Echo saw idle adjustment. Repair of the Makita chainsaw carburetor. Adjustment…

Adjustment of the Echo 353 chainsaw carburetor

Makita chainsaw carburetor adjustment affects the productivity of the device, quality of operation

Husqvarna chainsaw won’t stay running.

For the correct setup of the working unit of equipment, it is important: to understand the principle of its operation, to have the necessary tools, to carefully relate to fasteners, as well as closely located elements responsible for the functioning of the chainsaw

Features of the Makita carburetor setup

Makita chainsaw carburetor operates on the same principle as carburetors released by other manufacturers. This important detail is responsible for mixing fuel with air. In order for the operation of the Makita chainsaw to be adjusted with the operation of the device. This will help protect the equipment motor.

  • eliminate the risk of creating a “poor” mixture by a carburetor;
  • minimize the risks of creating a oversaturated mixture, which negatively affects the work of the motor, provoking quick wear.

If you need a new carburetor on the Makita chainsaw (you will configure, focusing on standard instructions), choose the one that is identical to the original.

  • The basis of the basics is a tube for passing air, which is connected to the damper (in the middle). The location of this part affects the amount of air that comes to the engine when operating.
  • Diffuser. It is not difficult to identify it, with a thorough consideration of the components of the carburetor. This part looks like a narrow tube, the main function of which is the control speed adjustment of the air flows.
  • The channel supplying fuel from the float chamber (connected to the nozzle).
  • A separate design that is released against the background of others is a float chamber that looks like a standard tank for fuel liquids.

Randies for adjustment

Makita chainsaw carburetor adjustment is carried out with a set of adjusting screws that are in the case of this design:

  • a screw with labeling L. adjusts low speeds;
  • a screw with labeling h, at the expense of it, high speed settings are carried out;
  • screw t to configure the carburetor operation at idle.
  • The engine is left to warm up (run the chainsaw for 10 minutes).
  • Air filter check and cleaning this part.
  • Stop a circuit turning the screw with marking T (turn until the stop).

A tachometer is used to diagnose problems of carburetor operation.

Important! Masters advise listening to the sound that the screws make when turning. “Screeching” sound may indicate oversaturation of the mixture

Settings algorithm

Carrying out the carburetor of the chainsaw in two stages:

Important ! Some setting steps must be adjusted, depending on the model of the macita chainsaw. In order to do everything right, read the instructions. Standard algorithm of actions

  • We turn the screws for adjusting high and low revolutions to the stop (turn clockwise).
  • At the time of the meeting of resistance, make a half turning back.

TRACK WITH THE MARKING T, move in the direction of the clockwise. Release it only when the engine starts to work stably. In this case, take into account that the chain at this stage should not move.

What to do if the engine turns off during the idle setting? In this case, it is important to quickly crank the screw until it stops (turn clockwise). If the manipulation leads to the movement of the circuit, the adjusting screw is slowly rotated to the previous position

How to check if the carburetor is correctly configured?

To do this, you need to accelerate the operation of the chainsaw. Run the engine at maximum speeds to objectively evaluate its work. When you click on the accelerator, the speed of rotation should reach approximately 15 thousand revolutions per minute. This indicator indicates that the tuning of the carburetor was successful.

If you cannot achieve such an indicator at large speeds, and acceleration is slowly passing, you need to adjust the carburetor again, working only with the screw on which there is labeling l. Rotate it counterclockwise. In this case, rotate the screw slowly so that the turn does not exceed 1/8 of the complete rotation.

If the problem arises the opposite and the maximum rotation indicators must be reduced to 15 thousand, you need to rotate the screw marked with the letter H. Rotate it gradually, slowly in the direction of the opposite movement of the clockwise.

Reducing the revolutions to the optimal value will reduce the risk of engine operation for wear.

How to adjust the carburetor on chainsaws

To understand how to properly adjust the carburetor on a chainsaw, you need to see it, and therefore we invite the reader to pay attention to an example below.

