Dismantling A Bosch 14 Screwdriver

Manual installation of fasteners has always been a laborious and painstaking task. Therefore, space technology very quickly found its application in terrestrial conditions. A screwdriver has become the most sought-after tool in almost every household. But the simplicity of design and the reliability of the tool does not make the mechanism invulnerable.

During operation, a number of problems arise that can be eliminated on your own or contact the service center employees.

Bosch screwdrivers: malfunctions as a result of prolonged use

The popularity of the automation of the installation and dismantling of structures gave rise to the mass production of devices with an electric motor. A large number of companies from around the world are engaged in the manufacture of screwdrivers. The palm went to the German manufacturers of Bosch power tools.

Screwdrivers of this company are distinguished by high-quality components, high-quality assembly and a long service life. It is as a result of prolonged and intensive use that this or that problem may appear. This is due to the development of a component or unit of its motor resource.

Dismantling A Bosch 14 Screwdriver

The most common malfunctions of Bosch screwdrivers are:

  • battery failure;
  • failure of the start button;
  • wear of planetary gear parts;
  • damage to the keyless chuck;
  • motor failure.

Start button repair

  • The simplest and most practical way to repair a failed screwdriver start button is to completely replace it.
  • After purchasing the original spare part, the battery is disassembled. To do this, unscrew the mounting screws around the perimeter of the housing and remove its upper part, gaining access to the button.
  • Now it is necessary to unsolder it from the motor and remove the connector connecting the switch to the power supply.
  • After that, the wires from the electric motor are soldered into place, and a new button is installed in the housing along with the connector.
  • Then you need to test the tool and assemble the housing.
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Battery Repair

One of the main components of power tool assemblies is considered a power source. In a screwdriver, this is a battery. It is a battery of series-connected galvanic cells, which are made in the form of cylindrical cans. The size of one element is 33 or 43 mm in height and 23 mm in diameter. The number of cans is determined by the voltage of the battery assembly:

  • 12 volts corresponds to 10 elements;
  • 14 volts will require the installation of 12 elements;
  • 18 volts corresponds to 15 elements.

Battery Jar: Troubleshooting

Identifying battery damage is easy. It is enough to measure its voltage after fully charged. The voltage on one bank is 1.3 volts. the voltage of a fully charged battery of 12 cans should correspond to 15.6-15.7 volts. If the voltage is insufficient, this is a signal to further check the battery:

Video: Dismantling A Bosch 14 Screwdriver

  1. To do this, unscrew the mounting screws on the housing and remove the cassette with banks.
  2. Visually inspect galvanic cells for oxidation and damage.
  3. Then you need to measure the voltage on each bank. If there is no voltage on one or several, then they must be replaced immediately.
  1. Armed with a soldering iron, you need to remove everything that may interfere with removing a broken can: a positive wire and a temperature sensor. In order to avoid short circuit, it is better to insulate the power wire.
  2. Now you need to disconnect the plates welded to the battery, align them for more reliable contact.
  3. After that, you need to tin up the contacts. To reduce the time and temperature of heating, it is advisable to use flux F38m. It is applied in a small amount to the contact plate and liquid solder is added. Spreading over the surface, it makes contact. You need to do this on both sides of the upper and lower contact plates.
  4. After that, you need to prepare the battery jar itself. In the place of its contact with the contact, apply flux. The plate with the heated solder must be pressed to the bank in the upper end. And you also need to do with the bottom contact.
  5. After that, it is necessary to restore the temperature sensor and positive contact. Then proceed with the assembly of the repaired battery.
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Battery jar: primary recovery

If the battery bank is not broken, but lags by 10% according to the voltmeter, you can try to reanimate it. As a result of prolonged use under the influence of high loads, some cans dry out. It is necessary to bring them and the action and restore all the processes taking place in the tank.

In addition, another option is often used. A hole is drilled in the jar and distilled water is added with a syringe. After this, the element is left for a day. After the specified time, the battery is repeatedly discharged and charged. The hole is coated with silicone.

Another option to return the operating parameters to the battery is a mechanical effect on each individual element. It is easily squeezed or deformed. This method does not solve the problem, however, the battery is restored for some time.

Charger Repair

To restore the performance of the batteries on a power tool, a charger is used. Bosch screwdrivers are no exception. One of the failures of a screwdriver is the failure of the charger.

This failure is manifested as follows. The battery is charged. The device turns on for just a few minutes, and then turns off, indicating that the charging process is complete. In this case, the battery remains discharged.

To find out the cause of the failure, you must:

  1. Disassemble the charger housing by unscrewing 4 self-tapping screws. It consists of two branches. In the first, a transformer is installed, in the second. the control board of the device.
  2. Now you need to apply voltage to the transformer and measure the current strength. If it corresponds to the face value, proceed to the next operation.
  3. As a rule, the control chip and rectifier in this case are working, so you need to check the power connectors at the time of operation of the device. A thin wire must be soldered to each pin. They will make it possible to measure the voltage during operation of the device.
  4. Charging include and measure current strength. If the readings are unstable, up to the complete disappearance, the reason is the bending of the power terminals due to the long-term operation of the device.
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Contact restoration allows you to get a full charging process.

Dismantling the keyless chuck

Another assembly requiring close attention is the keyless chuck. It happens that he also fails. Repair consists in replacing it. To remove the quick-clamping device, you need to unscrew the screw inside the chuck. It should be noted that the screw is left-handed, therefore it must be unscrewed by turning clockwise.

Then the hex key is inserted into the cartridge with the short side, clamped and, with a sharp blow of the hammer, breaks off the thread. After that, it is unscrewed by thread with hands. She is ordinary, right.

After reviewing the article, we can conclude that the best screwdrivers for use in the household are Bosch tools. They practically do not fail. Their main problem is the regular wear and tear due to prolonged use or careless attitude.