch or 52-inch riding mower.

However, no specific lawn mower models are indicated. So it is best to know the compatibility of your lawn mower before purchasing the bagger.

Is Your Bagger Compatible With The Cub Cadet?


cadet, 1045, riding, lawn, mower


Even if it says that a Craftsman bagger can fit any riding lawn mower, it is still best to verify using the model details of your Cub Cadet mower.

Knowing that these Craftsman baggers are compatible with riding mowers is just one side of the story. Another essential piece of information is the serial number and the manufacturing date of the Cub Cadet mower.

This data determines if you have the right bagger for your Cub Cadet. Finding other parts and accessories for the mower will also need the same information.

A metal sheet or sticker under the mower's seat, on the frame, or below the dash panel will have the necessary information.

The serial number of the mower has 11 digits. The fifth number indicates the last number of the year it was manufactured. For example, if the fifth number is seven, it was manufactured in 1997, 2007, or 2017.

Call the Cub Cadet's technical support to verify if any of the Craftsman bagger models will be a match for your lawn mower.

How Do You Attach A Craftsman Bagger?


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The bagger comes with a mounting bracket, bagger rail, bag, chute, and hardware. You will also need a wrench tool to attach the bagger to the mower.

You can make modifications if the chute does not fit well into the deck hole. It might be tricky and require more drilling or metal work.

Here is a video tutorial to guide you better in attaching the Craftsman bagger.

Why Doesn't The Grass Go To The Bagger?


cadet, 1045, riding, lawn, mower


While using the bagger, you may notice clogging in the chute. Problems can occur if:

Grass Too Wet

Grass with lots of dew or soggy can cause problems. It sticks to the deck and prevents airflow. Wet grass can also cause clumping, which clogs the chute and the blower.

Wait for the grass to dry before cutting. You could do this midday when the sun is out, and the grass is not covered with dew. Waiting also ensures that more grass cutting is sucked into the bagger and not left on the ground.

Ground Speed

The mower should not be at full speed to give it time to do its work correctly. The engine is overworked when the ground speed is too fast. The deck will also not pick up the grass clippings properly. Check the mower's speed and slow down to make it work efficiently.

Cutting Too Deep

You should cut around a third of the blade length of the grass. The lawn height should be around three inches before cutting.

When using a mower, cut grass only up to an inch. Do not cut too deep, as this will be too harsh for the grass, and the mower will have a hard time. Set the blade at one setting level first, then adjust if needed.

Dull Or Damaged Blade

A dull or damaged blade will not properly cut grass. It prevents air movement from pushing the grass clippings from the deck to the chute. Dull or damaged blades can also cause clumping of clippings which clogs the chute.

Check the blade sails, and change them when they thin. The blade sails are on the higher side of the blade.

Replace with a high-lift blade which creates more air circulation on the deck so the grass can move freely. It also has more air pressure to lift the clipping faster to the chute and the bagger.

Dirty Underside Deck

The underside of the deck, full of grass clippings, prevents air from circulating. Poor air movement will make it hard for the cuttings to move to the bagger. Riding lawn mower decks have a ready wash port.

An adapter nozzle is needed to attach the water hose to the port. Make the water run and turn on the engine for the blades to spin. Cleaning the deck this way will significantly improve its efficiency.

Grass Residue

The constant use of the mower makes grass residue stick to the sides of the chute. Remove the blower's chute or tube attachment from the mower. Check and remove grass, dirt, and debris left inside the chute.

For grass residue, do not just scrape this, as this can do damage to the chute. The best way is to soak the chute components in dishwashing soap diluted with water which softens the residue.

Then brush off the sides to loosen the residue with a soft-bristled brush. Rinse off, then let the chute dry completely. Once dry, spray silicone lubricant to prevent grass clippings from sticking to the chute. The lubricant also lessens chute cleaning frequency.