To adjust the adjustment, only a slotted screwdriver will be required, but it will not be possible to perfectly rebuild the carburetor without a tachometer (of course, if a person is not a motorist or a professional driver with experience). Now let’s try to understand how to set up a carburetor in a particular situation.

How to set up a chainsaw carburetor if it does not start at all

A fairly common problem in cases where the “master” from the “I Know All” series is trying to get into the settings with hands, not growing from the shoulders. In this case, there are standard positions of the screws from which it will be possible to “dance” further. First you need to completely wrap both screws (do not be too zealous). Then twist:

As for the idle screw, first the damper should be completely closed (the screw T is turned). After that, it must be crank up by one and a half revolution clockwise and try to start the engine. If it did not work, it is gradually added a quarter of turnover before the launch. When the engine began to work, the position of the idle screw is adjusted so that the ICE is not stalled, but the chain stood still.

Machine for sharpening chains of chainsaws: selection criteria, design features, technical and operational characteristics of equipment, the principle of operation of manual and automatic devices, an overview of popular models of sharpening installations.

How to properly and accurately adjust the carburetor: instructions

In order for the information to be perceived easier, we propose to consider it on the basis of photographs with a description of actions in a tabular form. The chainsaw with the initial settings was taken as the basis.

Illustration description of the action adjustment begins with the screw l (low revolutions). With it, you need to find the maximum engine speed. You should not rush here. the turning change does not occur instantly when the vintacle rotates the maximum speed found, the screw L needs to turn counterclockwise by a quarter turnover. This will help a simple scale drawn by hand on a regular piece of paper. So the master will not be mistaken by a millimeter with the size of rotation when turning the rotor screw of low revolutions is possible that the engine will begin to stall

In this case, it is necessary to add revolutions using the idle screw (T) in the process of adjustment, in addition to turnover standards, you should also pay attention to the exhaust. The blue smoke will indicate excessive enrichment of the mixture, and the crack from the silencer is that it is too poorly regulating the rotor screw of maximum revolutions according to the tachometer, but it is possible by the old fashioned way

To do this, the gas handle is pressed to the stop, after which you need to find maximum speed with a screw N, and then turn it on a quarter clockwise. But it should be remembered that the limiting turns are dangerous for the engine, which means that this procedure must be done as quickly as possible by the production of all adjustments, you can test the tool by checking the engine operation in all modes

You can familiarize yourself with the master class on adjusting the carburetor of the chainsaw in this video.

Advantages of benzo tools

The design of Japanese chainsaws is similar to the equipment of other well.known manufacturers. But there are advantages that the Japanese gas.tool of Echo can boast:

  • Economical and environmental impeccable power drives;
  • Minimum of time to prepare for operation and maintenance;
  • Multi.stage aerofilters are used;
  • Safe implementation of complex work.

The official website of Echo Incorporated presents a full information catalog with a detailed description of all units and their cost.

Adjustment of the echo chainsaw carburetor

Echo are quite easy to operate and maintained. But sometimes there is a need to set up a carburetor.

There are three adjustable screws on the Japanese tool:

  • L for adjusting power plant at low speeds;
  • H to set up a motor at high speeds;
  • T to adjust idle speeds.

You can configure a carburetor with your own hands at home. Procedure:

  • The chainsaw is launched for warming up the motor;
  • When the chain moves on the tire, the screw T turns counterclockwise until the circuit stops;
  • The screw l is twisted clockwise to the maximum, after it turns to a quarter of turning in the other direction;
  • The gas trigger is clamped, the screw N is rotated by a quarter of turning counterclockwise;
  • Basil starts again for a few seconds. At idle, the chain on the tire should not rotate. this is an indicator of the correct setting of the carburetor.

Owners of chain saws may encounter other malfunctions:

  • The engine will not start;
  • The motor works with interruptions;
  • The engine immediately overheats;
  • Increased amount of exhaust gases with reduced power.

The reasons for the malfunction of the power plant. Often in this case it is necessary to replace the piston group. The tool is disassembled to extract damaged pistons. After installing new spare parts, a chainsaw is going again.

