Household Trimmer Repair.

Any complex technical equipment has a limited working life. And with an increase in the intensity of its operation, the risk of its failure increases. However, the strength of each owner to reduce the number of such emergencies, if exactly adhere to the rules on operation and care, which are recommended by the manufacturer. In any case, you should be prepared for the fact that in a certain period of malfunction in the operation of the device will still occur. Malfunctions that may occur in the work of the trimmer may be different. However, in some cases it is possible to repair the trimmer yourself.

Electrical problems.

Equipment that works on the network differs from similar devices with an integrated power drive in that it has a simpler design.

The main elements of the trimmer are the following components:

  • mechanical part that transmits torque to the trim head;
  • electric motor;
  • power cable.

In this case, all the problems that may arise with this equipment can be presented in the following groups.

Mechanical problems.

The main function when using the device rests on trimmer head, in which the cutting surface is made of fishing line.

In most cases, the device fails due to problems with its filing.

  • If the stock of the line is used up, it is necessary, following the instructions, to wind a new one.
  • One of the reasons for the termination of work may be a tangle of fishing line. In a similar situation you need to unwind it and insert a new bobbin if there are signs of damage.
  • Also, the trimmer may fail due to stuck nylon thread, which may be due to overheating of the device during its long-term operation. This problem is solved by rewinding the fishing line.
  • The problem may be directly related to the coil: for example, it can fall off the bottom. Repair, in this case, will be reduced to replacing it or creating a new bottom with your own hands. Having chosen the last option, it is necessary to prepare a piece of PCB or a bolt with a nut.
  • In some cases, the coil may be no signs of damage, the engine can also be all right, but the rotation of the head does not occur. In such a situation should see the drive shaft. If the concern about its breakage is confirmed, then the device must be handed over to the service center.

If the failure of the gas trimmer is due to mechanical problems, the repair technology will mostly repeat the work done on electrical models.

Electrical damage.

To perform repair of electric trimmers, it is necessary to prepare the appropriate tools:

  • indicator screwdriver;
  • multimeter;
  • blowtorch.

It is quite difficult to figure out by visual inspection what caused the malfunction; in most cases, by eye, only the most obvious faults can be identified.

Regardless of the nature of the fault, this, in any case, leads to the termination of the engine.

  • If there are signs of damage to the power cable, you will need to think about installing a new one.
  • If the problem is in the socket, then in this case you need to make sure with the help of the indicator screwdriver that this is indeed the case. If the fears are confirmed, then you should choose a different outlet for connection.
  • Failure of the motor may be due to damage to the plug. In this case, it must be disassembled and replaced with a workable product.
  • Sometimes problems may be related to the control stick. First, you need to verify this, for which use indicator screwdriver: if there is a break in one of the wires, the contact will not close. In this case, the damaged wiring is replaced.
  • Winding the motor stator can also lead to loss of engine performance. First, a test is performed using a multimeter. For this measuring the device must be switched to the mode of operation with minimal resistance, and then its probes are connected to graphite brushes. If there are no resistance readings, then based on this, it can be concluded that the winding is burning. The repair will be limited to installing a new engine. Usually, finding the necessary parts for the electric trimmer does not cause problems.
  • Also, the engine can fail as a result of the breakage of one of the contact connections. In the absence of signs of damage to the winding, it is necessary, using a multimeter, to check all connections. When a damaged contact is detected, it must be soldered on its own.

Troubleshooting a gas trimmer.

Equipment of this type is the more complex device, because it provides not only drive, but also several other elements: gas distribution system, fuel tank and control.
Considering the mechanical damage, it should be noted that this should include filter clogging. Operational requirements stipulate that they must change during regular maintenance of the device.

Fuel supply system and ignition.

In most cases, malfunctions occur exactly in this area, and each owner can do it himself.

  • If attempts to start the trimmer do not lead to anything, or it stops its work after a couple of moments, then a possible problem in the ignition system can be considered as a possible reason. To confirm this hypothesis should remove the candle and examine it. When signs of a fuel mixture are found on the body, it can be concluded that the malfunctions are related to the carburetor adjustment. The presence of a black candle on the candle indicates the need to replace it. Most often with the search for such components for trimmers problems do not arise.
  • The body of the candle may be covered with carbon if low-octane gasoline is used as fuel or the device operates in the cold start mode with violations.
  • A dry candle may indicate a problem with a clogged fuel hose. It will be confirmed by the supply of gas from the disconnected hose. If nothing like this happens, then you need to examine the filter: if there are signs of clogging, a new product is installed instead. Also the cause may be a breather, which can be restored to working condition by cleaning it with a needle.
  • Carrying out diagnostics of the petrol trimmer, it is important to pay attention to the silencer: very often his body is covered with soot. In this case, it must be removed, cleaned with kerosene and annealed with a burner.

Engine malfunctions.

If the failure of the trimmer is associated with a non-working engine, in this case, the owner will not be so easy to understand what caused the malfunction, and how this can be eliminated. Well, if the device is still under warranty, in this case, you can include a trimmer in the repair shop, whose specialists quickly and efficiently cope with this task. Among the frequently identified and least associated with the difficulties in eliminating the causes of failure of the engine should be called the destruction of piston rings. You can verify this by removing the cylinder head and piston.


The owner of a gasoline or electric trimmer always needs to be prepared for the fact that at some point this equipment will need repair. In this case, it is not always the right decision to contact the service center. Often the causes of the malfunction can be quite simple, which can be eliminated at home. The main thing is to know where to look for it.
However, it is best not to solve such problems, but to prevent their occurrence. For this care and maintenance guidelines of the manufacturer should be strictly followed. for the trimmer. Then the situation when you have to think about repairing gasoline or electric trimmer will occur much less frequently. And this will help the owner to save a lot of time, effort and money.