Dismantling the Hammer Drill Bosch Psb

The drill is designed to drill holes for fasteners. Used in repair, decoration and locksmithing. Usually the instrument has two modes: with and without a strike.

General characteristics of an impact drill

1. Impact drill is an excellent assistant in the repair and decoration works. The tool combines the functions of a hammer drill and a screwdriver. The design carries out rotational and reciprocating movements of the drill. That allows you to work with concrete and natural stone.

Dismantling the Hammer Drill Bosch Psb

2. The main characteristic of a drill is its engine power. For housework, a cylinder of 700 watts is enough. Models with 800 engine. 1500 W are suitable for 8 hours of professional work. They are sturdy, but have large dimensions.

3. Impact drills are equipped with the option of reverse, that is, the reverse stroke of the drill. With it, screws are screwed in and out.

4. An important function is the speed control. Usually it starts with the start button.

5. Drill chucks are hooked and keyless. For ordinary drilling operations, the first option is sufficient. It tightly and securely fixes the drill. If working with a tool involves frequent spindle changes, then take a quick-release chuck.

General Description of the Bosch Impact Drill PSB 500 RE

1. Bosch impact drills are divided into three series “Easy”, “Universal” and “Expert”. The PSB 500 RE belongs to the first group and is equipped with a 500 W motor. The strength of which is enough to cover basic household needs.

Video: Dismantling the Hammer Drill Bosch Psb

2. The cost of the instrument varies from 55 to 75 cu

3. The maximum drilling size for steel is 8 mm, for concrete. 10 mm, and wood. 25 mm. The tool provides accurate and accurate holes in the material. It works in two modes: drilling and drilling with impact.

4. The maximum torque is 7 Hm. The drill can reach speeds of up to 3000 rpm or 33000 bpm. The speed is adjusted using an electronic system. It is started by pressing the push button switch on the handle. There is also a button for fixing the selected speed.

5. Keyless chuck guarantees quick change of working drills.

6. The tool is lightweight for its class of 1.6 kg. A small size and an additional rubberized handle will provide convenient work with him.

7. Bosch PSB 500 RE comes with:

  • drill;
  • additional handle;
  • key for the cartridge;
  • depth gauge;
  • plastic case
  • user’s manual.

The instrument is covered by a 2 year warranty.

Features Bosch PSB 500 RE

Users note a number of features of the Bosch PSB 500 RE drill:

  • the presence of a reverse function;
  • the possibility of fixing the vacuum cleaner;
  • keyless drill chuck;
  • continuous operation function;
  • 4 m. Soft cable;
  • Bosch Electronic control system;
  • depth gauge.

User’s manual

1. Before you start:

  • check for hidden wires or fittings at the work site;
  • make sure that the drill bit is firmly fixed in the chuck;
  • plug the power tool into the declared 220. 230 V.

2. In use:

  • hold the tool by two handles;
  • use safety glasses;
  • when manipulating with the collection or replacement of tool elements, remove its plug from the outlet.

3. After completion of work:

  • Wait for the drill to stop completely;
  • unplug the drill;
  • Do not touch the spindle at first, let it cool.