The manufacturer offers a large assortment of units with various technical and operational parameters. They have a similar design, but with different capabilities.


The construction of the chainsaws contains the basics of classical design in parallel with a dense layout of internal nodes and assemblies. This feature does not exclude convenient access to the setting points of the carburetor, the mechanism of the chain tension, the air cleaner and the mounting unit of the headset.

  • The saw works from compact and easy to maintain a carburetor two.stroke ICE. Gasoline mixture used as fuel, at the same time serves to lubricate and cool the crank mechanism. Fuel is taken from a tank with a volume of 320 ml.
  • Power unit with a volume of 34 cm3 and with a capacity of 1.75 liters.With. It differs from the same type of analogues with small dimensions within 385x225x255 mm, the efficiency of content and an enlarged resource.
  • Responsible parts are made of forged metal, on the mirror of the cylinder using Al-Fed technology, a wear-resistant three-layer coating is applied.

The carburetor is equipped with a pumping pump, an additional heating system and convenient air damper control. Three.stage cleaning of the taken air allows you to reduce the time of the forced downtime, necessary for cleaning the air intake of dust and sawdust.

Model Echo CS 3500
Manufacturer Echo
Production (assembly) Japan
The birthplace of the brand Japan
The use of a saw Household
Power, l.With. (kW) 1.75 (1.3)
Engine volume, cm3 34
Chain step, inches 3/8
Chain thickness, mm 1.3
Number of links, pcs 53
The volume of the fuel tank, l 0.32
Oil tank volume, l 0.19
Tire length, cm (inch) 35 (14)
Noise level, dB 110
Warranty, years one
Weight, kg 3.6
Instructions Download

Determining the need to configure a carburetor on a chainsaw

Before you start adjusting the carburetor on a chainsaw, you need to make sure that it is required. It would seem an absurd phrase. However, in 90% of cases when an inexperienced master considers such an action necessary, the unstable work of the tool is associated with other reasons, including:

echo, idle, adjustment, repair
  • problems in fuel highways and filter. blockages, depressurization;
  • exhaust system malfunction;
  • blockage or damage to the air filter;
  • unstable operation of the ignition system;
  • Violation of the TFS crankcase tightness.

Only if these problems are excluded, and the engine is unstable, we can say with confidence that the carburetor adjustment is required.

How to sharpen a chain of chainsaws: tooth configuration and sharpening angle, templates and sharpening devices, the frequency of the procedure; How to sharpen a chain of chainsaws at home with a file, using a corner grinder, on the machine, additional recommendations.

In order for the chainsaw to work properly, you need to carefully perform work on adjusting the carburetor in the exact accordance of their priority. If there are any violations in the functioning of the device, it is necessary to independently carry out its full disassembly. In most cases, it is required to replace any details that have become unusable.

When constant checking the quality of the carburetor settings and the implementation of timely actions, to improve its work, problems with the chainsaw do not arise.

Acceleration check

It should be assumed that the engine works normally in acceleration mode if, during a smooth press on the accelerator, the revolutions increase to a maximum value (from 2800 to 15000) in a short time. Otherwise, it is necessary to unscrew counterclockwise the screw with the labeling “L” by a maximum of 1/8 turnover.

For this, an adjusting screw is intended with the designation “h”. By rotation of it clockwise increase the speed, and with rotation in the opposite direction, they reduce. It is necessary to set the maximum rotation frequency within 11500. 15000 rpm. Exceeding threatens that the engine will work “differently” and there will be violations in the ignition process. Rotating the screw “h”, you should focus on how ignition occurs. With the advent of failures, rotation clockwise you need to stop and return a slightly screw counterclockwise.


After adjusting the carburetor operation in acceleration mode and at maximum speeds, you need to check the operation of the tool in idle mode. If the adjustment is performed correctly, the following conditions will be met:

  • The chain in the idle mode remains motionless.
  • The engine quickly gains momentum when you press the accelerator.
  • The sound of the engine should be similar to a four.stroke unit.

If the above conditions are not fully respected, the adjustment of the carburetor (excluding the basic stage) should be repeated. The lack of experience in the adjuster can cause the unit to be disposed of. If it is impossible to set up independent, to achieve stable operation of the chainsaw, it is recommended to seek help from professionals.

One of the fairly often found defects in chainsaws is the wrong settings of the gas.rosopila carburetor

Operation and maintenance manual of chain chainships Echo

On the manufacturer’s website, instructions for all models of the chainsaw Echo are available. Before mounting the tool and starting work, we advise you to carefully read the description of the saw and the operating guide. Particular attention should be paid to the study and observance of safety regulations when working with chain motorcies.

  • Pay special attention to fuel quality. Use only high.quality ingredients for its preparation.
  • It is important to put a chain correctly. The cutting edges of the teeth should be directed in the direction of the chain.
  • Season the oil lubrication system of the saw headset. During work, always monitor the level of oil in the tank.

Important: For lubrication of a saw set, use only high.quality oils of ECHO, it is forbidden to use a waste liquid as a lubricant.

  • Follow the serviceability of the anti.vibration system. This will help to avoid operator fatigue and increase work performance.
  • In order to avoid breakdowns of the saw, keep the automatic lubrication system in good condition;
  • During work, every 45-50 minutes, take short breaks, let the chainsaw cool. This is especially important when working as chain saws of the domestic class;
  • Keep a chainsaw in a dry, ventilated room, do not forget to clean the tool after work;
  • During the work, use protective gloves and glasses or mask;
  • All repair work should be carried out with the engine turned off;
  • At the end of work, always turn on the inertial brake of the circuit stop.

Preparation for operation and

The saw is supplied in a collected state, the buyer remains to check its equipment, fastening parts, mount the tire and chain.

  • Conduct a thorough examination of the chainsaw Echo. Check the reliability of the mounts of all parts and components.
  • Mount a saw headset. Do not forget to pay attention to control over the correct tension of the chain. When working in hot times, adjust the tension, since the chain at high temperatures is stretched.
  • The next task is to run the saw. This stage is very important, as it extends the life of the engine. Echo chainsaw is running out of two stages.
  • Prepare a small amount (1 tank) of the fuel mixture in the proportion of 1 part of the oil to 25 parts of gasoline.
  • Seal the oil system for the circuit overwhelming.
  • Run the engine.

IMPORTANT: Carry out only with mounted saw.

  • Prepare a fresh fuel mixture at the rate of 1 to 50 and season it with a saw.
  • Work your chainsaw for 3-4 hours in sparing mode. In this case, do not cut thick logs and overheat the motor. Periodically (every 20-30 minutes of work), turn the engine and let the saw cool.

Important: Do not allow the absence of oil in the automatic lubrication system of the chain.

Fuel and oil for chainsaw Echo

The manufacturer recommends using only high-quality mineral and semi-synthetic oils for two-stroke engines. When preparing the fuel mixture, it is important to use high-quality high-octane gasoline of the AI-92, 95 brand. The list of oils recommended by the manufacturer and lubricants can be seen here:

Jaso FD oil 1:50

Premium BC oil

echo, idle, adjustment, repair

Jaso FD oil with dispenser

Gear lubrication and flexible shaft

Possible malfunctions of the Echo chainsaw and ways to eliminate them

Malfunction Possible reason The method of elimination
The engine will not start. There is no fuel. The candle does not work.

Echo chainsaw: advantages and disadvantages

Based on personal experience and given the reviews of the owners of Echo chainsaws, we came to the conclusion that these tools have a number of undoubted advantages over their competitors. At the same time, some models are characterized by flaws and they have a number of disadvantages.

  • High assembly quality;
  • Moderate price;
  • Ergonomic case;
  • Low weight and great balancing;
  • Effective anti.vibration system;
  • Adapting to work in different climatic zones;
  • Developed service infrastructure;

Adjustment of the echo chain chain chain chain

The tuning of the echo chain motor.opila carburetor can be carried out both in the workshop and at home. Let’s see how to do it with your own hands:

  • When adjusting the carburetor, we use three adjusting screws: H. is responsible for the volume of fuel supply to the combustion chamber at high speeds, L. is responsible for the supply of fuel, t. is responsible for the volume of air supply to the combustion chamber;
  • Unscrew the screws h and l counterclockwise until it stops. No need to tighten the screws too much. stop effort as soon as you feel the resistance;
  • Run the engine. If the motor does not start, take the enrichment of the fuel mixture, turning the screw T by the clockwise ¼ turn;
  • After the engine has earned, Twal Twentie Twenth (rotate counterclockwise) until the circuit stops moving;
  • Warm up the engine for 10 minutes;
  • Using the screw L, find the maximum engine speed and unscrew the screw from this point by ¼ turn;
  • Check the receipt of the saw and, if necessary, Reduce the idle speed with a screw T;
  • accurate settings must be carried out using a tachometer or in the service center.

The ECHO CS 452SX model is the design features of the chainsaw

This echo chainsaw is successfully used for both household purposes and for firing forests. The saw design includes a strong crankcase of magnesium alloy, a reliable clutch drum with a removable crown, forged connecting rod and crankshaft. Among the technical characteristics of the unit should be highlighted:

  • Cylinder volume. 45 cm 3;
  • Saw capacity. 2.26 kW or 3.1 liters. With.;
  • The capacity of the oil tank is 270 ml;
  • Operational weight. 7.3 kg.

This Japanese chainsaw is distinguished by a unique layout of the motor, proper balancing and comfortable ergonomic handles.

Among other advantages, you need to highlight the economical consumption of fuel and oil.

Briefly about the Japanese manufacturer of chainsaws

The company that took up the work of excellent chainsaws of a new generation is Kyoritsu Noki Company Limited. She began her activities back in 1947., And the very first saw was released by her after a lot of time, already in 1963. and had the name Echocs-80.

1971 became significant for the development of this brand. At this time, the company changed its name and from now on began to be called as Kioritzcorporation. The first saw, released under this brand, is a professional CS-302 unit, characterized by small dimensions.

Since the 78th year of the last century, this company has become called briefly and prestigiously-echo. This incorporation began to quickly gain popularity and gained the trust of customers around the world.

To date, this company has become part of a huge world corporation called Yamabiko.

Currently, the company of the proposing chainsaw ECHO has an official website http: // you can familiarize yourself with the available products and its distinctive features.

Carburetor adjustment

Needless to say, the adjustment of the echo chainsaw carburetor is one of the important issues that is extremely interested in the owners of this device. To understand its intricacies, we offer the following information.

There are 3 adjustment screws on the carburetor:

  • L is the screw responsible for low speeds;
  • H is a screw responsible for high speeds;
  • T is a screw that is responsible for adjusting the idle speed of the chainsaw.
echo, idle, adjustment, repair

The main adjustment is made by the manufacturer. As a rule, the carburetor itself at the factory I set up an expensive and high.quality mixture, and the factory adjustment must be saved on the first work hours. Next, you can independently conduct accurate adjustment, which will help your carburetor include in normal operation.

At first, when there is a rotation of the idle chain, you need to smoothly turn the T-vint (only counterclockwise), and do this until the course of the chain becomes.

These adjusting manipulations should be implemented exclusively in a idle state, having previously been warming the system. The procedure for adjusting the screws is unchanged: first, the L-vinta is adjusted, then h and t.

Initially, you need to find the largest idle revolutions of the chain and in this position smoothly turn the screw in the direction of the clockwise. Then smoothly turn the same screw by about a quarter of revolutions in the opposite direction.

N-vinta regulation will affect the frequency and power of the revolution.

After the system of the system is warmed up, it will be necessary to turn the N-vint to a quarter turnover in the direction of the clockwise for 10 seconds.

By sound as a result, the engine is obliged to work as a four.stroke.

Why is a chainsaw shooting at a carburetor?

If during the launch and operation of the tool its owner hears sounds similar to shots, this indicates a malfunction of the unit in which fuel is mixed. The reason for this, most likely, are the following malfunctions of the chainsaw carburetor:

  • Strong ignition. In this case, the fuel does not burn out, which leads to specific sharp shots;
  • Flip a mixture with low m gasoline to a carburetor. To eliminate the problem, you will need to adjust the nozzles.

If the sound of burning comes from the muffler, the problem is to oversaturate the fuel mixture with gasoline. If there is too little air in the fuel, it will burn not only in the chamber, but also in the muffler. This is evidenced by a large number of soot on the inner walls of the muffler.

Suburban construction and repair cannot be dispensed with without the use of chainsaws, as well as the care of the garden

Due to the malfunction of the tool, all the work can stand up, so it is important to be able to disassemble it yourself, find problems and eliminate them. With sufficient experience and dexterity, you can even adjust the carburetor of the chainsaw

The procedure is complex, or rather. Jewelry. How to carry out adjustment procedures, we suggest getting divorced today.

Husqvarna 137 chainsaw carburetor adjustment

Description of the process of adjusting the carburetors of chainsawsopil Husqvarna. The main obstacles that can be solved using the option of the property and the number of fuel.

Modern chainsaws have a complex system and consist of several main nodes, which at times require maintenance and adjustment. In this article we will talk about how to adjust the carburetor

In what cases is the carburetor of the Husqvarna chainsaw requires adjustment

Troubles, the solution of which may be adjustment

carburetor, quite a lot. Husqvarna chainsaw carburetor adjustment is needed when defects arise as:

How To a Fix a Chainsaw that keeps flooding and dying at idle and bogs on throttle acceleration

  • High speed revolutions;
  • Strong smoke during the operation of the tool;
  • Difficult to start a cool or hot motor;
  • Lack of traction and low.reduced speed.

This is not a complete list of troubles, the solution of which can be the setting of the carburetor Khuskvarna. In a number of all kinds of cases, setting the properties and amount of fuel consistency is carried out after half a year of the engine repair or during the planned chainsaw process.

The manufacturer Husqvarna AB advises to adjust the carburetor before and after the

Device and principle of operation of the carburetor Husqvarna

For a successful holding of the gas.rosopila carburetor

Husqvarna should know its device and realize how it works. In fact, everything is not as difficult as it seems to the 1st gaze.

The saw carburetor has an integrated fuel pump, which is responsible for transporting the consistency of gasoline with butter, also a diaphragm, an needle valve with a rocker. Their joint work allows you to dose the supply of fuel in the main camera and two shutters.

One of the shutters was created to adjust the supply of fuel to the cylinder when pressing the gas, it is called throttle, the 2nd is responsible for limiting the air from the air filter to facilitate the launch of the cool chainsaw of Husqvarna. At the moment when the operator overlaps the air damper to the carburetor, the fuel consistency and an increase in its supply to the cylinder occur, due to which the chainsaw

It starts much easier than in this case, when the cool start is carried out in ordinary mode.

Read chainsaw stihl first video launch

The Khuskvarna carburetor is participated in the work of the Khuskvarna valve, which sprays fuel and prevents the flow of air into the main camera. Often difficulties in the operation of the saw can be caused by the shortcomings of this element. For example, a valve, with incorrect storage of a chainsaw may be stuck, the fuel supply will end, which will make the motor work unrealized. Also, no violations in the work of nozzles can become a prerequisite for air leaks in the main fuel chamber of the carburetor. In such cases, adjustment of the position of the adjusting screws will not correct the situation, the repair or substitution of the node will be useful.

For setting the properties and quantity of the consistency, as well as the number of roller roller speeds in idle, three adjusting screws installed in the carburetor case:

  • Screw (l). regulates the number of fuel in low and medium.speed mode;
  • (H). is responsible for the craving at large speeds and their number;
  • (T). changes the position of the throttle ditch, which regulates the amount of fuel consistency entering the cylinder and the operation of the tool engine in idle mode.

Screws (l) and (h) cannot be adjusted without certain knowledge and experience. Incorrect settings of the properties and amount of fuel consistency can lead to the fact that the engine will finish working or will work incorrectly, which will lead to its brick wear or even jamming.